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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manas asks Disha how could she do this to them, she and Chiraag are no different. Disha says Chiraag is lying to him, but Manas tells her to shut up, had RV not caught Chiraag he could never get her lie. Ishaani went to jail because of her and she still isn’t ashamed and is lying to him. He was wrong, when he thought that on the day of wedding she recognized what was right and wrong but she only loves herself and cant ever love others. She can only see her happiness but not the pains of others. Disha pleads and says she didn’t intend to hurt her, but Manas asks her not to shed crocodile tears in front of him. Manas heads to leave, Disha faints. He calls her to stop the drama, then holds her face calling her name and regrets.
There, everyone come home. Parul asks worried where

is Ishaani. Derwash says RV is bringing her. Amba and Lakshmi are irked hearing this. Parul says she knew RV loves Ishaani so much and can’t live without her. Everyone is happy. They wonder why haven’t they both reached home. Lakshmi says to Amba that they were happy they have got rid of her. Amba points at her when RV and Ishaani come together. Chaitali hugs Ishaani and welcomes her back, she says it is good she came out of jail else their family records must have ruined. She recalls that she went to jail once before as well. Falguni says only innocents come out of jail, and asks them to go inside as it is really late.
Chaitali comes to Sharman, she says she is happy for Ishaani but is sad as he couldn’t get engaged. He was quiet. RV leaves the hall for inside, Ishaani goes behind him. Amba comes to see them, and curts. She says that her drama of going to jail and saving RV will make place for her in Ranveer’s heart. She sees the same love in Ranveer’s eyes which was there years ago. Baa says from behind that the older love gets it is difficult to get rid of, she doesn’t think Ranveer and Ishaani would ever separate. She tells Amba that Ritika is only her Sharman’s and will marry him in front of her even.
The doctor checks on Disha, Falguni asks about the problem while Baa was also worried. The doctor says she is really weak and needs extra care. There might be complications, Baa says she isn’t ill. The doctor says she may be going through some stress or tension. Baa says there is nothing like this, just today there was some tension in the house. Baa says to Manas that Disha is unwell, they might stay here today so that they can take care of her. Manas argues but Baa says to him that he needs to take care. Baa goes to ask the maid to get Disha’s medicine, she was worried that her children have got a bad eye upon them, Disha is ill and Sharman’s engagement has broken.
RV and Ishaani walk through the corridor, he stops by the sound of wind chime. Ishaani also stops, then moves forward. RV goes into his room, and shuts the door behind. Ishaani turns around to go to her room.
Both were depressed, separately in their rooms. Ishaani sits by the sofa and cries. RV also throws his coat and tie in frustration. He was saddened, by the thought of what Ishaani had done for him. He thinks he said to Ishaani that she never understood his love, but it was him who didn’t understand her love. He was worried for his name and she didn’t think about herself for him. She is teaching him to get along with love. Ishaani was crying in her room, RV goes out of his room, hears the wind chime again, then moves away. Ishaani also comes out of her room, to look for Ranveer but can’t find him in his room.
Baa tells Disha to take care of herself. Disha asks if she called her medicines, she has to take them in time. Baa goes to bring them, Mala says she didn’t bring them. Baa scolds her, but Mala says Amba stopped her. Baa was angry and goes calling Amba, knocking her door. Amba asks is she mad, it is so late. Baa asks why she stopped her servant bring Disha’s medicine. Amba says Mala is her maid, and Disha is illegitimately pregnant. Baa says to Amba she must not forget she was once her maid, Baba comes and argues Baa that she must talk in low voice. Baa reminds him that he was once their driver, he has forgotten what he used to be. Baba says he remembers everything, but she has forgotten that she eats theirs now, and when you eat from someone they shouldnt argue them. If she do it again, he won’t care about her age as well. He takes Amba inside and shuts the door.
Sharman was standing out with his ring in hand. Ishaani comes and watches him, he hides the ring in pocket. Ishaani says she is sorry he couldn’t get engaged because of her. He asks how can he not think about her. She says he couldn’t put ring on Ritika’s hand. Sharman says he put it on her hand, but Ritika was lost in Ranveer’s problem so much that she forgot about the ring. Ritika never cares for whatever he gifts Ritika, he gave her the earrings which Baa found in Ranveer’s jacket and now Baa found this ring as well. Ishaani says to Sharman that he must think about Ritika, her wedding broke once and now her engagement also broke. He must call her, now. She says Ritika is Ranveer’s only friend, she was worried about him naturally. She says they must love each other. Sharman was curt that where is love, is it there between her and Ranveer. Ishaani says it was Ranveer who didn’t let her hand cuffs, it was he who saved her in jail. He was, is and will be with her always.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Falguni that if the person you love asks you to go away from him, is it also love. Falguni says yes, in love separate paths don’t matter when the heart is one. If he is happy without you, you must go away from him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. plz update fast sona….

  2. hy everyone please dont start tis comment game again

    1. this one was for saathiya and not for here

  3. just awesome,manas ne disha ke sath jo behave kiya.she deserve it.

  4. Todays episode was good.but not as much as expected.Ranveer and Ishani were not talking to eachother but understood each others feelings and sharman began doubting Rithika .
    Lets hope that Rithika rv mystery would be solved in next week episode


    1. plz donot drag much .it is already to drages.hope next episode they should clear
      The mistry .

  5. not as much expected. y they both have to suffer still? want them to b happy nd share their luv to eachother.

  6. Today’s episode was good but g to the precap nothing happened. Manas was right in his point of view.. we too feel the same.Only Ishaani Ranveer’s feeling for each other is shown which was expected.Even though Ishaani support Rithika and told Sharman about the situation he was not convinced. Still he have some doubt.hope it will be clear in the upcoming episode.Still Rithika Ranveer Track is mystery.. please reveal it soon.waiting for a good episode.

  7. reader's diegest

    Guys get ready to see The Ishaani’s next sacrifice …… for she is going leave RV, never ending problems ……

  8. reader's diegest

    Guys get ready to see The Ishaani’s next sacrifice …… for sure she is going to leave RV, never ending problems ……

  9. Please don’t separate them. Let them Unite first then give the problems. If they separate, it will definitely test the patience of the viewers.

  10. I also think same reader’s

    1. I also thnk d same….before mtstery is revealed the two couples will be seperated I think so

  11. The was good but I have a doubt why did manas take disha to RV ‘s house while she fainted in the surroundings of manas’s house???

  12. Boring… Simply they created hype for this stupid serial and I started watching. Theses people are never going to change. The dumbest Ishani and now RV. the story is not changing. I think SSK and Udaan on colors are much better. Ekta serials always have this boring chatacters.

  13. please dont seperate them. no one would like the serial than because people see this serial for the relationship of rv and ishaani.

  14. today episode is good. Manas you r right, very nice you understand disha character. And plz reunite ranveer and ishaani I am waiting for ishveer reunite episode. both of them feel lonely it was too painful

  15. I seriously think this programme is making me depressed I am going to have ween myself off it now for my own well being. So heart broken! I feel so sad for Ishaani

  16. I alo feel thai the serial is getting very bore.It is being a long time that ishver are seperated.Now it is the time to reunite .

  17. Nice episode let see next twist

  18. Just throw ritika out of this show.she just creates misunderstandings.sharman will get better than her.i hate ritikas character very much.

  19. Ranveer can discuss his problem with anyone why only ritika?she is his only friend?ranveer is big business man he doesn’t have close friends who are male?

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