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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika comes to RV’s study room and watches RVs dress there. She says that she won’t let RV wear her selected dress. RV comes there, he says to RItika that he was thinking if she could stay here, Ishaani has also been invited to the party and her condition is such that he can’t deny her. RItika says he doesn’t have to apologize to her if he doesn’t want to take her. Ishaani has gone somewhere else and isn’t coming to the party, she sent the message through Mala. She asks RV if she could now come with him, because everyone thinks them to be husband and wife. RV tells her to get ready. He wears the coat and notices the button that Ishaani had broken. Ritika turns and comes to sew the button in his coat. RV feels awkward while Ritika is happy. She was about to cut the thread but

RV says he will wear something else. RItika says to him that he must not be as loyal to Ishaani that coming close to her becomes difficult. She goes to bring him dress of her choice, he agrees and goes to get ready. Ritika thinks that if he goes wearing her selected dress he won’t even think about Ishaani there.
Amba and Lakshmi appreciate Ritika and says she seems to be wife of Ranveer. Amba says she is wife of RV and that is why Chadda invited her specially. RV comes after getting ready. Ritika puts her arm around Ranveer’s while leaving.
Sharman comes there and watches this. Pratik is also shocked to see this, Amba asks what are they staring at.

She says that they are going to a party where husband and wives go to, that is why Ranveer took Ritika there. Pratik says Ishaani said she is going to the party. Amba and Lakshmi laugh, Amba tells them that Ishaani is in Bandra, she won’t be able to reach the party because there is a rally in Bandra. She will be stuck there, and won’t be able to disturb Ritika and Ranveer. Amba and Lakshmi go inside, Sharman calls Ishaani and tells her Ritika and Ranveer went together. Sharman says he will do something as Ishaani was stuck in traffic jam. Sharman calls Shekhar and asks if he is in Bandra. Shekhar says he is here and promises to take care of Ishaani. A peon comes to Shekhar’s room with his bag. Shekhar asks how he comes to office daily. He says he drives a bike, Shekhar asks if he can drive a car. The peon says he drives his boss car, Shekhar gives him his car’s keys to go home and take his wife to a long drive. The peon is shocked but Shekhar says he wanted to drive a bike today.
In the party, Mrs. Chadda scolds Mr. Chadda that he didn’t ask RV to bring his first not the second wife to the party. Now he must get to handle when Ishaani comes to the party. The couple welcomes RV and Ritika, Mrs. Chadda doesn’t greet Ritika well and goes inside. Mr. Chadda was introducing Ranveer with Mr and Mrs Kochar and their son Kunal but while introducing Ranveer with them he stuck at calling Ritika his wife. Ritika introduces herself. Ranveer gets juice for Ritika and himself. Kunal was continuously having drinks.
Neetu (Mrs Chadda) was angry at Ranveer caring for his second wife, she says that she is just waiting for Ishaani to reach the party and make a drama in her party to make it memorable.
Shekhar and Ishaani arrive at the party. Ishaani asks him to come inside, Shekhar says he can handle anyone but this Chadda, but Ishaani must come inside and not lose any time. Ishaani says she will separate Ranveer and Ritika anyway. Shekhar wishes her best of luck. A lady arrives at the party, the guard asks for her invitation but she says she forgot her invitation home. She tells him to inform Shweta Mehta is here. Shekhar hears this and says this is Chiraag’s mom. He gets an idea about it.
Ritika goes to meet a friend of her. Ishaani comes to the party, she hears someone asking Ranveer that he heard he married twice and living with both. Ranveer says that when life puts you into any situation you learn to handle it. He says that relations are about commitment, and right now he is only committed to one of them and that is Ritika. Ritika smiles and comes to stand with Ranveer. Ishaani is hurt, she thinks that his commitment to Ritika will make her mission even difficult. If he trusts her so much how will the reality come to him? She says she isn’t effected with this, he must fulfil his responsibility and she will do hers. Neetu greets Ishaani, she says to Ishaani that she is glad she came to party. Ishaani apologizes for being late. Neetu ji takes Ishaani to meet her friend Mrs. Kaur. She takes Ishaani to some other guests. Mrs Kaur comes to Chadda, he introduces Ritika to her as Mrs. Ranveer. Mrs. Kaur says she just met the wife of Ranveer Vaghela, now he is saying that Ritika is his wife. Mrs. Kaur points at Ishaani standing at a distance. Mr. Chadda says that Ishaani is the first wife while Ritika is the second one. Ranveer and Ishaani look at each other. RV thinks how this Ishaani came here, she said she won’t come to the party.

PRECAP: Ishaani reminds Ranveer that police didn’t find his car here. She had pushed his car so that no one gets a proof against him. She says it is worth a though that who killed Chiraag if he and Ishaan didn’t.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good… this punjabi client scenes were funny… nice.. already Shikhar becoming like devdas… dont know what will happen to him in future.. RV stuck between two women… ha ha… precap interesting… Ranveer is totally confused…

  2. OK I get that ISHANI is desperate for love but Ranveer not that much
    Why is this programme soo off topic I’m not trying to be rude i just say honest opinions plz reply if u think so too
    Thank u 🙂


  4. What’s wrong why is it taking forever to write an update

  5. manikarnika sourabh

    interesting precap and waiting for the next episode….

  6. Sorry bout the end confusing

  7. nice episode today…..

  8. yr…y dis serial showing hero character lik soo down???vat da hell…ranveer telling his commitment s vit ritika….yr seriously hw low….who ever bside him….he ll tell their name or just acting lik he loves eshani….seriously he nt all deserve for eshani’s love…bt unfortunatly he s husband…dats y we couldnt accept shikar….bt really eshani never ever gets love n care frm ranveers mother lik ritika….shikar gave everything to eshani….dis s serial…dats y seeing ranveer as hero….otherwise we cn make shikar as hero….bt once ritika’s truth come out….dan ishani have to tell ranveer dat vats lackage frm his side….n hw he s nt deserve fr her…

    1. Agreed . bitter but true.

    2. Sorry Sree I think you didint watched all episodes of this serial from starting If you have you should have noticed its only Ishani who dosent deserved to be loved by anyone.Seriously She is hurting the persons who is in love with her…

      Atleast Ranveer siad he has commitment with ritika because he took the responsibility of that child but what ishani did she says her love is Ranveer and also says that she will go back to shikar after exposing ritika..What the hell??

      Is she Trying to cheat herself or Cheating both odf them and spoiling three lives(Hers,RV and shikars)Becos If her true love is RV She will not be able to give happiness(Love) to shikar then Why she is doing this with him.Atleast Ishanni should Say to Shikar that her Love is RV.
      If ritika can keep RV happy(even by lie)why she want to spoil their relation.

      Cos she cant keep RV Happy(Not even by saying the truth)

  9. Shikhar scenes were good and his one liner was great.His dialogues to Ish indicating he will be taking lead in Ishveer true reunion(not like current one) and he is not going to turn negative.

  10. wow am really enjoying this cant wait to see the next episode and l watch it with subtitles on so that i understand what they are saying. love it

  11. harsh chauhan

    it’s same situation like before when rv want to reveal chirag reality in front of ishani and engaged to ritika
    now, ishani want to reveal ritika truth and had engaged to shikher, history will repeat itself on ishani shikher day of marrige ,destiny will make ishani to marry rv again!

    1. I totally agree with u

    2. True but dont want CVs to spoil shikars character like they spoiled Ritikas

  12. EKTA KAPOOR serials are like chewing gums………
    first sweet and then very bitter to watch…….

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      You are r8 first sweet Then tasteless only dragging ………….

  13. Can anyone please tell me, wat is going on in this serial………I missed it for 2 weeks ….please if anyone can tell me……I wud be grateful……..please its request…

  14. Frinds plss tell me that the which was dancing by ishaani&rv on the valentines day???

  15. This serial is so much b******T . THEY TOLD THAT SHEKHAR CHARACTER IS GOIMG TO BE NEGATIVE BUT I HATE DIS f**kING BULLSHIT f**k U MATSHJust hate dis ass


  17. Is ishaani quiting MATSH?FRNDZ TELL me plz.

  18. Next episode is interesting waiting anxiously. ………

  19. lov u shekhar

  20. simran ganguly

    nice episode today……

  21. shakthi pandit

    this serial is so draggggging. instead watching this can read only in telly updates..

  22. ammukarithik

    HI guys did serial very nice…. but Rv Ur nt desirvt ishani love men…Ur not trust in Ur love..Ur allways behaved like dis payr mey shach hota hai to payr apaka pass agathi….seriously Ur not using Ur Brian ..dil to dhimaga to sochana padata hai..RV Ur acting always good Shaker was nice act…he also loveing so much for ishani..

  23. ammukarithik

    Rv u loveing ishani so much…but u forgotten one thing.. Rithik ko promise pura karenike liya apke pyr no chodete ho Hey galath bath hai rv..tum ko ishani ko shadi me sath vachana diya naa.usaka Kay hai rv Ji…. oh promise ki kochu mein nayi rakha tum ko tumari jindage ko..ishani promise pura karo its my request…..

  24. hi guyzzzzzzz how r u all???????? !!!!! i really like matsh!!!!!!!!!!!! awsme !!!!!!!!!!!!! ritika,s miscarege news awsme!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!! love u ishaveer………..!!!!!!!!!!

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