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Nurbhay says that Naina smiled looking at him, today he saved her life and said they must take care of Naina. Naina smiled again. Aarti says Naina is being shy and happy. Nurbhay says to maa that he wants to speak to her about Naina’s wedding, he thinks Veer is a nice guy for Naina. Maa says she was also thinking the same. Vikram comes there and asks proposal with whom? Aarti says with her angel, Veer. Vikram calls that Amber an idiot. Nurbhay asks what happened with Amber. He gets angry at once. Maa interferes that she denied that proposal, he was getting more advanced and she didn’t feel he would take care of Naina. And Veer takes care of Naina so well. Maa says if Veer can come to their house at midnight, she will go to him with proposal right now. Nurbhay thinks that Veer seems

to be a nice man, but Naina stood on her feet because of Ishaani and not veer. He wonders where Ishaani has been.
Ishaani says she couldn’t find anything in the files, she thinks someone must come here soon and puts the files back. Nurbhay comes there and asks what she is doing here.
Ranveer tells the goon not to open his mouth in front of anyone. He was about to bid farewell to the goon when he watches maa, he tells him to get something to drink for her. He calls maa inside.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani if she wanted to steal the injection and wanted to run with Ranveer.
Maa says to Ranveer he must be thinking why she disturbed him at this time, but she is a mother and can only see children’s happiness and not the time. Ranveer asks her to be clear. Maa says Naina likes him, she shies because of him, she stood on her feet because of him only and today he saved her from goons as well. Ranveer says he would have done this for anyone. Maa asks Ranveer to marry Naina, she is very happy with him, he motivates her. She says Aarti told her everything. Ranveer says he understands her reason to talk, but he can’t marry. Maa asks why? Ranveer asks him why not. Ranveer says he has his own reasons, and he can’t even tell her about them. He joins his hands and apologizes. Maa says it is his life and decision would also be his, she leaves with tears in eyes. Ranveer thinks that Ishaani had gone away from his life, but he has returned just to take revenge from her because not his hate is because of her.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani if she came to steal. He was about to hit Ishaani, Maa comes there crying. Nurbhay asks why she is crying. Maa says Veer denied marrying Naina, she says Naina likes Veer and he said no to marry her. She asks Nurbhay to do something, she can’t see her daughter break again. Amber rejected her before as well and liked Ishaani. She cries that she can no more see her daughter break anymore. Nurbhay tells her not to worry and takes her inside. He says is there something he can’t do for his sister, he would say yes to marry Naina. He says when Nurbhay says something, he does it. Maa leaves the room. Nurbhay comes to Ishaani now, he says if she wants Ranveer’s injections? Ishaani says yes she does. Nurbhay says he thinks that she can compel anyone, because her soul is a good one. He says if he makes up Veer to marry Naina, he would give her the injections of Ranveer and will send her to him. She must become a free sparrow. Ishaani smiles, she asks if he is telling the truth and will let her go to Ranveer. Nurbhay says yes, but she must first get Naina’s proposal. He can do anything for Naina. Ishaani says she will go and make him up, this way she will return to her Ranveer and can live with her Ranveer forever. She thinks before that she must take all the information of Ranveer’s treatment with her. She prays to God to fulfil what she is thinking about.
Ranveer opens the door and cheers to see Amba and Kailash. Kailash asks if everything is alright, he called them here so soon? Ranveer asks them to come inside first. He says to Amba that she wanted him to get ahead in life and stay happy, he is going to get married. Amba and Kailash cheer at this. He says this couldn’t take place without them, so he invited them here. Kailash asks to let them meet her. Ranveer says he denied her proposal today. Amba asks what the reason is. Kailash asks if he wants to marry someone else. Ranveer says he will marry that girl, he will deny first and then will say yes. Amba asks who does this for marriage. Amba asks why he is doing this all, what is going on? Ranveer says he hasn’t started anything, it is Alawat family where Ishaani has gone as a daughter in law. Amba asks if he is marrying for Ishaani, to take revenge. Ranveer says firstly Ishaani was in his heart, and now she is in his mind and thinking about her only he has decided to marry that girl. Amba asks if he wants to ruin the life of that girl. Ranveer says he will never let that girl suffer, but he will take complete revenge from his enemies. He says someone else had started this game, he will now end it. He takes his parents inside.
Vikram and Uttam discuss that there is something wrong. They say they wanted to find about Veer. They tell Nurbhay that the Veer they had seen and the Veer that came to save Naina are different.

PRECAP: Ranveer comes to Ishaani who was shocked to see him. Ranveer asks if Ishaani brought shagun from Naina. She must take theirs as well, they will bring the baraat soon.

Update Credit to: Sona

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