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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani and Shikhar come to police station, Ishaani insists on meeting Ranveer as they called her for his medicines. The police inspector denies granting permission to meet today, but Shikhar says he is the lawyer of Ranveer and has got permission letter for a wife to meet her husband anytime. The inspector gives instruction to bring Ishaani in the meeting room. Ishaani waits there, Ranveer comes and says why everyone is behaving so awkward for him. They know that this ailment can’t get to someone else. Ishaani tells him to calm down, she will just see. She switch the lights on, and is shocked and quiet watching his face. He says one side of his face is fine, if it has worsened a lot. When she doesn’t speak, he backs up and says his face has gone so wrong that everyone is going away

from him. Ishaani goes and hugs him tight saying nothing has happened, there is not much difference between the ways it was when he had seen it. Ranveer leave her and goes away, saying he can feel he is becoming wild and awkward. Ishaani hugs him from behind, she says it is just like a mark on the moon. She says it is so special for her, she gets peace looking at his face. She asks him to promise he won’t think like this again. There is a call for ending of meeting time.
The inspector tells Shikhar that they molded the law and let them meet. He says that until the case goes to court, the conjugal rights doesn’t apply and now Ishaani won’t come to jail. Shikhar says that for some time, he let Ishaani meet Ranveer. Not at least, she won’t insists on meeting him for a few days. The inspector comes and says to Ishaani that she can’t meet her husband, they don’t leave each other. The police men drags them apart, until their hands also separated. Shikhar was talking on phone when Ishaani comes, she tells Shikhar that his infection is increasing and is effecting not his health but confidence. She says they need to find the antidote, she just has a nonworking email address of that lab. She can’t let Ranveer lose his confidence with which he has always lived. He tells Ishaani to find the antidote and he will make this case strong. Shikhar works on the case and says he hasn’t felt this helpless in his whole life. But he needs to win this case for Ishaani and Ranveer.
Ishaani thinks that she will write an email to that lab each day until a positive response. She says that she will daily write a letter to Ranveer as well.
Shikhar holds meeting with other lawyers for case.
Ishaani writes for Ranveer that today is day 4 after she met him. Then day 5, she had taken a promise from him and he must not forget it. The next time they meet, they won’t get separated.
Amba cries and asks Ishaani to see Ranveer. Ishaani says no, they won’t be able to see each other now. She can’t let them both fell weak. She gives her water. Baa comes there and looks at the crying Ishaani who passes away Baa.
Ishaani writes on the ninth day that Shikhar has been trying his best to prepare his case make stronger.
She sends an email, when her phone rings. No one replies.
Ranveer finds the pencil with the letter, it was day 18 as he had written on wall.

PRECAP: Ranveer watches his face shadow in the water, he is afraid of himself. The man with him says she won’t come as she won’t be able to bear his face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. feeling bad for Ranveer,
    what about new charecter named Mohit?

  2. What is going on this show.. since we are addicted to this it doesn’t mean they bring some nonsense track.. seriously I don’t like to see any leap and Ishveer separating… Etta ji pls consider fans request and cure RV unite Ishveer soon.. totally this show is already spoiled.. by bringing Ri and new entry will surely lose lot of fans for sure.. expecting a good episode still… apart from the show Shakti is performing well.. good job

  3. It’s injustice of ranvi. Precape so hurts to me. Today epi also painfull too. I know it’s just drama but i can’t tolerate this. Day by day ranvi face gets awkward. Ishani tells to ranvi that moon also gets mark like this and she hugs behinds him so aswsome what a dialogue and what a performance. Superb. But i can’t see ranvi likd this. I really likes ranvi even this condition too. Whenever Ranvi painfull dialogue i heard that i cried automatically. Plz isha find antidote for ranvi. Ishveer always rokz.

  4. Pls ekta mam dnt take any leap pls audience lk to c ishvir lovely moment

  5. pls ektha mam.. dont do peaps and all..pls make audiance happy.. feeling so bad… as per my life

  6. sorry dont do leaps.. pls

  7. Guys y worrying.. . If love is true then ishaani and ranveer ll Unite. If a single change in that will change the meaning of love..

  8. Guys thanks for joining meri aashiq serial group.. Furthermore any to join the aashiq group sent me in whtsap to 7402084201

  9. hey dudeesz don wry bcuz if tru luv s der den it cannt fail.dat’s tru luv.ishveer u’ll unite one day…:)

  10. hlo guys ishanni and ranveer will reunite again by introducing new roles it just create rumours of separating ishveer
    Don’t worry guys as you said if true love they will confirm unite ……ishaani love ashiqui sirf tum to ranveer

  11. End this track immediately.

  12. Waiting to see rv normal with his cute smile.pls bring antidote immediately and I hope shikar will do a good job.

  13. Waiting to see rv normal with his cute smile.bring that antidote immediately and I hope shikar will make the case win.pls don’t take any leap

  14. OMG pls end this track…cant see ranveer in this situation….
    matsh without ranveer….soch bi nahi kar sakthi….if this happens then matsh will be no.1 flop

  15. Today episode was very painful I cried a lot watching ishveer else Shakti’s acting is awesome

  16. end this track and pls unite ishveer soon

  17. i can’t c rv in dis condition pls end dis track asap shikar do smthng na
    love ishveer . Waiting 4 gud epi

  18. I cant able to see RV’S face, so after getting back to normal RV face I will see upto dat I will see only return updates

  19. What d heck is dis?Leap???No way!!!New character???No way!!!Ishveer Separation???No,Never,Kabhi nahi…

  20. If Nibhay is evil character?

  21. hats off to u ishani…ishani has always proved her love…… her words towards ranveer was superb………waiting fr ranveer’s cute face…………

  22. Reunite ishanveer ………waiting for tht

  23. In real life we cant see ishveer together scenes nd loving , caring
    bcouz shakthi have neha
    Radhika have ishan

    at least they show ishveer happy moments together scenes in serial we want ishveer nok jhok , eye lock scenes loving nd caring

  24. in real life we cant see ishveer together scenes…….. nd loving , caring……..
    BCOUZ SHAKTHI have neha………

    At least they show ISHVEER happy movements ……..
    Together scenes …….
    in serial
    We want ISHVEER nok , jhok ………
    eye lock scenes………
    loving nd caring……..

    My love is always ishveer forever……

    1. what to do!! this is reel and that is real……..

  25. Ishani and ranveer firstnight when? Waiting for that

  26. guys anyone would b kind enogh to tel me which song had been plyd 2day?? and wich movi?

    1. hamari adhuri kahani title track

  27. Hamari adhuri kahani song was played veryyy sad scene

  28. Ranveer in new look superb……..
    He is looking like a college boy……

  29. Ranveer in new look is but the track won’t be nice always revenge wat to do with this revenge stupid …

  30. Ranveer in new look is really superbbb…

  31. wiating for good epiosde…….

  32. i think me taking leap also with matsh for matsh…………….writer is still not using his mind after feb actuallly i think he is in mental asylm and ekta also want a story written by a mental but just becoz of our ishveer v cant able to leave……….i think writter want that veiwers also become mental to see matsh like me ……and wanted to take revenge……. ?????? :@

  33. Plzzzz ishveer reunite i think ritika to revenge for ishani

  34. This storyline is similar to Tamil film ‘I’. The hero gets a infection and his whole face would become unbearable and all.

  35. thanx guys…….

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