Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani stops her car on a turn with a jerk as she watches a number plate torn on a car. She get off the car and watch her number plate thinking she has gone crazy. She turns to see whose number plate is it, she reads the number and is shocked as it is Ranveer’s number plate. She runs and picks it up, it was blood stained. She is in shock, the number plate fell off her hand.
Ritika gets a call, and is shocked as she hears she is pregnant. Mr. Javeri knocks the door again, she says she is coming papa. She washes her face and then comes out. Mr. Javeri was worried outside. Sharman asks about Ritika from Derwash and Pratik. Pratik says she must be nervous about their dance, Sharman says she was unwell. Pratik says there will no excuse, Sharman goes to bring her. Ritika comes out, Mr.

Javeri asks why she looks so pale, she has to get better till tomorrow. She says she is pregnant, she got test for swine flu and the report says that she is pregnant. Mr. Javeri was shocked. She says she will just tell everything to Sharman. Mr. Javeri stops her and says she won’t do any such thing. She says Sharman should be the first one to know this. He says it isn’t the right time, she must tell this after wedding. She says she has to tell this to Sharman, she can’t keep him in dark. Mr. Javeri says he isn’t asking her to keep him in dark, but just wait for the right time. She must tell him after wedding, she says alright she won’t tell Sharman anything about pregnancy now. Sharman had just come and hear this all. He clenches his fists.
He leaves the place. Mr. Javeri tells Ritika they will talk about it later as everyone is waiting right now.
Ishaani shouts Ranveer’s name, searching for him. She runs to each corner of the turn to find him and finds his bullet chain also blood stained on a nearby rock. She picks the chain up which was blood stained too. She denies the possibility, in disbelief.
She runs shouting his name again, panting badly now. She cries badly shouting her name as a maniac. She sits on the road crying badly. She gets up, thinks nothing would have happened to him. She goes back calling his name and searches for him again.
She watches blood stains on a path to a cleavage, and thinks he must have gone this way. She comes down the road.
Sharman comes to the hall upset. Pratik and Derwash asks about Ritika, Ritika also comes there. Boys ask them to go on dance floor, Sharman looks at her enraged then takes her hand. Both dances together with tension in between, mechanically. Sharman recalls all her times when he had spot her with Ranveer.
Sharman whispers in her ear, are you pregnant. Everyone was clapping for the dance. Ritika says this place isn’t right and takes him inside. Baa asks what has happened, Chaitali asks Baa to come and see what has happened. Amba, Falguni and Mr. Javeri also go with them.
Ishaani was running, while a cyclist stops her. He says the way is much dangerous. She says she has to find her husband, there are the tyre prints of his car. He says she must complaint in police. She says it will be late till the police comes, and asks for his help. He says this short cut comes to a place where there can be robbers, thieves as well as wild animals. She asks did he see a white car, he says yes but he isn’t sure. She says she doesn’t care about her life now. The sign board shows Prohibited Area.
In the room, everyone was there. Sharman asks he had questioned her. Ritika says yes, she is pregnanat. Sharman asks whose child is this, who is the father to the kid. Ritika asks what kind of question is this, it is his child.
She holds his hand and says yes, she is going to be his child’s mother; the day he was drunk and she brought him home. He says they never met like this, she is trying to lie. She says this is his, he doesn’t remember but she does. She notices the family’s presence, then asks him to look at her and says this child is his; will she lie. He says what would she do if not lie, she has relation with someone else and she has tried to betray him always; the child is someone else’s.
Ishika runs on the way.
Baa comes to Sharman and asks what he is doing. Is he mad, or has he gone crazy. Amba smiles. Baa says he is going to marry Ritika, she loves him and why he is letting such things into his mind. Only a mother can tell who is the father of a child, why doesn’t he listen to what she is saying. Chaitali says to Sharman that he may not remember. Sharman shouts that this isn’t his child, it isn’t possible he wouldn’t remember. She is trying to put someone’s sin into his head. He tells Ritika she couldn’t betray the one he is going to marry, she always loved Ranveer and this is the sign of her love to Ranveer. He says she isn’t ready to accept her, he is ashamed of himself today to keep a relation with him. Ritika wept silently. Sharman says he breaks his relation with her, he can’t marry a liar and a characterless girl like her.
Ishaani ran calling Ranveer. Her dupatta is held by a man who moves towards her. She was afraid and says he must not come to her. He was a drunk man and asks if she is looking for that white car. She asks did he see this. He says it went that way, two men were fighting badly and the way they drove seemed they will go straight down the cleavage.

PRECAP: Chiraag drove the car. Ranveer was on the passenger’s car, badly beaten his face beaten. Chiraag says with his name his aashqui will also end.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. pI KE

    Sharman Refuses to marry Ritika… He also alleges her saying carecterless and He tells her that Ranveer is her baby’s father because Ranveer and Ritika love each other….. On the other hand Ishani finds a drunken man in forest.. He tells her that he saw a white car and two men who were fighting.

    .precap- Chirag is driving car…
    Ranveer is in car with critical condition. Chirag is smiling and say- this is the end of your aashiqui Ranveer…..I think Chirag car ko Ranveer Ke sath Khaayi mein gira dega and Ranveer Will die.

    • Vishnu

      Unintentionally chirag will be killed by ritika to save ritika who is pregnant ranveer will take d blame after ishaani knowing the fight between chirag and rv she will take d blame to save rv and goes to jail after tht there will be a leap don’t know wht will happen after d leap

  2. jagriti

    I Think rithik is telling truth……may be its Sherman’s child….bcoz she is not bad …….

    Its killing me ….waiting for Monday’s episode…..what will happen to ranveer

  3. Shâãz

    Ranveer nhi mrega….Chirag gire ga…i thnk itz a plan f Chirag fake murder….n Ishani jail m jayegi….n Ritika s pregnant fr Chirag’s child…Both r in negative role 🙂

  4. pI KE

    Hopefully Chirag hi mare…. But anything happens…. colors and Ekta kapoor ki specialty hai… Hero 100 times mar Kar zinda ho jaata his.
    Typical Ekta twist

  5. pI KE

    Now Only Ishani can save Ranveer and and I think she will do the this job…. to save her Ranveer Will go to jail.
    . Maybe! Ritika is telling truth. She is nice sweet and kind girl.I guess Sharman can’t do any wrong..

  6. :(

    Cant they just do a dNA test and see who the father is without just making a scene soooo typical drama type

  7. Rosh

    It better to sleep peacefully without thinking about this story. It is a typical serial crap

  8. Rosh

    Unwanted pregnancies , confusions & predicted twists nothing will happen to RV because then the story will end . It is his aashiqui still feel bad to see Shakti being tortured that way. This guy got real talents

  9. saurav

    Chirag ties ranveer in car and jumps from it…ranveer gets out of car just in time (just before the valley)

    Chirag – Ranveer fight continues..

    Ritika arrives at the scene and is angry at chirag..

    She comes to know that chirag had raped her at the bachelorette party (by mixing something in her drink and making her unconscious) ..she asked him..why me..what i have done..he said as he want to take revenge from ranveer and ishani…also now have to marry him as he is father of her child..also he will get money from ritika’s father business.

    she is angry with chirag and pushes him into the valley (by accident)

    Ranveer- Chirag fight continues…atlast ranveer will close the fight and leave…both chirag and ranveer will be alive..

    Ranveer’s parents will be put in jail for some reason and soon ranveer will go to police station for their help.

    After this police track is over, there will a leap in the show..of 6 months..

    I think after leap…ranveer will maybe marry ritika just to give name father’s name for her maybe he would blame himself for what chirag did to ritika..

  10. Rosh

    It is all predictions right? I don’t think RV will ever leave his Ishani helpless. He will have a master plan that will be a secret .earlier many predictions went thing I must say that Radhika Madan improved tremendously , for 19 yr old to perform near madness looking for her love yesterday was breathtaking. Good work Radhika . So it completion between Shakti & Radhika well done guys , keep this way you both are a pleasure to watch. Good work

    the whole kaise yeh yaariyan rock family wishes u all a very happy womans day
    i am actually frm kyy nd wishing on everyones behalf

  12. jagriti

    Ya . ……isu…..rithika cannot be negative…

    By d way what all written by saurav is correct or not

  13. pI KE

    My Prediction….
    1. Ishani will save Ranveer by pushing Chirag.. (Ritika can’t reach at the place where Chirag Ranveer are fighting )
    2. Ishani will take a promise from Ranveer that he will his name to Ritika’s baby
    3. Ishani will go to jail for the Future of Ritika’s baby Ritika and Ranveer
    4. Ranveer Will marry ritika as he will promise to Ranveer
    5. Ishani-Ranveer will get divorce..
    After Leap…..
    Aashiqui of Ishani and Ranveer will continue.
    This time Ritika can sacrifice herself for them

  14. pI KE

    My Prediction….
    1. Ishani will save Ranveer by pushing Chirag.. (Ritika can’t reach at the place where Chirag Ranveer are fighting )
    2. Ishani will take a promise from Ranveer that he will give his name to Ritika’s baby
    3. Ishani will go to jail for the Future of Ritika’s baby Ritika and Ranveer
    4. Ranveer Will marry ritika as he will promise to Ishani
    5. Ishani-Ranveer will get divorce..
    After Leap…..
    Aashiqui of Ishani and Ranveer will continue.
    This time Ritika can sacrifice herself for them

  15. suhana

    M vry sure … It cant b sharmans child… Coz oly on valentines date he drunk n went home wit rithika…. Bt bfr tat itself she had vomittin n crave fa diff food…. So itz nt sharman

  16. Shâãz

    Upcoming Twists in MATSH !!!!!::Ishani gets accused of murdering Chirag and is jailed, while the truthmay be that it was a master plan of Chirag and Ritika to get Ishani in jail. Another twist in the story is going to be that Ritika is pregnant with Chirag’s child and she will be another negative character. It is yet to be confirmed whether Ritika is involved with Chirag in his fake murder scheme. It is alsoexpectedthat Ritika’s marriage will break with Sharma, and she will try to gain sympathy of Ranveer and his parents……..!!!!

    Wt a twist…!!!! Unbelievable !!! Ritika negative role !!!

    Bt itz thr in Smrithi Khanna’s official page 🙂

  17. Shâãz

    Haha yeah….al ppl posting diff diff predictions….ufff….nw itz al ll sought out…n MATSH fans sleep well…don thnk too mch….aftr al itz ekta’s show… 🙂

  18. Rosh

    It was understood Ritika may turn in to a negative character , they don’t make woman that good in serials. It is indeed a good twist, curiosity is awaken in me. Good work guys it is an Ekta serial .

  19. Shâãz

    Yeah….nyc twist…i lyk it…♥♥ RV havin oly 1 bst frnd tat s ishani…after 2- 3 months Ishveer gonna reunite…till thn njoy d shw…. 🙂

  20. pI KE

    There Will be 6 months leap..
    Ranveer and Ishami will be separated and live with their partners..
    Ranveer Will marry Ritika.
    Confirm News.
    Let’s see who will Ishani’s new partner.

  21. Danny

    Ritika and Chirag cant be partner? coz Chirag is always after the money and if Ritika would have been his partner then he cud hav just marrid her and becum richer. Remember that shanayla is also about to wake up from coma

  22. Rosh

    I want to see who is Ishani’s patner? Another handsome hunk wow. All of a sudden I started liking another handsome hunk for Ishani. Then only Ishveer will reunite seeing another one with Ishani will drive RV crazy.

  23. Rosh

    You make yr own story nice right? I made my own Ishani must have another handsome hunk behind her so RV will be chasing both of them . Ishani must become a successful business woman change appearance again fight with RV for business matters love fight ok . Ha…ha..ha

  24. flivjfjv.....

    Leap …what???? Wah nice twists gonna be happen
    i’m very much exited to seee it. Plz don’t separate ishveer.&their love should continue..

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