Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer says while hugging Ishaani that tonight is a special night, no lover can get apart ever. Ishaani’s family also get down the train. Ranveer tells Ishaani that he knows everthing about Ritika, how she manipulated them all and accused Ishaani for all this. Baa says that he is now married to Ranveer. Ranveer says he did this all to expose Ritika, the divorce as well as the marriage was fake. Pratik asks why he didn’t tell them. Ranveer says if he will ask all the questions here. The family cheers about going home. Ranveer holds Ishaani by shoulders and says he took a long time to understand her, but he never got anything soon in life. Neither the realization of love and nor could he collect his torn heart soon. He asks Ishaani to come back to her own house now. Ishaani thinks

about Shikhar, she holds Ranveer’s hand stopping him and says she can’t go to his home with him. Ranveer asks is it because of Shikhar, if some promise with him is stopping her. He says he understand her, she has done lots of compromised but doesn’t she want her mother’s murdered to be punished. He says he has tied her at home, because before going to police he wants her to apologize Ishaani for separating her from her mother. He says it is really important that Ishaani gains confidence on herself that she has won the fight she started alone. He asks if she still doesn’t want to go, and looks at her restlessly. Ishaani nods, and says she will go there because she wants to see her getting punished. She wants Ritika to see that evil always has to kneel in front of good. Chaitali is relieved that Ishaani agreed. Ranveer holds Ishaani’s hand, both leave together.
Baa says to Ritesh that the astrologer was right, tonight something will happen that no one must have thought about. Tonight lovers have got together.
Kailash says to Amba that tonight if two lovers meet, some are set apart as well. He reminds Amba about a night. Amba get worried and says he had promised her not to recall it again. Kailash stared at Amba and says we both know how much Ranveer loves Ishaani, will he ever be able to love Ritika. Amba says he will, one day for sure; because her son is true to his tongue. She tells Kailash not to overthink, and come to take rest.
In the room, Ritika struggles with the ropes and says before RV reaches here taking Ishaani and police she must cut this rope and flee from here. She watches some candles burning and tries to move her chair towards them. She struggles to break the vase, then gets the chair fell, picks up a glass piece and cuts the robe on her hand.
Amba is shocked what Ranveer is saying, is Ritika the murderer of Falguni and Chiraag. She asks whom they had kept in their home and were marrying her to Ranveer. Kailash asks where Ishaani is. Baa says Ishaani is coming with everyone else in taxi. Kailash says they were wrong, they kept a snake in house and must apologize Ishaani. Amba stops him and says Ritika is a criminal, but it doesn’t mean Ishaani is innocent. She didn’t tell them all about it. Baa says Ishaani tried to tell them all about it but it was all so late. Amba says she still doesn’t believe, she reminds RV that Ishaani is behind every bad thing that had ever happened to his life. She reminds RV that Ishaani promised to marry Shikhar.
Ritika cuts the rope off her hand with the glass lying on the floor.
Baa says to Amba if she suspects Ishaani they must talk to Shikhar and his parents, she will know about all the truth. Amba was silent. Baa says this isn’t a trick, she isn’t the old Hansa Parekh now. She requests Amba not to punish her Ishaani and Ranveer for her mistakes and gets onto Amba’s feet.
Ritika frees herself from the chair.
Ranveer holds Baa up, but Baa says she has mistaken a lot, he must let her pay for them. She asks Amba to come with her, she will get all her answers. Kailash says to Amba that they must listen to Baa. Ranveer helps Baa stand up, and says he has tied Ritika up so that she can apologize Ishaani. Baa says sure, but Amba must go with her.
Ranveer comes in the room with Ishaani when Ritika was struggling with her ropes. She curtly watchesr Ishaani with Ranveer. Ranveer holds Ishaani behind him protectively, then moves towards Ritika. Ritika stands up, Ranveer asks if she was preparing to run away? Where will she run away, she will find him everywhere she goes to. He holds her up with a jerk and says he wants to punish her with his own hands but he doesn’t want to impurify his hands. Now the law will punish her but before than she must apologize Ishaani. Ritika gets to Ishaani’s feet, she confesses she did wrong and will do anything for her repentence. She requests Ishaani not to send her jail. She says her father’s respect will be ruined if she goes to jail. Ishaani backs away, Ranveer holds Ritika up and asks if she has a pain of losing her owns. If she ever thought the people she killed also have a family. Ritika backs up saying she will repent for all the wrong she has done, but please don’t sent her to jail.

PRECAP: Ritika shouts at Ishaani to shoot, while Ranveer continuously shouts at her not to shoot. Ishaani points the gun at her forehead.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good…interesting day by day… Crocodile tears didn’t work for Rithika… ha ha… heard that in the upcoming episode Shikhar will marry Rithika.. but.. doesn’t know how…
    Precap is scary…. hope Ishaani will be saved anyway… waiting for tomorrow’s episode eagerly.

      • Suga

        MATSH Latest Spoiler :

        Ritika to get arrested, Show to take a leap..
        Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi…

        As per the current track, RV asks Mala as to where Ishaani is and her family going and adds that nobody should open his room. On the other hand, RV reaches the train station and tries to convince her to stay.
        Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ritika will drop a vase and will use a shard of glass to cut the rope that binds her. Meanwhile, Amba and Kailash will get shocked to see the Parekhs back in the house.Ritika will beg for mercy in front of Ishaani and RV. RV will walk closer towards her and Ritika will slash at him with the broken shard of glass.
        With this Ritika will get arrested and the show will take a leap of Six months.

  2. marry

    i like the episode…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but cv,s whats the latest news………..????????????
    ishveer part way,s again after the leap…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uffffffffffff plzzzzzzzz thori c to aashiqui dekha do ab……….. abi puri khushi milli nai hoti or agla shock mil jata hai……..???? sad 4 the next to hear………..!!!!!!!!????????

  3. neha

    Like today’s episode…. but I am very confused some people said that this show comes to an end and someone said that soon there’ll be a leap again in this show….don’t know who’s right or wrong or its just a rumours…. Anyways I just hope that anyhow rv saves ishani… And hate rv’s mother-amba always think bad for ishani,always suspect her….don’t know why…”baa sudhar gayi per amba kabhi nhi sudharegi”…

    • Shâžñā

      itz nt goin to dr…BT ya ritika goin to jail n amba acceots ishani itz gonna take a leap of 6 mnth as a nw entry ll b thr as rv’s enemy n he gonna kidnap b4 leap…ths epiz gonna air on by nxt week….itz sad tat aftr reunion thy r nt evn going to shw ashiqui….again twist…..uffffffffff ……. 🙁 🙁

  4. Shahlo

    Hi guys! I think it’s not the end of matsh! I heard that next devil (after chirag n ritika) will come to ishveer’s life . His name is rajat n he was rv’ s old dushman. He (rajat) will kidnap ishani in order to hurt rv…

  5. today episode was so good. ishveer hug scean so nice. amba hope understand ishani was incoent & ishveer made for each others. ple end of the stry ishani shekher not marry. ishveer reunit awsome. rithika was arast and ple ishveer not for separted. overall MATSH story was vry vry nice .

  6. Shâžñā

    Again twist…uffff…nw villian…no ashiqui…again leap…too early…at least thy cld hav shown nxt 1 mnth full f ashiqui ishveer ♥♥♥ BT no use nxt again nw twist…

    • neha

      I agree,,,this show is popular for leap instead of ishveer aashiqui… Can’t understand why leap again…. Its too early….last leap happened in the month of march and now….two leap in a year..every 6-7months they take leap……this is ridiculous now…that’s why I get angry with cvs or makers of the show….
      There’s no need to take a leap….they’d continue with ishveer love n some other twists but not leap…anyways, its not in our hand..!!
      And the thing is common as usual that after leap ishveer get separated is not necessary that before leap ishveer separate and after leap they get united…..writer’s pplz stop playing foolish games with story n content…they had no unique twists, that’s why all the time repeating same twists…. Seriously I am getting bored with this leap twist…I am not happy…?

  7. neha

    If this time a leap is coming in this show…..then this is 3rd leap of this show:
    1st leap: when rv bcmz rich
    2nd leap: when ishani went to jail in Chirag’s murder case.

    • Shâžñā

      ya u r still leap z ok…bt y lwayz separating ishveer b4 leap n thn again dragging 3-4 months fr reunion…no need separation yar instead f thy cld hv shown ishveer facing prblms together n thy solving together n al…bt here itz again separation…juz fed up wid ths separation…crap writer..
      juz watching ths shw oly 4 shakti n radhika♥♥juz luv thm awsm actin n superb chemistry♥♥bst on screen jodi…I wsh thy fall in love in real lso…BT won’t happen as shakti z lready engaged 🙂

  8. Ann

    frndz I hve seen that with the kidnap of ishani a leap of six months will transpire in the plot.Now coming to the track ,we will see another character Amit tandon in the play.Amit will be seen playing a role of Negative character,named Rajat, who will hve a past story with RV.He would now come back to take Revenge from him ,and his prime target will turn out to be Ishani.That’s why Rajat will kidnap Ishani to hurt RV.
    And Perhaps Amit’s entry will air in tomorrow episode
    Sad that the lovely Ishveer will once again be drifting apart.
    Too much Dtama!

  9. I am from TAmilnadu. Cannot understand Hindi properly. I read the written episodes & try to understand the serial. I’ve become a fan of this serial. Good story. Though it started of with an ordinary story line of apoor boy loving a rich girl, the unexpected twists and turns brought the serial very interesting. All the actors are doing their part very well. Especially sakthi arora is very much talented. Hope he would enter into the cine field with the introduction of our tamil director Manirathnam. He must get a very good start. That’s what I hope & pray.

  10. Vish

    Ranveer is SO stupid!! He should have called the police first. There’s plenty of time where Ritika could have apologized to Ishani…preferably while she was behind bars. But no, he has to play this foolish dashing hero thinking he has everything in control, and now he’s going to get hurt by Ritika with the knife. This show is SO annoying, but still I feel like watching it…

      • Vish

        All this crazy drama. These characters are on their mobile phones most of the time, but no, Ranveer had to run to the train station. He could’ve used the damn phone to get her to come home… 🙂

  11. rahi

    what was da issue dat amba was talking to her husband
    which night was dat she doesnt want to remember
    is der another story behide it?

  12. Offo olwys drama…..ritika is caught then also she is able 2 blckmail others……n these all r nt able to catch her…..wht 2 say about ish….fully crazY 4 rv…..she never thinks b4r proceeding……asure dt ish will be saved from d clutches of ritika…..then also wht about shikhar..dxdd:(:(:(:S:-/:|:?

  13. MATSH

    Now that’s this new drama.. What kailash n amba are talking abt??? What had happened on same nytt who were seprated… Kch acha baad me hota hai is serial me kch bura pehle se tayyar ho jata hai.. Nywy a good track is going on..

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