Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurbhay takes his gun and says today he would get the truth from that Veer.
Maa stops him in the way saying he won’t do anything like that. Nurbhay says that Veer isnt telling them the truth. He would marry Naina and then ruin her life. Maa says whoever he is, it is because of him that Naina got her legs back, her smile back. If he was interested in money, he wouldn’t have denied marrying Naina. She asks what if there is some genuine problem, what if he tells him the truth due to which Nurbhay would have to apologize later on. She tells Nurbhay to investigate about him first. Ritika heard this all. Nurbhay asks his brothers to find out who made their neighbourhood house that Veer has bought. There must be his details over it.
Ritika stops Nurbhay and asks how can he send

Ishaani back to Ranveer, if she gets the proposal from Veer. Nurbhay says their revenge would not come in between Naina’s happiness. He will send her to Ranveer back if she gets the proposal. He leaves, not wanting to discuss about it. Ishaani comes home, she asks the guard to meet Veer. The guard says he can’t meet her, he is preparing for the party he has thrown for orphanage. Ishaani says she will wait. The guard asks her to come in. Ishaani thinks that Veer is a nice guy, he would never deny marrying Naina. Ranveer observed Ishaani from inside. Amba comes there and asks what she is doing here? Ranveer says she has brought him proposal of her sister in law. Ranveer says this is the speciality of Ishaani that she always do what they never expect from her. She has brought someone’s trust here. Amba gets upset that she had considered her a daughter but she… Ishaani smiles and thinks that if she gets the proposal fixed, she will go back to Ranveer. Amba says still Ishaani is smiling. Ranveer says his hate was once his aashqui, he had never thought anything wrong for her but she must wait a bit like him now. It was dark, the lights get on at once. The children arrive in a van, Ishaani thinks the party has started. She heads to go inside, but the guard tells her to sit inside. Ishaani says it is important for her to meet Ranveer, else Nurbhay won’t fulfil his promise.
Nurbhay asks Aarti about Naina, Aarti happily tells Nurbhay that Naina has taken the brush in her hands to paint.
The guard calls Ishaani inside. Ranveer was in the costume of a clown and cheered with the children. He stops as soon as Ishaani comes in.
Nurbhay watches Naina painting happily. She smiles watching Nurbhay. Nurbhay asks what she is drawing with so much love, she calls him inside.
Ishaani introduces herself as Mrs. Nurbhay Singh Alawat. She has brought him the proposal for her sister in law, she loves him so much. She says he must not worry about her health, when he would hold her hand she would get better even soon. She says their family is very nice, they will all accept him wholeheartedly. She requests him saying Naina loves him, and he can keep Naina really happy and well. Ranveer says good people need good heart, otherwise the illusion of eyes sometimes turn into betrayal for a lifetime. The Shagun thaal fell off Ishaani’s hand, she clutches Ranveer’s arm and comes to confront him.
Nurbhay comes to see Naina had painted Ranveer’s photo. She keeps her head over his shoulder, while Nurbhay watches the photo curtly. He thinks so Ranveer is actually Naina’s Veer.
Ishaani calls Ranveer. He looks at her curtly, takes his artificial nose and coloured hair off. Ranveer says though he likes Naina or not, but he likes her way. It shows how good she is at heart. She wants him to get joint with the family she is living with. The way, she moved on in life leaving someone, he also wants to move on in life. He says time has changed, this time is his now. He calls the servant and asks him to pick up the thaal. Ishaani only looks at him with teary eyes. He tells Ishaani to inform Alawat family that he has accepted this proposal, it is important to get joint to the family that has such good people. He turns again to look at Ishaani who was crying, he says good people always have this identity that their happiness fell off their eyes. He says this was nice meeting Mrs. Ishaani Nurbhay Singh Alawat. It was nice meeting her, they will keep on meeting now. He goes to kids again and says she can go now. Ishaani walks out. Ranver stops her and brings a thaal saying she brought the Shagun from Naina, she must take Shagun for her as well. They will come to marry her soon.

PRECAP: Ranveer says to Amba that he would never let Ishaani get what she left him for. She will have to pay the price, and Amba must prepare for his marriage now. Nurbhay tells Ishaani that she and Ranveer are playing pranks with him, he won’t let her ruin his family.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Priya

    I don’t want ishani to love this dumb ranveer anymore.His love is only blindfolded.but ishani is faithful in all situation and supporting him during his hard times.I just wish this dumb rv use his mind to understand her instead of taking revenge from her.u know what guys I started respecting love after seeing this serial only and I know the definition of love also.but now I am getting afraid that I start to hate it….This Rv’s whole family don’t deserve ishani even rv also…I want ishani to move on in her life…

    • Keerthi

      I totally agree with u priya …..I started to feel love after watching this serial and suggested many of my friends to watch this serial it now it’s total waste of time I only feel pain in my heart when I watch ishaani crying and rv hating her and taking revenge on her literally cried a lot after today’s episode….with the latest spoiler video I am done how can ranveer even sit with another girl and do the Roka ceremony one thing which made me happy was he will spot rithika……after knowing the truth let ranveer suffer a lot without ishaani

      • Sathyasree venkat

        guys,pls dont scold ranveer please,ranveer rala ishaani ya hate panna mudiyathu,so pls dont scold ranveer pls

    • I agree with Priya and Keerthi. Love should be reciprocal in order for it to work. Sathyasree each time Ishani has sacrificed for Ranveer and each time he never appreciates. Being a human being I would advise her to move on and let him learn the truth later and have it as a lesson for his life. Why can’t Ranveer make any sacrifices? Love which is not reciprocated eventually dies. So is best this love dies for as viewers we are tired of one woman being constantly abused in the name of love.

      What lesson is it teaching society? None. Because its showing that when you make a sacrifice it will not be appreciated.

      • Sathyasree venkat

        naan ishaani sacrifice pannalanu sollala tracy,naan enna solla varana ranveer rala ishaani ya hate panna mudiyathu coz he loves ishaani,i accept that ranveer doesn’t trust ishaani,but ranveer yeppothum ishaani matum dhan love pannuvan,that’s y i am telling pls dont scold ranveer,i love ranveer and ishaani character,naan yethavathu thappa solliruntha i am sorry??

    • Keerthi

      Agree with u Tracy….ranveer says to ishaani that he trusts her but the series of incidents which happened in their lives he did not trust her in any situation….lets c if there is a change in him after the Roka ceremony after he spots rithika….even though I am angry on ranveer with the latest video of Roka ceremony when ranveer saw ishaani I saw only love in his eyes and tears hope they unite soon ??

  2. Sraddha

    Hi friends…i stpd watching math after shikar exit…i read some spoilers .aftr ritika re entry i totally stpd watching today i saw really confused..who is nirbhay..y ishani livimg with him..n y ranver hating his ashiqui..plz tell me guya

    • Keerthi

      Nirbhay is a Haryana businessman who wants to take revenge from ranveer as he assumes that ranveer was responsible for his wife’s death and he is the owner of nhc research centre which has the antidote of the virus d which is needed for ranveer’s cure….nirbhay joins hands with rithika and they strike a deal with ishaani that if she wants ranveer’s life back she should make him hate her and come away from ranveer’s life saying she married some one…for the well being of ranveer ishaani is ready for sacrifice and is being tortured by nirbhay and rithika

      • Sraddha

        Oh tq yar…n got doubt…nirbhay gave antidote to rv? By cing rv i feel he is totally alr8 nw, nw y cant ishani escape frm nirbhay clutches….n feeling bad fr ishani..always she vl b pain.
        .without knowing stry..i literally cried by cing ishani condition

    • Keerthi

      Sradda actually it’s like Ranveer has to get those injections for lifetime else the virus d appears again…rithika blackmails ishaani saying that if she doesn’t obey nirbhay ‘s orders then they will stop ranveer’s injection and they ll reopen sharman murder case.(sharman was killed by ranveer’s twin brother Milan and the blame falls on Ranveer)…sorry for the late reply yaar….my internet was down

  3. riya

    i was a regular viewer of the show…but now i am just tired of ishani’s endless sacrifises for ranveer and ranveer’s misunderstandings…he knows that ishani once almost died saving him…she took the blame of chirag’s murder on herself,was almost hanged for the crime and what not!?
    ranveer still thinks ishani can leave him?
    another logicless ekta special love story -_-

  4. swana

    Wat the hell is going on in this serial ….there is not at all a sign of positive things ..come on writers why ur making such a crap….I think ur not at all bothered about the audience

  5. swana

    Ishaani doesn’t like Nirbhay atall then y she is mentioning his name with her today I got angry at ishaani..just poking the anger of rv …come on plzzzzz…finish off this track how many will a person marry in life…and all the time amba is giving same expression as if rv I marrying first time

  6. swana

    OMG!!!ISHAANI ‘s new look how come they change the pair…..nooo…..then change the hero too…y ur keeping rv ….stupid idiots it’s beyond the limits….enough enough…enough stop this nonsense….shakti plzzz leave the serial…they are just spoiling ur future…just leave the serial..

  7. sheela

    If u guys change the pair….definitely definitely MATSH will be a great flop …if u don’t have the script then y u r hesitating to finish the serial…i don’t wat problem u writers have…won’t writers ever never check the trp of other serials it all high than matsh..

  8. E problem allam annanu avasanikka ?ishveer annu orumikkum.plz ektha ishveer anu matsh athmakkal avar orumichallenkil andhu kadha..serial orikalum spoil cheyyarudh.

  9. Keerthi

    Enough of this drama…….after seeing the latest video of ishaani getting drunk when ranveer is getting engaged to naina I am done with this serial …so it’s clear ranveer is taking revenge from ishaani…there’s no aashiqui ranveer…….I hate you to the core now…..

  10. MATH: Ishani gets drunk in Ranveer and Naina’s roka function Upcoming Episode
    Friday, January 08 2016
    Ishani (Radhika Madan) gets drunk taking Ranveer’s (Shakti Arora) love test in Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi
    The upcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi will show that Ishani makes a plan to find out as Ranveer still feel for her or not.
    Nirbhay organizes roka of Ranveer ad Naina where Ishani happily takes care of preparation.
    Suddenly, Ishani takes some cocktail and loses her sense.
    Ishani behaves crazily in the party which makes Nirbhay angry.
    Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) gets angry on Ishani spoiling his sister Naina’s roka
    Ranveer gets worried seeing Ishani drunk but he did not react much.
    On the other hand, Aarti finds out that Ranveer loves Ishani but he is getting married to Naina.
    Aarti decides to find the whole truth.

  11. why you guys are hating ranveer. situations esi hain ki vo uski jagah par correct hain . don’t blame ishveer . blame that Dumbo ektaji and writers. ranaji u should be the writer of matsh.

    • sana

      Yes ishu Rv lam agree with u.because looking from his side he is not doing anything bad.he is taking revenge for betraying his ashiqui.and this all happened because of the writer.and writer if u don’t know how to keep them unite pls consult with matsh ff writers.and surely they give u an idea.

    • Keerthi

      I am not hating Ranveer but I am very much worried y he is not at all trusting ishaani he should have trusted her because after she spoke against him in the court and jail he got the antidote of virus d and shikhar got the evidences and he was out of the case and even after seeing her as the wife of nhc medical centre head y did not think once that’s my concern y doesn’t he believe that’s his ishaani can never go to any other man….frankly saying I like Ranveer a lot as how a person can love a woman so much but when he is suspecting her and mistrusting her again and again I am very much dejected???

  12. Shahlo

    Who knows when will this stupid drama finish forever? I cant stand it anymore…Why Ishani always sacrifices and rv misunderstands her? Is it love or a game? Too much dragging, that’s enough, stop it, plz! Hope when ishani gets drunk and rv knows the truth, they will reunite and directors will finish this show!

  13. Shahlo

    Why most indian soap operas consist of 400-500 episodes? Who needs it? Chewing gum is better? They should learn from koreans, most korean dramas have got only 20 or 30 episodes, but the meaning is greater and deeper than indian serials! Indian serials are just wasting time….Bollywood is great, but Tellywood is nonsense!

  14. Andre

    Don’t worry guys
    IshanI and Ranveer will to gather soon…….
    Because on Ranveer’s Roka he will see Ritika there and he will understand everything. ……..
    Don’t cry anymore. …..
    Ishveer will win and to gather.
    It will be 9 year leep and then IshanI will be pregnant.

    • Payal

      Andre are yu just guessing or what?it cannot be possible then how will they show aashiqui after having children i have searched in all news but there is no such news anywhere is this the end of the show plzzzz andre reply fast waiting for yur answer

  15. Priya

    Even villain milan and nirbhay had also their justifying reason reason to took revenge.but this rv,his blindfolded love and logicless revenge.bullshit.I want ishani to move on in life and to get her own identity and reputation like this rv…he is having all those things and supporting parents also.but ishani has nothing without her nicknames(murderer,thief,characterless) because of him and he named her all this…its very disappointing…

  16. Anu

    How can the character Ranveer be portrayed so dumb…seriously is his love so fake that even after all the sacrifices ishani has done previously ,he doesn’t understand her…doesn’t make sense…

  17. swana

    Guys plzzz don’t hate ranveer try to understand his situation yesterday ishaani met ranveer but she didn’t tell anything to him …she didn’t even say that she didn’t marry Nirbhay….think in the place of ranveer …he is so affected…by ishaani

  18. K.praveena

    Whatever situation it’s but ranvi and ishani comes to face to face each other. Ishani fell the sugun thaal suddenly, emotionaly, hurtly. But nice twist. Wife will be husband bodygourd but husband. Oh no ranvi.

  19. K.praveena

    Ranvi wants to make ishani jealous by accepting naina proposal and ranvi comes to naina house,& preparing all preparation by ishani.
    But ranvi forget that man nibhray who already there. And nibhray makes ranvi jealously, hurtly by comes close with ishani. I”m really excitted.

  20. K.praveena

    Ishani did not to any wrong doing or sin but she bear the all tortures from ranvi and nibhray. I feel ishani like molam. Oh my ishani doll.

  21. K.praveena

    Plz ranvi understood the situation it’s all made by ritika and nibhray not ur wife. Ur ishani can’t be betrayed u even she does not think any bad. She is so cute dear. Ishveer always best.


    in the upcoming episode ranveer and naina engagement will happen and ishaani wont be able to find that the bride groom is ranveer because she was drunk.and engagement will happen successfully.

  23. yaa vaishnavi naanu pathey illa …na nethu ennoda cousin v2la irundha naala nethu pakala written update matum dha paduche ….adhuvu avalova puryla…plzzz sona update konjo clear a panunga….plzzz bt naa monday pape….

  24. K.praveena

    ranvi wear both tshirt and court suit. Just i feel Tshirt much better than court. Especially blue tshirt superb perfect 4 ranvi in tamil urave uyire. Whatever he looks handsome.

  25. K.praveena

    Hai home in Which has a cable only. Most of times colors tv does not work in my cable connection. Many times i read the write epi only. And i don’t like to use u tube to watch in matsh seriel. Bcoz there is no quality and also sound must comes very low. So i’m not watch to utube. But sometimes i searched some matsh epi but i could find out.

  26. marry

    ishveer unite ishveer unite ishveer unite ………………yuhoooo so exicted……………..lovelyyyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh trp gonna increse rapidlyyyyy…….now u all happy?????? evrything gona again settle down soon…………………

  27. marry

    k parveena swana arham ishurv ranaji jasa karela sathya vyshanavi shalo shalini keerti pri meera radikha sri Q hs suga shanza lakshana and all comentatorssss here u all read different spoilers guyzzzzzzzz but all show that union is near aarti find out truth ranveer realizes the truth ritika also come out infront of ranveer ………so guyzzzzzzz u must chear up all here this is reunion guyzzzzzzzzz

    • Keerthi

      Thank you marry….if ranveer comes to know the truth and save ishaani from nirbhay and rithika I am really happy but will not see the serial till he comes to know the truth as I cannot see ishaani crying and getting embarrassed in front of everyone

    • Shażñä ths true?if ths goin to happen i ll b vry hpy 🙂 thnkz fr d grt nws..defntly nxt i ll watch show.. 🙂

      finally ekta realisd her mistake f lways seperating ishveer..ths seperation track tym mny fans quittd d shw bcz f bored wd seperation track n trp lso gt dwn..
      bt nw m hpy…yippieee..ishveer♥♥ luv u sHaDika♥♥

    • suga

      Hi..marry thanks a lot.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      =D> can’t able to believe..
      Waiting eagerly for this… OMG.. Iam flying. 😡 :-ss :-w

      • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

        u welcome toooooooo all dear my crrazy matsh fanzzzzz this our time of happiness starting soon…….get readyyyyy

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      ur welcome….. dear get readyyyyy ……… matsh is on top soon…..

  28. marry

    guyzzzzzzz today is saturdayyyyyyyyyyyy now i want above 1000 comment ishveer is going to b unite guyzzzzzzzz this is celebration for us…………

  29. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho ishveer……….. so jaldi say ek ho jao…………i cant wait………

  30. hai praveena na dish dha ….so enaku clear a eduku…neenga dish vechuklanla …adhu better iruku naa eppodhu watch panirve ..nethu dha pakla…i miss it alot…romba nalaik apro miss pane….i fell cry yaa

  31. guys upcomming episode of matsh”Ranveer (Shakti Arora) finds about Ishani and Nirbhay’s relationship, disagrees to do roka with Naina in Meri Ashiqui Tumse HeThe upcoming episode will show that Nirbhay fixes Naina and Ranveer’s roka.Ranveer also agrees to get engaged with Naina to take revenge from Ishani.Ishani prepares for Naina and Ranveer’s roka with heavy heart.Ishani mistakenly got drunk in Ranveer’s roka ceremony and behaves kiddish.Ishani-Ranveer’s reunionIshani being drunk reveals her and Nirbhay’s relationship truth.Ranveer came to know about Ishani’s relationship with Nirbhay and regrets for misunderstanding Ishani.Ranveer refuses to do roka with Naina and this creates a high voltage drama at the roka ceremony.Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episode

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      i admire u r really nice dear smile……..u make me to smileeeee………..what a lesson i love it…

  32. Ranveer ( shakthi Aora ) finds about ishani nd nirbhays relationship, disagrees to do roka with Naina in meri aashiqui tum se hi

    The upcoming episode will show that nirbhay fixes naina nd Ranveers Roka

    Ranveer aslo agrees to get engaged with naina to take revenge from ishani

    ishani prepares for naina nd Ranveers roka with heavy heart

  33. NIBIR

    enna pa idhu??????????enaku urave uyire dhaan pudichiruku………….I hate meri aashiqui…………..but still………….I”LL see it

  34. Rookey Rookers

    heart touching . . . pls . let ranvi be happy . onlly this what i need from the directors

  35. ishani Mistakenly got drunk in Ranveer roka ceremony nd behaves kiddish


    ishani being drunk reveals her nd nirbhays relationship truth

    Ranveer comes to know about ishani relationship with nirbhay nd regrets for misunderstanding ishani

    Ranveer refuses to do roka with naina nd this creates a high voltage drama at the roka ceremony

  36. Rookey Rookers

    i know , what will happen on 14th feb . i will celebrete my birthday , . . . and my hero will do unite with ishani . . .

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      yes guyzz u have to croxx and u r welcome dear……..get readyyyyyy it fanxxx lovinng story coming soon,,,

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      hi arham…….ur welcome dear,,,,,get readyyy for ishveer reunion,,,,

  37. Rookey Rookers

    waiting r the upcoming epi. soon . . i cant wait . . . matsh the best . it is back on the track .vyshu . ..

  38. Dhruva

    Woah…… it would be just awesome….yaar ye ekta mam unite nahi karti par jab karti he it the worlds best reunion….

  39. K.praveena

    Yesterday epi of matsh would be plays in tum hi ho song (or bgm) in bg which situation ishani and ranvi confrontion.

  40. ishani ka new look . sorry agar kissi ko bura lage to par haryanavi silk saari mein teaspoon of sindoor laga ke voh bilkul bhi achhi nahi lag rahi hain. sheeeeee…………

  41. K.praveena

    Guys i have a doubt that is how to find out which seriel 1st to 10th position in trp ratings.

  42. Andre tumne kya comment kiya tha. It will be 9 year leep and then IshanI will be it true . I don’t believe this no .

  43. K.praveena

    My ishveer always rokz. Guys thinks y we r not leaving the show ever dragging track also. I’m crazy fan of matsh.

  44. K.praveena

    Everytime i told my frd booms that is my fav subject is maths and my fav show is matsh. I crazy on matsh.

  45. K.praveena

    I must says we r real, true and loyal fans of matsh. Other seriel might not be getten such real fans like. Bcoz we r still watching the show even dragging. Ishveer forever. Any one hurt my comments then i really sry frds.

  46. K.praveena

    I never thinking this seriel get flop and low trp dragging boring like that.most of them feel that. I’m not. Even i really feeling bad to write matsh is boring somewords. I still crazy fan of matsh.

  47. K.praveena

    Hai vyshnavi. My email password is ishaveer not only email every password contucted with my matsh.

  48. K.praveena

    I not considered any poll results, trp ratings and some other. Bcoz matsh get low trp i know my conscience said matsh is 1st position in my heart.

    • Actually in my house all members call me vshu Ya …

      there is no reunion ishveer na!!

      Thats why i put full name vyshnavi _ unite ishveer forever ..

  49. Meera

    Hey people does anyone know why wasn’t any video uploaded on YouTube yesterday??? Not even Matsh

  50. K.praveena

    Guys i’m very sensitive. Anyone write against my ishveer then i feel very sad and ishveer criying i watch the epi i’m must says i cried a lot. This is real aashiqui.

  51. K.praveena

    How to rate the seriel in trp ratings. We r telly comments included to rate the show. Tell me guys. It’s my doubt.

  52. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    where r u ranaji and radikhaaaaaaaaa ????????????????????? its time to celebrate and u guyzzzzzz r missinggggggggg????????? no commentsssss????????

  53. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    guyzzzzzzzzzzz ishveer unite trp gonna upto 3.0 surelyyyy now 1.7 …………so many waiting for ishveer romance…………….

  54. K.praveena

    I really Every emotional, romantic dialogue in both ranvi ishani pt of view. Especially this dialouge “one’s love enough 4 both” i luv it. From this dialogue i trust love on human. And meri aashiqui tum si he dialogue which in emotional situation say a ranvi and ishani. I just luv it.

  55. Hi Guys ….

    Radhika said in interview that i really missing shooting with shakthi …., nd we onscreen love is real….. nd new heroes have not that place that ranveer have …. Ever ….

  56. Payal

    In an interview of india tv both told that you all are not interested in our parents life becoz it is casual that we do things with little children and audience want them to romance as they want that only

  57. K.praveena

    It’s really happy news vyshu darling. And no one can’t take hero role on matsh only ranvi.

  58. Payal

    And andre how do yu know that there will be a 9 yrs leap & ishani pregnant becoz i have searched there is no such news anywhere guys anyone know thi

  59. Payal

    And andre how do yu know about 9yrs leap and ishani pregnant becoz i have searched in all news such news is not there

  60. Payal

    Guys i wil do anything to support and help matsh so that the charm return back like before and trp reaches to 4 and in top 5 serials for sure

    • Payal

      Yu know in india tv interview of ishveer they directly told that yu will not be interested in our parents vle scenes i know yu want us to romance and that is what we are giving to yu search on youtube 6 jan ka h i am waiting for your comment

  61. K.praveena

    Hai vyshu, sathya , payal. First of all sry 4 a late comment. Even i also search the 9 year leap news but i could not find out. But i saw the ishani pic in fb and she looks like a aunty

  62. K.praveena

    I saw the ishani new pic and first i could not beleive my own eyes and she look very different. I thought this pic something related to matsh show. Whatever ishveer always best.


        ishani gets shocked to know veer is her Ranveer wants to avenge ishani for her assumed betrayal

        In the upcoming episode nir will be seen playing emotional games with ishani where he will ask ish to dress up like typical married woman.

        nir want to show Ranveer that ish is nir wife now. ishani will oblige and dress up traditionally with big bindi nd sindoor.

        Ranveer will get highly
        seeing ishani in such way, ish to will be emotionally charged up.

        lets see if ishani can clear Ranveer misunderstanding…


        ishani gets shocked to know veer is her Ranveer wants to avenge ishani for her assumed betrayal

        In the upcoming episode nir will be seen playing emotional games with ishani where he will ask ish to dress up like typical married woman.

        nir want to show Ranveer that ish is nir wife now. ishani will oblige and dress up traditionally with big bindi nd sindoor.

        Ranveer will get highly
        seeing ishani in such way, ish to will be emotionally charged up.

        lets see if ishani can clear Ranveer misunderstanding…

        These news frm metro masti

    • Payal

      No praveena nirbhay forced ishani to do so infront of ranveer and in 9 yrs it is not necessary that she will become aunty plzzzz ask from andre how did he know or guessing from his side

  63. K.praveena

    Just now i read it that is nibhray forces ishani to do wear the desi style saree.nibhray wants to make ranvi jealouly by ishani in his wife now
    and ishani dresses up like herself and put sindoor appiles in her maang. Ishani welcomes to ranvi and both r get emotional.
    Then ishani comes in nibhray house then vikram misbehave with her.
    Ishani warns him with twisted hand and tell him don’t come close with me.


    ishani gets shocked to know veer is her Ranveer wants to avenge ishani for her assumed betrayal

    In the up coming episodes nir will be seen playing emotional games with ishani where he will ask ish to dress up like typical married woman.

    nir will want to show Ranveer that ish is nir wife now. ishani will oblige and dressed up traditionally with big bindi nd sindoor.

    Ranveer will get highly
    seeing ishani in such way, ish to will be emotionally
    charged up .

    lets see if ishani can clear Ranveer

  65. One news about matsh is’in roka ceremony ishaani drunk and ranvi know the truth of nirbhay and ish relationship and ishveer unite’ and in another news’ ishani tredionally dressed by the force of nirbhay’ When it all happened,in roka ceremomy ishanni wear one white saree during drink,and when she wear that tradional dress,is it all happened in roka ceremony? I cant understand

  66. In my home colors tv not shown from yesterday nt onwards ,i fl verya sad for that,morning onwards i tumed my tv but colors tv not shown,omg i fl crying,Any body tell any idea to see matsh pls,hereafter my only hope is written updates and youtube only,i think my bad time started

  67. Payal

    Tarah acha chal rha h so guys show some excitement ab to sab acha chal rha h so wake up and ranaji and radhika where are yu?

      • Payal

        Hi radhika yes feel some relax becoz ranveer will see ritika in roka and then he will ask ishani but she will not tell anything so ranveer will now doubt that something is wrong so now the show will get more interesting and definitely trp will increase soon like before right radhika!!!!

  68. MATH: Ranveer forces Ishani telling truth but Ishani avoids him Upcoming Episode
    Sunday, January 10 2016
    Ishani’s (Radhika Madan) ignorance makes Ranveer (Shakti Arora) restless in Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi
    The upcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi will show that Ranveer finds Ishani alone in room and touches her after long time.
    Ranveer feels that Ishani is hiding something big and getting blackmailed by Nirbhay and Ritika.
    Ranveer forces Ishani tells the truth but Ishani does not say anything Ranveer and leaves the room.
    Ranveer is heartbroken seeing Ishani’s silence while Ishnai cries badly in her room after meeting Ranveer.
    Vikram thinks to help Ishani getting Ranveer back
    Vikram comes there and consoles Ishani.
    Vikram tells Ishani that he is ready to help her forever.
    Will Vikram help unite Ranveer and Ishani again?

    • Keerthi

      Where did u see this news yaar….if it’s gonna be real I am going to be happy at least Ranveer will not hate Ishaani anymore and at least I ll not have pain in my heart when watching the serial

  69. K.praveena

    Hai sathya. After milan portion my cable did not shown in colors tv. Starting i could not tolerate that. But now i adjusted. Even i also depend on u tube and write epi. And some times utube volume gets low sometimes epi r posted. That times i feel so bad dear.

  70. K.praveena

    IshuRv But i saw the news says vikram tries to misbehave with ishani and ishani warns don’t comes close with me.

  71. Hello guys guys its true ishveer reunite hone wale hain wow that’s great news i am so happy i can’t express my feeling i wish it’s true

  72. I think ekta mam dhire dhire Reunion kar rahi hain. like kkb’s abhigya she will also reunite our ishveer . reunite ishveer forever . eagerly waiting for Reunion epi.

  73. i fgot it Ya …

    I know Ya aarti husband name vikram ….

    Really my mind disturb today … i hurt so much for these…

    i am still crying yar..

    i cant control my self…

    Bcouz … Evry tme i get happy ishvr reunit…

    Nd Now no ishveer reunite …

  74. yestr i listen ishvr going to be united….

    i am so happy…

    Nd today U say no ishani dont say truth…

    My happiness become to be sad…

    Tottaly my mind disturbed …

  75. Ranaji

    Guys sorry I do not have time pls guys I am really really sorry I am in Delhi and not network pls forgive me

  76. Rufina

    Guys are u all have cable at home? I too faced same problem of getting crash on colors tv but after a week I auto tuned again and I got colors tv again with good picture quality

  77. hamare ghar pe cable veble ka koi problem nahi hain . hamara tatasky to thik se chal raha hain . hamare ghar koi Hindi serials nahi dekhte . sab sirf Marathi serials and Hindi reality shows dekhte hain . mujhe study study study kehkar koi matsh dekhne hi nahi dete .phir mein u tube par epi download karke dekh leti hoon . par aj to vo bhi nahi kar sakti. ho gaya kya Friday ka epi upload?

  78. hai sathya i am not watching uravey uyirey friday episode…because i am in chennnai in my cousin’s hous na…so sad na but i saw alrdy in hindi na i fell relaxy na..

  79. K.praveena

    Hai guys
    good mrg.
    I also see ranvi touches ishani in emotionaly.
    Ishani hides the truth to ranvi but ranvi doubt her.
    And vikram helps to ishani to go back to ranvi ?

  80. so make ur morning more great nd good after listening this !!!!!

    shakthi has said that in further episodes we will get more ishveer scenes…..

    And they will re- unite soon as Rv gets clue against Rithika !!!!

    I waiting for ishveer reunion…

  81. Yes Now matsh .. Trp will definitely increase as every fans were eagerly waiting for ishveer to be united…

    Now this show will gets its trp back….

  82. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    what is this new spoilerss ishani what r u doing ranveer will help u better than vikram !!!! ishveer planning wiil much better than vikram and ishani….ishu u have to tell ranveer all truth not vikram plzzzzzzzzz this vikram drama now will take one weak more i cant wait for reunion plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz hurryup cv,s………….plzzzzz we r eagerlyyyy awainting for ishveer love……… 🙁

  83. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ishveer eyelock in spoiler amazing and finally they r out of that hateful lookzz amba i think again villian….but i was also very angry what ishu really did with amba and khailash…..sad but ishveer unite soon……….happy but this vikram drama again gonna take time and i cant wait………

  84. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ishani thankgod u didnt say anything bad to ranveer u atleast leave wthout saying anything that so awsome… misunderstanding more….amba plzzz dont create anything u plzzzzzz….

  85. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ishani was not looking so good in traditional……very mature look not good…..

  86. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    guyzzzz u didnt make atleast 500 comments its celebration time and u guyzzz r not energetic accept vyshu ishurv parveena and some more …..all r u where r u ????? comment on ishveer reunion guyzzz plzzzzzzzzzz

  87. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    plzzzzzz guyzzz watch matsh on 9;30 on colors HD onlyyy dailyyy it will increase trp onlyyy

  88. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    to watch on colors it increase trp………plzzz switch on your tv,s on 9 30 pm mon to fri on colors onlyyy

  89. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    TRP means television rating point trp is a tool provided a judge which programmes are veiwed the most this gives us an index of the choice of the people and also the popularity of the particular channel. for calculation purpose a device is attached to the tv set of few thousand veiwers houses for jugdeing purpose………… plzzzzzzzzzzz watch matsh on 9:30 on colors plzzzzzz

  90. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    yesterday in sansui colors stardust awards co of colors says that matsh did extra-orderinary work in 2015 i was so happy to listen matsh name with all popular serial of colors…….

  91. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    matsh rockss in 2015 and now again gonna rockzzz and always gonna rock…..

  92. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ishveerrrr is in my heart,,,,,,,,,,,o god when they love eachother in evry difficult situation it touches my soul…………

  93. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    my love for ishveer is more then they both have for eachother……..ishveer are the best…….and i m totallyyyyyyy crazyy for them……….

  94. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ishveer everlastingg love never ends even they show that they hate eachother but again dont control to express their feeling to eachother wow what a love………

  95. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    now i dont readyy for a new villian rite now so plzzzz cv,s show some patience and show some lovestory of ishveer otherwise if u didnt show patience i m become a patient……

  96. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    just praying when ishveer unite trp become high and cv,s dont seperate the lead……..

  97. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    thangod i m helpful in making 400 comment atleast………..plzzz guysss comment atleast cross 500 commentss

  98. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    show ur feelings guyzz about matsh we just few dont have too …u all have to express so plzzz express ur feelingss about matsh ishveer plzzzzz

  99. K.praveena

    Now i have 269 ishveer pictures only. Whenever i feel boring or irration then i dwld ishveer images. Then i feeling becomes relief, happy etc. Sometimes i draw the ishveer images.

  100. Ya tottaly agree with u dr marry …

    ur every comment i tottaly agree with u…. Dr

    i aslo vryyyyy crazyyyyyy fan for matsh….

    ishveer love is till my death…

    who said last yr matsh 2015 rokzzz ???

  101. love never ends

    love never ends ishveer have a endless love for each other and it shows by there care for eachother

  102. ritik

    i m also a big fan of matsh but i comment first time here i m crazy for ishveer like all u…i cant imagine my life wthout matsh

  103. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    my whole family knows that i m crazy for MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI…………

  104. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    my frends who watch matsh are totally crazy like me and we all fight for that who is biggest fan of matsh but i m bigest fan of ishveer

  105. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i stoped watch matsh after march only updates but i start again in june,,,,,,,,,after ishveer romantic rain sequence ,,,,,,their love so lovelyyyyy

  106. K.praveena

    Trp level gets low r high in matsh i don’t care abt this . Bcoz matsh gets first position in my heart. No one can’t be shaked.

  107. K.praveena

    Ya marry. I big fan, ac , of ishveer. Not only my family all my neibhour knows that. Everyone teases me. Any problem with my sister and she negatively neg to give my ishveer then i feel cried a lot. Even my sister also big fan of ishveer. But she can’t beat with me. Everytimes i proves my sister i’m the biggest fan of ishveer. And also i get success.

  108. K.praveena

    I never miss any single epi of matsh. My cable does not shown colors then i used utube and sometimes i plead my sister to record the epi in cell when i was in ishveer always best.

  109. K.praveena

    I really happy to see ur commentr, vyshu, and sathya and other fans. Bcoz everyone has a samefeeling 4 matsh. I must says this is real aashiqui.

  110. K.praveena

    Most of them feel milan portion it’s little boring but i never feel that. Bcoz each nd every epi i feel some real aashiqui is in matsh show.

  111. K.praveena

    And arham u noticed ranvi most times use the word “oh really and oh no”. I just feel when ranvi use abv word it’s shows him attiude . I really likes ranvi attidue. I gives the award to ranvi aka shakti it’s world s*xiest man.

  112. K.praveena

    Ishani aka radhika which award give na my laddu, my pupply, my swty etc etc. World simply girl smily girl innocent girl and most beautiful girl.

  113. K.praveena

    World s*xiest, handsome man in the world is none other than ranvi aka shakti.
    And world magnetic eyes, and pupply girl is one & only ishani aka radhika. It’s just my pt of view. Guys what abt u dear.

  114. Hai Everyone…

    Matsh repating telecast… Dr


    Now only dr…


    so sad for ls repating…

  115. Payal

    And guys one more thing 9 yrs leap ka itni pehle se pata chl hi nhi skta becoz the show is about ranveer and ishani aashiqui

  116. K.praveena

    Vyshu Even i also feeling sad 4 retelecast epi decreasing 8 from 2. Its true sad. But it’s ok i dowld some epi.

  117. Fans will get to see more scenes between the lead pair in the coming episodes
    The judaai of Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and
    Ishaani (Radhika Madan) has angered fans of the show till no end. This has been evident in the declining TRPs of the show. At last, the makers have decided to bring the lead closer and the track seems to be proceeding towards that.
    We have seen so far how Ishaani goes to Ranveer’s place with marriage proposal of Naina (Aakanksha Juneja) and he agrees for the same. Ishaani is heartbroken. In the mean time, Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) discovers that Veer is actually Ranveer and is furious. He thinks that the husband and wife are playing a prank on him.
    In the coming episodes, we will see the roka of Ranveer and Naina on the show. As per reports, he will spot Ritika (Smriti Khanna) there and get suspicious. Ishaani will get drunk at the event to know if Ranveer still feels for her. He will look around the house and hunt for clues. Ranveer will come across Ishaani in a room, where she will be crying inconsolably. He will ask her to reveal the truth but she will be silent. Ranveer will also touch her after a long time. Nirbhay’s brother Vikram will spot them and tell Ishaani that he will help her re-unite with him.
    The reunion of the lovers will hopefully bring a fresh lease of life on the show. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi fans were extremely angry and upset at the track, where the couple got separated even before they could spend some time together. The effect was seen on the TRPs. Will this be the game-changer for MATSH in 2016?

  118. Payal

    How can someone give wrong news abt 9 yrs leap and ishani pregnant it cannot be possible ishveer directly told in india tv interview that audience want to see romance of theirs not

  119. K.praveena

    Ishani and ranvi jumbed into river that part i dwld, and u remember shiker kick out my ishani and ishani cried to walks on road and ranvi follows her very curtly rainy scence i dowld . and i record matsh show many portion in my cell dear.

  120. Fans will get to see more scenes between n the lead pair in the coming episodes

    The judaai of Ranveer nd ishani has angered fans of the show till no end…

    This has been evident in the declining Trps of the show. At last, the makers have decided to bring the lead closer nd the track seems to be proceeding towards that

    we have sewn so for how ishani goes to Ranveers place with marriage proposal of naina nd he agree for the same. ish is heart broken in the mean time nir discoveres that veer is Ranveer nd is fusious He thinks that the husband nd wife are playing a prank on him

    In the upcoming episodes we will see the roka of Ranveer nd naina on the show.

    As per reports, He will spot Ritika there nd get suspicious.

    ishani will get drunk at the event to know if Ranveer still feels for her. He will look arround the house nd hunt for clues.

    Ranveer will come
    across ishani in a
    where she will be crying inconsolable.
    He will ask her to Reveal
    the truth
    But she silent.
    Rv will aslo touch after a long time
    nir bro vikram will spot them nd tell ish that he will help her reunite
    with him

    The reunion of the lovers
    will hopefully bring a fresh lease of life on the show
    Meri aashiqui tum se hi were extremely angry nd upset at the track, where the couple got seperated even before they could
    spend some time together.

    The effect was seen on the trps.
    will this be the game_ changes for Matsh in

  121. Hi arham today iam little bit busy dr that is why iam not comment yaar,now i saw urave uyire what a romantic pair ishveer aka shadhika ,i love u ishveer,i think praveena saw thatna..i already saw tis epi in hindi but now its tamil dubbed wow awesome,both ranvi and ishaani voice are opt for them superb

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