Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani brings tea at table. Mr. Mehra says he has got used to it now. Kanchal asks Ishaani to take seat on table too. Mr. Mehra asks about Krisha and Shekhar. Shekhar comes to the table and asks Kanchal to serve him soon as he has to leave. Ishaani serves him but he was lost. Mr. Mehra asks Ishaani to teach them some Gujrati costums, they are Punjabi and Krishaa is going into their family. Shekhar takes a leave saying he isn’t hungry and will take breakfast later. Mr. Mehra asks Ishaani about any pre-wedding customs. Ishaani says they have to bring Ganesh ji idols and do pooja at home. Kanchal says they must do the pooja too, in the evening Pandit ji is coming, why not keep the pooja also. Ishaani says she will do the preparations but before that they must bring idol too. Mr. Mehra asks

her to get it of her choice. Ishaani comes to a shop, the shopkeeper shows her some samples but she asks for more. They suggests her to go to their godown, the sales man asks the owner if he is talking about the same godown he took the guy sometime ago. He nods. The sales man leaves Ishaani into godown to find and choose the idol. Ishaani hears RV calling her name, gets alert and looks into the godown.
Shekhar gets a call from RV. He wonders why is RV calling him, if he takes his call he will again talk rubbish about Ishaani.
Ishaani watches RV in the doorway, he asks what she is doing here. He was drunk, moves to her but loses his control. Ishaani runs to him, he fells down. Ishaani comes to help him and says she told him so many times not to drink this much; what was he doing here. RV says she doesn’t care for him, and there is no other person then why is she doing this drama. He loses control again, she helps him but he asks her not to touch. He is a driver’s son, not worth her. He says he now understands, she isn’t doing it because she cares for him but because she wants to assess him. She wants to see if she has a hold on him now. She has started another game. Ishaani says she isn’t here to hear his rubbish.
Shekhar picks the call up, and says he isn’t ready to hear any rubbish. It wasn’t RV but the man from near the godown who tells him RV is lying here drunk. Shekhar says he will come here soon.
RV tells Ishaani that her presence no more affects him. All feelings for her are dead for her now. He comes close to her ear and says her name has no importance in his life now. He asks if she wants a proof, comes near to her and takes her to a wall.
Shekhar arrives at the godown and calls RV’s number to trace the caller. He locates the godown and goes inside.
RV asks Ishaani why she is hiding her face; he caresses it and says he wants to prove he isn’t affected anymore by her beautiful face. He gets even closer to her, keeps her hand on his chest and asks her to see he isn’t getting moved. She asks him to leave her hand. He says she is used to it, she used to come near him and made a stupid of him. He asks her to do the acting now, say I love you to him. He says no difference at all even if he comes so close to her. He gets even intimate and says still unaffected.
Shekhar comes to the godown, RV and Ishaani get intimate. Ishaani tries to push RV back, then keeps her arm at his shoulder. She looks at Ritika standing there. RV smiles at Ishaani but is shocked when he looks at Ritika there and stammers her name. He looks behind him, the door was shut. Ritika leaves crying, RV runs behind her.
Shekhar was on the call and asks the man where is RV. The man says he was drunk and lie here. He leaves RV’s cellphone to Shekhar.
Ritika was crying and asks RV not to touch her. RV says he isn’t drunk, he poured drink on his clothes. He isn’t losing his control, he just want to show Shekhar the reality of Ishaani. Shekhar isn’t ready to hear anything about Ishaani, but he doesn’t want Shekhar to be fooled by her. He got to know from Shekhar’s dad on phone that Ishaani is coming here. He got Shekhar called from a guy and reached here before Ishaani. He says he is right, he was acting and wanted to tell Ishaani’s reality to Shekhar. Shekhar loves Ishaani and can’t bear to be fooled by a girl. Ritika says Shekhar called her here. RV says Shekhar is a good man but Ishaani is characterless.
Ishaani walks around the godown, Shekhar comes there and calls Ishaani concerned. He asks what she is doing here, what is he doing here. Shekhar says someone called him that RV is drunk here, he got his mobile and called him; but RV is nowhere here. Ishaani was lost, then says he was here but has gone. Shekhar says if he said something to her, is she right; was he really drunk. Ishaani says yes, a bit. Shekhar says what has happened to this man, Ritika must be here as he called her. Shekhar asks if Ishaani took the idol, Ishaani says she is picking one. Shekhar asks her to take it, he will drop her home and goes to take the car which is parked somewhere away. He notices Ishaani lost and asks if she is alright. Ishaani says yeah, she is. He leaves the godown. Ishaani turns to pick and idol.
She hears RV telling Ritika that he told her the truth, why is she upset, doesn’t she trust him. Ritika was crying, she says she trusts and will always do. He gave her what she never expected; he told her he has nothing to do with Ishaani. RV says he told her all this, it was a drama to show the reality of Ishaani to Shekhar. Ritika says what she saw and what he has been saying is different, she saw the moment, the way he was seeing Ishaani, he kissed her; his eyes only had love for her, not hate or anger. RV says he doesn’t love her anymore. He says he wants their life to be secured, he is trying to forget Ishaani. Ritika says he is still trying to forget Ishaani. He gave his name to her, he did this for family pressure because had he wanted to keep her secure he would have married her. They are only married in society but at home, they aren’t actually married. Ritika says he didn’t even took the rounds of marriage or the promises. Ishaani is moved hearing this all.

PRECAP: in the pooja, Ritika says to Shekhar he wants to say something important to him. RV comes running there and stops Ritika. Ishaani asks Shekhar to say something in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. iWhy is rithika is crying ? Rv is with his wife ishaani … why rithika is getting bothered about it. She itself said that she want him to be with ishaani. Rithika hate u to the core. Nee enna overah ranveer mela urimai irukura madhiri avan dhrogam senjuta madhiri alura? Enna ninachitu irukura un manasula??ranveer is always for ishaani not to u rithika.. Ishveer scence can be real. Ekta kappoor now only gave ishveer scene after this much days…
    rv he is convincing that rithika.. wat the hell?.has he got mad. Rv had told that man to call shikar. Nallavela shikar varala.vandhalum ishaani ah understand panni irrupan. Rv pls understood ur ishaani . She cant do anything wrong to u man.. Paavam ishaani . Rv shikar kaga dhanu sonnapa avaluku eppadi irundhirukkum ….
    she cant hear the harsh words of rv.. idhae madhiri dhane ranveer ku irundirukkum … i think tomorrow ishaani and ranveer ll announce their marriage wit shikar and rithika respectively. Waiting for the marriage episodes of three couple as there ll be a big twist in it

    • arora

      crct ah soniga sruthi, hello rithika romba kasta padra mari nadikatha, unmaile feel pana vendiyathu ishaani than ni ila,

  2. suga

    Today’s episode was good.. OMG I didn’t expect Ranveer will go to low level.. hate closed his eyes than love.. Anyway atlast Ishaani came to know that Ranveer not yet married to this evil Rithikaaa.. please reveal truth about Rithika soon. Dont drag further..
    From the precap it is clear that now Ishaani will accept to marry Shikhar.. but atlast dont break shikhar’s heart again.. bechara.. where is Sharman, Disha,Girish , Shainala..
    waiting for a good episode.

    • komal

      girish and shinalla will enter in the show……she will come out of coma nd tell it was all bcoz of chirag……….then girish and rv will sort out their differences…….

    • suga

      Doesn’t know why Ranveer still not able to understand Ishaani.. Even he know her from childhood days.. This is not the first time Ishaani blaming, hurting for the welfare of others especially Ranveer..

      • malvika

        bcoz he has got to prove that his ashiqui is greater and ishani is heartless…he never understands ishani but claims that he is the one who understands her best….u r ryt, this was not the first time, c did it…..but the difference was that he wanted to have full control but cud not and at last lost his mind…

  3. komal

    this is the first time ritika came in the right time…….y is c so much disturbed??? abhi tak to achhi hone ka natak kar rhi thi ab kya hua?? bol deti rv jao ishani k paas….par nhi she needs him, to name her child,,,,, emotional blackmail karti h……..rv such a mad person ……how can he even have such a dirty mind??? but anyways, its gud ishani came to rv-ri not married…..but c is still unaware about the baby’s truth……

  4. sai

    Y d hell rv dng luk dis. .. bt this witch ritika.. wats her blo*dy prob if rv s wid his ashiqui r wife…..

  5. arora

    today episode is nice, precap is intresting, hello rv why u always blame ishaani, ni nadikiranu therithu, but ni unmaile kudichirkanu ava una care pana paru athu than un ishaani, unaku thonalaya, u r waste rv, unala ishaani ya purinjika mudila, your love is waste,

      • RV

        Guys! when RV came to know that Ishani is alive, he was very much ready to accept her back .. Ishani still acted and said very mean things about RV. Drive ka ladka. apdi ellam. Why should RV always be nice? He is heart broken. She ditched him. That’s why he is reacting like this. He is giving money to her family every month, was always nice to them when she was in jail. Agreed that he is unware of ishani’s truth but it is ishani who is complicating everything. Now she know that RV and Ritika not married, why is she not opening up? why is she saying Yes to marry shekar’s?

      • sam

        hey RV, if u have so many complaints for ishani then u tell y rv without having divorce shared the same bed with ritika—he could have kept her in other room like ishani used to do…..if u going to say about family pressure, let me remind you….its not that…. he already accepted her even b4 ishani came out…… i will not talk about him and the parekh family bcoz i agree that dewarsh has done wrong by bluffing him…..but i dont agree that he is lesser guilty at ishani’s side…..if rv got heartbroke,y not leave ishani alone?? y to interfere and try to come close to her…go and take care of ritika and the baby..

    • This is not the first time RV is hurt by Ishani saying that he is a servant,, she always insults him and fakes her love,, why don’t that dumb woman think for the man who loves me so much ,,, how much love she should give him back,,
      Rv confesses his heart to her always then Why only hate drama,,?
      Without knowing the full matter,,, OMG Ishani makes him the love life Ranveer’s and hers in to a pickle,,,

  6. Ashiqui

    She is wearing dove ring RV can’t see that he is always behind ritika he doesn’t have time for Ishanni.

    • malvika

      u r ryt….he misses important points….he did not notice the dove ring which ishani still has….rv will himself get hurt when he know the truth—dont want to say anything for him..

  7. arora

    but rv ishaani characterless nu shekhar ku proof pana than ipd panan, but his plan apdiye ultava aairchu, rithika pathutaaaaaaaaa, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……..,

  8. maya

    i dont care about ritika about what she says and does—-already she got all the rights of wife even without marriage and even a father for the baby, but cz doing drama……….i cud never imagine rv can behave in such manner—such cheapo……….m happy that ishani finally came to know that ranveer is not married, but she still has some concern for that baby of ritika…
    ishani, u r a gud girl…….if u have decided to marry shikhar finally, plz let him know all about you—–about how it all shaped up, about u and rv, y u did this all and everything…..he has the right to know everything….he is a nice guy, he will understand u, support u……dont make him heartbroken, he is already trapped between so much drama……

  9. rv nebishaani characterless nu prove panna patha.. bt un character hahagege siriya siruchuduchu.. thevaya?? For Hurting ishaani oneday u vil regrt rv…

  10. I hate u rv
    Villen kahika
    Kiss karte hue apne ap ko rok to nehi pate ho or kudko mahan sabit karna chahateho

  11. sam

    hey friends, can anyone tell about the new schedule….i mean y no episodes on saturday—already 3or 4 saturdays they didnt give episode….has it gone mon-fri or mon-sat??

    • Nikku

      Hey ,yes .the timing got changed bcz of that crazy show called India’s got talent .
      10:00pm to 10:30 pm frm mon to fri . 🙁

  12. Todays epi was rlly fanastic….i m vry hppy that rv and ishani came closer…….always hoping for romantic episode…… u rv and ishaani and hate for that bluddy ritikka…

    • Nikku

      Correct . Whn marege date is fixed ,ishani comes to knw dat ritika did al ths murder verder , then she claims that she is rv’s 1st wife n go to rv . I thnk shikar wil support her

  13. harsha

    Rv you’re so cheap,how can you behave like this to the girl once ur in love,such a cheap plan

  14. kavi

    ishveer scene super, but rv i feel so sad, bcoz great nose cut for u, finally ishaani knows he doesnt marry rithika, but avaku evlo kastama irndurkum, rv nadichanguratha ketone,

  15. Shâžñā

    Again strtd watchin nw bcz nxt track goin to b intrestin….today’s epi nyc…bst part ws Rv’s plan gt flopped……haha haha

  16. guys…at last rv an ishani will marry and shikar will be one side lover.. .and then ritika ka truth and then last ….what happens to ritika baby?.. ritika will die ishani will marry rv and then she would take care of ritika baby

  17. Ranveer how culd u scoop so low I am so happy ritika got upset shekhar oh shekhar I fell so sorry 4 u oh I hope ishaani gets back together with ranveer but what will happy to shekhar. Other than that I am sooooooooooooooo happy that ritika cried u devil

  18. hash d gr8

    I really love the current’s not ishveer’s ishkhar?..hats off you the team matsh… great work

  19. sam

    hey, just bcoz the trps got high does not mean u got the right to confuse and irritate the viewers…..y dragging so much purposely??? none is interested to know the actual father of ritika (at least rv sud)….. both rv and ish are not speaking up openly with each other and showing the hatred…… sorry for shikhar who got trapped between these confused aashiqs….. ritika is already a devil–y to say more??

  20. abi

    hey rv please ishani ya purinjikonga please ava Rmba pavam enaku unga romance tha pidichiruku ipdi pirinji irukarthu pidikala ellam antha rithika vala tha please please rv neenga ishani kuda sernthudunga please I love ishveer only please

  21. abi

    I like shikkar but I really love ishveer please god do something for us avanga 2 perayum sethu vachidunga and antha devil(rithika) va sagadichidunga Apatha super ah irukum all fans want this so please help me god……please………

  22. RV with such a ill plan to prove Ishani after all for the girl he loved do much,,
    He was trying to prove he had no feelings for her nor any intimacy but finally he couldn’t resist himself,, he kissed her coz he cannot control his love for Ishani,,
    Btw Ritika WTF are u trying to claim,,? Get out and move your way to these lovers who are suffering each day of their life coz Of u and ur evil plans,, what if RV kissed Ishani? Coz they are a couple and not u in between, they love each other and what matters u,, I really could resist wen RV was trying to convince Ritika,, who the hell is she,, ?he has given so much damn damn space to her as a friend and finally she is creeping in to claim all rights of a wife,,
    But I was little happy when they actually who have love towards each other in their inner deep hearts juz expressed their love,,
    RV was so sure of Ishani and was trusting her so much before and now he is thinking that this is another girl but not the girl he loved before,, he thinks Ishani has a drastic character transformation,,


  23. abi

    hi frnds I’m abi I’m studying vels university pallavaram in my class My all frnd love ishveer only my frnd saro,pavi,kani,then,suji,lawanya and me very much loved ishveer so please re unite two of them and please rithika va ranveer vitu poga solunga I hate rithika……. very much….

  24. abi

    please tell me anyone what is the future story of matsh please I was thinking only this I can’t sleep because I’m deeply thinking about this serial

    • aaliya

      I think in future ritika will b shown evil and if im right its chirag’s baby nt sharmans baby & to trap parekhs she is becoming innocent. &I think that she only killed chirag and falguni but she actually tried to kill ish from terrace. I think ish will expose her soon and ishveer will b together plz Ekta reunite ishveer I luv thm!! Heres ur reply

  25. Ruma

    RV get d hell out of ishaanis life.. Let her b wid Shekhar….atlst c vl b happy…der r no villains like u have at uo home…

  26. Rosh

    I feel pity for RV he couldn’t feel Ish’s love even this close , he can’t feel it
    I feel more pity for Ishani the man she loves want to prove her characterless while he himself is characterless Ritika supporter .
    Commmoc RV go and search the meaning of the word first .
    You can’t chase Ishani this , she told you she doesn’t want you , just leave her and go play Dady & mommy game with Rirtika’s illigimate child .
    What an insult for the word aashiqui , shame on you RV the great

  27. DD

    Hi friends, ishani really cares for the baby coz she know the pain , when a father leaves his child & his wife what all the problems they will face in this society ishani is a women of integrity . I don’t expect this from rv. Anyway shekar did not see that. Ishveer looked awesome together directors plz unite them love you ishani,rv,shekar hate you to the core rithika. Monday is my birthday I wish Monday’s episode will be interesting. Happy to see so many comments love you all.

  28. anita

    what is happening to ishani now is only bcos her .
    when ranveer nd ishani met that day…
    the kind of words she spoke ….. was really disgusting
    I myself got very angry…
    and why should ranveer always forgive ishanis mistakes…
    this girl is always taking wrong decisions and hurting her loved ones
    starting from ranveer falguni and now……. I feel pity for shikar
    (first she will say that she is ready for marriage but im sure that this marriage will not happen)

    • Rosh

      See what I say NO MAN should play with that sensitive part of a female called love and prove her characterless . Ishani hurt him fine leave her and go away. He has Ririka’s lap and even the tum u to roll and cry.
      He also called Ishani many names , now that she hurt him and told very clearly don’t want to stay with him leave her. Why must he try to prove her characterless ?
      Leave her he doesn’t have to forgive , but he is no GOD he has made mistake also, he always want to self pity how great his love !!!!!!!
      I repeat he is NO GOD He has no right to punish Ishani, that Ishani dumb will always forgive him so easily. Common Shekir save & protect Ishani

      • anita

        ITS OBVIOUS..
        he just want to stop the marriage of ishani and shikar
        that is he is doing so
        everything is fine in love and war

      • No what ranveer said that day to shiker is that the only feeling that is left for Ishani is that only her happiness.. It’s obvious he loves her so much still that’s what he is over exxagerating ,,he also said that if Ishani doesn’t want to see his face and if that will give her happiness he will never come in front of her,, he also said shiker that the present Ishani is not the girl he loved at first and was his friend , so he thinks now Ishani has a drastic character transformation,,,
        So only now he thinks that shiker’s life will be spoiled coz of Ishani coz he thinks the present Ishani is inspired by chirag’s evilness,,
        Nobody can change Rv’s unconditional love for Ishani coz this show is for Ranveer’s aashiqui,,,

    • Rosh

      Every thing is fare in love and war but our RV must search a better way to do it.
      See now he pushed even closer to Shiker , next episode she will announce she will marry Shikher.
      I don’t know yaar I am always a female right spoke person , but I am not a feminist but some thing similar u can say. So feel female being insulted my blood automatically boils ha….ha….ha…
      Ishani’s character stays where she was always so dumb , foolish and brainless in love. But our Ranveer gone through a lot of transformation . May first one I saw in TV.
      All his emotion only and only Shakti can play this well, I am proud and happy that I am a Shakti fan in bolly wood Amir khan is my favorite .
      But I must say Shakti you made Ranveer transformation to RV the egoistic a memorable journey . But I hope you will smile once more like that old Ranveer so innocent or RV lost it completely when he lost his love Ishani.!!!!!!!

    • I felt really sorry for RV how much ever he try to control his feelings for Ishani ,, ha cannot!!!! Lol so much true love for Ishani he camnot get rid of her amist all her stupidity and only hatred from her,,,
      I felt so sad when he said atleast just act by saying I love u,,,, to what extent he is hurt buy Ishani,,,

  29. ats

    omg wt hpnd to rv? cn he thnk abt ishaani lik ths?rv ws in luv wid ishaani frm childhood thn hw cn he do so?is ths aashiqui?if he hates her he must hv moved wid ritika and leave ishaani alone proving ishaani as characterless is toooo much no person vl do ths to their luv.ths s nt true luv.wt hpnd to ekta mam y she s spoiling rv’s character nd aashiqui lik ths?i hate rv nw a days.nd again ishaani is going to hurt shikhar she announces marriage wid shikhar nd at last moment she vl drop of knowing truth abt ritika.she s selfish.omg plzzzz story writers change d track its irritating nd aashiqui in ths mere aashiqui tum sehi.ekta mam itself forgot d dialogues of rv at valentines special episode tht s aashiqui hw cn tht change?i jus hate ths drama.plzzzzz dnt spoil d aashiqui hereafter.nd change rv’s character as soon as possible.

  30. ishveer

    episode was good upto the entry of that blo*dy rithika.but felt happy that ishani has known that they are both not married but why did she agreed to marry shekar .i think so that because of her baby she was thinking that baby belongs to rv then how stupid you are ishani .then what gone happen next ??????????????????????

    rv will beat dewarch because he was marrying krish for the sake of money befenitely shekar will support rv because he doesn,t like dewarch . i think so ishani will come to know the truth first rithika who is responsible for her mothers dealth and she did all this because to get rv in her life then ishani she fight back to get rv back in her life when believe in ishani she will leave rithika away which rithika a evil minded and to kill ranveer ishani and shekar

    waiting for the good episode

    please make the directors to move the quickly .rv should know the truth that ishani had lied to him because to save him she had went to jail for him

    • Rosh

      Me too feel RV must at least know that Ishani loved him his pyar was not one sided, Ishani too loves him.
      RV is going to turn a mad , obsessive lover now . He wouldn’t know which way to go he will see only walls around him . He will feel that he is in a wild puzzle game !!!!!
      Ishani I always said is dumb she jumb in to conclusion without knowing the whole picture and RV knows her best. She even fought with Chirag for illteating Ranveer when they first met.
      She was the one always said ” ek din tum bade aadmi banega” she said I know it . Ranveer also laughed at it that time .
      Please RV brush that intelligent brain of your’s assassin you ur best friend Ishani’s behavior don’t u see any thug in her eyes. Stop piting ur self .
      But the problem is now RV gave too much space for Ritika. he crossed the thin line that must be always kept intact in a woman & man friendship

      • Today I really accept ur comments,, this RV now ,, it’s not ranveer it’s now the crazy and arrogant RV,, the current character he is portraying is the another firm of his aashiqui ,, he has turned mad after his lifeless life post leap for Ishani,,,
        He is gone wild and so much jeolous that he wanna give up Ishani no matter how bad she is.
        And shiker was smart enough to find that out,, he said RV ur jeolous ,, lol

      • maya

        i agree with u rosh…..the genuine ashiqui of ranveer is lost and is taken over by arrogance of rv…..i hope that cute and sweet-natured ranveer comes back again…..its only shakti arora who has successfully portrayed all the emotions skillfully….really nice performance…… i hope he come to know the truth before its too late..

  31. maya

    when ranveer insulted ishani publicly calling her illegitimate, characterless and etc etc etc, she still stood with him—-tried to make everything gud again…….. but when ishani insulted him calling drivers son, servant etc etc etc (not publicly), y is he behaving like this??…..he did not try to find out y ishani is caring her if she does not love him….so better, he can leave her alone and go with ritika….y is he trying to prove ishani characterless and speaking all such bad things about her???…… whatever way the story goes now, but i dont want shikhar to be heartbroken, he is such a sweet guy…

  32. malvika

    i liked the timing of ritika in this episode……ha ha ha, rv plan flopped…..but i dont understand y c was crying so badly…..even if rv kissed ish, thats okay for husband and wife….y is c trying to interfere in that matter?? i know it was evil plan of rv but it must b okay for ritika…, rv proved he is true puppet of ritika by trying to clarify everything….
    i guess ish agreed to marry shikhar bcoz c really wants rv to move on…c was shocked to know that rv has gone so low and c thot its better to leave his life forever by being someone else wife….in that way, rv will stay from her…

  33. aryan

    kyo bematlab mei story khich rahe ho?? rv ka dimag kharab ho gaya h kya?? show mei kisiko nhi batana h ritka ka sach to naa sahi, drag karo jitna marzi…..par at least viewers ke samne to sach khol do…..hum log itne din se wait kar rahe h…..trp high karne k liye hamara bheja fry karoge kya??

  34. Rv

    Don’t U guys think so that Ritika was Luking like Dayan from the movie ek thi Dayan!!!! Her eyes were prove her witch!!!! With deeds she look more ugly!!!! I just hate her!!!!

  35. I hate that ritika…bt i shckd that rv has gone so low…now I really want shikhar and ishani together after knwng evrthng he is still with ishani and sprtng her…he is a true lover..he will keep ishani happy unlike Rv

  36. Ishani got love in her life that no woman is earth will get,, so much of pure love which is even more than mothers love for a girl,,
    But she was do stupid enough that she didn’t know to protect that love what she received without any complaints or demands,,,
    People who started to hate RV are in the hands of the makers of the show coz now the current track they are trying to induce the fans to accept Ishani’s aashiqui,,, but ppl who blindly accept it by forgetting RV is the fans who are in the hands of the makers,, but u should not forget the real essence of the characters,, from the beginning ,, so pleae guys analyse the characters from the beginning of the show,,,, don’t fall a prey to the director,,, lol
    I felt really bad for Ishani when she walked alone in the road thinking of ranveer after the hospital scene,, so much love for RV but do you wanna give up your man,,, ?and u become a bad woman in the eyes of your love,,,?

    • maya

      in the start of the ranveer without properly finding out about chirag manipulated ishani to love him….but after he came to know about chirags truth, he tried to clear it all…….people got him wrong for loving ishani, he got beaten and thrown out of the house… the present track, ishani without knowing anything about ritika and the baby, is trying to make rv hate her….again, after the ritika’s truth comes out, i guess ishani will be there to support rv…u know dear that though they both do stupidity at times, they can never be separated….after all ashiqui never ends…… i really feel bad at times that how much pain both have to suffer…..

    • sneha

      there is a way to stop the marriage of ishkhar—that rv will not give divorce to ish…will he be doing that?? …………when will the truth of ritika come out, that is very important…..who will first come to know?? ….if it is post delivery or post marriage then the things will get more complicated……plz comment friends about this……

    • What I always wanted from the beginning of the show is ranveer must come to know that his love is not one sided,, that Ishani too loves him,, with that satisfaction he can live whole life even without Ishani,,
      That’s single satisfaction is enough for ranveer ,,, coz he is always worried that his love is only one sided

    • anita

      its very hurting that most of them wanted ishkar
      atleast one or two can remember ranveers love for ishani
      butanyway I want only ishveer…..

      • maya

        its not that i want ishkhar to be a married or something like that but i just want rv to know that all whatever ishani has done is for him only…..all these suffering and drama was actually to make him happy, he must come to know that his love is not one sided but rather ashiqui both side…..i know we get carried away by ishkhar scenes, but i cant deny that the show is 4 ishveer….they r made 4 each other whatever happens, they will unite in the end…

  37. rudra

    As RV cannot openly love Ishaani being commited to dat ritika gal, he s searching al reasons to be around his Ishaani with faking concern on Shikar, he stumbled in his so called fake intimacy, he miss her so much dat he cant contain his love n emotions, both of them shd forget evry1 around them n give life to their love!

  38. why rithika overeacting? i wish jaldi in chaaroki shadi ki episode aajaaye ishaani ninakkumbod romba kashtama irk.
    vegam ranvirineyum ishaaniyeyum onnaakku

  39. rubyvelonica

    rithika i hate u . rv will not accept to ishaini and shikar marriage . rv and ishaini back and it will not means don t put show on channel

    • malvika

      no epi today….actually it will be like this until igt finishes off…..till then no epis on saturday…—only mon-fri

  40. I think that’s this is high time that ranveer and Ishani should realise themselves,,, wakeup from their sacrifices and fake dreams ,,, RV is over exaggerated now dunno what to do …. He needs to forget her but he cannot,,, he tries to control his emotions but he cannot,,, he find all possible ways to show his obsessive aashiqui to Ishani,, and Ishani is too much sacrificing her love,, she no need to do all these sacrifice if she knew the truth,,, she is giving up her man for somebody else,,
    It’s a so much mixed and hidden pickle like aashiqui,,,
    Please u guys u did so much for each others wellness , forget the world around u and just give life to your love,, accept what ur heart tells.
    RV is ready to accept u no matter what consequences, Ishani please juz go forward to RV,, it’s high tome

    • maya

      nice one!!!….forget all the rules and the society…..just live to ur heart…..give all the love to each other and see how beautiful the life is….no need to show this madness…..its okay to bcum possessive for ur love and sacrifice urself 4 the one u love…but plz dont hide the love u 2 have 4 each is nice only if u both express ur feelings to each other openly….waiting eagerly for that moment……

  41. RV will beat Dewarsh for not giving money on time and marrying krisha for money,, after Dewarsh complain Ishani she will enter RV mansion to confront ,, as soon she enters the house Rv’s and Ritika’s pic will break ,, there will be a high wind ,,, at that time like a stressed science where Ishani enters back to RV mansion,,
    It is so symbolic that Ishani is back into Rv’s and Ritika’s fake life,,,
    In the Ganesh looks the pandit will give something fo the couples who are gonna get married,,, when Ishani reaches her hand to the pandit RV too will reach his hand,, this will happen together like both get the thing from pandit,, it’s too symbolic that the couple who are gonna get married are RV and Ishani,,, YAAY ,,!!!!
    I wish like if this happens like in IPKKND that if they remarry with mehendi sangeet haldi and all..,?

    • Rosh

      Really , because suddenly I pity RV too , how bad Ish act also he can’t let her go. His unconscious mind desperately looking for a reason to be around her.
      It will be nice if she really scold that Amba maid

    • sneha

      it will really b gud …..the moment when ishveer will reunite will really be a memorable one….whatever hardships they face now, but when they both will be back together only gud memories to enjoy….forgive all the past deeds……both rv and ish r suffering with different reasons but they look gud 2gether…..soulmates will reunite at the end whatever long it takes….though they both do brainless works but still cant hide love

  42. rudra

    Weekends r getting edgy witout this show, atleast by scolding RV r swearing Ritika v pass our weekdays though there s no lite moments btwn Ishveer,feel lik somehow want to b connected wit them:(

  43. sneha

    to stop ishkhar marriage, there is only one way out that rv not to give divorce to ish— after all he is yet not divorced….or maybe ish will come in between rv-ri after coming to know about falguni’s death….anyways, a very big question i have got- will the truth b out post delivery or post marriage?? there r even chances that like b4– on the day of marriage itself the misunderstandings will clear and ishveer will b back…….
    what do u think friends….plz comment…

  44. Me too guyzz
    Really very sad…….
    Dis week math was ossome
    Viewers were enjoining
    Hope soo nxt week also cum wid great story n twest

  45. Shâžñā

    lshaani gets angry &Confronts RV for beating Devarsh in ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’

    As we informed earlier RV will propose Ritika for marriage after knowing Ishaani getting ready to marry Shikar,further RV decides to spoil the relation and tries to explain Shikar not to marry Ishaani,but Shikar warns RV and tells that RV is just jealous and tells Ishaani loves Him(Shikar) now.

    Later RV finds truth about Devarsh not giving the money to his family which RV sent him every month and also gets to know about his flirting with girls.When he confronts him Devarsh insults him andcalls him driver’s son and tells he is marrying Krishna too only for money and not out of love.Hearing this RV bursts out of anger and beats Devarsh remembering Ishaani too calling him Driver’s son.Devarsh tells now Shikar’s money will be his family’s as both Ishaani and he (Devarsh) are getting married into that Family.RV now gets firm about to stop this marriage and save Krishna and Shikar.

    Later Devarsh complains about RV to Ishaani and tells that RV beat him out of anger on Ishaani,Ishaaniwithout knowing the truth will get angry and decides to confront him for doing bad to Shikar and also beating her brother.She comes to Vaghela house and remembers her moments,when she finds Ritika there who taunts her not to break her family by coming often.

    Ishaani finds RV there and confronts him who taunts her to stop playing with Shikar’s family,and Ishaani too taunts RV again.Will the relation of Ishaani & RV turn much into hate ?

    We hear Gossip is that soon Ishaani decides to find truthof her mothers death and will claim her rights of being Wife to RV stopping her marriage with Shikar and Ritika’s with RV.

  46. Shâžñā

    Nxt track goin to b intrestin…n 100% sure tat Ishveer gonna reunite n Ritika’s truth gonna reveal…n shw ll set bck to itz title theme….hpy fr tat bt sad 4 oly shikhar….bt i thnk he ll b thr fr Ishani as a gud friend till d end….he won’t do anything lyk Ritika in d name f friendship 🙂

    • Rosh

      Are u sure ? It will be interesting to watch !!! I like them to fight we can feel love there too

    • maya

      thats indeed a gud news after a long tym….whether they fight with each other, its always one or the other form of love…..just want them 2 b together…..u r ryt, shikhar sud remain as a gud friend of ishani—-i dont want him to bcum a villain later…..

  47. Shâžñā

    Ya itz thr in fb…Ishani ll come across RV, and both ll end up fighting n taunting each othr. Soon Ishani ll dig out the matter of Falguni’s death n upon knowing Ritika’s truth, will fight to get RV back…n l thnk itz rly gonna intrestin nw♥♥

    • maya

      the new track is really getting very interesting…..the matsh team has succeeded in making all its fan to glue with the tv screen….finally the day has arrived when the past mysteries will be unsolved and the lovers will be reunited…..feeling happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. malvika

    Ranveer beats Devarsh and returns home and on Ishaani’s insist , he says that RV has beaten him because Ishaani is marrying Shekhar.
    Ishaani goes to confront RV on a rainy and stormy night.
    All drench, Ishaani reach RV’s house to take revenge of Devarsh and as she enters, RV-Ritika’s family picture break down. Ritika accuses Ishaani for breaking her family and suddenly change the topic that she break their family pictures……
    a new drama to start soon!!!

  49. ishvi

    Guys watch tis….In youtube. ..making of colours tv serial – Meri aashiqui tumse hi (episode pooja twist)

  50. aryan

    hey, many of u r saying that matsh will have a similar track like ipkknd during the marriage episodes….talking about astha-shlok or arnav-khushi?? i dont know much about that show…..plz tell me what happened there and how is that going to be linked with matsh??

  51. Aashicuti:-)

    Rv and sheikhar’s work is so amazing. But ishani ko phansi ho jani chahiye thi

  52. jaya

    hi friends plz one help I want to download this episode but tubemate is not working plz anyone can tell from where we can download this episode plz.

  53. kani

    I think the remarriage for rv and ish ‘ll happen after knowing the truth like arnav and khushi in IPPKND

  54. Rosh

    Friends what was the track of the other serial you all say I haven’t seem other serial. Is the track was same, thinking the trap our Ishweer is in I am loosing patience already. Now there is this handsome , witty & lovable man Shiker also in!!!!!!
    I heard RV will make a big drama during the engagement of Ishkar ,
    I am not sure, what will happen to Shiker Casanova?

  55. aryan

    plz someone tell how matsh will have similar track like ipkknd??? and what about shikhar and ritika’s baby?? is she faking it?? ……plz plz plz plz someone tell how it will show next ……i am not able to think anything else….plz reply….

    • maya

      i know something like “ARNAV” first thot khusi had affair wid shyam (arnav’s brother-in-law)……..”KHUSI” after knowing that that shyam was already married broke off the engagement and told him to stay away from her…….arnav married khusi by blackmailing her for payal’s marriage but when they came to knew that shyam had done all this for wealth, they kicked him out and everything came back to normal……..but i dont understand one thing, how matsh’s shikhar is related with ipkknd??

  56. kani

    After all obstacles remarriage ‘ll take in ipknnd I think it ‘ll happen like this in matsh too after knowing the truth…..or if u have hotstar app full episode of ipknnd is available….u can watch it

  57. ishveer

    what was going on

    ishani known the truth that ranveer is not married to rithika but why did she agreed to marry shekar .i think so because of ranveers such attitude towards her.that she made wrng step by seeing ishani rv also take the wrong decesion . now both gone hate other but we cannot say how fate gone change situations in life . but more twist in the show is that rv came know the truth is that devarsh was marrying shekar sister because of money and devarsh insults rv .by listening to those words rv get to the furious and beats devarsh . he gone inform it to the ishani .ishani without knowing the real truth he will go to the rv house .there they both gone taunt each other . in the upcoming episodes ishani came to know the truth of rithika and fight back get back her poistion in ranveers life i think so she will suceed in it she will stop her marrage with the shekar and rithika with rv i am gone sure that upcoming episodes would be more interesting .but when shekar know that ishani is loving ranveer and she had told all for the rv happiness he would be heart broken at that time .I think so he gone help ishani for going backing in rv help

    hey guys when when rv and ishani met the show trp rating had reached high the came top 5 rating and they wre first in colors with ssk

    ishveer should reunite

  58. malvika

    rv gets jealous to see ishani and shikhar dance together…….soon buas of shikhar will come for the marriage and praise ishani…..they like her as their bahu, had a merry-time…….during the next ceremony, rv to insult ishani in full public view……many twists and turns to come but the news is confirmed—-whatever way it may show now but ishkhar will not be married,,, ishveer will reunite….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  59. komal

    hey guys i saw the video where buas of shikhar come at the house ……preparations of marriage are underway……they appreciate ishani for her family cultures and the behaviour…..lots of masti together…..i know ishveer will reunite soon but again ishani will have to face that stupid amba….wished she had a happier sasural where everyone liked her….but yes, serial mei sab kuch nhi milta….happy that at least ishveer to be back…

  60. kani

    It is like ipkknd because they love each other but now not showing their love that’s the problem….because of the situations around them they behave like that ….same way when they know the truth about rithika they realize they were wrong and can take good decision that again rv ‘ll marry ish…that’s it …the similarity I think …it’s my opinion

    • e

      plz kani don’t compare ipkknd arnav angry man but always love kushi and support but rv love ishani from childhood he don’t understand ishani love

  61. kani

    Ya true arnav always loved khushi but even more after knowing the truth….but he didn’t let her go in any situation….but here wen one is understanding other is angry vice versa….May be u r right ….wen they drop their ego…..they ‘ll unite in spite of all situations around I feel

  62. kani

    Both ishani and rv is confused….I think….so much of sacrifice….wat yar I don’t understand….irritating for me

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.