Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani cried, Shikhar consoles her. Ranveer marks the 20th day.
Ishaani works on the laptop for antidote of virus D. Ranveer counts day 30.
Amba cries at home saying she doesn’t know how her son would be, Kailash must do something. Baa come there and says to Amba that they need proof to save him. She says she is the grandmother who lost her grandson. She says that her eyesight has got weak but hasn’t lost the vision of truth and lie. She tells Amba to have faith that Ranveer hasn’t done anything. She says that they both must give a proof of twin brother of Ranveer. Amba says she will tell in the court that she is the mother, she will tell there that there was a twin brother of Ranveer that got separated from them in childhood. Baa says they need proof. Ishaani also come

there, she reminds Amba that she found the death certificate of Milan that stated he passed away a few days after they adopted him. Baa says they need someone who would give a verdict about it. Amba and Kailash takes Raaval’s name. They say Raaval came here to ask them tell Ranveer about Milan but he hasn’t gone to Anjaar and is somewhere in Mumbai.
Raaval denied getting involved in the matter. Ishaani, Amba and everyone requests him. He finally agrees on Baa’s plead. Ishaani calls Shikhar that they have the verdict who will tell court that there was a twin of Ranveer. Shikhar says she made his work easier.
In the jail, inspector gives Ranveer the dress to change, as he has to go to court tomorrow.
Shikhar comes to the room where Ishaani was there. He says he has brought coffee for himself only, he wants her to sleep today as he will do the paper work. Ishaani comes to help him, hoping that their case goes well. Shikhar says their case isn’t strong, but not that weak either. He says they have two witnesses, Raaval and Ishaani who saw Milan at the spot of crime. He wish they could get Milan’s body while Ishaani hopes the judge releases Ranveer tomorrow.
In the jail, Ranveer goes to get the water from pot. He is shocked to see his own reflection in the water. His partner tells him that this night will have no morning. Ranveer says she will come tomorrow.
Ishaani prepared for the room setting, she speaks to Ranveer’s photo and says she will love him so much. He would forget about all the pains.
Ranveer says in the jail that tonight he doesn’t even feel like sleeping tonight. His partner says that he must eat more today so that he sleeps well, because after tonight he won’t be able to sleep again. Ranveer says he will sleep better with Ishaani in his room after tomorrow, as Ishaani wrote him that she has gathered all witnesses and proofs about Milan. The partner tells him that when the dreams break, it hurts a lot. Ranveer says he is sure Ishaani would fulfil her promise. The man insists if he has seen his face, this is just a dialogue that she doesn’t love his face. He calls Ranveer an idiot and a silly person. Ranveer says whatever it is, love is like that. He says that not every girl is like that, money and face isn’t important for Ishaani. He knows him when he was a servant at his place, she didn’t start her day without seeing her even then. She even went to jail for him. The man insists that his Ishaani would get disloyal.
Ishaani speaks to Ranveer’s photo that today he must sleep at the floor, tomorrow they will sleep together.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ritika why she has returned. Ritika says she wants Ishaani’s destruction. She slaps Ishaani, saying this is for coming between her and RV. Another slap, for doing Chiraag’s drama to send her jail and third slap for killing her child.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Ranveer trust and true love for Ishaani is simply wow… no words..
    Devil is back.. can’t able to digest the precap.. annoying…
    No mood to see any leap in the show… pls don’t proceed further in complicating further..

  2. Keerthi

    Oh my God …… Again dragging……please don’t separate ishveer again……please dnt let rithika come in between Ishveer again

  3. sneha

    I m with u in this Paul… i jst wanna kill that ritika..hw dare she even touch our ishaani….
    Shakti’ actng is really superb…

  4. Shifa

    I feel u guys are concentrating more on separation than uniting IshVeer…Honestly speaking i had already stopped watching MATSH…So ill better watch Khuda aur Mohabbat…

  5. K.praveena

    Ranvi right way taking to man and ranvi fully trust ishani, i hope ranvi same trust on isha contiued to till end. And ritika what do u want i will see in face to face than i will kill u. Precape gives to much angry on ritika. But ishani don’t worry counting the slaps then u will return for stupid ritika.

  6. I agree with you paul.that idiot rithika come back ….ektha always prompte villian existence only in matsh.ekktha destroy the heart beats of matsh.ishveer always seprate.Guys according to PHYSICS..MAGNETISM…ISHVEER ALWAYS LIKE POLES OF MAGNETS SO THEY ARE ALWAYS REPELLED OR SEPRATED….

  7. K.praveena

    Ranvi plz remember that ishani do anything for ur safety. I know again seperation would be happening in matsh. Again ranvi hates isha comes back. Whatever happens to matsh i really like ishveer. I can’t hate that seriel. Ishveer always rokz

  8. matsh totally disappointing to me so next i have written updates only.i totally erritated by matsh these story and twist.I LOVE ISHVEER ONLY FOREVER.NOW I HATEMATSH.THEY SPOIL THE SPIRIT OR BODY OF MATSH.NOW MATSH ONLY A OPPERTUNITY FOR NEW VILLAIN AND ACTORS

  9. Omg devil rithika come back,i think ishaani go away from rv bcoz of rithika ,rithika having medicine for that virus so she threatened ishaani to go away from rv then only she gave that medicine to him,ishaani also agree and go away from rv ,rv also mistaken ishaani he didnt understand ishaani sacrifice,like that tis serial track going on after 2 Years rv understand and again ishveer marriage happen again and After that also they cant unote ishveer again ishani twin sister come and take revenge against Ishveer,omg there is no end for stupid twists, ekta i ll kill u,y u create so much pain for ishveer.already shakthi having innocent face now its more,when i saw ranveer i cried a lot.pls unite ishveer ,y makers create so many problems only for ishveer there was so many charecters in matsh pls make story among others,so much of twists and dragging we lost our patience.apart from tis ishveer was superb,true love cant fail.Plz unite ishveer soon or else ekta gonna take treatment in mental hospital,

  10. RV

    I think they should end this serial if writers are not able to bring happiness to the ishveer fans it’s better to END THE SERIAL…always only giving pain to then and now a days I think This EKTA IS JUST INTRODUCEING SO MANY NEGATIVE CHARACTERS..WRITER PLS CONCENTRATE ON UR SCRIPTS it is getting worser day ….if write such a stupid script then how the trp rate will increase no need to change or introduce any new characters JUST CHANGE UR RUBBISH SCRIPT

  11. RV

    Writers don’t u have heart for how many days u have been keeping them separated just give a break wat I can say is u people r spoiling such a good serial..i think ekta allotted some stupid write for matsh I think so because no script is as worse as this ..

  12. pavi

    Pls leave ishveer ..concentrate on other characters too…see if u bring shaadi episode again after then definitely I am going to kill u EKTA

  13. ishu

    oh…god again…leaping….seperate isheer…nw pair…dragggging….stop dis nonsense yar…….
    better that…stop dis show and unite the couples…its so irritaing the fans…

  14. neha

    I knew yahi hone wala hai….I already given latest updates how ishani deceive ranveer for ritika’s conditions…. After leap we all know what’s going to happen….as usual ranveer hates ishani…on the other hand ishani becomes nirbhay’s wife (new actor mohit abrol) in another new bold avatar…..difference is nirbhay is an antagonist unlike shikhar…. Ekta ne pyar jaise true and pure feelings and emotions ka mazak bana diya hai….she’s playing games with feelings of love…in her show and with fans also….
    Nothing new story by every leap there’s ishveer separation and new actors entry and old actors exit…..
    Hate u ekta…for spoiling such a good show…bye bye to MATSH…
    But always loving shakti n radhika…
    Only watching naagin…good show, nice story, nice actors…. Love naagin and arjun…..

  15. nithya

    Omg pls enough its paining .story is superb but day by day paing ,so create happyness rv want to back to home soon

  16. Merit aashiqui tumse hi is getting so boring and stupid serial…everytime separation and leap in the serial .rev and ishaani don’t get unite. ..we all want to see rev and ishaani together..we don’t want that devil ritika back in serial.we all had stop watching serial merit aashiqui tumse hi becoz serial is getting solo worst and boring

  17. ishRV

    Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ishani (Radhika Madan) separate in bitter way after one leap in Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi
    Ritika’s re entry will make one year leap in the show Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi and separate Ranveer and Ishani.
    Ishani develops hate corner in her husband Ranveer’s heart saving his life.
    According Ritika’s condition, Ishani had to go away from Ranveer.
    New man (Mohit Abrol) make Ishani’s life hell blackmailing her for Ranveer’s life
    Ranveer gets fine after getting antinodes and also gets free from jail but he turns angry man recalling Ishani’s betrayal.
    On the other hand, Ishani gets a new man who is also villain of Ranveer and Ishani’s life but Ishani had to stay with him for Ranveer safety.
    Ranveer is angry seeing Ishani with new man and vows to destroy Ranveer as she just played with his feeling only.
    Stay tuned to know how Ishani and Ranveer’s ashiqui takes turns after leap.

  18. hina

    wht the helll ritikia wapis ah gaii.wht happening in Matash plus ekhta PlZ pardon on us..Kumkum bhgya b bakwas going.dragging not revealing aliya&tanu and now again rv&ishani separation

  19. alisha

    Why they keep repeating. How many times do they have to seperate and then marry. Who ever the writes are have one twisted and complicated life. I watch it once a month and its same bullshit why can’t they keep all there storys short and sweet. every Indian drama is just that never ending repeat. The mother, grandmother greatgrandmother. Daughter, grand daughter sister. All auto repeat same story. bull shiiit

  20. sona

    TV ka sabse bakeas serial….koi aashiqui nahi bas shak aur nafrat…ekta bechari Ki shayad aisi her life hai apni frustration release karti hai viewers ko frustrate karke….

  21. shalini

    ranveer’s look is cute,handsome and terrific in new look………..ekta I beg u………plz show some ishveer’s lovable moments as like that of in february……..then u separate them…….but I know, u wil not do that…………stupid always separating ishveer……………

  22. Plz writers plz stop this nonsense and plz unite ishveer. Rv has a strange disease and he is in jail. Ok this was ok. But now why ritika??? Why u r making this serial so irriting??? Plz ekta stop these track and show us some ishveer moments. Else this serial’s name should be meri duriyaan tumse hi. So plz unite ishveer.

  23. Deepannita

    Better they should kip the name as meri nafrat tumse hai. Always they show hatred..whnevr ishveer is going tobunite they vl show smethmg bad..oh god!! Is ekta k fiag me itna khatarnak stories bante kaise hai kbhi to pyaar dikhaya kare…disapointed

  24. danger

    Sali bh….od ekta tu sabko maar orrr serial ka the end kr
    Etna gussa aata h tujh pr ke sali tera khoon pee lu

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