Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krisha comes and wishes her parents anniversary. She gives her gifts to her parents. Shekhar comes and hugs Kanchal, he comes to Mr. Mehra and says mom wanted this so he will put it on his coat. He wishes him anniversary, Mr. Mehra thanks him. Parekh family arrive with gifts, they all receive them well. Baa hugs Ishaani and brings her inside. RV and Ritika arrive, RV calls them for anniversary wish. Mr and Mrs. Mehra go to receive them, Ishaani, Baa and Shekhar aren’t happy seeing them. Kanchal asks didn’t Amba and Kelash come, she requested them to come. RV says they won’t be able to come. Inside the house, RV asks Dewarsh and Krisha how are they, are they excited for marriage. RV talks to Shekhar that he didn’t invite him, his mother did; but today no annoying. Ishaani goes to see

Ishaani turns to see RV cheering with Shekhar and Ritika. She weeps, RV doesn’t bother about her. An organizer comes to ask Ishaani what to serve, she nods and goes with him. Shekhar gets a call and is shocked, he takes an excuse the call is from his office. Kanchal asks Ritika to come along them. She asks RV to bring Shekhar and takes Ritika along. Shekhar was tensed about something and says it isn’t possible. Shekhar tells RV there was loss in the law firm he works in. RV tells him it seems lady luck didn’t work in life, sometimes a lady is unlucky in one’s life. Shekhar tells him to shut up, if he says a word again him he will forget RV is his guest. RV laughs, asking would he get hanged for her. Shekhar leaves.
Ishaani looks for the menu, and asks them to serve it. The workmen get the dishes, Ishaani watches some dishes. RV was on door and says she seems to be good, he appraised her doesn’t mean she takes another meaning. He says she must be shocked he is still with Ritika, watching her he didn’t leave her. She must want him to die watching her alive. He thought she freed him, watching him today. He was happy that he realzed he loved the wrong person, he will no longer punish himself for this. Ishaani doesn’t say anything, RV says she did all the drama with him to marry Chiraag. She wanted to get him caught in murder even, but now he won’t let her betray Shekhar as well now. He is Ritika’s friend. He says today the party will be love, because his eyes would be on her and whenever she goes near to him she will confront him. Ishaani tells him to do whatever he wants to, because she doesn’t intend wrong and until her intentions are good she doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone. He better take care of his wife and child, it will be good for his family. She leaves the kitchen.
In the hall, Shekhar and Ishaani try to cross the door together. He stops her and asks if she is fine. She says yes she is. He stares at her. She says he is a lawyer doesn’t mean he suspects everything, she is fine. He tells her there is something on his nose, she gets worried to get rid of it. He laughs that he lied just the way she did to him. She tells him not to laugh much. Baa watches them, Kanchal comes to Baa and says her granddaughter is really beautiful and makes everyone laugh. Baa asks how to say this but what she thinks about Ishaani.
Ishaani tells Shekhar she remembers everything, how many goddesses and Pandit’s she met. She will even tell his parents about that Mili, does he remember it. Shekhar asks her to let it go, as they are happy on their anniversary.
Kanchal says Ishaani is just like her daughter. Baa says Ishaani is also happy here, they could never keep her happy in their home. She asks Kanchal if she thinks it right, Shekhar and Ishaani can be one. Kanchal was delighted and says she was also thinking the same. She says she has to ask Ishaani what she wants. Baa says she will talk to Ishaani.
Shekhar says to Ishaani she isn’t blackmailing but bluffing. He challenges her, she accepts it. She spots Kanchal and takes her to cut the cake. Shekhar is worried and thinks she would tell mom about everything. Krisha brings the cake and asks about Shekhar. Shekhar comes there and has an argument with Krisha. Krisha asks him to cut the cake, and lights the candles. Mr. Mehra says this is a double celebration they are also announcing Krisha and Dewarsh’s wedding date. He wants to celebrate all the happiness with her children, he will cut the cake with his children today. He calls Dewarsh and asks Shekhar to come to him too. Shekhar joins them. Mr. Mehra says Ishaani has done a lot for this family and this family is incomplete without her. He asks her to join them, Ishaani comes in the circle. They all cut the cake together. RV stares at Ishaani curtly. Mr. Mehra puts the cake in Kanchal’s mouth, Shekhar’s and Ishaani’s. RV thinks he knows she is posing to be a good person and rob this family. He won’t let Shekhar come near her, he loves her and he won’t let Ishaani ruin his life.

PRECAP: RV asks Shekhar not to take him wrong, Shekhar asks him to come to point. RV says he doesn’t want a girl to come between their friendships. Shekhar says he doesn’t want to talk about Ishaani to him now, he might soon marry her. RV is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. arora

    today episode is very good, it will be intresting, and rv itha soliye aaganum, what a acting, bohath ache, ranveer, very cute smile rv, rv performance is amazing, and precap is good, waiting for good episode,

  2. suga

    Today’s episode was good.. hate hate hate hate…… this Ranveer to the core.. er.. I felt very sorry and bad for Ishaani.. sun raha hai song suits well.. can feel the pain…
    Just loving shikhar Ishaani scenes.. nice.. Ranveer will feel very much for hurting Ishaani when he comes to know the truth.. waiting for it.. eant to see Ranveer reaction. precap seems to be interesting.. I expected this reply from Shikhar.. please reveal the truth about Rithika soon.. don’t drag further.. waiting for a good episode.

  3. arora

    ranveer ipa ipd nadandukuran ishaani ta, but ranveer ku unmai therinjona ishaani ya purinjikuvan, ishaani ya thedi varuvan, ishaani um ranveer ah than love panra, but shekhar…………., omg shekhar than romba paavam, evlo hurt aavan,

    • Ranveer will probably start to cry after finding the truth he will say he was so ride and mean to ishaani and will hate ritika after finding she killed ishaani mum.buttttttttttttttt wait in a spoiler when ishaani finds out ritika killed her mum she will enter ranveer life again as it is her right but in another spoiler she will agree to marry shekhar who will she choose ranveer or ritika

      • sri

        But I watched a video tat shikar’s mum is announcing ishani and shikar wedding on this same ceremony and RV and ritika hears tat.. so its true tat shikar ishani wedding preparations r under way..

  4. pinky

    nice episode, precap will be intrested, and itna acting rv, i just loved it, very good acting,

  5. vj

    I like shikhar with ishani… We all know someday ishani and Ranveer will unite and that will be a happy moment for all the viewers but iam thinking about shikhar… He will be heartbroken… Writers pls be nice to shikhar.. We all love him too?

  6. kavi

    ishkar scene super, ishaani ya kastama irnduchu, but ishaani nenachathu nadandurchu, rv ishaani ya veruka aaramichitan, ithuku than ishaani rv ta ipd nadandukita, waiting for truth reveal episode

  7. kowsi

    I want this …episode really gud..rv peasuratha partha avan ishaani nama love panalanu solitale avala nama verupu ethanum nu peasura mathiriye iruku…rv hug rithika it will be pushing to wards him…its not normal hug…rv dnt hurt ishaani too much if u know truth apa ena panuva…ishaani agrees marry shikar…rv ne rithika ta peasum podhu apdiye epdi theriyuma iruku…how rude rv …its ektha kapoor show so how many marriage will happen in lead charac so wait and watch

  8. kowsi

    As per the current track, RV informs Ritika that Ishaani is dead for him and their relationship is more important. In the meantime, Ishaani thanks Shekhar for all his help. Meanwhile, Shikhar’s mother invites RV and Ritika for their marriage anniversary. Elsewhere, Shikhar is still infatuated by Ishaani.

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Anniversary Party will start. Krisha will give gift to her parents. Parekh family come…There will be a awkward situation between Ranveer and Ishani. Ranveer will tease Shikhar that Ishani isn’t lucky for him as he’s got a business loss….later, RV will meet Ishani and will tell her that he is happy with Ritika and will also tell that he loved wrong person.

    Later, Ishani and Shikhar will bump into each other . Baa and Kanchan will see Ishani and Shikhar happy and will decide to talk to them about their rishta (relation). Ranveer and Ishani will have their look exchange. Ritika will feel helpless.

    Mr. Mehra will ask Ishani to join the cake cutting ceremony and will tell her she is a family member too. Kanchan will tell Shikhar that she saw the chemistry between Ishani and him.

    Here Ranveer will at first get confuse about gay topic but later he gets it. Devarsh and Chaitali will talk about their plan how to get into Krish’s house by marrying her, suddenly Krisha will come there…..

  9. but…guys today rv was jealous. ..seeing shikar ishani closeness. ..but now soon rv know all the truth. ..that rv will do anything to get back……but shikar will not allow rv to touch ishani because that time ishani shikar ki wife hogi….
    but guys aj ritika was jealous to seee that today’s when rv seeing to ishani that time ritika jealous thi..

  10. Rv villen kahika
    Omg shekhar nd ishaniki shaddi
    Ishani ka jabab kya hogi
    I waiting for that
    Ritika ki raaz kab khulegi ???
    I wait……….
    I like shekhar
    I love ishani’s qut smile……………………

  11. xyz

    Why is Ranveer the hero becoming a villain now? After reading today’s episode I really felt that no point in only loving a person. you should also trust that person. If Ranveer doesn’t trust Ishani, it only means that he has some inferiority complex about himself still and that’s why how much ever big businessman he is, he is not confident enough to go any extent to find about the truth.

    • Rosh

      RV the great can just let her go and live his life. At least she took him to the hospital that day.Why he must hell bent to punish her ?
      Leave her and RV has his Ritika go and play daddy mummy game !!!!

  12. george

    If at all ishaani marries shikar there will be no meaning in serials title itself! And shikar sad of him he’ll be left shattered at end of serial

  13. but..guys I dont think that rv and ishani last ma satha hasa ka nahi I think that ritika will now kill shikar. …because shikar helps ishani a lot ….then he will try to kill rv but ishani will save rv and that time rv knows that ka ishani is nice and ritika wants just money ……

    • maya

      no point in the show if shikhar’s dead….y should everyone die?? shikhar is the life of the show now,,, rv just spoiling it…….luv ishkhar scenes……watever ritika wants, all rv gives it all….he has already became her puppet……shikhar must reveal the truth and then together ishkhar will show the “pol-khol” of ritika…..want to see reaction of rv then….

  14. Shâžñā

    Ohhh todyz epi it seems interestin…bt i missed it…nw a dyz Shikhar n Ishani rockin in d shw♥♥♥ Both lukin cute together ♥♥

    Mny RV fans lwayz juz blamin ishani 4 evrythng…..evn though me lso Rv’s fan bt i luv Ishani’s ashiqui♥♥♥Old Rv’s charm missin in d shw…♥♥

    Wanna Ritika’s truth to be reveal..thn it ll b more intrestin…♥♥♥

    • malvika

      the show will come to track only when ritika’s true intentions come out……at least viewers k samne to sach bata do—serial to drag kar hi rahe ho…..anyways ishkhar scenes r nys…..koi romantic dance nhi hoga kya inka,, y only rv-ri sud dance together?? rv has completely changed…..he is total puppet… feelings, big stupid!!!!! shikar do something, sirf tum hi kuch kar sakte ho…….waiting for revelation….

    • Rosh

      Agreed even though I missed the show . Ishani is becoming witty with Shekir now RV has a real competitor . We all know it RV is looking for excuses to be around her , it is not that he care about Shekir it is that he can’t see his Ishani with another man .

  15. xyz

    why should ritika kill shikhar? she should be happy that if they both get married then her problem is solved. She can live with RAnveer happily everafter. No point going on a killing spree

  16. Ashiqui

    It’s look like only tamil viewers erupanga pola…I’m also tamil ….hi to all ….

  17. maya

    in the upcoming track, there will be few scenes where ishani and rv will hug each other and they will be caught….but dont take it the other way, its actually rv’s plan to prove ishani characterless…however the hero shikhar will still have faith on ishani and marry her to give some joy to her………
    after a long drama, when rv will know about ritika’s truth he will try to get back to ishani but cant do so since she will be mrs. shikhar…….feeling happy for her……at least she will have some happy moments and she can smile…..nice to see ishkhar….

    anyways, i really hope ishani changes her dress style…style queen radhika, show some glamour and leave that old sari style….wear something that shows ur gorgeousness……haye, kitni pyari lagti ho!!!

    • Shâžñā

      If ths gonna happen m hpy…bcz ishani suffered a lot…n nxt itz Rv’s turn..evn he must hw mch ishani loved him♥♥♥

      Agree wid U…tat old sari styke must change n try some nw stylish saree….bcz 4 me ishani lukz awsm in sarees♥♥♥

    • Rosh

      Is it true !!!!! I am so happy Ishani darling will smile Shiker is such a funny man , he will really make sure Ishani smiles . He does now any way

  18. really this track is making me to doubt on RV’s true love for ishaani…hw can a person who loves his lover so deeply that too from childhood and her best friend…. change so suddenly and hate her to the core ..? and also think she is bad. RV has another incident also to realize ishaani’s love and alsoher goodness,when he got accident ishaani was crying a lot and saved his life if ISHAANI would hate RV then y she saved RV life and if it is on humanity then RV should not think that Ishaani can ruin shikar’s family or somebody happiness… plz RV realize ishaani sacrifice before it is too late …. and hating ishaani does not suit u uu……

    • malvika

      rv has lost his mind….he just lectures others about love but he himself does not have clue of true love, thats y he never understood ishani and her ashiqi….he does not even have common sense left……maybe rits is faking her pregnancy,,,,she is such a drama queen….so many truths to be revealed……….fast-track the story plz….

  19. yes xyz…..because shikar will help ishani for truth. ..that who kill falguni…then later shikar knew that ka ritika kill chirag and this baby is also of chirag and then shikar will say everything. ishani and then rv will kill shikar and prove also

  20. Sathyasree venkat

    Ippa romba interest ta irruku, rv ku possesive vanthutu, but aana avan vella kamikala.avan ishaani ya yevola dhan veruka try pannala, avanala ishaani ye vittu vilaga mudiyathu.yenna rv ishaani ye romba love pandra.aana avanuku thonala ishaani indha murder ra panniruka maatanu,shekhar dhan romba pavam, avan ishaani ya romba love pandra.aana innum shekhar ku theriyala, ishaani ranveer ra mattum dhan love pandranu.evalo scene vanthathu ku aparam kuda shekhar ishaani yoda past ta pathi therijikala.ishaani yen rv kitta ippadi nadathukura nu shekhar ku yen doubt varala.avanuku rv ya pathiyum theriyum ishaanyum theriyum.shekhar yen andha chiraag case sa reopen pannala, avanku ishaani murder panniruka maatanu theriyuthu apa vera yaaruku pathila ava jailku ponanu avan yosikave illa.feeling sad for shekhar

    • Ur so right,, now all like the 4 weeks of shiker’s love but not 18 years Rv’s love for Ishani,,,,?
      Ok shiker understood her now but RV understood her since childhood but she proved him that she is changed now coz of Chirag,,
      How ever much Ishani try RV to hate her she will not achieve in that,,? Coz she tried so much to hate her and went to jail but what happened in hospital,,,?

  21. Sathyasree venkat

    Ishaani kum shekhar kum marriage aana indha serial evalo naal paathathelam waste aaitu, pls reunite rv and ishaani, we want ishveer scene not ishkhar.pls unite rv and ishaani

    • komal

      i know everyone wants ishveer back…..but the story has lost its essence…..ishkhar is better than ishveer…….the loving rv has died and only the stupid fool rv is left who is always hovering around ritika…..rv will hurt himself badly when he comes to know the truth…ritika without even becoming vamp has already destroyed many things…… maybe c is faking her pregnancy…….what will be her punishment??

      • Rosh

        Me too think now the RV we have is puppet for Ritika the evil, it serves him right always running to her for every thing earlier it self

      • No it is not truth
        Ishveer is better than ishkar
        Agar ishkar better hain toh serial ka nm hota meri aashiqui sab se hi………

  22. Whers the old RV who was madly in love with ishaani ?? :'(:'( kya yhi tha uss pagal ka pyar ? PYAR krna ishaani se sikho… RV ne kabhi ishaani ko pyar kiya he nhi n kabhi samaj bhi nahi paya..
    This SHOW IS LOOKING IT’S CHARM :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
    LOVE U ISHAANI ♥:-*:-*:-*& HATE U RITIKA x-(o_O

  23. I always say guyz RV should move onn from Ishani but he chose Ritika for that is the only point I’m Heart broken,,
    He could have not accepted Ritika impeded to get rid of Ishani,, he could have lived alone with his beautiful aashiqui,,,
    I feel it’s better if the couple stay seperated ,, RV is happy atleast without suffering with Ishani coz atleast how she makes fun of shiker she was not with RV !!!!and she too is happy without the tortures of amba a d her family and disha,,,,
    The current track shows RV his stupidity in overacting to forget Ishani and juz show off in front of her,, lol talking too much / laughing too much/ and expressin too much,, he is over exaggerated in his journey of forgetting of Ishani,,,
    I still have so much love for Ranveer,, and very happy he thought of moving onn from Ishani,,,
    But now Ishani to make RV hate her more she will make a another prank drama,, to marry shiker,,
    Its all about Ranveer’s aashiqui for ishani of MATSH,,Why u guyz say that juz shiker and Ishani wow,, lol!?
    But not atleast for RV and Ritika WOW,,? If she seems good to RV but not for RV haters,,, lol

    • komal

      actually ishani has not changed…she was always this and still the same….but rv has changed….i guess wo sadme mei h….its ishkhar wow bcoz they have some bonding but yes hate all rv- ri scenes….ri is not gud to rv also, u can see….but shikhar is trapped between all, he will be heart-broken at the end i guess…

      • However RV must change for the woman who always said she hated him,,!!!! And only hurted him ,,,, broke his heart so badly knowing how much he loves her,,,
        RV Ritika wow is juz a joke coz I dnt want RV to change his aashiqui for any1xxx

    • Shâžñā

      As a couple thr s no chemstry btw RV n Ritika….lol
      Bt Ishani n Shikhar lukin cute together♥♥

      In ths shw fst thy showed Rv’s ashiqui n Ishani’s stupidity….n nw thy r showin Ishani’s ashiqui n Rv’s stupidity 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Hisab barabar 🙂

      • Rosh

        Correct RaRi looks horrible but Iskar look amazingly cute. I want Ishani to smile it is Shekir a new friend being her best friend not RV . R V has Ritika and busy playing Dady game for her baby.
        I too like Ranveer but some thing happened to him , he has no right on Ishani , how can he punish her? She said she hate him the reason can’t be changed so leave her alone !!!! Why can’t he? Because she is still in his heart

  24. The saddest and most wiredest part is that why Ishani is halfway in all,,,,,,? Why don’t she try to know the problem fully??? And juz her own decisions ,,,? She assumes things and juz make big decisions,,,,’
    She won’t analyse anything properly but only decides the best for everything,,?
    She knows very well Rv’s sole happiness is his aashiqui for Ishani but why is she deciding that it is best if RV turn his ashiqui for Ritika,,, ?even after knowing all about his love for her,,
    Go and die u fund woman but atleast tell him that u love him,, no use of showing ur hidden aashiqui and destroying ur man’s heart and love,,,,

    • komal

      y do u see it from a viewers view??? just watch it from ishani’s side…..after she came from jail, she saw rv calling other lady as his wife…..even when he met her (nirupa), he always addressed ritika as his wife……u will ask y ishani should believe that rv moved on wid ritika but the answer is simple—-its because rv himself created such circumstances…..even in hosp, she wanted it clean but he forced her and she again broke his heart so that he can actually forget her and move on without any regret…..

      • OMG I can’t understand when will Ishani decide everything knowing anything properly,,,?
        Yeah she went to him,,,, but why she stop by something she saw on tv,,, why can’t she verify,,,?
        OMG she is the root of all but I feel so sad for her too coz she is destroying herself for her stubbornness ,,,
        Can’t she atleast have common sense that its only six months post their seperation so how come Ritika be pregnant for 8 months,,,,)?

        Let she feel little when she see RV and Ritika coz once RV felt
        this when she was with Chirag,,,

      • It’s not viewer’s view it’s my own opinion,,,
        I wnt Ranveer’s to live peacefully ,,,but not with Ritika…

    • Shâžñā

      Itz nt abt hidden ashiqui n itz abt pure ashiqui♥♥ Aftr Ishani came out frm jail she went to Rv’s mansion oly evn though she heard in tv tat RV s married som1 lse…tat tym mala said tat RV s hpy in hs nw lyf n al….n in hospital scene wtevr she tld itz al bcz f tat Amba…she tld mny things lyk obviously any1 ll believe tat….so ishani made such a decision♥♥ ishani did same lyk wtevr RV did earlier….evn though he loves ishani he helpd to Ishani’s marg wid Chirag for d sake f her happiness…n nw ishani doin d same as she wants Rv’s happiness n his child’s lyf secured:)

      I knw U r a fan of RV….evn me lso Rv’s fan bt dÖn look lwayz frm Rv’s side look both side…try to look frm Ishani’s side lso…thn u ll understand Ishani’s ashiqui♥♥

  25. xyz

    it is ok if RV is with ritika. bc, she loves him and was there for him majority of the times. And she seems genuine bc she confronted him before they went to the anniversary as well. Ishani has been the loser all this while. FIrst, she was ditched by Chirag now this guy. Hope shikhar wont leave her. And anyways, he seems more mature than RV bc he doesn’t allow any nonsense about Ishani. Even after he came to know her truth, he has only trusted her. It is much above love. RV should control his ego and overreactions. His character will be fine then. But if they separate, then the title should be renamed.

    • RV didn’t ditch Ishani,,, but she went away from RV deciding things on her own imaginations,,,
      She ditched her beautiful LIFE with RV the soul that loves her so much,,,

      If she gonn like this living in her dream attitude even shiker will ditch her,,lol

  26. I can’t understand how easily some insult the 18 years of pure love of a man to a girl,,, and just appreciate the 4 week guyz who is in love,,,?
    Anything too much is bitter ,,, Rv’s too much love is bitter now ,,,only coz he felt he need to move onn,, but not when Ishani romanced Chirag,,,,?????
    Ishani lovers plz respect Rv’s decision coz ur Ishani wanted this to happen finally,,,!!!!
    RV didn’t hurt ish..but Ishani hurt RV so many times,,, after all she decided this current life for her not RV,,,

  27. Rosh

    MATSH Ishani doesn’t burn with jealousy like RV did when he saw Chirag and Ishani together. More over it was his mistake he made his child hood friend to fall for the wrong man.
    Remember Ishani’s birthday wish ” I wish Ranveer’s happiness with whomever it may be ”
    She loves RV but in a different way.
    It is not only Ishani even RV not bothere about any thing even our societies rule , he is sleeping with Ritika and shouting the whole world about his wife and child . How will Ish know the truth?
    Common both of them did foolish mistake but it is Ishani I like most , she is dumb as every one says , she is but I just love that girl . She has a heart of gold as I always say. RV is also a good man but with a wrong woman now .

    • Yeah I can understand both love each other in a different way,, rv burning with jealousy after all for the girl he loved for so long,, it’s common yaar,, lol
      Anyway what’s the use of having a golden heart but not exposing her golden heart atleast for the man who loved her for 18 long years,,,?
      And not even her family,,,/ nor her mother,,,?
      What’s the use of wishing good for her all her loved ones by hurting them,,,?0

  28. Rosh

    Yaa it will be interesting poor RV still very much in love but already in the cluch of Ritika buddy . He is going to be a father of some ones baby ….ha ….ha.. Ha. Real dhamaka tab ayega jub RV uski real face dekhega!!!!!!!!

    • That’s not Rv’s fault ,,,, coz he thought Ritika is a good friend completely believes her,, but If she betray him it s not his fault after all it’s her problem,,, he believes her but she is cheating him,,, poor git

  29. xyz

    guys, If RV was so much in love, then why didn’t he say the truth that he was not married to ritika? he told that he missed her but still hid marriage thing from her. When he told shikhar he is her husband, why didn’t he stand up and say that I am legally not married to ritika? Probably IShani would have gone back to him then.

  30. Remya Radhakrishnan

    Omgggg….happy happyyy…luv ishkar scenees…i think the story got its lyf after the entry of shikhar.rv is becoming so crueel.why should ishani be the sufferer alwayss.and why ritikas truth is not revealed till now…whatever it may be but i jist luv ishani shikar scenes really really cuteee.hope we will get to c more intresting scenes in the upcoming episodes of the serial.luuuuvvv uuu soooo mchhh ishhhkaarr

  31. aman

    yes again it proves ishani’s stupidity.
    how she can believe things without going to the root of issue.
    has she ever tried to find out about ritika and rv marriage. ? she even didn’t try to find out the ritika children’s father. which mighr be her brother child.

    she always say this to rv that she hates him.
    and each time she broke rv’s heart.

    and now she is going to marry with shekar and going to spoil his life.

    and after all of this you all are saying SHE IS INNOCENT and praising her : )

    • Trueeeee ,,, atleast she should think its only 6 months post their seperation how come Ritika be pregnant for 8 months,,, lol

  32. Rosh

    Don’t about Fakguni she was not a good mom ok , she gave advice make up is more imp than character or education for a girl. As soon as u are an adult you must wear make up and catch a rich man. Which mom on earth will talk like that. She just abandon Ishani many times when she was in trouble. She was a good human being , when Ranveer was beaten and thrown out of the house earlier she stood under an umbrella and enjoying the whole drama.
    Not exposing right but RV also hid it until he was caught . So she got a shock she felt her best friend cheated her. Ishani got enough punishment during the hate track earlier about that track less said is better. RV called every bad word under the sun she still took every thing because she is dumb.Any other girl could have walked out of the relation ship yaar.
    RV loves Ishani no doubt about it , but the length of love doesn’t matter . Love is not a thing to argue I am senior and u just started .
    Agreed 18 yrs what he learn about Ishani that she is capable of killing a man? Where Shiker knew Ishani as a murderer doesn’t believe that she can kill any one.
    It is Shiker who really understands Ishani because he is more witty ,jovial& defenitly got better brain than Ishveer.
    Ishani has no family every one made use of her including Disha . She was always baharwali nothig else. At time I feel Parekh suffered because of hurting then angel Ranveer .
    I am not here to blame any one , but I can’t and don’t want Ishani to cry anymore .

    • Rosh

      The above said was for MATSh from point of view for her reference Ishani’s heart . We both can say our own views it is called individual freedom friend

  33. harry

    Ishani deserves RV ‘s hatred. She did with RV what no lover can do. How can you hurt and insult someone who loves you from the core of his heart? What is the use of fake crying now? Ritika is his true friend and she sacrificed her friendship when Chirag left Ishani at marriage mandap.

    • She deserves ,,, but why should RV trying to save his friend shiker he can juz get rid of her but he is still interfering in all her issues ,, it’s his another way of aashiqui lol,,

  34. Rosh

    Common that is what even Ishani wanted , she wanted RV to hate her . She will be happier with Shiker he has a mom who loves her.
    Without RV hating her Ritika and RV can’t live together it was always Ritika RV was praising the whole world about as friend and as a wife. He can even sleep with her without marriage ?
    I agree with you Ishani is not worth of RV , she told she hates him .
    So now RV must let her go and leave her , he has no right to prove her characterless or punish her. She made her decision so now act like a gentle man move out of her way . As Shiker said every one has their own choice she made hers let her go .

  35. Rosh

    Ishani will be happier with Shiker & Ritika serves RV right good go Ranveer until her truth come out

  36. Kush

    Hello plz can someone get sharman in pic and issani to speak to her kaki why his marriage was broke ????and that’s way she will know the truth of this baby !!!!

  37. Shâžñā

    Rosh agree wid ur all points…u r lwayz analysin frm both RV n Ishani’s side…n I love tat….evn me lso havin d same thought 🙂

    • maya

      yeah right…..we should see it from both side……y to blame only one person….if ishani did stupidity, leave her alone and start your life peacefully,,,y to interfere………ritika is gud or bad, let time decide it…..waise bhi story has changed so much that no point in thinking what comes next…..just be prepared to digest everything……..yes, u were ryt that love is not about length or seniority it is about the depth………but i care for shikhar….

  38. Hey guys pls say … isn’t the show changing its track all the. Time ?? At the beginning it was something n now something ??? I didn’t expect RV to turn out like this what do u say???? 🙁

  39. tamilmathi

    Enapa neega epdhi panreegale pa……..plzzzzzzzzzz unit RV & Ishani…..
    Serial nallave ila pa…….make it fast

  40. jiya

    wowwwwww….. hw much of fans for this show and also tamil guys..I wish to ishani and sheker after they both wil reveal real villan.ritika villiya ilamakoda urukalam idhu ekthakapoore show iliya unwxpected perdion villiona kamipanga parugalen.

  41. Ishani always said she wanted someone who will love her so much like her father does her mom.. So when she got to know Ranveer loved her ; she should have realised at that point itself that if he loves since childhood how much love he would have for her,, she mistrust him and ran to Chirag,,. After she saw RV become rich she even was with Chirag in front of him,, and he tried his best to save her from Chirag,,, Ishani said him to get married only that will make her live a peaceful life,, so he decide to marry Ritika.,. When he found out Chirag left, he ran to tha mandap to save her,,,
    After the marriage was she good with him atleast not the fun she made with shiker,, she was moody always ,, knowing her friend from childhood why she was hating him even after marraige,,,?the karva chauth day she mistrust him again and thought he would kill her father, and ran back to Chirag,, only coz Chirag confessed the truth that day,she realised RV if not still she would create dramas of mistrusting him,,,
    Yeah RV hate her coz he thought that she would have spent that day with Chirag coz his mother Chirag they all proved him that,,, how many times has Ishani insulted him,,,? So what if RV insult her,? He didn’t hurt Ishani knowing the truth but now Ishani is hurting him knowing the truth he loves her,,,
    Even during chirag’s death she mistrust him again how many times he said that he didn’t kill , but she listen that,,,? She decided that RV would have killed him and became so stupid a d spoiled her good life with RV and gave her status to a vampires,,
    I know Ishani loves RV coz she is destroying her own self for the well being of RV,, it’s a different way of loving but I only can’t understand why she is not analysing anything properly and taking stupid decision,,,?
    Now it’s Ishani’s aashiqui and Rv’s stupidity,,,
    After all I know that Rv’s love so much for Ishani,, but she never was happy with him,, if she is happy with shiker it’s good choice for her,,,
    But I don’t say that ishker are better than ishveer,, coz the real love and sacrifice is between ishveer but not ishker…
    I’m not a RV fan after all,, I only adore that character and that love,,, he has for her,, but I too hate Ishani’s stupidity

    • Rosh

      I love both of them but I get surprised by both of them. Ishani was always been a dumb that is why RV had to really protect her many times remember after the two yr leap . He really loves her like no one can love a lady. He is angry at her now that is understood , but even now this anger also he is talking and chasing her.
      Shiker is a totally new comer and he looks at Ishani from different point of view. Some time I feel both of them are two little children stubborn and innocent, they our Ishweer love each other to a point they are destroying each other. I loved the first phase angelic Ranveer and after their marriage . Soon after marriage two of them were looking like two cute children together . Ranveer has an inferior complex infront of Ishani that happened when first time he set eyes on her . She was a princess like , he felt he was ugly. Unknowingly Ishani hurt the right point again, so he is mad at her. He can never be angry with her so long , he will realise how many stupid crazy thing she has done for him but by the time Ishker will happen.
      It is not easy to destroy your self completely for love that is what a Ishani did she just destroyed herself to a level she walked in to a death penalty. Sacrificing love many can do .
      Even though stupid was she was done was shocking . She had no one in life who really cared other than step dad , mom & her best friend Ranveer.on karwachod she had a doubt so went to clear it. She shouldn’t have but as I told she got too much punishment for it from RV. He turned in to a monster. She cried and fought for his life. The person came back was a monster. Ishani was a dump so she stood by him.
      I was angry at RV because I don’t like Illteating any woman . I have one genuine doubt why must RV sleep with Ritika ? If she is pregnant and he wants to give name to illigimate child fine do it in a decent way. Why must he praise her in public like that? So that few more girls will do the same mistake?now why can’t he let Ishani go? It is very bad thing trying to destroy the person you loved once .
      MATSH when I think from both of their I feel more for Ishani that is all. We can say our view right. It will be Ishweer’s aashiqui always. At time I feel it is Ishani’s dumbness and Ranveer’s madness making this serial so heart warming.
      Look we have such amazing actors Shakti, Radika , sarita Joshi and Arjun , today also I won’t be able to watch so depend on all of you to know the story.

      • Even that’s the only point I’m irritated with RV,, why should he accept her to sleep on his bed and why the hell he announce her as his wife coz his mother wishes,, any how once he loved Ishani against the will of his mom only now why can’t he,,,? That’s my point hatest point on RV,,
        But I too hate Ishani’s stupidity ,, she doesn’t value Rv’s feelings but she loves him to the extent that she can destroy her whole life for ranveer,, I understand on both sides but I can’t resist when problem arises due her foolishness,,

  42. sneha muthupandian

    I Love RV and Shikhar both are awesome in acting athanala than intha serial pakraen

  43. ishveer

    what was going on
    why did ishani agred to marry shekar
    to make ranveer to move with ritika
    then how ishani can spend a whole life with shekar she didn’t such feeling aganist the shekar if she marries shekar the meaning of show will be no more
    some how everyone will not be watch the serial

    i think so that ishani will come to know the truth that rithika is not really married to ranveer and her child wasnot ranveer’s
    at the same time ranveer should know the truth then he feel guilty
    i think so ranveer and rithika marriage ,shekar and ishani marriages willnot be held waiting for the good episode we just cannot wait for that the directors have been testing patiency
    but the twists and turns makes us to to watch day by day

  44. Omg rv feeling jealousy seeing ishkar togthr… bt remembr this guyss rv lovd ishanni so much since he cnt accept that she hs gine far awy frm him… he is behaving lyk stupid wth rithika.. omg did u realky watch rv face while being wth rithika?? its all fake joy and smile… and precap so nice… finger crossed to see today epi… anyways so many twists are waiting for us ie fans..

  45. rig

    Ishani you are so lucky that you always have a caring person on your side even in your pain like shikar and jailer. But ranveer is pity no one is there for him he get stuck between that ritika and his mom. Feeling so bad for you ranveer you always get the pain and even now also you are loving ishaani your hatred is just your endless love for her.pls show ranveer happily ASAP…

  46. sri

    I think RV is responsible for shikar’s firm loss..
    May be he might have done purposely to make shikar to hate ishani..
    Coz RV shikar kita pesurappo did anyone see his reactions..


    • anonymous

      Tamil is one of the language in india.Anyone can speak their own language.who are u?mind ur own business

    • puchu

      u blo*dy idiot riya hw dare u to say tamilian an assholes??? gv respect n take respect ok instead of respect to indian language tamil u want foreign lang. english here hah u nonsense firstly give respect to our culture n indian language ok otherwise go to hell

    • anonymous

      Yeh riya, u are a hindi person,then tell me why tamil films are being watched in foreign countries.Hindi has flopped there.Only nice thing in hindi is their serials.Don’t say about tamil.I will not be normal if u say anything about tamil,my mothertongue.You cultureless stupid MARVADI(north indians) riya

    • maya

      its not gud to insult tamil……just bcoz u cant understand their words doesnt mean u will insult them….dont read their comments then, y so interfering …….actually…..they are as important part of india as you……so stop it!!!

  48. kowsi

    Hi guys anyone watch the new promo for matsh..ishaani says i will marry shikar ..Rv watches this bring to rithika center his knee down to her i will marry u…it will be happy for rithika and amba..ishaani watches this

  49. anonymous

    Ella MATSH tamil fanskum nan ethe solren:Namma oorula tamil serial ellamalla neenga epide hindi serial pakkureenga.epave pathingalla, entha hindikaranga yepide pesurangannu.Evangallam tamil karangale epide pesuranga.Atleast thiruppi badiladu pesunga ellati thala mela okkanthiruvanga

  50. $$ pragna $$

    hello anonymous please dont discuss about show in tamil because we cant understand it

  51. anonymous

    I have told this to tamil people i want them to understand.Not for marvadis(hindi people)

    • anonymous

      sorry,look how this north indians say bad about south indians.I am already angry with this stupid marvadis.

      • u listen we r stupid according to u then according to me u r most stupid prson I saw….u should respect all languages its nt like that u will speak in Tamil then Tamil is the best…..u r starting fight btween all please stop it…and respect all Indian languages

  52. sri

    U stupid one everyone have right to talk in their own language..
    U should have insisted once if u don’t understand the language and we’ll give explanation..
    But don’t dare to say Tamilians to stop speaking Tamil.. U bullshit

  53. puchu

    hy anonymous i m also marvadi but i respect our indian language ok hw can u target all marvadi n use stupid word?? if u r literate than read indian constitution n its preamble carefully

  54. anonymous

    A final warning to all marvadis(northies),don’t say anthing bad about tamil especially you dirty idiot riya

  55. malvika

    plz stop fighting friends…..everyone has their own rights to talk in the language they want……it will be nice if we respect all the languages and cultures of india…….everyone is gud as they are…

  56. anonymous

    Yeh puchu,i say this when that riya told tamilians bad words.If we did’nt react they will tell more

  57. puchu

    final warning to anonymous don’t target whole marvadi be for one ok be aware next time

  58. anonymous

    Sorry puchu,i don’t want to insult marvadis,but when they say bad atleat 1 person has to react.I can’t withstand if any 1 say bad abt tamil.Please don’t insult tamil u marvadis

  59. puchu

    anonymous i m marvadi but i protest stupid riya’s comment plz read it in reply of riya comment

  60. maya

    there are already so many twists and tales of this show to decide which is true or false—— rits faking her pregnancy, rits going to kill shikhar next, ishani marrying shikhar, rv coming to know rits truth on marriage day, rits suicide trial after revelation to get sympathy, rv proving ishani characterless, shikhar to unite ishveer back and blah blah blah blah……..though ishkhar seems nice these days but the truth is that the show is made for ishveer ……whatever stupidity they do but they are made for each other and will unite at the end (however long it may take)…. so stop blaming any of the character and just enjoy the show normally…just digest each episode like normal and enjoy the performances in place of criticising the characters….

  61. $$ pragna $$

    hiii anonmoys please give respect dr.and please dont fight guys because if our languages are different but we are indians right.

  62. puchu

    our indian language is ancient assets of us n we should keep respect toward them whatever it is north indian or south indian or east indian or west indian our indian language will be superb ever n forever

  63. sri

    This is for all those who talk rubbish abt Tamil.. Also please stop fighting because we all belong to same land respect all languages and culture.. And pls ppl we respect all languages and tats y we watch other language shows.. And our intension is not to hurt anyone just gave explanation and tats it

  64. puchu

    i m not arguing here to anyone remember one thing respect to all language n community of india

  65. Rosh

    I was busy whole day now I see many are fighting on language don’t we all are Indians . I am from Kerala but I like Hindi also.
    You know why there is so much terrible thing happening in this world it all because of we can’t appreciate differences . Riya way is of telling was wrong but there was a point too. When the comments come in Tamil others can’t understand . It is a common manners let others understand what you say in a group topic .
    I think all of you have cool down already

    • anonymous

      She can tell that.but why she used bad word.Rosh nammal southindiansina avar hurt cheyaruthallo athukondu njan thirichu paranju.Enniku tamilum malayalavum ariyum

  66. Ann(athu)

    The problem maker here is riya.Because of her,this fight happened.First,riya should respect all other languages.I agree with anonymous that no one has right to say about other languages
    but at the same time anonymous also have to respect north people

  67. rani

    you just shut ur mouth @pragna
    you are saying this and you wre supporting that riya u fool

  68. rani

    blo*dy pragna evn some tamilains dont understand hindi that much
    for exampl me, I dnt knw hin that much. did we come order that you people?
    Who are you order us? guys we will speak in tamil lets c wt dis marvadis will do?

      • rani

        Yeah I knw evn I feel bad. but she told dont speak tamil and also said its an order. now u say me who is she to order?

  69. anonymous

    Thank u rani for supporting me.Nan yaar enna sonallum thangikuven except my tamil

  70. rani

    yeah anonymous they dont knw d value of tamil? I feel pity that they didnt get a chance to learn tamil tats it

  71. anonymous

    Even i cry when marvadis tell bad about us.Example,in YHM they call us as madrasans.Actually in the older days british call us in the meaning of servants.Why can’t they just call as tamilians.

  72. rani

    yeah ur right if u c 2 states movie. OMG that movie is too much. they speak about tamilians skin color. I feel like banging them. As an indian we r nt respected outside India and as tamilian we r nt respected in India. very bad 🙂 🙂 🙂

  73. $$ pragna $$

    hello rani iam also a south indian.i was supporting riya for only one reason i,e dont talk tamil and speak in english.only for that reason iam supporting her and the way she is talking is bad.she used bad language to explain it.i will never support that type of language.and once again iam saying it iam also a SOUTH INDIAN.AND IAM ALSO ANGRY ON RIYA.and i will support ANONYMOUS AND ROSH.

  74. anonymous

    For rani and pragna,these north indians think they are best.But in the film industry,bollywood is not going good on foreign countries,they see mainly kollywood movies.

  75. rani

    Im sorry 4 using bad words . u wre ordering us not 2 speak tamil. If u would hve requested I would hve not scolded u

  76. $$ pragna $$

    and i love tamil and i have to learn this language.i will watch all the tamil movies and rani u r also right but now u r using bad language to explain and if u guys are hurt by supporting riya.iam sooooooooooo sorry for all the tamilans

  77. rani

    One more fact tamil language is most old language in the world. around 2000 years I guess evn older than sanskrit. Many dont know d beauty of its words.

    • anonymous

      Yes rani,the oldest language in india,even malayalam is the mix of tamil and hindi

  78. $$ pragna $$

    do u know guys all blockbusters of hindi movies are the remake of southindian movies

  79. rani

    Actually Im a kannadiga frnds. I took special interest to learn tamil after reading d english version thirukural an amazing book of tamil

  80. rani

    yeah pragna bodyguard kick, wanted, ghagini, holiday and many more. list is vry big

  81. Angelin

    Frnds pls stop fightng…. we are all indians… whr is riya???? Whr r u ma???? U only start tis…. pls u should ask apologize for ur dirty comments… I’m also tamil…. pls stop it frndzzzzzzzz…..

  82. Liya

    Hmm anonymous who told u malayalam is a mix of tamil and hindi?me too felt that.hihi

  83. anonymous

    Guys,look this is a hindi serial,but no one to support hindi peoples only south indians.
    This itself show south indian’s strength

  84. Liya

    Oh!that’s y u called me kutty.m really sorry 4 that and athu r like sisters so i thought she was fooling me.she also used to comment with the name anonymous.

  85. $$ pragna $$

    hindi is mixed in all the languages like tamil,telugu,malayalam.because its a national language

  86. rani

    pragna who cares whch is national language. I feel they should hve selectd sanskrit as national language.

  87. puchu

    short knowledge is dangerous smone is doing again n again mistake. who stupid say all north indian or hindi known person r marvadi? for a foolish comment target whole community is a good manners? we say respect all language of india because we repect its integrity

  88. $$ pragna $$

    thankyou yaa now iam taking eamcet coaching after that i will join in btech

  89. rani

    @puchu if riya would hve said bad about us dis prblm would hve not arrived. But she tld assholes for tamilians means full tamil community. Marvadi is nt a bad word compared 2 wt riya told .

  90. rani

    Nd who tld marvadi is bad word? wen dey say tamilians as madrasi y cant we say marvadi 4 them.

  91. puchu

    one stupid girl riya create a lot of misunderstanding here ufffffff she should be ban at this forum

  92. anonymous

    Puchu,i can hear anything.but if i hear bad abt tamil,i can’t withstand that

  93. oMG so cheap of riya how could shee ??? I mean this is wrong .. !! Very much wrong guys now let it be some ppl r like this..oh god

  94. Rosh

    OMG 221 comments!!!!!
    I have great respect tamilians for their love for Tamil . You all love your mother tongue just like you love your mother amazing guys . I live in another country even here tamilians just love their mother tongue hats off to you .
    Anonymous Malayalam is actually a mix of Sanskrit and chenthamil ( Tamil ) . Hindi derived from Sanskrit I think differences apart but Hindi language explains love the best , Hindi songs express love the best according to me no offense ok.
    I think Tamil is the only language where they respect any female by calling “AMMA” see the Tamil language it self respect women . Seeing mother in every female is a gift.
    Another thing Tamilians are mostly pure hearted they accept any one to their state if you respect them. See rajnikanth , ex chief ministers Jayalalitha , and MGR people who rule Tamil heart are not tamilians .
    Riya you can’t call them Morons , it is wrong.

    • komal

      just shut up….only bcoz of u it all started…..learn to respect other peoples feeling…..dont use wrong words….let everyone enjoy their rights…..u cant interfere in other people works……stay away!!!…..even i dont understand tamil but i respect all the languages bcoz its all part of india…we r all indians after all…..

  95. Pls somebody stop this what wrong did I do ? :(Iam not Tamil but respect everyone… Iam not idiot &hv respect for others riya..:(

  96. Rosh

    Riya calm down I understand while reading comment we get irritated if don’t understand it but you were harsh , that is why they got angry

    • Hey this is fake riya here… 🙁 I myself wanted to apologise everyone .. sorry for using bad language actually I was in stress…. so I just… m really sorry we all r Indians and we r one ! 🙂

  97. Rosh

    Even though we are from different state speak different languages we all are Indians

  98. Süchï

    Hey rosh t.q dr u makes me feel great dr t.q ur opinion is ryt yaar thanks 4 suportng

  99. Rosh

    See Riya u must ask your self first what you are saying is correct or not? No one is greater than others God has created every one equal .
    Look at Bollywood you can see a beautiful mixture of different states. If we don’t learn to respect others and three views no one will respect you also. If we don’t know to appreciate others and live harmoniously we all will be destroyed.
    Any way no language is superior than others , each has its own beauty like different fingers on a hand without each other we can’t survive.
    Iam a malayai I get offended when you insult another South Indian language but still I try not to loose my attitude.
    What is wrong is wrong you can’t call any one like that , any one.

  100. Süchï

    I vl nt able to kil u idiot,dnt ur mom/teacher dint teach to respect other language


  102. anonymous

    Pragna,for these much moments,u were supporting us and now u changed or u fake pragna

  103. Oh u sweet kiara I feel like kissing u n having s*x with you…. oh you Sweety I’ll press your boobies n suck them oh yum… hehehe oh gv me ur no. KIARA.. OH U JUST TURNED ME ON !!:) :* :* :* I LOVE YOU b*t*h I WANT YOU

  104. Isn’t. There someone to support me ?? Guys don’t you feel disgusting ?? Pls say something Atleast why. Don’t you ??????????? HELP ME &OTHERS !! 🙁 🙁

  105. Ann(athu)

    I am from tn,but living in kerala.i normally comment on sns.But seeing the fight,i came here this afternoon

  106. Süchï

    Tirunelveli dist ,n i finshd +2 in 2014 1yr dint go to clg ths aug i vl join n u

  107. Ann(athu)

    You are older than me.I will call u as suchi akka.I am waiting for my icse 10th results

  108. Rosh

    Are you guys watching today’s episode ? I am away from home can’t watch give me the update . Today I think RV is going to prove Ishani characterless , he will kiss her or some thing like that. I’m curious about it!!!!!
    I saw a clip RV beating Devarsh for using the money without giving home. He was fuming with anger that is right , why must Parehks depend on RV always .

  109. Ann(athu)

    Akka,we have to create an account in gravatar.Put gravatar login in google search and create an account

  110. [email protected]

    its very interaeting

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.