Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani thinks that the man in front of her wasn’t Veer, she thinks about Nurbhay’s changed and drunken avatar and how he forbid her strictly to take Pooja’s name. Ishaani thinks one must never lose ones love, she thought she is sacrificing for Ranveer but she isn’t, she is being stupid. That man knows that Ranveer’s treatment details are only to him, once she finds those injections she will live with Ranveer then. She then wonders where Nurbhay must have hidden those injections. She thinks about the secret room, and Nurbhay’s cautions. She thinks about the locker, she thinks she will steal the keys after Nurbhay sleeps. She will run away if she finds those injections, she won’t back up and will find any way possible to get to Ranveer.
At night, Ishaani watches the time

and confirms if Nurbhay is asleep. She gets up and thinks the key must be in the pockets of his shirt.
Ranveer was in his room thinking about Ishaani’s dance. He hears some bikes ad goes to the window to see some men. One of the goon told the other men to hide their face, switch the main power supply off. Ranveer thinks that these men don’t appear to be good ones.
Ishaani cautiously tries to get the keys, Nurbhay moves a bit and begin to snore. Ishaani takes the keys from his pockets.
The goons switch Nurbhay’s house’s lights off. Nurbhay gets up all at once. Ishaani backs up. He asks if the light has gone off, Ishaani says yes. He tells her to switch the generator on. Ishaani says alright. Nurbhay gets to sleep again. Ishaani thinks she has suffered enough, she will get the most possible information now. Ishaani goes out of the room.
Ranveer thinks the whole house’s lights are off as he comes out to street.
The goons watch Ishaani coming out of the room, she goes towards the secret room. The goons follow her. Ranveer finds the main door of the house open, he thinks they must be thieves but where they went?
Ishaani comes to the room, she thinks there must be other confidential things in this locker as well, other than money. She looks for its keys in the room in torch light, and opens the locker.
The goons get to the room of Naina. The maid there shouts about thieves. Ishaani hurries and puts the files back in locker hearing about the call for thieve. She rethink and checks on the last file reading Confidential over it, it was Ranveer’s file.
The goons held Naina’s throat trying to suffocate her. Ranveer comes there to save Naina, and fights the goons back. By then, the maid came out and shouted Thieves. Nurbhay and everyone come there. The maid say there are thieves in Naina’s room. Ranveer still fought the goons. Nurbhay comes there with sticks, the thieves run away from window. Naina hugs Ranveer. Nurbhay sends his men behind the thieves. Ranveer tells Aarti to take care of Naina, Aarti hugs Naina and helps her sit down. Maa thanks Ranveer and asks how he reached? Ranveer says he saw some men entering their house, he felt something was wrong. When he came behind them, he found them here in Naina’s room. He says Naina is fine, she is a bit afraid so they must take care about her. Nurbhay stops him and asks his name. Ranveer turns to say Veer. They turns around to leave, Nurbhay couldn’t see his face although the main plug had been switched on.
Ranveer watches Ishaani in the room searching the locker, he thinks this house must have the most danger from Ishaani, she is stealing in her own house. He leaves disgusted.
Nurbhay helps Naina to the bed, Uttam comes talking to his men on phone. Aarti says thanks God there was no accident, he came from his own house to save Naina. He is an angel.
In the room, Ranveer appreciates the goon but complains that he disturbed the maid for no reason. He says he did well by not harming that girl. He pays him a handful of money. He thinks that the family he wants to take revenge from, can’t be touched by anyone else but him only.

PRECAP: Maa asks Ranveer to marry Naina. Ranveer says he can’t do it. Nurbhay says to Ishaani that if he makes Veer up for marrying Naina, he will send her to Ranveer along with all his injections.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    What is a epi. Ranvi u say the word “disgusting” abt ishani charector. Ranvi how much changed into vengeful avatar. U r create a problm to naina then u save naina from goons. Oh disgusting.i can’t tolerate Ranvi charector changing. If u really loves ishani then how could u create problem on ishani. This is not true lover quality.

  2. First of all thank u sona for ur fast updation,but i dnt like today episode,naina hugs ranvi i hate that scene.ranvi is only for ishaani pls writers dnt pair anybody with ishveer,ranvi declined naina’s ma marriage proposal its nice,ishani take tis much risk for ranvi but he never understand that he always misumderstand her,she is really very good girl in onscreen and offscreen too.i love ishaani a lot,but pls ektaji dnt use ranvi as a tissue paper he is our hero,now a days we r all starting to hate him becoz of his stupid charecter,mee too disappoint wit ranvi a lot,now a days his acting was not up to the mark,so pls change the track m

  3. nithya

    ishani wht u going to do?I don’t have any idea bcoz not that much frnds any one tell upcoming episode .

  4. K.praveena

    Naina hugs ishani’s ranvir. Irrting.same time Ishani sercheas the key and ranvi case files for ranvi antitode injection. Disguesting. And now ranvi only reminds lishani dance 4 nibhray. Hey ranvi open ur eyes. Where is ur heart gone. Oh ishani. My innocent many torture u bear it since u fall in love with ranvi. But Ur husband does not deserve this.

  5. Zarif

    Its rumour ke ranvir ne nirbhay ke patni ka accident kiya tha maine 1 bi episode miss kiya mujhe ache se yaad hai ye kab hua i think writer ne audienc ku fool samjah hai humne issa kuch nai dekha ranvir ne murder kiya

  6. K.praveena

    I don’t know just i feel this seperation portion ranvi will be married naina. Oh no. I pray this time my feeling gets be failed. Ishveer only best.

  7. nithya

    I love this show . Tamil today very nice episode isvere u both looking superb I feelup in Tamil.but Hindi not that much .make soon ishveer together and make some happiness in ishanii life with rv bcoz she only suffer most .

  8. K.praveena

    Ranvi what r u doing man.naina hugs u. But u not stop her. Plz don’t do that again like that. My innocent ishani ur husband now move on. I know he only wants revenge on ishani. But this fake love drama idea irrting man. Plz ranvi don’t hear ur brain thought just close ur eyes and do what ur heart says. Heart never give wrong statement.

    • Sri Q

      Ya I agree with you. And also it is irritating. One wife goes to his husband and asking for the approval of another marriage! Wow what a story na… But still love ishaani..

  9. IshuRV

    dragging… dragging… and dragging….they don’t know anything other than dragging… to show us in MATSH .

  10. swana

    Wat is the motto of rv I can’t understand…but how come he change like this…plzzz u guys are spoiling the character of rv plz don’t do that….he is a hero not a villain…see rv won’t ever never play with anyone ‘s feeling…then y u r showing stupid things..though he has is not his character atall…

  11. IshuRV

    missing ishveer’s cute fights, romance, love and innocence since 1 year . new year gift samajh kar hi sahi par ishveer reunion karado . just dying to watch reunion epi.

  12. Rookey Rookers

    super . ishani want to make up ranveer for marring naina , so that she can go with ranveer . . . how nice . . . ho . god . pls . units them . still it looks good, some spicy twist , but if ranvi get to know isha , it will be more good . in tamil , no words to expree , simply super . . . super , lovely . shakti the best , and matsh the one which is always the best . . .

  13. ishveer

    Super fast update sona… thank u…little bit bad about ranveer’s today action…how to think about ishani like this rv ha….u love ishani…love means trust,belive,truth…but u r not love with ishani…she is everything done for u….u r never understand yet…i sooo disapointment with u rv…..

  14. swana

    I know rv was very much hurted due to ishaani’s speech in the jail but …after that too..he was hurted very much ..he was just helpless ….but the situation made ishaani to talk such harsh words to rv ..atleast after the face off…make rv to find out the truth or to understand ishaani..if u do soo..ur trp rate will increase but I know u wont do that …because all the matsh writers r idiots…

  15. Aliya

    Omg… wgat will ishani do now??
    Agar wo veer i.e. rv k shadi k liye haan krwati h to wo aazzad ho jayegi.. pr fir us aazadi k kya krna jo rv k bina ho??

    Kitna kheenchoge yaar.. ab bs b kro..
    N where is ritika?? Us k nazar to badi sharp h.. us ne ab tk rv ko nhi dekha.. jb k wo kitni baat ghar me aya n gaya h… huhhh….

  16. Hai praveena,ya b’day gone nice and i thank u guys bcoz u people make my bday superb thank u so much frnds for ur kindness..yest i am little bit tired praveena so i gonna slept after posting two comment,sorry for late rply dear

  17. Keerthi

    Very bad….ranveer hugging naina was disgusting…after seeing the latest video of ranveer giving Shagun to ishaani for marrying naina and shutting the door on ishaani’s face..ranveer I don’t like u anymore u don’t deserve ishaani there is no love in your heart for ishaani….I think only shikhar deserves ishaani he always trusted her actions… Atleast nirbhay is good….ishaani it’s waste that you are sacrificing so much for ranveer for a person who never trusted you from the beginning of the show….what’s the point of aashiqui nothing just for you to get hurt all the time…how can a family take a marriage proposal of their daughter without knowing anything about a guy just annoying…..nirbhay please speak out the truth to ur family that ishaani is ranveer ‘s wife…writers of the serial please show some positivity atleast let ranveer know the truth and help ishaani to come out from nirbhay ‘s clutches…it’s really painful to see ishaani getting hurt all the time…???????

  18. Nandhini

    In tamil episode ranveer said to ishaani “i trust u because i love u”…such a beautiful scene…i cannot believe that ranveer has changed totally now…too bad!!!

  19. K.praveena

    Hai vyshnavi.I really likes every epi of matsh especially shiker portion. Do u remember that scence shiker kick out ishani in their house who stolen in jewel. Ishani criyingily walks on road it was rainiy climaite ranvi also follows her very curtily and also ranvi told i want revenge on ishani but ranvi also hurt bcoz ishani was in the state.both r remenids old scence. I don’t know that scence was i really likes or not but i can’t forget this scence.

  20. K.praveena

    And i really likes milan take ranvi place and also ranvi cover bandaged and has coma in their own house. Ishani share her feeling ranvi unknowingily and isha tell infront of the ranvi” milan” was someone.just I thought ishani loves ranvi truely, genuienly etc. Ishani only loves ranvi heart not him face.

    • marry

      o yes and ranveer also pray for ishu that plzzzzzzz god help my ishani,,,,,,,, when ishani wore western dress bcoz of milan ……….o ranveeeeer where r u????? ur ishani is hurting plzzzzzzzzzzz come back for ishani for ur real aaashiqui for ur childhood passionated love……….for ur soulmate plzzzzzzzz come back ishu is in troble she really needs u………..

  21. marry

    i really want ranveer back…………..there is only ishani………there is incomplete love without ranveeer love …………….ranveer u love ishani she is ur aashiqui she alwayzzzzz broke ur trust just for u but u hav too accept the truth ishani loves u……..and alwayzz b with u………then y now u want to break her trust ………..dont do that she belongs to u and u belongs to her only and forever and after forever…..

  22. marry

    1.ishani jumps in river to save ranveer without care about herself y???????
    2.ishani go to jail 2 times to save ranveer without care about herself y?????
    3.ishani love and live with ranveer when ranveer think ishani loose character 2 times in during ritika and chirag time y????
    4.ishani save ranveer life from ritika and leave shikher even after a severe muder attack by ritika y??????????
    5.ishani never loose trust on ranveer even when ranveer flurts with others y???????
    ……………now few more question opposite…………
    1.y ishani never tell ranveer to truth on time even its sure that ranveer do anythng for there union…..???
    2.y ishani take help from villians only not shikher no amba baba baa and mainly ranveer????
    3.y ishani hurts ranveer when ranveer needs her most didnt anyother planning she have????
    4.y ishani didnt come close to ranveer to show her love for ranveer only ranveer show?????

    plzzzzzzz dear all my frendssssssss think disscuss and comment for each………

  23. marry

    1.y ranveer always flurts other girls after ishani hurt him?????
    2.y ranveer everytime wants revenge from ishanii???
    3.y ranveer not beleve ishani after seeing all sacrifices of ishani????
    4.y ranveer alwayz become a mom,s boy when ishani needs her????
    5.y ranveer not beleve on milan when he says thats ishani alwys love u???
    6.y ranveer not beleve on ishani love when ishani share evrything with ranveer when he is in coma state????
    …………….now few questions opposite……………….
    1. y alwayzz ranveer helpful there when ishani is in such critical dying sutiuation???
    2.y ranveer says that his evry breath starts and stops with sihani and his heart evrytime says to ishani thtMERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI????
    3.y ranveer become so innerly hurt after seperating form ishani 4 times even dont smile???
    4. y he never thinks about anyother nice girl to involve in love??????
    5.y ranveeer show him a bad boy and follow all the rules of real aashiqui???

    plzzzzzzzzzz frends discuss comment and think about each…………..

  24. marry

    wish for two love budssssssssssss unite foreverrrrr no one is better than no one ……….they both r innocent……………

  25. K.praveena

    Marry u ask more questions but i don’t have any answser. But one thing never changed in matsh that is ishani and ranvi loves truely, genuienly etc. Ishani shows her love sacrifice ways and ranvi shows him angrliy this is difference b’w their love. But both r best.

  26. But my favourite epi is feb 16 th Ranveer confession love for ishani Meri aashiqui tum se hi ..

    I cant forget their chemistry !!!!!!

    Never … Ever ..

    March 6 th valentine epi ..

    Ranvi say to ishani May dance with lady red …

    Ishveer photo click ..

    That epi aslo my favourite Ya ..

    • marry

      that was lovelyyy and ishveer romance and dance on 4th march on song lahu muh lag gaya………in sharman ritika marriage……..and 9th july on same song romantic rain dance imagination of ishveer lovelyyyyyy

  27. K.praveena

    Now i see the re telecast epi of urave uyire. Ranvi beats chirag superb. Today ranvi’s angry i love it.

  28. K.praveena

    Today urave uyire superb pa, i seeing the epi with smiles. Ranvi holds ishani face with him hands. Superb.

  29. K.praveena

    Ranvi tell him feeling to ishani superb and ishani cryingily hear the ranvi conversation superb.

  30. ya he is a (ravi) amazing guy….wow what a luvly pair….. in tamil…..this janauary fully ishveer’s funny romance ….i really happy for that

  31. K.praveena

    En anbe song plays in bg in urave uyire with ranvi whole conversation. Superb. And fb shows. Superb.

    • Sri Q

      Ya arham today I went to college, second semester start ayiduchu. Ama enaku full day college iruku. Ungluku illaya.. But I watched in Tamil. Nijamave so lovinga irundudu aru maniku pathen. Chancea illa. Inniku nit episodeku wait pantu iruken.. Super… Awesome Ravi and shaalini…

  32. K.praveena

    Guys. do u likes tum hi ho song in tamil version en esai pudhithu and sun raha song dubbed kanave kalaiyathe in urave uyire? Tell me guys.

  33. marry

    ishveer off srceen frenship just love it………shadikha awsome alwayzzz kidding…….may that chemistry come onscreen………

  34. K.praveena

    Ranvi make ishani jealously by accepting merriage proposal with naina. But i hope before the merriage ranvi know all abt ishani. So ranvi once again married ishani.

  35. I really enjoyed urave uyire in tamil yesterday episode….awsmmm.
    I had gone crazy fa en anbe,kanave kalaiyadhe nd ennisai pudhithu tam dubbed aashiqui songs @ k.Praveena… I love d songs very much nd also ISHVEER.

  36. en anbe and en kadhale songs are dupping as thumhi ho not en isai pudhidhu ……en isai pudhithu song is sunraha dupped male version…… yaar dont confused

  37. I just saw MATSH today after around almost a month and I had felt that the old MATSH is coming back soon and is much better than tht useless double role track but where did this Nirbhay and Naina come from suddenly? Missing Ishveer a lot. And I m happy that both MATSH and YVR on zee are tied for the slot leaders 🙂

  38. I think previously ranvi and devil rithika marriage function heldna the same repeat in ranvi naina marriage drama i think so,our bp also get high..ektaji u dont have brain stupid lady

  39. hai sri q …na iniku clg poney pa enaku half day dha clg 1o clock la mudynchuru …and then naa next week la irundhu carad la padika poren pa all the best for ur semester

  40. Hey ishveer unite hw r u…..and ekta mam plz reunite ishveer and guys mere exams 27 jan se start hain to main kam cmnt krungi bt maine apni mom se bol diya mai matsh to dekhungi meri mom bol rahi tm ishveer k liye pagal ho

  41. K.praveena

    Hai vyshnavi. I completed my studies msc maths at march 2015. Now i going to DOA (tally) computer classes. And also conqurently going to embroidery class. Embroidery is my passion dear. Now i also try to study in m phil but my mam could not permit. I wish my mam soon agree with my studies.

  42. ria

    Guys I’m really happy that many Tamil guys r too a Tamil girl.but a great fan of Hindi serial.I see almost all d serial in colors starplus zee tv

  43. K.praveena

    Today i can’t comment in matsh epi bcoz i have to go my cousin house. So i can’t take this cell bcoz this is my mam phone. Sry guys. But i have been come in tomorrow. Definetly i will comment in matsh tomorrow.

  44. ria

    I’m new to this.1st time I have excited that there r many Tamil people here. Me too Tamil but I luv Hindi serial a lot I almost watch all the serial in starplus colors zee tv

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