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Amba says to RV that he must think if he wants these people in house, or his mother. RV takes her hand, and tells her to come inside. Amba says she doesn’t want to talk about it. He gives all the vermala to Parul, and takes Amba inside.
In the room, Amba says she doesn’t want to take any relation with them. RV asks why she made them lose then, Baba told him everything, why she did this. He was listening to her, he stopped following Ishaani and agreed to marry Ritika. Ishaani must have won the case, they must have happy in their house. He says she wasn’t like this ever. Amba says they are worth it, they threw her on road, now she wants to throw them on roads. RV says he promised Mota bapu that he will get Ishaani marry Chiraag. He wanted them to win the case, because Chiraag

wanted to marry her only for her money. She made them lose the case, they lost their flat; and also Chiraag left Ishaani so he had to marry her. He says she is responsible for it all, and what will be the difference between her and them if they do bad to them.
Baba apologizes them all. Falguni says it was their mistake, as it is their daughter’s in laws. Parul asks Ishaani to sit, and introduces herself. Derwash and Pratik come to introduce themselves. Parul asks if they want anything, and asks them all to sit; so that Ishaani also sit down. Pratik says to Derwash that they must wait for RV’s mom’s answer. Amba comes with RV, and asks Parul to take RV and Ishaani to room.

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Mr. Javeri says to Ritika, in anger, that how dare he left her. Ritika says she had asked him to marry Ishaani. Mr. Javeri says he listened to her, neither thought about her nor his respect. Ritika says he loves Ishaani, and he will remain happy with her. Mr. Javeri says he won’t remain happy, as Ishaani doesn’t love him. She says she will remain happy. Mr. Javeri says what about her, as she loves him too. Ritika hugs him, and says she will be happy to see them together. Ritika says God makes the couples, and she may find her Mr. in biking expedition. Mr. Javeri wishes her that she never regrets her decision.
Falguni asks Baa why she listened to RV and came here. It will have a bad effect on Ishaani’s future.
Parul shows RV and Ishaani their room. RV thinks this was Ishaani’s room. Ishaani thinks about their past with Chiraag and RV. Parul invites them inside, and says to Ishaani that she is really shy. She makes them sit on the bed, and says they both have to do KulDevi’s pooja here, maa and maasi will soon be here too. Parul notices Ishaani was lost, and says she knows she is sad and she may call her as she is her friend-cum-personal assistant. Ishaani says this was her house, now it is not. RV explains that now it is of all of them. Amba and Lakshmi come for the pooja, and tells RV it will begin their new life. She sends Parul for some rituals, and calls Amba who was still angry. She asks Ishaani to pray.

Devarsh and Pratik are having good time in new house. Parul comes there. Devarsh stops her and says it doesn’t look like there’s a new wedding in the house. They think of doing something.

RV and Ishaani sit for ring from water game. They are asked to take out their rings. Ishaani remembers Chirag. RV puts his hand in water, but Ishaani is lost in thoughts. Chaitali makes her put her hand in water. RV wins the game. Parul then gives Ishaani her gift, it was a wedding night in five-star hotel which shocks Ishaani.

PRECAP: In room, Ishaani tells RV he just wanted to get her because she rejected him. He couldn’t take that and came for revenge. She removes her dupatta / saree and tells him to go ahead and take his revenge. RV feels uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: Sona

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