Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani cried, Shikhar consoles her. Ranveer marks the 20th day.
Ishaani works on the laptop for antidote of virus D. Ranveer counts day 30.
Amba cries at home saying she doesn’t know how her son would be, Kailash must do something. Baa come there and says to Amba that they need proof to save him. She says she is the grandmother who lost her grandson. She says that her eyesight has got weak but hasn’t lost the vision of truth and lie. She tells Amba to have faith that Ranveer hasn’t done anything. She says that they both must give a proof of twin brother of Ranveer. Amba says she will tell in the court that she is the mother, she will tell there that there was a twin brother of Ranveer that got separated from them in childhood. Baa says they need proof. Ishaani also come

there, she reminds Amba that she found the death certificate of Milan that stated he passed away a few days after they adopted him. Baa says they need someone who would give a verdict about it. Amba and Kailash takes Raaval’s name. They say Raaval came here to ask them tell Ranveer about Milan but he hasn’t gone to Anjaar and is somewhere in Mumbai.
Raaval denied getting involved in the matter. Ishaani, Amba and everyone requests him. He finally agrees on Baa’s plead. Ishaani calls Shikhar that they have the verdict who will tell court that there was a twin of Ranveer. Shikhar says she made his work easier.
In the jail, inspector gives Ranveer the dress to change, as he has to go to court tomorrow.
Shikhar comes to the room where Ishaani was there. He says he has brought coffee for himself only, he wants her to sleep today as he will do the paper work. Ishaani comes to help him, hoping that their case goes well. Shikhar says their case isn’t strong, but not that weak either. He says they have two witnesses, Raaval and Ishaani who saw Milan at the spot of crime. He wish they could get Milan’s body while Ishaani hopes the judge releases Ranveer tomorrow.
In the jail, Ranveer goes to get the water from pot. He is shocked to see his own reflection in the water. His partner tells him that this night will have no morning. Ranveer says she will come tomorrow.
Ishaani prepared for the room setting, she speaks to Ranveer’s photo and says she will love him so much. He would forget about all the pains.
Ranveer says in the jail that tonight he doesn’t even feel like sleeping tonight. His partner says that he must eat more today so that he sleeps well, because after tonight he won’t be able to sleep again. Ranveer says he will sleep better with Ishaani in his room after tomorrow, as Ishaani wrote him that she has gathered all witnesses and proofs about Milan. The partner tells him that when the dreams break, it hurts a lot. Ranveer says he is sure Ishaani would fulfil her promise. The man insists if he has seen his face, this is just a dialogue that she doesn’t love his face. He calls Ranveer an idiot and a silly person. Ranveer says whatever it is, love is like that. He says that not every girl is like that, money and face isn’t important for Ishaani. He knows him when he was a servant at his place, she didn’t start her day without seeing her even then. She even went to jail for him. The man insists that his Ishaani would get disloyal.
Ishaani speaks to Ranveer’s photo that today he must sleep at the floor, tomorrow they will sleep together.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ritika why she has returned. Ritika says she wants Ishaani’s destruction. She slaps Ishaani, saying this is for coming between her and RV. Another slap, for doing Chiraag’s drama to send her jail and third slap for killing her child.

Update Credit to: Sona

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