Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani stops at once watching Ranveer there. He takes his fake moustache out. Ishaani asks what he is doing here. Ranveer says this is his question, what she is doing here. He says she had married Nurbhay Singh Alawat, he had a lot of money but he has turned her worse than a maid. He holds her tight, but she puts on the flower’s garlard around his neck. He looks at her happily, they share an eye lock.
Ishaani wishes him their anniversary. Ranveer asks what this all? What is she hiding from him? He holds her face, she keeps her face over his chest and says her love. She says she loves him so much, she can’t just tell him. And whenever she said she hates him her love increased even more. He asks if it was all a lie. Ishaani says it was all lie, the truth is that she only loved

him always. Even when she said she loved Chiraag, even then she loved him. When she said she loved money, she only loved him even then, because Meri aashqui sirf tumse hai. Ranveer puts on the garland around her neck as well, they remember what they said to each other on their wedding one year back. He places his face on hers, she keeps hers on his chest. He only caress her, she cries. Ranveer congratulates her on their anniversary. He says he knew she loves him, she just can’t show it off. He says he just couldn’t believe, she says he will soon have. She holds his face this time, moves forward to kiss him but faints instead. She fell back, Ranveer also fell on the floor holding her. They lay on the floor, flowers fell off them. Ranveer throws another plate of flowers to shower them on themselves. They get intimate with each other.
It was next morning, Naina still sat on the bed thinking that Ritika had only asked her to spend a single night with Ranveer. She thinks about Ranveer’s apology, curtly throws all the flowers away. She comes out, Ritika stops her and asks what happened excited. Naina angrily says he didn’t come, he just sent a message that he was asleep. Ritika asks why she didn’t tell her, she was home. She asks Naina that it isn’t still late, she must call him. Naina asks if he would come. Ritika asks why not? Naina dials his number, they hear the phone ringing inside. Both wonder where this voice is coming from. Ritika says this is coming from this room. Naina dials the number again, and says this is basement. They go towards the basement, Ranveer and Ishaani lay asleep together. Ritika and Naina were taken aback. She heads towards them but Ritika struggles to take her outside. In the corridor, Naina was enraged and says this is the limit. Ritika stops and hugs her. She tells her to relax, she says she will get her Ranveer but she must first calm down. Ritika says they must also think two steps ahead, she tells Naina that she needs to think about something. Naina says nothing can be done now. Ritika says Ishaani is Ranveer’s past, Naina is the reality. If one improves the present, future will only be made good. Ritika says they must separate Ishaani and Ranveer, and they won’t be able to do anything if they get one.
There, the guard lay Ranveer on the bed. He calls Naina that Ranveer is now on bed. Naina tells him to leave the room, no one should know he came here. Ritika says to Naina to go and do what she told her, sometimes one has to work with brains. Naina goes inside. Ritika says now Ishaani will see how this Naina will take her Ranveer.

PRECAP: Nurbhay tells Ishaani to do what Naina is asking her to, if she is a well -wisher. If she doesn’t do this, he won’t touch Ishaani but he will kill Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. superb episode…ritika always a super devil nina also rithikas most suitable friend……they dont know the value of love…all are learn from this from our ishveer…MADE FOR EACH OTHER….TRUE LOVE NEVER SPOIL….GD EPISODE IAM HAPPY

  2. Saranya

    Wat d hell stupid naina & ritika never change. Am only happy tat ishveer finally intimate. If cv’s done dis before na MATSH doesn’t come to end. But I ill enjoy it tamil.

  3. K.praveena

    Awesome epi. And naina, ritika r a such a devil. Their plan gets big flop. Superb. And coming plans also goes to flop dr. And precape not like that. Nibhray u dare to kill ranvi. If u tries to touch ranvi collor then i will kill u.

  4. I enjoyed ? ishveer scenes what a couple yar
    They made for each other ….. forever ….. They are looking so cute ……..? ?

    Ishani says her love for him ….. ?
    suuuperb epi ……. loved it so much …… ? ? ? ? ❤ ?

  5. Saranya

    Am going to miss all my MATSH ISHVEER fans. Infact first time am wonder wen I read so much tamil comments for a hindi serial. I am definitely miss all tamil friends. I wish MATSH 2 ill come.

  6. Zia

    happy to see IshVeer scenes.oh God l have no words… last they get intimate. when will
    MATSH will go off air? 17 or26? pls tell me! me and my friends are confused.
    I just read the update.we can’t see IshVeer’ s scenes because of our exam.

  7. Meera

    Kyunki meri saree expectations tumse hi ! Par tumne kya kiya , I thought Ki as toh consummation Ho hi jaye Ga , but nO , ab toh yeh sirf sapno Mai hi possible hai ! Pls pls I need a season 2 Varna meri aatma ko kabhi shanti nahi mil paye gi ! ?

  8. Keerthi

    Lovey dovey??????enjoyed the intimacy of Ishveer……but hate this naina and rithika part……because of this nirbhay plot only trp went really bad……if these idiots were not cast then our MATSH would have not gone off air…..I get angry only when I see rithika naina nirbhay aarthi uttam vikram and their mother……even
    Milan track was enjoyable….but this
    stupid cast pulled my show off…..
    I ll not forgive colors for pulling out our serial
    Second chances are not given to
    make things right.. But are given to
    prove that we could be better even after we fall……
    But stupid ekta and colors go to hell all ur serials will become flop and ur trp s ll gradually decrease….

  9. AB

    I read somewhere that this crap show is coming to an end. There are many more which should be stopped from being telecast. Good that someone came to senses to finish off at least this one.

  10. Wondrful epi..i don,t thnk abt ishu this tym tell””MERI ASHIQI SIRF TUM SE HI’ and ishveer meri ashiqi also sirf tum se one can catch ur plac even to my death….luv u guyzz such a luvabl pair in onscreen and off screen too

  11. (When Ishani tell the Truth to Ranveer)
    the mainly truth is not spoken by ishini is that she is not marrage to Nerbuhy.Plase do this.Most Wonderful job.reunite very soon and show much more romantic moments of ranveer and ishini.because it is time of serial ending time so that viewers should be satisfactory on the that every People Any moment or any time they can remind there is a serial of colors Meri Aashiqui tumse hi is Have it was in past.

  12. Ya ur right arham ….. even i can die for ishveer….. Ya Meri aashiqui tum se hi sifi ishveer se hi ….. Ya ishveer loveable pair off screen to on screen ……. ? ?

    after feb 19 th my life is like a hell …. ? i cant imagine without ishveer …..

  13. Shãżńâ

    Aww..osm fst part..cute ishveer..no1 can replace u ishveer juz lov ur chemistry shadika ♥♥♡ bt cant njoy nw a dyz bcz f off air… 🙁 🙁

    If cvs shwn ths track after milan track tody MATSH wre rulng trp chart n shw wd hv been continued to 2 more yr 🙁 🙁 evry serial having up n dwn in trp bt ths serial trp gt down oly aftr nirbhayz track n instead f changing d track n promoting d cvs juz optd fr off air 😮
    Ths gonna big mistake f u ekta ji…n hoping 4 kasam ll b a big flop fr U n Colors …thn u juz opt fr MATSH season 2..

  14. K.praveena

    Plz yaar. Don’t post neg comments. Its only 9 epi is there. We r already feel a lot. And ur neg comments give only pain 4 lot of loyal geunine fans matsh fans. I know that everyone has a full rides to post our comments. But its ur comment not to hurts in anyone hearts.

  15. What a episode but i feel ur fav serial end.I DON’T SEEN ANY COUPLE but this ISHVEER IS MIND BLOWING LOVE COUPLE.I saw the many SERIAL and MOVIES but this type of CHEMISTRY I don’t see before.

    • Ya ….. I Tottaly agree with u…,

      I saw so many movies not serials ……,
      These is my first serial ……, i loved that every promo of MATSH nd i loved these couple so much …..,
      Really iam vry crazy fan ishveer nd shadika …… i die for them ….

      ISHVEER always in my heart …… ?

      ISHVEER is mindblowing chemistry….., love couple….nobody can beat that chemistry ….,

  16. K.praveena

    Plz pa don’t post neg comments. If u not like that seriel plz just stay away the seriel. Matsh is only 9 epi there. Now i tries console my self. There is no improvement. I don’t know how i will manage without matsh show. Matsh 4ever.

  17. Go to hell ekta….., how can she do like that ……, ishveer no consummation … their marriage ……

    only she show some intimate moments ….

    Matsh season 2 we want…..

    ishveer story is tottaly incomplete ….. ? ? ?

  18. Meera

    Hey people do u still want me to post my ff as I thought matsh is coming to an end and u all would stop visiting this page sO I will have no fans to read my ff !!
    I mean if u want I can still continue!!
    Tell me guys , just reply to it by commenting yes or no !!

  19. Guys INDIAN TELLY AWARD best couple 2015 KARAN PATEL&DIVYANKA.I think this pair like only brother and sister.I saw the karan patel face look like MONKEY this MAN continue 2014&2015 best pair award it is not INDIAN TELLY AWARD MEANS KARAN AWARD.OUR SADHIKA PAIR ONLY ELGIBLE TO WIN THE AWARD.WHY Sakthi not get BEST ACTOR AWARD IN TELLY AWARDS.It is good actor and act TWO DIFFERENT ROLE MILAN &RANVEER&VEER.Sakthi is very hard working man HE DESERVES THE BEST ACTOR.BUT this ekta kapoor spoil the show.

  20. Siri

    Pls don’t stop Meri adhiqui serial….pls continue it… Dnt end the serial….plz…pakka trp vil increase if u continue the serial…jst understand he much v lv ths serial…v can’t stay with out watching it….I was very upset when I saw the last video of the serial every one crying and telling packup….even u ppl dnt vant to stop it na….then why r u stoping it for some other reasons????i. Hope that before 19 Feb ve get a good news stat this serial is not going to be ended….it vill be continued….eagerly vaitng for this news…..plzzzzz continue the show

  21. Abcd

    Yeah ab you are right such a worst serial ever seen in these serial only follishness is shown and waste the time of viewers i thnk god they got some mind so that they decided to end this show

    • Hello ABCD.who r u dare u to say this…mind ur wrds na k…who r the foolish…we r such a tru ishveerian’s..not a foolish..i thnk u r the fool tat’s y u sayvlyk tis..plzz stop ur more tym any one say lyk tis..then wat will i do nu i don’t know…once u hat dat na..then y u watch and commnt..plzz stop ur one ishveerian’s want urcommnt…

      • abcd

        hey arham do whater ever you want i have right to give my ponit of view ok so its better you behave properly i will say its worlds worst serial i have see in my life such follisheness is shown and i dont want any permission from you stupid to write comment ok

      • abcd

        you just be in your limits ok i also dont havr time to fight with stupid people like u ok and if you want or not but i will comment do what ever you can dont and do hell with your matsh i will say again and again its worst serial ever

      • abcd

        hey control i am not saying anything to you that doesnt mean that i cant tell if started then you have no words against me ok and its my opinion that i dont like the serial who the hell are you naming me worst person first look at yourself understand dont anyone gaves you manners to talk with some one evey one has right to share their opinion

  22. alisha

    Do u guys really think this show is cominv to an end because of what we think! If so then ur dumb. Y, well if that was the case yhen balika vadu and sasural bhoot ka would have come to an end. Ektha go and find ur self some decent writers. U guys chill. Our opinions don’t really count.

  23. IshuRV

    what’s wrong with you AB and Abcd . please don’t spoil our mood any more . we r already crying for our matsh ending . and go to hell ekta kapoor and raj nayak

  24. neha

    I started watching this show coz of ishveer last scenes coz MATSH is coming to an end…I just wanna say to ekta mam that I’m glad that they’re ending the show on a good note coz since Milan’s twist came I quit to watching the show and its all bcoz of stupid writers who always separate ishani and ranveer and by taking leap they always made a love triangle episodes,,, always repetitive twist in MATSH….only shikhar entrance in MATSH was amazing…. I really enjoyed shikhar and ishveer twist….after that MATSH became very boring and after that trp also decreased….and the rest we know..!!!!

    Well I’m happy that my lovely, handsome Arjun’s show naagin is ruling on trp chart since the show was starting and now also….for naagin show I really say thanks to ekta mam…..its my favourite show and very glad that show is doing good job…..Mouni, Arjun,Adah nice actors and playing good characters, story and concept good….. All in all naagin rockssss…
    Hope MATSH soon back with 2nd season with new and interesting story and concept but I want shakti and radhika only coz I also like them very much…. Hope for the best….. I miss MATSH and Shakti – Radhika….

  25. abcd

    its just a serial dont over react bcz of its ending not not that if it will end something big happen its just a meanigless serial and ekta kapoor has taken write decision to end the show god in this serial plac we get something sensible serial like kirshanadasi like menifull serial not not matsh like serial

    • No it,s not a meaningless,s ishveerian,s soul..we had studied a lot from my ishveer..luv, frndshp,sacrifice,caring,small small fyting wid a closer one..etc…so don,t say my matsh is a wrst foolish serial..

      • It’s k yaar..sry..plzz forgiv me..and my humble kindly request..plzz don’t post neg commnt yaar..plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……if i hurted u then sry..i am already feel brokn heartd..tat’s y i am scolding u yaar…onc again i will tell u.plzz forgiv me..and i don’t do lyk this…bfor tyms..but nowadays i feel very anger bcoz of ekta..tat’s y i talking to u lyk tat rude wrds..onc u will forgiv me..then we r frnds..sryyyyyy…..u hated my matsh na it’s k..but plzz forgiv me..

      • Abcd

        Its ok arham i understand but what i fell i write its nothing persnal but tell me one thing that firstly ishani love chitag they sepratrd ishani doesnot trust rv and rv also not trusted her completly ishani make fun of shikar felling and they do marriage many timrs and get divorce is marraige is a game and now also rv doesnt trust ishani and tell her she is behind money is this true love if it is then itd better stay away from it

    • un

      I m agree wid u……they make a joke of love and marriage….. Means i never watched dis serial……but in every promo,there is new hero for ishani and that ranveer bla bla bla…fixed dialogues of that ranvir ishani u r money minded and all…..each and evey twist same…..dis guys are saying they learnt a lot from ishveer…..seriously if love is like dis,i really dnt want to fall in love wid any1

    • Keerthi

      Please do not say so MATSH is the only hindi serial I used to watch ….loved it so much both shakti and radhika did an amazing job they were the pillars of the serial……yeah I agree there was separation track going on but then too matsh taught us what true love is and sacrifices for ur true love I used to cry only after seeing shadhika getting separated….
      There are so much nonsense serials going on in colors which are running for 5 years but it’s all running still compared to those idiotic serials this is far far better teaching us about love

  26. Hii sathya dr..i am littl bit busy na yaar..bcoz of my sistr,s wedding..tat,s y i am in my villag..nxt sunday marrag my villag..the netwrk also problm yaar..aftr 14th feb i am going to pune…my granny,s hous…aftr 16th feb i hav watch matsh na my villag no colors channl sad..tat,s y i am only read telly updats…

  27. Manisha

    Hi friends one question comes in my mind in yesterday’s episode they showed is consummation scene suddenly but Ranveer did not ask anything why she married to Nirbhaya and etc.and Ishani confessed her love but she did not say that she is in problem and they both got intimate..and after that they will show Ranveer will put gun on his head and Ishani will tell him truth ..I thought after all these con.scene will come but they showed us in hurry. I think.they just want to end the show soon so they don’t even think.ranveer was having Kadha not Ishani .so how come she was ready for con. ? When they showed this I was thinking it must be a dream but after that I realised it wasn’t dream.

  28. Fatarajo

    I just watched MATSH after many days and I do agree Ishveer share great chemistry in MATSH , I will miss that show MATSH only because of Ishveer besides that there is nothing in this show. I loved the flower part especially 🙂 no wonder why my friend was acting crazy yesterday
    And if I m not wrong MATSH will end on 26 Feb not 19 Feb but m not sure

    • Shażñä

      yeah itz endin on 19th feb..shooting al ovr..evn shakti n radhika posted wrap up shoot pics..n lso i hav seen in youtube last dy f shootin shakti n radhika get emotional n crying including nw thr no hope 4 matsh lets hope 4 matsh season 2…

  29. PLEASE EVERYONE ! involve yourself as munch as can!

    # want shadika matsh 2
    @ colors Tv
    @ Rajcheerful
    @ Ekmainaurektu7
    @ shakti aora
    @ Radhika madan O1

    and any media

    like fuze productions , filmbeat , toitv, atsbs, sbs, sbas, deccan….

  30. This is the letter we have mail the ids given below
    Make a daily habit to mail it thrice a day

    Here are the ids :
    raj.nayak @
    ekta. [email protected] balaji
    sonia huria @
    colorstv @

    u just have to copy the whole content of the letter and paste it in the content box of your mail and ve send it to the above ids u can write all the ids together with commas in To box and have to send mail..

  31. This is the letter we have mail the ids given below
    Make a daily habit to mail it thrice a day

    Here are the ids :
    raj.nayak @

    ekta. [email protected]

    sonia huria @

    colorstv @


    u just have to copy the whole content of the letter and paste it in the content box of your mail and ve send it to the above ids u can write all the ids together with commas in To box and have to send mail..

  32. Guys i want starplus or zeetv….., not colors coz They always mutted ishveer so many dialogues we are missing 🙁

    i want zeetv or starplus in Matsh season 2 ….

  33. Shażñä

    Al ishveer fans,shadika fans,matsh fans,ekta n colors haters juz don watch tat kasam n make it as a big flop f 2016 n balaji telifilm n colors…thn cvs ll understand their mistake n ll cme up wid matsh season 2 😉 😀 😮

    Makers juz ended it as an incomplete story..i ws happy if @least cvs wd hav ended in a proper way n shown ishveers hpy mard lyf n continued d shw @least 6 mnth more bt nthng juz ended in hurry up.. 😮 fr ths hate u ekta n colors 😮

  34. These news in Trp indian serials facebook…

    Meri aashiqui tum se hi season 2

    The romantic drama meri aashiqui tum se hi coming to an end, nd this has left all the fans disappointed as they are going to miss their favourite couple Ranveer nd ishani

    We hope the makers of the show come back with a new season after a short break with a story line…

  35. Hey guys hw r u i can’t express my feeling i am so sad bcoz matsh is my life and shadhika i’ll miss u yaar and guys plz negative cmnt mat do

  36. Guys fans of matsh was making a trend in twitter for matsh 2 And cuttie pie radhika’s fb page they are asking matsh 2 And like vyshu said in trp page also asking for Matsh 2 Pls go to that pages and like that frds

    • Sry dear i don’t see any application in desitv (or) dailymotion to download an episode only location shoot are available to download from dailymotion and then if i missed an episode i use utube offline (or) Utube downloaders Like vidmate app to save (or) Download vedio the only draw back in that downloaded vedio’s are due to copy right infregement songs are get mutted so only way is colors tv app they can use to play the vedio in minimum data speed without mutting the songs but in that app also there are no applications to save vedio

  37. K.praveena

    Ya vyshu dr. I agree with u. Bcoz colors tv don’t deserve shadhika. Colors tv only consider trp rate and matsh get low trp in constanly few weeks that i accepted but colors tv and matsh producer does not give any improvetion of matsh and promo and channel gives less time to matsh. I don’t accepted that channel activity and most important matsh writter only add some charector lyk nibhray, naina with ishveer seperation. But i thought without seperation of ishveer and brings some new track it will be happens matsh then matsh trp gets high and its rokz some old matsh. Whatever my ishveer is core of my heart.

  38. Guys pls dnt posr negative comments,pls understand our feelings,u hate matsh na pls dnt tell yaar pls consider our feelings yaar,one thing i wanna tell u that story goimg wromg bcoz of writers mistake,even matsh gonna end soon becoz of writers only but shadhika is an best actors,everyone can accept it wright ,pls help to ishveerians for another big show of shadhika

  39. Hi arham dr,enjoy the function dr, i had that much angry becoz of neg comments but somany times we told to this kimd of people but thry dnt understand us,so just leave that kind of comments dr,we know our shadhika and ishveer are always best,and live forever in our heart

  40. MATSH Biggest fan.

    Some mysteries are still unsolved.What was happened with Milan dead body.Why no one found it.Till now, Ishani didn’t know that her real father is Nitin Joshi.What was happened with Disha child who was trickly snatched by Parul.Please don’t air off this show.

  41. Manisha

    Our fav show is going to end but still colors has reduced matsh timing and don’t show us properly .what abt baa,and other family members of family ?ishani will never know who was his real father.they have kept incomplete many topics and now ending so really very disappointed.they must give us matsh 2.people love this show very much and no actors on to screen is as popular as ishveer.they are amazing so we will miss them.we had never this type of feeling before.we love them.hope they unds our feelings and show their positiveness for matsh 2.sometimes we think that there are many topics to run the serial so they won’t end but it’s not true.its just their wish if they want to run or not.they will not get popular show like matsh and actors like Shadhika.hope they understand and take proper decision.matsh was like a romantic movie for show can take its place.

  42. Colors channal i think ap pagal ho gaye ho matsh ki ending hone ja rahi and use repeat to kro yaar waise bhi matsh k baad mai colors to dekhungi nahi and na apne family and friend ko bhi nahi dekhne dungi

  43. Manisha

    Sometimes I feel that we all are very much upset Bec of matsh end but we all are too much involved emotionally with this show and actors so we are hurt.but they don’t care.we have so many questions and expectations from this show but they have disappointed us . Some times feel that we should stop watching serials but we can’t do that.we get emotionally attached to show.we can’t watch like timepass.only we are the losers and we are only doesn’t make difference to them.there must be some rules and regulations for show owner that they can’t incomplete the show.they just torture us and make us fool.we watch the serial for enjoyment it doesn’t means we are fools.some authority must appose them and take answers from Balaji films.if we make public issue then only something can happen.she has habit of spoiling serial and and left many topics incomplete.tell them to clear everything and then give decent end to serial otherwise stop watching her serial.

  44. Guys in face book pics news…

    KYa Ye sirf co-stars hai look their eyes kya bol rhi

    hain ….. must comment.

    Rubeena padekanu :
    jarori nahi ki haa risthe ka naam ho

    sonali nayak:
    I think bahut kuch kehete hai but shakti love neha radhika love ishan kese ho payega

    chinni selvi :
    surly they luv each other visibly we see that surly they are not a costars nd frends

    Maheen shah :
    I wish real life couple hotay.. but i have heard they both have real life Gf nd Bf already 🙁

    HR pathan:
    we want ishveer back together again

    sapna sign:
    shakti pls yar hme chod mat jao Radhika miss u

    simar leen :
    Aww !! How cute

    Mahek batea :
    bst frendzz

    Anuj tanuk :
    kuch bhi ho dono best hai

    Uzma bhatti :
    Na g co- star nahi hor both kuch NY 🙂

    sathi anika :
    yer a dono pakka lover ha, inke charasa e lagta ha, a dono jab ek sat ratiha to bohut khush hote ha

    uzam bhatti:
    khao na khao yh anky bolti hi o sanam o sanam ,,,

    Rebecca valentine :
    d luv is so visible in deir eyes ♥♥ hey na ? ♥

    sriparna Roy :
    Ek dusre se bohat pyyar karte hai….

    Ayesha khan :
    yeh lovers hein no doubt

    Indrani Rit :
    Mujhe nahi lagta ke yeh sirf co- stars hai ….. Mujhe to co-stars she bhi jada gehera rishta…. lag rahi hai aankhe to bohi baya kar rahi hai

  45. Shażñä

    Evn i feel d same..while watching thm togthr thr eye speaks unspoken wrds…bt it wont b possible in real as both r committd 😉

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.