Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani at once feels pain in her stomach, Ranveer was sitting on the stage. Ishaani comes to RV and says she is tired, had blood loss due to accident so is feeling pain, she is going to rest for a while. She asks Parul to take her to room. Shekhar was concerned about her. Ishaani walks and was about to fell down but takes control of herself, RV had stood up in her concern. Ishaani reassures Baa she is now in her house with her own people, nothing will happen to her. She asks Parul to stay with her brother, as family’s support is very important in such timings. Ritika wonders what Ishaani wants, she didn’t tell anyone anything inspite of knowing everything. RV heads towards Ishaani but Shekhar stops him, he says to RV that he knows what he is thinking and he has all the answers to his

questions. Shekhar says he was also shocked to see Ishaani, the girl he was going to marry next day says she is RV’s wife and loves her. He must be thinking Ishaani is playing a game with him but her fate has played a game with her. He says Ishaani has lost her memory. Ritika is elated. Amba asks what, has she lost her memory. Shekhar says yes, she had a major accident today, he came to know she had an accident near a clearing and he found her consiousless in a pool of blood. He was shocked for a while, then ran with her to hospital, luckily he was in time. She opened her eyes and took RV’s name calling him her husband. Doctors told him she suffered Partial Anmasia, she has lost the memory of a part of her life. She only wanted to come to him, doctors asked him to take her to him. He says to RV that no one wants her to be fit more than her. He says he wanted to show her the divorce papers, he sent his assistant and was shocked to see there was no signatures on those papers. Amba says they are all making a fool of them all. Amba asks Shekhar if Ishaani doesn’t remember a single event after her jail, why she recognized him. Shekhar says he doesn’t know this all, Ishaani only remembers that she is RV’s wife and went to jail for Chiraag’s case. He says to RV that doctors say very few people suffer Partial Amnasia and they can’t suggest which parts of her brain are effected. He says that he wants to marry Ishaani even today but they didn’t have a divorce and until Ishaani isn’t in complete senses court won’t accept their divorce. The lawyer of Ranveer also say the same. Amba says Ishaani will never do signatures in such a condition. Shekhar says to Amba if she keeps on cursing her, she won’t be able to recover. Shekhar asks Ranveer to help him in making Ishaani well. He suggests RV to talk to Ishaani’s doctor as well, and live as her husband until her remember comes back. Ritika leaves, RV stops Amba from going behind her and asks her to let Ritika stay alone for a while as she is also shocked. Amba curses Ishaani for being a dramatic girl. Baa stops her and says this time her granddaughter isn’t creating any drama. She says no one knew that she will have an accident one day before marriage. If today, we want our children to stay happy we have to do what Shekhar said, she wants Ishaani to live separate from her son, but when Ishaani will get fine she will decide herself with whom she needs to live but until then… she asks Ranveer that he is the only one who can bring Ishaani back, she only knows he loves her and she loves him. She asks Ranveer to let it go the way it is and let her get well.
Shekhar says to RV that he is leaving Ishaani to him, he believes RV and he is the only one who won’t let anything happen to Ishaani. Shekhar leaves the house. Kanchal and Mr. Mehra follow. Baa also leave the house. RV goes inside.
Kanchal comes behind Shekhar crying and asks what this all happened. Shekhar says they all saw they are helpless in front of fate. Mr. Mehra says fate matters a lot, but they are parents and are worried. Will he be able to live with someone else, though he loves Ishaani so much. Shekhar says sometimes one has to live without the ones we love. Krisha asks what if Ishaani loves RV. Shekhar says for that, they will have to wait for Ishaani’s getting well. Mr. Mehra says it is possible that Ishaani’s memory doesn’t return, he just want to tell Shekhar that no relation is bigger than life. Shekhar asks if he is asking him to move on, what if he had lost his memory, had he asked Ishaani to move on as well. He tells his family to go back home, tomorrow is marriage of Krisha and Dewarsh. He says had Ishaani been there, she would also not want anything remain in Krishaa’s marriage because of them. They all leave, Shekhar is left saddened there.
RV comes to his room that had been decorated. He calls Ritika when someone shuts the door behind. It was Ishaani dressed into bridal attire. RV is shocked to see her.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks RV what is he staring at her, is it the first time they are sharing room? She says that in this night a husband treats a wife in the best possible way, can’t he take her in his arms. RV is shocked hearing her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. hereafters no feelings nd nothing fr MATSH.they just wanted to draagg the show.but they didn’t know hw to drag it.In the show launch,EKTA said if the viewers feel wen rv break fr his luv,then that is our success.I agree before we felt a lot.But hereafters it won’t u have failed EKTA.

    1. Yup a total fail now onwards

  2. i love this show alot alot alot but now on i better b leave this show………!!!!!!!! bcoz now this show doesnt make any sense …..!!!!!!!!!! ekta mam u riun ur one of the strongest ever story serial….!!! matsh starting , its story , couple , thinking of both hero heoren , theme , love story of a poor driver , innocence of rich ishani , all sacrifices of ranvir , ishani cares ranvir as a best frend , all was just perfect ….. veiwers unconditionally waited for when ishani and ranvir lovestory begins to starts..??? but when ishaveer lovestory starts serial becme worstest…..!!!!!!!! cvs doesnt make there lovestory good……!!!!!!!! main theme of the serial is meri aashiqui tumse hi…!!!!!! but now there is no better aashqui of any of one…!!!! atlst plzzzzzz cvs dont make the ideal lovestory worst just bcoz of trp,s….!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t like RITIKA because she is so iritating,over actress and over smart.
    I want ISHVEER back.


  5. The upcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi will show that Ranvir takes care of Ishani assuming that she has lost her memory.

    Ishani behaves as typical wife and tries to make Ranvir away from Ritika.

    Ishani wants to expose Ritika in front of Ranvir but she gets irritated to see Ranvir spoils her efforts.

    Ishani shouts at Ranvir for thinking about Ritika more.

    Ishani tells Ranvir to stay away from Ritika

    Ranvir tells Ishani that Ritika is his friend and he needs to help her.

    But Ishani tells Ranvir to stay away from Ritika otherwise everyone will taunt her (Ishani) that she cannot control her husband (Ranvir).
    Furthermore, IShani tries to take bag from almirah and falls on Ranvir losing her balance.
    Ranvir holds Ishani on time and both share romantic eye locks.
    Let’s see if Ishani gets successful to reveal Ritika’s truth to Ranvir.

    1. thankssss 4 this lovly update ……..!!!!!!!!! lolxxx ….. hope to see some good scences ….. n good news in the serial…… n about the serial……….!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Wat the hell r u doing ishaani y do u always want to do this wit u….u luv him , he loves u then what’s d prob i don’t understand

  7. hi kowsi arora Shalini……

    ungakuda pesi romba naal aachu…. epadi irukeenga…

    1. Super sruthi….u..

  8. Thankyou soo much for lovly update

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