Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurbhay says that Naina smiled looking at him, today he saved her life and said they must take care of Naina. Naina smiled again. Aarti says Naina is being shy and happy. Nurbhay says to maa that he wants to speak to her about Naina’s wedding, he thinks Veer is a nice guy for Naina. Maa says she was also thinking the same. Vikram comes there and asks proposal with whom? Aarti says with her angel, Veer. Vikram calls that Amber an idiot. Nurbhay asks what happened with Amber. He gets angry at once. Maa interferes that she denied that proposal, he was getting more advanced and she didn’t feel he would take care of Naina. And Veer takes care of Naina so well. Maa says if Veer can come to their house at midnight, she will go to him with proposal right now. Nurbhay thinks that Veer seems

to be a nice man, but Naina stood on her feet because of Ishaani and not veer. He wonders where Ishaani has been.
Ishaani says she couldn’t find anything in the files, she thinks someone must come here soon and puts the files back. Nurbhay comes there and asks what she is doing here.
Ranveer tells the goon not to open his mouth in front of anyone. He was about to bid farewell to the goon when he watches maa, he tells him to get something to drink for her. He calls maa inside.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani if she wanted to steal the injection and wanted to run with Ranveer.
Maa says to Ranveer he must be thinking why she disturbed him at this time, but she is a mother and can only see children’s happiness and not the time. Ranveer asks her to be clear. Maa says Naina likes him, she shies because of him, she stood on her feet because of him only and today he saved her from goons as well. Ranveer says he would have done this for anyone. Maa asks Ranveer to marry Naina, she is very happy with him, he motivates her. She says Aarti told her everything. Ranveer says he understands her reason to talk, but he can’t marry. Maa asks why? Ranveer asks him why not. Ranveer says he has his own reasons, and he can’t even tell her about them. He joins his hands and apologizes. Maa says it is his life and decision would also be his, she leaves with tears in eyes. Ranveer thinks that Ishaani had gone away from his life, but he has returned just to take revenge from her because not his hate is because of her.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani if she came to steal. He was about to hit Ishaani, Maa comes there crying. Nurbhay asks why she is crying. Maa says Veer denied marrying Naina, she says Naina likes Veer and he said no to marry her. She asks Nurbhay to do something, she can’t see her daughter break again. Amber rejected her before as well and liked Ishaani. She cries that she can no more see her daughter break anymore. Nurbhay tells her not to worry and takes her inside. He says is there something he can’t do for his sister, he would say yes to marry Naina. He says when Nurbhay says something, he does it. Maa leaves the room. Nurbhay comes to Ishaani now, he says if she wants Ranveer’s injections? Ishaani says yes she does. Nurbhay says he thinks that she can compel anyone, because her soul is a good one. He says if he makes up Veer to marry Naina, he would give her the injections of Ranveer and will send her to him. She must become a free sparrow. Ishaani smiles, she asks if he is telling the truth and will let her go to Ranveer. Nurbhay says yes, but she must first get Naina’s proposal. He can do anything for Naina. Ishaani says she will go and make him up, this way she will return to her Ranveer and can live with her Ranveer forever. She thinks before that she must take all the information of Ranveer’s treatment with her. She prays to God to fulfil what she is thinking about.
Ranveer opens the door and cheers to see Amba and Kailash. Kailash asks if everything is alright, he called them here so soon? Ranveer asks them to come inside first. He says to Amba that she wanted him to get ahead in life and stay happy, he is going to get married. Amba and Kailash cheer at this. He says this couldn’t take place without them, so he invited them here. Kailash asks to let them meet her. Ranveer says he denied her proposal today. Amba asks what the reason is. Kailash asks if he wants to marry someone else. Ranveer says he will marry that girl, he will deny first and then will say yes. Amba asks who does this for marriage. Amba asks why he is doing this all, what is going on? Ranveer says he hasn’t started anything, it is Alawat family where Ishaani has gone as a daughter in law. Amba asks if he is marrying for Ishaani, to take revenge. Ranveer says firstly Ishaani was in his heart, and now she is in his mind and thinking about her only he has decided to marry that girl. Amba asks if he wants to ruin the life of that girl. Ranveer says he will never let that girl suffer, but he will take complete revenge from his enemies. He says someone else had started this game, he will now end it. He takes his parents inside.
Vikram and Uttam discuss that there is something wrong. They say they wanted to find about Veer. They tell Nurbhay that the Veer they had seen and the Veer that came to save Naina are different.

PRECAP: Ranveer comes to Ishaani who was shocked to see him. Ranveer asks if Ishaani brought shagun from Naina. She must take theirs as well, they will bring the baraat soon.

Update Credit to: Sona


    • marry

      hi dear ishveer marry 1st time in chirag and ishu marrage and ranveer and ritika,s marrage
      2nd time marry in dewarsh and krisha,s ……..marrage ranveer mention that later………and 3rd time after 6 month leap……..and now coming will b the 4th…………is,nt that amazing na……….???? they marry so many time in one life…………..

  1. swana

    Is ranveer trying to save ishaani today I suspect his dialogues he says that he want to take revenge from his enemies he didn’t mention ishaani’s name particularly…and he also says someone started but y he has to say that ..he can directly mention ishaani ‘s name…and he says that he just kept ishaani in his mind this doesn’t mean that he completely hates…because if he thinks from heart he can’t control his emotions for ishaani

  2. Oh disguisting ranvi i hate u i hate u uuuu,what a man u r,ishani live only for u but u marry naina for take revenge against dare u regret my ishaani.ohhhhh i ll kill u,u happy with any othet girlna,ur love is not true,u love ishaani since 9yrs old, but she start loving after ur marriage but her love is true she trust u in every situation, but u stupid always misunderstand her,ranvi i hate u and ekta i think u flap matsh totally then only u sit happy,ektaji u hv brain or not,u think fans are look like a fools,i hate u

    • Keerthi

      I agree with u totally it’s difficult to see ranveer hating ishaani….still cannot tolerate ranveer’s words…hope ranveer knows the truth and is trying to take revenge from nirbhay I feel I still see love in his eyes for ishaani

  3. Ayesha

    Guys the spoilers said that ranveer and ishanis love story has been ended.
    Now nirbhay and ishaanis love story will start

    • marry

      they alwayzzzzzz lie bcozzzzzz ishveer love end then serial end and……nirbhay has villian charactor…………they r just pridicting story and track only depends upon trp which changes alwayzzzzz……….

  4. nithya

    rv y? u doing all this cha stop this nonsense .after u know all truth of ishani then u willfeel shame OK so stop revenge. ok try to understand ishani

  5. I read that spoiler,ranvi going to marry naina,and he keep one condition that all the rituals are done by ishaani,so i think i want to stop watching tis nonsence yaar

    • marry

      no sathya………evry disgusting situation ………..we bear……..little bit more………we have atleast till 14th feb………

  6. nithya

    in Tamil really sama super fun iruthuchu Shalini &Ravi are really superb couple in onscreen frnds tell me when shakti&naha marriage?

  7. Ritika

    Hello everyone
    In the upcoming episodes we will see ramveet coming to alawat house to talk of the marriage with naina . He will see ishani and ask her to do all the arrangements for this wedding .

  8. swara & sanskar both are the best jodi in swaragini serial. But this week episodes are not nice. I feel very bad. Please do samethink and don’t break swara & sanskar jodi. Please…please…please

  9. IshuRV

    Ranveer and Ishani see each other. Their love story will be ending. Ranveer is going to marry Naina. He feels Ishani married Nirbhay. Ishani cries seeing him and Amba at Nirbhay’s home. Ishani took Naina’s proposal to Ranveer on Nirbhay’s insistence. Ranveer agrees to make Ishani jealous. He keeps a condition that Ishani will do all the rituals in the marriage. Ishani is helpless as she is doing this to save Ranveer’s life. Ranveer wants to stay close to Ishani by marrying Naina, so that he finds the reason why Ishani is doing this. There will be Ranveer and Ishani’s hatred chemistry in the track.

    • marry

      yessssssssssss when they come close then they gonna reveal all the truth …………yes i think revealation is near guyzzzzzzzzzz they met…………so waitng for revealation…………

  10. what r u doing guys . when I saw last update everyone was commenting in Tamil . I didn’t understand a single word . please try to comment in Hindi or English . we don’t understand Tamil na……..

    • marry

      yes i also think this there is a strong planning with full atention………..of ranveer he gonna rock soon…………

  11. swana

    It is not at all meri asshiqui tumse hi if that spoiler is true I am going to stop watching it!!! Definitely trp will be 0 ….I am really really going to stop watching as well as stop commenting it just useless…

  12. Sathyasree venkat

    hii guys,please dont scold ranveer,confirm ithula oru reason irukum so pls dont hate ranveer

  13. renu

    OMG!! it must not happen!! CV kuch kro….ek hi life me kitni sadia krwaoge yar!! thnx for written update!!

  14. marry

    episode was as usual bcoz ishveer still didnt talk……….that ,s killing thing most and waitng for next epi now i thinkkk that revealation is sooo close……..

  15. Dhruva

    What the hell????? Ranveer I hate you… could you do something like this to take revenge from lshani. She’s your first love but think that she’s your first enemy. Not even you do something like this to take revenge from Chirag but think that your love………my lshani says that she’s a luckiest girl in world cause you were with her but now its totally wrong…….Ranveer you don’t deserve lsahni anymore…………..
    Ekta now let Nirbhay fall in love with her soon and kill lshani character and after the ritual of dead let Nirbhay cry a lot and unknowingly tell all truth love and sacrifices of lshani for Ranveer…………’ll be good………then Ranveer will know how much lshani loves him………………l think lshani took wrong decision by marrying Ranveer she should go with Shikhar he’s the only one that never mistrusted her……………..

  16. sana

    U writers what r u doing with our Ranvi’s character.He is totally changed.l can’t bear it.pls make rv understand about the truth before the marriage and unite ishveer.

  17. Saranya

    Dhruva ur right. Ekta ji surely plan for that. But on tat na rv will understand. He never trust ishani. Ishani rv never deserve u. He s a fool. He dint show this much hatred to rithika. But always y u’s time to leave this idiot rv. I hate you rv. But before I loved u as mad but now. Y u r doing dis to ishani. U fully deserves the separation from ishaani.

  18. Ya i agree wit u dhuruva,he is such an idotic person,now a dys he changes totally,anything happened in tis serial,first of all rithika in positive role but suddenly changed in negative charecter,now ranvi Changed in neg role,its all unusual thing ,how can v bear tis.

  19. Hello guys i think ranveer married naina because behind some reason is there.He is trying to save ishani that reason to close the family.Above the reason is not happen and NIRBHAY is hero of serial I VERY VERY HURT AND QUIT THE SERIAL because I AM NOT IMAGINE NIRBHAY AND ISHANI LOVE STORY.PLZ DON’T SPOIL OUR RANVEER ROLE HE IS NICE ACTOR.The maker decide ranveer is villan role Not accepting the role SAKTHI.You leave the idiot serial to go and work in ANOTHER GOOD SERIAL I ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU.The maker spoil your fanbase.

  20. K.praveena

    I really hurt to watch this epi. Y ranvi. Ranvi searching this way how do take revenge on ishani but ishani trying to find ur health well. So sad ranvi. I can’t expect from u , u again did the same thing (some moths ago u accept ritika proposal and u r kissed her hands in front of ishani made to jealous). Plz ekta y mam ur showing my ranvi in a such bad thing doings.oh My ishani doll u innocent.

  21. How many times will they marry??? This is so ridiculous. I kno after this track they will again get married then again divorce then again marry and continue doing so but they don’t hv a baby. I can’t seeing any ashiqui in this serial without judaai. Ekta mam hv gone mad. She made a joke of ashiqui. Fed up with all this. Plz unite ishveer forever.

  22. K.praveena

    Before ranvi married ishani at 1st time i really feel ranvi love is best not now. After the merriage in every bad situation ishani handle the ways i melted. Ishani love on so power, caring, sacrifice, trust etc. Ishani so amazing dear.

  23. K.praveena

    But this situation ranvi accepting naina proposal i feel some reason behinds this. I just feel ranvi wants to know that y ishani betraying him?. I hope before ranvi and naina merriage situation ranvi defintely knows abt ishani charector changes.

  24. K.praveena

    Whatever i can’t leave the show. Bcoz day1 i’m watching this show continuosly. I know this situation is not well. But every seperation comes to ishveer life and the problem r solved then ishveer life bcom so romantic.

  25. K.praveena

    Ranvi is a hero of the show(forever) no one can’t take the place. Ranvi and ishani r soul of matsh. This track show a ranvi be a villian but this means nibhray not be a hero. Ishveer always best.

  26. K.praveena

    Tamil urave uyire going roking speed. Most of them getting angry on ranvi charector in matsh so plz see the tamil urave uyire it’s so romantic.

    • I totally agree with you dear k.praveena… its awsm to see urave uyire serial. I love en anbe song very much….I’m hpy that u r from TN bcs I’m also from Tamil Nadu…

  27. marry

    i m sure ther is some planning of ranveer and nirbay didnt recogize ranveer this is ridiculousssssss totallyyyyyy and u ranveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr stop taking revengeeeeee and focussss on truth…….u r acting totally dump………….ranveer………..and ishani again hurt by the situation…….ekta mam i think this is ur story……totally rubbish…………onlyyyyyyyyy justttt shadikha real passionated chemistry cant able the trp to become 0 point something……….otherwise ekta mam u cross all the limitss to make a joke of aashiqui……

  28. ekta kapoor go to hell...

    what is this totally cheap trackkkkk is there any aashiqui to seeeeee????? i dont think soo????
    ranveer how u become so sucessful infact u r most foolish…person of the world and ur ishaani is also foolish ……..go to hell ishaveer aashiqui…itsss just revenge story of two lovers which become so stupid after there marrage non sense both and ekta and her cv,s toooo……………

  29. Joke of love MATSH

    matsh is a joke of love guyz only which have a very bad sense of humour…………………stupid storyline …………..stupid writer………….

  30. Amna shiekh

    what is going on this show………………rv u r so much stupidddd i dont beleve this is u .. u r so stupid and if there is no plan of urs then u r totallyyyyy mental i think u r milan which come from mental asylem……….and real ranveer is dead………mental case u r… stupidityy ki b koi limit hoti hai Mr ranveer vagela……!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. princess

    i thinkkkkkkkk ranveer jaise stupid banday se ishaani unmarried he sai thi ……ishaani doing aashiqui just for nonsense hero and nirbay mjay mil gya to us ka mai murder kerdun gi or ritika fer iljaam lga k use jail bejwa dunge and ekta ko fhansi krwa dun ge and writer sonali jaffer ko to mental hospital dakhil kraa dunge in sab ki wja se ishveer alag hoay hain………..or sath ni rehtay…..

  32. chill otherwise matsh kills

    i think isveer unite when we all kill our selves…………..and after our all life sacrifices isveer unite………this is remaining prediction for all matsh lovers fans likers and admireres… chill otherwise matsh kills…….

  33. marry bad news or may not

    new show is coming soon in place of matsh guyzzzzzzzzzzz ??????? becozz got most low trp on colors serials.,,,,,,from many weakzzz
    whats ur opinion guyzzzzzzz

  34. marry

    radikha said in interveiw that i really miss shooting with shakti and we onscreen love is real and new heroes have not that place that ranveer have…….ever
    wow lovelyyyyyyyy

  35. K.praveena

    Hai So many neg comments gets in matsh. Whatever viewer said this is our pt of view. It’s ok.

  36. ranveer

    guys really nirbhay is the one who truely loves his wife this ranveer is just a psycho……………..

  37. K.praveena

    I don’t care abt the current track and i can’t hate my matsh. So many of them hate this track. I can’t define how much of i love this story.once upon a time i watsh First epi of matsh and ranvi 1st dialouge still i remember. If i will try to hate matsh then i bcoms failure. I can’t

  38. K.praveena

    Marry tell me. Matsh reach an end soon. Oh no. How could u get the news to matsh air off. It’s official news?

      • Ranaji

        Yes bigboss is ending not matsh it is false story pls don’t believe it and ekta mam can increase trp within a week by uniting ishveer

  39. K.praveena

    Hai vyshnavi. I watching matsh only from beginning of the show. I crazy fan of matsh even this track. I watched daily. I know u also big fan of matsh. I share u something when i was in msc maths student at march2015 my mam scold me and says go to sleep well bcoz 10.00pm na that time i really feel sad and aswell as i go very bad mood now i free na.

  40. K.praveena

    Whatever situation good or bad i can’t hate this show. I don’t know y i’m crazy on matsh. My ishveer always best.

  41. swana

    Now a days I don’t want complete reunion forever but they can come out of all those problems and be happy for sometime enjoying their friendship and they showed during feburary episodes…

  42. Hi praveena u remember that valentine Rvi suprise ishani !!

    Ranvi say may dance with lady red ..

    Bg pls Jeena song Ya

    u Remember dear that epi ..

    Icant forget that epi nd feb 16 th epi ..

    i cant forget chemistry !!!

    Never.. Ever.. Yar

  43. marry

    sep to nov 2014 first spliting of lead than dec till feb 2nd time ,,,,then march to oct……3rd time then 4th time dec to now………….oh god………… july to oct nice story then nov to dec 10 nice then feb 8 to march 4 nice story then sep to oct nice story ……… ratio 1:4 only 20% nice story……..plzzzzzzzzzzzz……………unite ishveer long forever……

  44. Hi praveena u remember that valentine Rvi suprise ishani !!

    Ranvi say may dance with lady red ..

    Bg pls Jeena song Ya

    u Remember dear that epi ..

    Icant forget that epi nd feb 16 th epi ..

    i cant forget ishveer chemistry !!!

    Never.. Ever.. Yar ??❤❤

    what bt u dear ???

  45. K.praveena

    Ya vyshnavi.i remember . How i forget that epi. Each and every epi matsh i can’t forget good or bad dear.Superb epi.

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