Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani and Ritika come to the kitchen, the head caterer tells them there was only two cooks there that day. Ritika says to Ishaani it seems someone is misleading her in this case. Ritika says she will help her find the killer, as Falguni was like her mother. Ishaani was firm and says she will find the killer. Pratibha takes Ishaani and Ritika outside. The murderer finally spots Ishaani and says she must meet her family for one last time. Shekhar announces that he loved ishaani, but this love had to happen. He came to the world only so to make her his life. Everyone claps. Shekhar says he didn’t know the meaning of love but now knows true lovers are never on the wrong path. He says if ones love is true, the ways meet each other’s. RV was curt. Shekhar says his thinking is the theme today,

he has organized the dance so that they may all find their love. They all have to wear mask and dance to find their partner and lover. Shekhar asks for mast. Paro comes objecting, and says he didn’t think about Paro which one he should wear. Shekhar it doesn’t matter which queue he stands in, he hopes Paro gets the partner. Shekhar announces that the lights will go dim, they all all have to dance and change partner in every 30 seconds. He hopes they will find their love till the music ends. He calls RV and Ritika, and everyone. People gather on the floor. They dance begins. The murderer also get into the crowd.
The murderer brings about a knife from pocket and heads towards Ishaani. RV gets hold of Ishaani, both look into each other as Baa notices them together. Ishaani takes herself out of his arms and goes away, taking her mask off. She leaves the hall, RV follows her.
Ishaani comes out of the house, it was raining hard. RV comes behind her. Both were silent for a while, standing apart. RV looks at Ishaani, she smiles at him. Both souls come to each other, bodies’ stands apart.
Ishaani was smiling, RV smiles back. She takes his hand into hers, both heads into the rain enjoying, as she takes him by arm. Ishaani thinks about being mischievous, she throws water on RV’s face and runs into the rain. He follows her and both dance in the rain. Soon both realize they were dreaming, look at each other worried… gloomed.
In the party, Shekhar wonders where has Ishaani gone.
RV asks Ishaani why she came out, Ishaani says it was hot. Shekhar comes out saying she is right, it was really hot inside, good she called him out. He asks if she is ok? Ishaani doesn’t reply. Shekhar tells RV Ritika was looking for him, he must tell her RV is out. RV says he is going to her and goes inside. Ishaani looks at Shekhar for a while, then looks away.

PRECAP The murder says there is just a minute and then Ishaani’s death. RV watches the chandelier moving and about to fell, he runs to Shekhar and Ishaani who were dancing in the centre of stage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. OMG what an episode.. eventhough it is a dream sequence amazing.. song suits well.. waiting for this for a very long time..
    does ranveer find that Ishaani is in some danger ? is Chiraag alive? Waiting for truth to come out.. please reveal it soon… can’t wait anymore.. wow.. what a performance… Precap OMG.. cant wait to watch tomorrow episode..

  2. Ishaani’s culprit to admit
    killing Falguni,blame to go on
    Devarsh in ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum
    Se Hi’
    Coming episodes A Mystery Man tries to kill
    Ishaani but RV will save her in time and also
    catch the Culprit.Shikar will thank RV for
    saving Ishaani.Later the police enquire the
    culprit who tells Devarsh told him to kill
    Shocked to hear this RV will go to Shikar’s
    house and will beat Devarsh telling Police
    confirmed that he was involved in Ishaani’s
    Murder attempt.But Ishaani stops RV and
    tells not to blame her brother and will go to
    Police station along with Shikar to confirm
    the truth.
    The Culprit tells he just got a contract from
    a client asking to kill her and also tells it
    might be the same person who also told him
    to kill her mother Faluni.Shocked Ishaani
    asks if he was the one who killed her
    mother,he agrees telling he pushed her from
    the roof.Ishaani gets angry but Shikar stops
    her and asks the culprit to tells atleast the
    client’s features,he describes he never saw
    the person due to darkness but tells his
    features which shocks Ishaani that it is
    Ishaani now matches the words of Culprit
    with the person who told he saw Devarsh
    going on stairs when Falguni went
    up.Ishaani will breakdown why Devarsh
    killed his mother and Shikar consoles
    her.Otherside Krish who is Pregnant will
    shocked with the news.
    Will this make Devarsh go behind bars ? Or
    will Shikar save him for his sister ?

  3. omg devarsh kill falguni is truth?

  4. devarsh kill falguni its true

    1. How do u know

  5. What if rithika trapped de rash into gettin e blame coz I’m sure rithika killed falguni

  6. Wat if rithika trapped devarsh so that he gets blamed well anyway we are soon gna find out the truth

      1. Excuse me but do I know u

  7. Ritika is playing shrewd to evade her crime of Falguni’s murder and puts Derwash as the one committing such crime. Derwash’s role in sending goons to attack Ishani and also his role in Falguni’s murder comes to the knowledge of RV.

    Also, it could be RV is made to believe Derwash as criminal by Ritika and it has to be seen. RV goes ahead to confront Derwash and slaps him, and Ishani comes to the defense of her cousin brother.

    On another front, Ritika gears up to get as much sympathy from Amba by highlighting on how RV is drifting towards Ishani. Amba falls for Ritika and thinks of making hermarried with RV with full rights. Coming to Ishani and RV’s love front, her marriage day with Shikhar arrives, and they get into emotional mode for their mutual love, and had earlier danced and romance in rain water. All things are happening just around Ishani and Shikhar’s marriage: Love, murder suspect, criminal framing someone else, sympathy angle…

  8. At lasst marriage will not occur and again lag this scenes to the imaginary slot areas and again twist and twist and twist and…… After one year they get to know everything and starts to make everything fine in every places and so this serial will end by 2017 February 14 by celebrating their everlasting long love story….

  9. Lovely episode. Godo suspense.

  10. Plz stop showing dreams n make it cum true!!!!! ????

  11. I think ritika & chirag both they were killed falguni. .;->

  12. Plz unite ishver. Wat a dance. Sema episode. Plz reveal the truth soon.

  13. the truth will reveal only next generation… so keep waiting..!!

  14. It is like I want the lovers to unite and save me from this torture that Ritika is doing.
    It is like another sequence of dance we have to watch before truth come out.
    Please writers reveal the truth! It is like showing children lollipop, they were showing rain dance now make it real . Show some pity on Ishveer fans

  15. i am sure that rithika killed chirag because at the beginning when rithika and sharman had a fight she took her car and going to the way to bombay highway

  16. Awsm epic …omg ishveerrrrrrr rockz….i really love the rain dance…pls anyone tell which song played in background in ishveer dream seq…and also inside the hall..bcoz im watched in utube they r mute the song always

    1. film name ramleela, song lahu munh lag gaya

      1. Party seq la….ena song….

    2. Pyaar Ki Yeh Khahani suno song from Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

  17. very gud episode, ishveer dance is really romantic, after their dream they realize each other, it was really painfull, i feel so painfull, for that scene…….. It was very feeling scene…. Waiting for truth revealed episode

  18. Hi peeps…
    I usually watch the episodes on desitvbox but off late none of the links work so I watch it on YouTube where all songs are muted. Can someone tell me where I can watch the episodes please .
    Also someone please tell me what song did Ritika and ranveer dance on and which sound did they do partner exchange dance on and lastly which song did ranveer ishani dance on.

  19. What song was playing in the background when ishveer sequence.please someone tell me???

    1. lahu munh lag gaya from ramleela.

  20. Y don’t these ppl bring together ishani and ranveer

  21. Enough of this drama now

  22. Frnds i saw in fb thay rithika truth will be revealed soon. They also put the video of making.
    Todays epi was awsome .loved ishveer dance. Ishveer was so cute…. Even it was a dream i enjoyed ishveer dance in rain. Precap seems to be interesting …waiting for tomorrow episode and reveal ritika truth as soon as possible.

  23. Waiting for rithika’s truth.she is a culprit of falguni’s death and ishveer dance scene was nice and both are unite together soon……..

  24. Yaar, that shameless ritika…I think she only killed her father also to get all the property. I hate that Amba. Without solid proof like DNA test etc.,how can she believe that ritika is carrying rv’s child,without marriage how can she let ritika to be in rv’s room.she also insists Rv to act as ritika ‘s husband, as ritika is pregnant before marriage and society will spit at her for this, is she mad or what..
    Does she thanks Rv opened any dharmashala to allow all the girls, who became pregnants before marriage to be in his room and give his name to all their children….. Sense less serial, really man just hate it…….

    1. Hi madhuri r u frm TN

  25. Till now we have see ritika turning negative forsake of ranveer. Later they will show shekar to turn negative forsake of ishaani, This serial is like endless garbage. I think serial production house should focus on giving a nice entertainment to audience rather than dragging the story by creating unwanted twists.

  26. i think the story is going well so far but there are a lot of tragedies going on at the same time , which is weird!

  27. i think someone should kill ritika and her baby and then she will realize her mistake if not i hope ranveer catches her out



  30. Plzz guyzz stop analysing
    Sab story aap log hi bataa dogay
    First u oll said k ritita killed falguni
    Bt at last koi aur hi hai us k pichay

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