Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani looks away from Ranveer, says to Mr. Thakur that there is one more thing, Sometimes one goes to a place where you are bound to go, but sometimes life brings you to a place where your presence is necessary. Ritika arrives at the hotel, the manager welcomes her and points to her that RV is there. RV stands for her, they hug and he helps her take a seat. Ishaani thinks that this mean RV has married Ritika and she is going to be mother of his child. RV asks RItika if she is comfortable, she asks him not to worry about her this much else she will be uncomfortable. RV asks her what she would like to have, as what she likes isn’t in the menu; that is his head. Their meal is served, RV smiles. Ritika asks why he is smiling. He says once baba said to him that the selection of songs, in his

life; in his life Mukesh’s song’s lifespan has been really prolonged. He says he now wants Kishor’s songs. They smiles, Ishaani is hurt seeing this all. Kanchal (Shekhar’s mother) asks her if she is alright, Ishaani says they must now leave. Kanchal asks her to leave, she will come in a while. Ritika asks RV why he is happy, he says happiness increases with sharing. He goes to make an announcement that tonight’s dinner is from him for all of them. Ishaani reminds her times with RV. Kanchal takes a leave from Mr. Thakur saying till the time people like RV are here in the world, they don’t need his help. RV announces further he wants to sing Kishore’s song for someone whose smile is the most special for him. Ishaani notices Ritika smiling at him for this. Ishaani listens to the singing, tear-eyed. RV thinks about Ishaani, Ishaani cries. Kanchal comes to her, Ishaani leaves from there, and sits besides a wall crying.
Kanchal tries to open the door of washroom, calling Nirupa out and not lose hope. A single man’s thinking can’t hold her culprit. Ishaani doesn’t answer. Kanchal is worried that she isn’t replying, She calls Shekhar and tells him what has happened. She tells Shekhar Ishaani got emotional hearing to the song of RV. Shekhar tells her he will take time to come.
Disha cursed baby’s belongings, when her foot slips on diaper. She says why she gave birth to this child, she never wanted him. She must do something, as she can’t spoil her life for this child. She walks curtly that she didn’t want this baby. The baby begins to cry again. Her phone rings, it was a person from event-management Company and has called for her job application. The baby begins crying, the manager says he wants to ask her about some job related questions. She couldn’t hear her, DIsha shuts the mouth of baby and asks him. The manager says if the crying baby, she can’t get the job as it is for unmarried people. Disha says it was neighbour’s child, and promises to come to their office. She is excited about the job of international tear guide.
Kanchal comes to RV and tells him about all the situation, he talks to Shekhar while going for her help. He asks Kanchal about her name, Kanchal was about to say Ishaa… then says Nirupa. RV calls Nirupa, knocking the door. Ishaani comes to unlock the door, RV asks Nirupa to come out please. He says he knows she is missing someone, and he knows how it feels when your love isn’t with you, when someone promises you to spend a life time and then leave immediately, the life turns aimless. When there is no one to share happiness, smiling seems usless. When there is no one to wipe tears, one wants to cry even harder. Ishaani cries at his words. RV says without such a person, one feels like dying each moment, but then we have to live because any relation isn’t larger than life. Ishaani was crying. RV says this is life’s rule, one who goes away comes back again. There was no answer, RV says Nirupa ji, you get your lost love again, the name of love remains the same, feeling remain the same, only the person changes. She will get her love back too. Ishaani cries helplessly. RV calls her to come out. Kanchal also asks her to open the door and not be hopeless. Shekhar arrives and asks why they couldn’t still get her out, they get emotional with others themselves. He boasts that he can get her out in a while, as he doesn’t entertain such crying drama; this girl is used to do such adventures like suicide or shutting oneself in washroom, will she get her lost love back this way. He takes a pin off his mother’s hair, and clicks the lock of the door open. Ishaani stands up, watching the door unlock. Shekhar says this has to be done with such people, he calls at Niupa to come out as her fans are waiting for her autograph. A waiter tells RV that madam is calling him. Shekhar opens the door, but Kanchal tells RV that it is better he leaves as Ritika must be waiting for him, thank you so much for his help. RV leaves, Kanchal comes to Ishaani, Ishaani hugs her and cries. Kanchal asks what happened to her, was it about Mr. Thakur or is it something else. Shekhar comes in and asks her what the need to create such drama is, we call a killer a killer. Kanchal stops him, but Shekhar asks her to let her understand that this crying will not leave her anywhere. He says that she has even failed Nirupa Roy and created such emotional drama that his mother had to call him, he came leaving his client behind. He asks her to go now, else mom’s BP will get more that his anger. RItika asks RV where he went, she was so worried. RV says a girl got locked into washroom, he was helping her to get out. She asks did she come out, he says she would have, by now. He offers her to eat, when he watches Shekhar leaving with his mom and Ishaani. Ishaani’s face was hidden behind Shekhar. RV is moved to see her.

PRECAP: RV asks Ritika to eat, he will just come. RItika stops him, Ishaani notices him arriving. Ishaani hides behind Shekhar’s arm when RV asks is she fine. Ishaani hides her face, when RV asks Shekhar is everything alright. Kanchal nods, Shekhar says I guess it is.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good. Please unite ranveer ishaani soon. Day by day dragging much.. dont show disha scenes.. irritating.. shekhar will fall for ishaani i think.. what was the mystery behind chiraag death? Waiting for a good episode. .

  2. OMG it was so sensitive when Ishani misunderstood that Ritika is carrying Rv’s baby,, how would any woman really love their man feel..?
    But she deserved this pain for what she did for ranveer for her own stubbornness,, even now she took her own decision that Ritika is a mom for Rv’s baby before analysing it further,,lol she never changes
    But felt really sad when she cried so badly while he sang the song,,
    I can’t understand what hope RV has for Ishani and he tries to figure out it that she is alive,,
    But still Ishani makes him to suffer by hurting herself,,,
    Wish for a good episode to end drama queen Ritika’s chapter,,
    Is RV giving so much of damn space to Ritika in order to make that damn woman happy,,?? OMG it’s irritating to see RV treat her so kind thinking that she is a good woman,,

    • kashish

      its not always ishani fault after all….she did not know the truth behind why sharman called off his marriage….that is why she thinks rv has moved forward with ritika…..
      and she is not hurting herself…its that rv always comes in midde and ishani starts crying…….its a big tragedy that rv cant feel the presence of his true love… irritating……….after al he is busy with that shameless ritika……

      • That’s what I say,, why didn’t she she wanna know why sharman’s called off the wedding?
        Without knowing the truth or not even trying to know the truth,, why is she taking her own decisions,????
        And by taking her own decisions she hurt herself and RV too,,,
        Atleast she can face him and ask directly right,, that how happy is he with his new life?
        Then all truth will come out from RV himself,,

      • Well, what about RV…..did he try to find out what happened to Ishani. After a hanging, the body is given to the family. Did he try to get that yet? Left the place when someone said it’s over…..seriously?

        Ritika….what a character…try to marry someone when carrying someone else’s child….then stay with another person and expect that he give her the rights of a wife.

        And RV…so busy sucking up to his mom and Ritika that he cannot see anything else. Yes, he loves Ishani a lot. But why does he not do anything about finding closure since he seems to believe she is gone.

        Tell me MATSH, would you look at a couple and think they are just friends when the guy is doing all these things for the girl? Even the most practical person will have to accept that there is something there between those 2….friendship or otherwise. Ishani is his wife…and she last saw Ritika before pregnancy so she is bound to think he’s moved on.

      • MATSH

        its true what you say.. i have mentioned this topic about you are talking in earlier episodes? about collecting her body..atleast what about her ashes? did he even manage to do the last ritual to ishani?its all the writer’s fault for not making practical moves #regarding this topic,,lol
        But we all need to accept its all ishani who purposely took the blame.. and wanted Ranveer to hate her and and how she broke his heart during that divorce signing day? and why crying now.not only that what happened during the karva chauth night? she suspected ranveer and took her decision to step out to chirag and finally what happened?she lost her life and RV was supposed to die too. Not only that from the begining of the show she doesnt trust RV ,,she only take her own decisions without knowing anything fully..not even taking her mothers advice.. from the begining of the show she always says she needs someone in her life like how her father loves her mother selfessly//so when she came to know Ranveer loved her from 9 years old. so it was 15 years of love at that time,, then she should have accepted him right at that moment if she understood how worth a 15 years one sided love for her? but what she did ,she took her own decision and ran to Chirag.
        From the begining its her all foolishness and stubborness..
        A woman should not only know to love her husband madly but also should know to protect her relationship..

  3. maya

    someone checked the new promo……shekhar was telling ranveer about he feels for ishani. ranveer asks whether he is in ove and suggests him to confess the love in front of her…..

    omg, already this irritating ritika and stupid ranveer who agrees to all the demands of ritika and plus that amba who is desperate for rv and ritika marriage…this serial is getting boring day by day…….i hope ishani moves forward in his life and enjoys. i mean she also has rights to smile and live. .she is always suffering…………
    waiting for a good episode….. fingers crossed……..

  4. Sathyasree venkat

    Today episode was very sad, innaiku ishaani romba hurt aaita, sheikar is so funny, sheikar ishaani kitta , unga autograph kaga waiting Hahahaha andha scene super, sheikar ishaaniya love pandra, disha scene f**k, b*t*h she is a devil and she is not a mother, disha scene podathinga pls

  5. today episode nice….. plssssss ranveer ishaaniya pakkanu. shekhar ishaani ya puringikanu good frnds aaganu plsssss…….. waiting for good ishveer scenes i love ranveer and ishaai jodi superrrrrrrr

  6. arora

    today episode is very very iritating….. What the hell r u doing directors….. Ninga matum en kaila kedachinga katham katham than…….. Rithika and disha always iritating….. And ishaani look so pity….. Ranveer always feel about ishaani…… Ithu than knja naala oditu irku iintha serial ah…..

  7. ishu

    ranveer seems stupid nowadays. y should he try so much to make ritika happy… also she’s carrying someone’s child whom he doesn’t even know…. idiotic!!!

  8. arora

    hey saranya exam ku padika lam ila…… Exam april 20 than…… Clg la function athn knjm bc……

  9. Shâžñā

    Nw a dyz RV lso borin n irritatin…It seems he wants move on Ritika….lwayz back f Ritika……he doesn’t deserves Ishani’s ashiqui 🙁 🙁 Want old RV back 🙁

    Ishani juz luv U….Go grl…juz move on n live ur lyff happily….evn u hav ryt to live happily….

    Later RV must realise Wtz d real luv z♥♥♥ Ishani’s ashiqui z juz awsm n greater dan RV…♥♥♥

    • Did Ishani ever realise Rv’s aashiqui before she go to jail,???lol
      Even the last moment before she got away from his life,, she reacted as she made fun out of his aashiqui,,
      In my opinion RV is right but still he has hope for Ishani,, coz how can spend and waste his entire life for the girl who never loved her? And always said she hates him,,,
      May be she loves him from inside but she showed negative reaction outwards ,, so RV is not god to understand her inner mind only he can believe what she shows outside,, but still though she showed so much hatred for RV, he still has some hope for Ishani,,
      When you all think that Ishani has to move on in life why don’t u guys think that RV has to move coz he has nothing in return from the girl he loved since 9 years old but only hatred,,
      I wish whether RV get Ishani or no,, he should get to know that his love is not one sided,, that satisfaction is only important in Rv’s life atleast for the long years he waited for her,,

      • Shâžñā

        RV lready planned to move on wid Ritika….so m tellin nw itz ua turn Ishani….evn she hs a ryt to live happily n njoy lyf…

        Ya ofcrse RV s nt a god to understand Ishani’s mind….bt still hw cn he believe Ishani’s words tat she luvs Chirag as he knw her frm childhood….n after their patch up epi thy spent lot f swt moments together….ths s enough 4 any1 to understand tat smethng s thr lyk luv….

        I luv Ishveer jodi♥♥♥evn me lso m big fan of Shakthi Arora as I watched ths shw frm fst epi oly….bt nw a dyz its borin as RV s lwayz back f Ritika oly…juz can’t tolerate ths Ritika wid RV…

        So i want RV must feel jealousy to c Ishani with shekar…. 🙂

    • MATSH

      You are true dear…! i didnt say theres any wrong if ishani just wanna move onn.
      if RV has to understand that her childhood girlfriend although she said again again that she hated him. why not ishani undertsand her childhood friend’s love for her.and she didnt even have trust on him even after he siad several times that he didnt kill chirag? afterall her childhood friend..
      ok they spent few moved closely after patchup ,,but why does wanna break up again and get out of that beautiful life by making her own decisions.. but what did she say RV? she said that all closeness was just an acting to get money from him and said he is still a servant to her..
      she can call her childhood friend after so many years a servant and make fun out of his feelings,,?
      she love RV honestly but does not know to value his feelings…just think from the start its all ishani took damn moves and ended up badly

    • MATSH

      you are right cant tolerate Ritika with RV,,she is a drama queen and wants rights of a wife even before marriage..
      its RV’s fault for giving her more space inorder to make that charcterless woman happy….

  10. nice episode………. i miss today episode written updates la dha pathan naliku pakkanu bt ishaaniiii rmba hurt aaita i feel so sad. ranveer plssssss ishaaniya paru……..

  11. Rishikesh Kishor

    Ritika is so irritating , as if she is the only one pregnant in the entire world. Just waiting to see Ranveer reaction when he will encounter Ishaani

  12. kavi

    ranveer ishaaniya epa paka porn? But kandipa ishaani ya parpan. Avan ishaani ya pakum pothu ava vera nelamaila irpa, that means avan ishaani ya pakum pothu love feeling irkathu, i think avn ishaaniya thapa nenakira sulnilaila than parpan nu nenakirn……

  13. ats

    disha toooooo much irritating she s nt at all a human no one vl do ths to thr baby so dnt show such scenes plssssssssss.if rv s nt happy wid ritika thn y should he act lik tht he cares fr her?ishaani omg crying crying crying she deserves this na?always a wrong decision,making herself hurt nd rv tooooo.ths s nt going well getting bored.dragging tooo nd only good thng s shekhar nowadays,his acting ws superb nd funny.i thnk ishaani should marry shekhar bt she vl nt tht s sure.anyways its jus a drama bt must hv some logics atleast now and then.plsssss dnt drag rv nd ishaani’s meeting fr vry long script writers its boring.

    • Ur right and I agree with you,, Ishani hurts herself and RV too before knowing anything fully,,
      Even now she is not late can’t she research wether RV has really married Ritika? Whose child is she carrying? Are they really married? Or RV has really moved on in his life with Ritika,?
      Doesn’t she know that RV loved from small,, so he didn’t even move on when she was about to marry Chirag, even in the 2 years leap he didn’t change,,
      So will he change in six months?

  14. sree

    its a knwn ting dat serial going soo idiotic….n even many ppl stoped watching it…dis writter wont bother abt it…n i dnt knw hw ekta accepting dis even ven trp goes down….der shld b some meaning na?no proper relationships….ishaan’s ex would b bhabi…ritika….nw vant to marry ishaani’s husband…vat da hell s dis…ver dis writter came frm n ver he saw dis relationships?who ever c haracter having vacany bside…he ll adjust vit another single character without even thinking abt relationships….rv came to help some grl…bt nt even stayed until he sees her…hw come?basical human tendancy also nt show….seriously aftr dis serial…writter wont get chance again….unless he meets some other lik him…vat he s writting even he s nt knwn…b4 also….ishaani crying…rv sees her frm bkside…cnt even notice it s ishaani?he dnt knw who s responsible fr ritika pregnancy…n he didnt ask sharman y he stoped the marriage….kaise nautanki s going on yr?plz try to make rv to see ishaani….make stry a bit intresting….

  15. pls unite rv n ishani…or at least let both of them meet once face to face….serial is going boring by stretching episode.

  16. saranya

    My past is come in front of me wen I saw dis serial. Same situation happened in my life. But I didn’t change my name. I didn’t kill someone. But I kill the heart which is blindly loved me. Stupidity I know but getting happiness is simple thing.. giving happiness is big. I hope ishani & ranveer should reunite

  17. Cant wait for the episode when rv and ishaani will meet again……. imagine rv’s reaction when he is gonna see ishaani alive and that she is shekar’s luv….!!!!
    Well….. it is getting interesting. ….

  18. sassy

    Well, I feel that unnecessary lengthening of what is already exposed to public. That is the reason that we all feel why not simplify. Else, stop watching for a week or 2 and then we will find something relevant. Hopefully!

  19. atleast now unite rv and ishaani….the serial is getting tooooo borrrring day by day…. and this stupid rethika how can she even think that rv can marry her….knowing that rv loves ishaani the most than anyone else……and this rethika just wants 2 marry rv only to give her baby rv’s name….how characterless and cheap person she is.please gomunga ishaani enka rv ne kalpandi….and rethika ne rv life lo nenche gentiandi…nenu wait chestu unta…epuru ishveer khalutaru………

  20. rig

    Except shikhar scenes the whole story is idiotic. Shikhar u r a different character for this story please be careful because there are emotional fools around you. Just end this story in this track it will be OK. Don’t drag yaar

  21. juhaina

    Waiting 4 ishveer 2gdrns….allah….y draggng diz much????plzz plzzz let rv to see ishani’s face…plzzz

    • Manisha

      Please show ritikas true colours.we are tired of her character.and don’t understand is she negative or not.just throw her out of the show.

  22. Manisha

    There is no chemistry between Ranveer and Ritika.dont like to watch them together.ishani looks good with Ranveer and shikhar both.

    • Rosh

      Agree with you. Smriti dosent know to act well , only bubbly scenes she is good .no other emotion she can portray effectively .Ishani is good with both of them.

  23. Why its mvng too slwly? Cmon cvs plz xpose ritika n throw her out of rv’s lyf..invstgtn of chirags case o ny thng rltd to that case didn’t hapn till now..please end this crap shitty romance of ritika..bring the actual topic of her betrayer

  24. Aarohi

    I think ab ishaani or shekhar ka kuch chakkar hai….. Uff ab story ko ghichna band karo and reveal the story behind chirag death….

  25. Ishaani does not know about wat hapd in sharman sangeet function so tats y she thinking rithika pregant with rv’s child…. I want to see jealous rv…wen he know abt ishaani is alive and shikar love intreset in ishaani….

  26. Shâžñā

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Falguni and Nitin will see how Manas is handling baby like mother, Falguni will get worried for Manas. Suddenly she will receive Disha’s message stating ” She has reached safely where ever she wanted to reach”.. Falguni will get worried for her..

    Here, All Parekh family is together. Suddenly Shikhar will come there and Devarsh will be shocked. Shikhar will tell Parekh family about Sia and Devarsh marriage. All family members will be shocked…Here Krisha will be excited to meet Devarsh family.All Parekh family will come to meet Krisha. Ishani will see her family .. Shikhar will return home and now he will understand Devarsh is Ishani’s brother.

    Politician will come to congratulate RV and Ritika for godhbharai and will tell RV’ family that he forgive Ishani’s fasi . Amba and Ritika will be shocked.RV and Ishani will come face to face but suddenly light will go off and they can’t see each other. Ritika will meet the jailer Didi to enquire about Ishani. Devarsh will tell his family that soon he is marrying Krisha…

    Nxt Ritika n Amba together gonna do sme evil plans….i thnk thy gonna force RV to marry Ritika 🙂

    • Woah……that ought to make things more irritating. How much more of Amba’s nonsense is one supposed to handle?? That mute husband of hers….can’t even see what she is doing with her own son’s life??

    • kashish

      my goodness……. is there more drama to come???? already its going out of tolerance level…..please at least make rv and ishani face to face…..these evil plans of ritika need to come to an end… long are the directors planning to drag the story????????????/

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