Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is morning, Disha’s baby is crying while Baa asks Falguni to bring the milk. Ritesh asks Chaili to listen to him, Chaitali was irritated by the baby’s cry. Derwash was talking on phone while the baby’s cry interrupted him. He was irritated. The doorbell rings, Derwash is shocked to see Shekhar standing outside. Shekhar says Hi to him and asks if he won’t ask him to come inside, Shekhar says it is ok he doesn’t believe in formalities and comes inside. Everyone looks at him in shock, Shekhar says hello to everyone and introduces himself as Shekhar Mehra, the elder brother of the girl Dewarsh is going to marry. He asks they are all worried in a way that Dewarsh didn’t tell them even. Shekhar asks Dewarsh has he changed his mind, Chaitali says Dewarsh wants to marry Krishna

and kept it as a surprise for them all, but he has told it to them. Dewarsh says he thought he would bring Kriss and would surprise them all, but he has come. He asks him to sit as he will introduce him to the family. Shekhar stops him from talking any further and says to Baa and Falguni that they seem elders of family, don’t they think he must have made them meet Kriss first. Baa looks at Dewarsh and says yes, she should have met them. Shekhar says it doesn’t seem good that he, the brother is meeting them first. Dewarsh says he was making them meet her soon. Shekhar asks why not now, and makes a video call to Kris. Kriss is happy but Shekhar shows her the house. Shekhar tells Dewarsh there is someone at his place he wants to meet and asks Kriss to call Nirupa. Shekhar tells Ishaani he thought about her meeting Dewarsh’s inlaws, Ishaani runs away making an excuse of urgent work. Dewarsh thinks it is good Ishaani has gone inside. Ishaani peeks through the door, Shekhar gets Kriss’s laptop adjusted in a way that Ishaani can see the video in mirror.
Dewarsh’s family greets Krishna, Baa tells her that she is the first daughter in law of this generation in Parekh’s family. She promises to love her as much as she didn’t do her own daughter in law Chaitali. Ishaani hears all the greetings and cry.
Shekhar comes home, Ishaani says thanks to him. He asks for what, she says he made her meet her family. She says she know he went there so that she can see her family. He taunts if she is a princess, he went there for his sister not for her. He was about to leave, she says she knows he doesn’t like Dewarsh still he made Krishna meet him. She doesn’t know the reason he went there, but she will always owe this to him. She says she met Baa, her maa, her brothers and her nephew. Shekhar says if she knows it she must know that it isn’t important for him that Dewarsh is her brother, he made her meet them so that her tears become less and there is peace in his house. He goes upstairs, then peeks at her leaving saying how she knows what is in her that she knows about everything in my heart.
Nitin asks Falguni if she could find anything about Disha. Falguni says she doesn’t know if she should curse her fate, everyone left her; first Harshid left her, then Ishaani and now Disha. Nitin says he thinks Disha will come back. She gets Disha’s message and reads it that she has reached where she had to come, she knows she would never be forgiven but she can no more live as a poor person. She is happy where she is. They hear the baby crying, both come to see Manas playing with the baby. She says Disha’s fate is worse than hers, she left such a husband and baby, she has rejected diamond now she will get stones only. What was Manas’s fault, he opted her child and now Disha left the baby for Manas, how will he take care? Nitin says he will. Falguni asks why people do so, they leave their responsibilities. She tells Nitin not to go, thanks for being with her this time. Nitin says she might think it as his responsibility or making up, he wishes he could do something for Disha as they have already lost Ishaani. Tomorrow will be better than today.
The minister gets gift for Ritika, Amba welcomes him. He says he was about to come in her goad bharai, but he was in Delhi then. He asks about RV, Ritika says RV has gone to office just now, he would have stopped had he known. The minister says he wouldn’t have come even today, if RV wouldn’t go to office.
The PA tells RV that Shekhar’s mom’s NGO’s name is Saathi. RV says the name clicks. He asks about Nirupa, the PA says she recently joined so not much information is needed. RV says she understands others pains.
The minister tells them he works for the people released from jail as social workers.
RV says they must meet this Nirupa. He says he will go to her, she was hopeless when she met her yesterday. They must support this girl, they can give her orders for what she makes; he calls to postpone all the meetings today. He will go to meet him today.
The minister tells them he knew one of the girl was innocent and was about to be hanged, he got her rid of hanging. Amba is moved and asks when it was, he says about 2 weeks ago. Amba asks what her name was. The minister says it was a beautiful one, Ishaani Parekh.

PRECAP: RV comes to NGO to meet Ishaani. She is worried and looks for some place to hide from him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good but disappointed too ad no precap of yesterday shown.shekhar did a good thing for ishaani nice of him. Cv’s don’t drag much. Make ranveer ishaani meet soon. Any way amba rithika came to know about ishaani. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  2. wow today shekhar doing a good job, he fullfill’s ishaani need……. But shekhar i like your way of behaviour,talking……..

    1. Hi Arora how r u?

      1. fine……. And you

      2. I m also fine

      3. Rv nach Baliye (star plus) la join panirukan u knw tht?

      4. i didnt know anu…… Aana ng house la join panirkaname, unmaiya, big boss mariyame, ranveer 2 mnth vara mataname, ranveer ilana nalve irkathu………,so sad

      5. Yes but Shekar scene inime niraiya Varum

  3. Hey superb

  4. now quite interesrting meet isaani n rv soon

  5. amba and rithika known about ishaani…… She is in the world, i think they hide it from rv……., but directors make ranveer and ishaani meet…… All the viewers are waiting for that moment

  6. at least amba came to know ishaani is alive

  7. Dis amba s always irritate us. Wowww shekhar ur love was started. RV ur losing ur love. Ishaani what u get from dis. U r hurting urself & rv’s love too. Please writers its a request please unite rv ishaani

  8. What song was playing when in the background when manas was with baby. . Some one please tell?

    1. pyar its pitah se naam tera song from the film boss starring akshay kumar

      1. Thanks you..

  9. ya crct amba and iritating rithika, hiding it from rv……. But soon as rv know about ishaani…..

  10. shekhar ishaani kaga evlo panran, avana ariyamale……, but its nice. Rithika ku sema shock, ishaani uyiroda irkanu therinjona sema shock pola, dont feel ya, ur bad time is started……wow

  11. Irritating day by day.. so much draaaagginggggggg……

  12. ñever they gonna meet :'(

  13. What song was playing in the back ground when baby was with manas? Please some one tell. ..

  14. dragging too much its irritating.rv vl nt meet ishaani nw it vl take time inbtwn ths ritika nd amba vl try to hide ths frm rv nd make some scenes omg d story s getting worse day by day.plzz reveal d truth abt chirag murder soon.

  15. shekhar i like u so much…….. u did good job today……. ranveer plssssss ishaani ya paruu………. rithika and disha scenes gets irritating day to day…….. any way we r waiting rv and ishaani love scenes plssssssssss sekaram…… writter dnt delay…..

  16. today episode nice shekhar u did good job….. we r waiting for rv and ishaani love scenes plsssssss

  17. Please tell me what song was playing in the back ground when baby was with manas?

  18. Shakthi going to enter NB house(lyk big boss) frm no RV scene

    1. where did u get this news??? how will the story move without ranveer???

      1. Ya shakthi gonna part f a dancin show Nach Baliye in Star Plus wid his Gf Neha s*xena….RV s thr bt his scenes ll b short 🙂 so thy r draggin too much 🙂

      2. let it be like that…..but at least improve the story line a bit… of MATSH are dying to see a nice episode…….plz plz…

    2. what there is ranveer scene………. I hate it…….so sad……

      1. there is no ranveer scene……so sad,

  19. it was nice to see shikhar that way…..he has started feelings for ishani 🙂 🙂 ………..amba and ritika come to know that ishani is alive but as obvious they will hide it from rv and force him to marry ritika asap……………when wil rv come to know of ishani :I ?????? maybe when he will see her with shikhar and get jealous…much dragging aready…….writers team plz come to the track soon…….

  20. shekar…ninga romba romba nallavaru..!!! u dont even know ishani well…but still…avalukaga evalo panran…eppadivadu ranveer ishaaniya pakanu..illena..romba romba problem aayidum…i jst feel irritated d moment i c ritika,amba…dey r such selfish people…nd yaa disha really sucks…!!!

  21. Ri’s revelation is gng 2 hpn after 2mnt (to RV. He come after 2mnt .if he reach fnl ) .dnt expect more. Only ishkar scenes

    1. helllo rina where did u get it? How could you know tht pplz rly me

  22. I want ishveer to meet plzz writers make them meet I only watch this for ishveer… Plz dnt fukin drag it and fukin make ishveer meet plzz it’s killin me

  23. Now amba n ritika vl hide dz frm ranveer…huuuhhh!!!! Plzz yar let Dem meet soon

  24. RV is faithful and true lover. He should have felt her presence when ishani was moving out with Shekar and his mother from bathroom.Even in last episode, from very close he gave her tissue and could not recognize .

  25. Nice episode. Shikhar was amazing. He started to love ishaani but what will happen next. Too many confusions and the story is dragging too much.

  26. ishveer ko jldi milao

  27. check the spoilers… Now the story is repeating, rv will help shikhar to impress nirupa without knwing who she is.. Damn!!

  28. The show is good only coz of shiker scenes these days,, let’s wait and see what will happen,,,?
    They are juz dragging coz of shakthi’s rehersals in NB ,,
    Obviously Ritika will try to inquire more about this,,,, and do some evil against this,,,ishveer

    I hope RV should come to know about Ishani is alive and all her sacrifices through the jailer didi,, then only it will be nice other than Ishani confessing herself is common in the story,,
    And let’s RV search her everywhere, and suddenly meet her somewhere..
    Or they should have good contacts in email like between the Nirupa Roy and NGO- building owner,,
    He should like all her qualities like Ishani and Ishani should feel all of Rv’s attitude,,while chatting,,wow how interesting it must be,,

  29. Nice episode

  30. Wowww super shikar u done a great job for ishaani …Ranveer does not deserve ishaani…source says rv and ishaani come to face to face but suddenly power will be offf… episode the politician told amba name is ishaani parekh amba and rithika both r shocked they r not tell rv

    1. I agree with you, Shekhar can actually read Ishani’s mind better than RV. Surprisingly he can even put her in to her senses, I feel he might get her crazy, lovely, dump but real gold heart in to the right track. I hope Shikher will help Ishani to come out of this mental trauma .
      See RV has abandoned her in the jail to die . He was sleeping with Rithika out of wed lock on his wife’s bed. Only he had tears of no use!!!!!
      On top of that his ” Hamara bacha” dialogue, dinner dates , award functions & doc appointments for Ritika , he is an insult to the word aashiqui. He had been a servant before and he is a servant to Ritika now . I am fed up of talking about Amba maid. Look at the way she open her mouth I will mute my remote. Even Ritika dosent irritate me as this one and her son does.
      RV must go to Manas and learn the real meaning of the word aashiqui or love. I can’t stand RV any more. The writer has killed his own beautiful creation RV , how could he do that!!!!!
      I don’t know whether he can redeem that character again.
      Even though I am a female I can’t be too imotional and pray for “Ishveer”. I feel still strongly feel spineless RV shouldn’t get Ishani.
      I want her to be a strong & indipendent woman who can help others , which she is good at.
      Life is always bigger than love , love is always worth to live for but most important thing is to love your life and let others live their life. So RV leave Ishani alone now let her live her life . He is already sleeping with some one else.
      Sorry Ishveer fans , I am here to watch the show only and off course for Ishani

      1. Rosh you have been always right. Yeah I totally agree Manas is infact is best person than R.V he had already been a good husband,honest person and what I felt a caring father too. He married a characterless women,tried his best to make her happy but still at the end of the day what did he recieved ? only deceit He even stood against his parents for that cheat. Watch at R.V the mummas dikra doing nonsense at his mom,s instance,he have lost his senses really spineless,worthless too. actually RV is a selfish
        person he is not a self-made man.

      2. totally agreed….i also want to see ishani move forward in her life……already rv and his family has made her suffer a lot… its her turn to live a life of happiness and leave the depression of rv…….angry on ritika but more on amba………..the episode proves manas is way much better than rv…………..i still watch this show just bcoz of ishani……let her b happy…

  31. Perhaps the director will think about uniting R.V and Ishaani after Shakti gets scope from his hectic schedule of Nach Baliye and after the show progresses on,determining his position in the show. What I presume is that even if Shakti wouldn,t have join NB then also the storyline would have been dragged,bcoz there is nothing new to add to this show. Unecessary twists and turns have damaged the very essence of the show viz the unconditional unspoken love of Ranveer. Rittika is simply irritating behaving almost like a patient suffering from terminal disease,only living with the wish that R.V accept her facial expression reveals that. If R.V would have moved on earlier with Ritika then atleast it would appear to be normal. I just would request to the director of the show please don,t try to potray Ranveer as demi-god always helping others. doing maahan things,let him be practical atleast make the character reliable.If he had wrath towards Ishaani let him evoke his feelings outrightly might it reveal his grey side but still he his human,and if he feel that Ishaani was not deceit let him move on fulfiling the aspirations dreams that both of them cherished together as friend. Let the aashiqui of Ish-Veer blooms and infuse a new life to othrs than to bring unecessary complication and regression in life.

  32. Shekhar is getting in love wid!!!! Its toooo gud, I am waiting for it

  33. please tv knows the truth about ishani. she him very much

  34. the writers killed the beautiful and exceptional character Ranveer… was such an exemplary characater who lived only for one love of his life time. when he was shot, his mind voice said that the day he started to breathe was the day he met Ishani when he was nine years old and the day Ishani goes out of his life,,his soul too will leave him..
    But now what happen? Ishani is no more ,,but still he lives as mummy’s boy…

    the real essence of the title “meri Aashiqui tum se hi” was for Ranveer..but now its for somebody else..
    but ultimately for the change and twists of all these the sole reason behind is IshanI.. SHE ONLY KNOWS TO LOVE BUT NOT PROTECT HER RELATIONSHIP..AND A STUBBORN WOMAN..
    I wish if the director has made Ishani’s character a little clever..

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