Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer says to Ishaani that she no longer has the right to stay in his room. Ishaani says if marriages were broken by taking anti circles, the world will lose this relation. He might make such laws for himself, but not for the world, neither for the religion. She tells him to go and sleep as he is drunk. She says he has broken the relation, she is still his wife and she has a right on him and this house, so she has a full right on him and this house. He can’t send her out of the house. He says alright, she will go in the other way.
In the party, Chaitali asks if Ritika says yes or no. Sharman says he used to say hello hi, Sharman says he is meeting her for the first time. Chaitali says she owes him her life. Sharman says this is childish. Chaitali says this is life insurance. Sharman

says her will secure his life. She says he has to do it, soon. She gets sentimental. Sharman is helpless. Baa comes to him, and says she always thought her mother as selfish but first time she is thinking about her family. He is seeing that RV won’t side them, not Ishaani will be able to do anything. He must agree Ritika to marry him.
Ishaani asks RV to listen to her, he must know the truth of that night. She got to know that he was there with her papa. She just wanted to know the reality that Chiraag told her about a proof. She went to take that proof with that CHiraag. She got to know that it was all drama. He tried to be forcefull she got the bruises. But she ran away, she got to know that she was wrong. She knew that how much she loves him. Chiraag kept her away from him, he wore the dress of his qualities and she was betrayed. But now she knows the truth, that he is her love. She couldn’t recognize him. RV hears her. She didn’t allow herself to be gotten by Chiraag. She kept her family’s respect as well. RV had tears in eyes, and asks did he try to be forceful to her. He throws her on the bed, and asks why she went there. She wants him to believe on everything, believe that she didn’t cross her limits. How to believe she didn’t give him the papers. She explains, but he asks she didn’t trust him. He trusted her blindly, but what she did. He will murder the man, who he considered as God. Ishaani says she asked him, he says he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to. She believed on someone, who never loved her. He can never forgive her, for believing in Chiraag.
He leaves Ishaani in the bedroom.

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Amba tells Ritika that after Ishaani’s betrayal, RV has stopped trusting people. She must keep talking to him. Ritika assures them not to worry about him. Lakshmi says to Amba that this is a sweet girl, and will never let RV be alone. Amba leaves.
Ritika’s car doesn’t start. Chiraag comes to ask her for help, she ignores him. She comes out to check the bonet, he says she doesn’t seem good doing this all. Chiraag insists on her to help her. He takes her by arm, and asks her to drop her. She can make him have a coffee. She says she isn’t worth being a friend. He says she must have thought sometime in life about me. Sharman comes and beats him. He asks him to leave. Chiraag says has he come to save her or make an impression. He says he has to find a second option, Sharman beats him again. Chiraag takes Sharman and beats him. Sharman fights back. Chiraag leaves.
In the car, chiraag says RV will put Ishaani and her family out soon, he will see them. He gets an idea, and calls Rishi to meet at construction site.
RV brings a girl with him. Ishaani asks what she is doing here, she isn’t allowed at room. RV says this is his house. Ishaani watches RV take the girl and getting cozy with her. He asks the girl to look at his eyes. Ishaani lights a match stick and burns the bed. The girl shouts, the family comes up to see who is shouting.

PRECAP: AMba says he can never be the same. Ishaani has turned him to rock, she will throw her out and forces Ishaani out.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Gowtj

    Today’s episode was embrassing. Ishaani you have done a nice job by burning the bed. Ranveer pls miru ila cheyakandi. Ishaani ni excuse chesi restart your life with lots of love and loads of happiness.

  2. suga

    Today’s episode was very irritating.. i feel very sorry for Ishaani.. day by day they are degrading Ranveer’s Character.. please make some changes. hope everything clears soon. waiting for a good episode.

  3. Sneha

    Very irritating episode. Even ranveer has kept secrets of mota bapus death to himself. In the previous episodes, they showed some thing hidden in mota bapu death n linked to ranveer. That’s where ishani got a doubt. N today they are dragging it. Seriously these writers need to get a grip on the story line n do some real hard work to atleast make ranveer believe ishani again

  4. siyam

    So uneasy to watch. Atleast ishaani forcely give some explanation. But ranveer never opened jus kept mummmmm. Till kc ranveer killed everyone by his lovable feel. But now he s irritating by talking nonsense thing. Wat bro?

  5. firdous

    Are yaar aashiqui jaise tu kuch hai .hi nahi yaar ..jab tak ranveer pyar karta tha ..par ishani nahi bhi serial thik tha .yaar .but now to tiz like ..all waste of watching .. she rtuned rv nto . Rock ..stupid girl ishani

  6. Reema

    Inge yaar Tamil pa? RV definitely drama than pannara!!! Avanukku ishani na uyiru!!

    Translation –

    RV is doing drama, to him ishani means his life!!!

  7. sham

    5th Jan cmts ah paaruma reema… Unaku thezhiva purium….

    All serials r same.. Y they broke the trust… Trust is the basis of any relationship.. If it brokes ……. Then This will b the fact…

  8. anjali

    Hi freinds ! Don’t you all think the story is dragging. & & & How can Ranveer even glance a girl other than Ishani. UNBELEIVABLE.

  9. anjali

    The most important thing of all is that its Miss Ekta Kapoor’s serial . How can’t it be dragging. After all she is famous for the same. 😉 :-* 😀

  10. BSA

    Based on these episodes I think RV will turn into some womanizer just like chirag…Hope It doesn’t happen..

  11. anjali

    I went through comments of previous episodes. Amazing, so many Tamil commentators for a Hindi serial. Glad to see national integrity. By the way I’m the person who wrote comments under the name RV’S FAN. 😉 🙂 🙂

  12. anjali

    I went through comments of previous episodes. Amazing, so many Tamil commentators for a Hindi serial. Glad to see national integrity. By the way I’m the person who wrote comments under the name RV’S FAN. 😉 🙂 :-). And BSA just chill dude. That won’t happen.

  13. anjali

    What do you mean anu? I’m still RV’S FAN. The thing is that I just now wanted to write the comments under my own name viz. Anjali. Thats all.

  14. Kay

    I cant believe rv is doing this…he should believe in her….the new rv does not suit him at all…also the girl he has in his room is discusting ishanni is 10 times better

  15. swathi

    Opening nalla-than irrundhadhu Ippo just like other serials….writer should write Rv angry against ishani but pls don’t spoil the Rv character,, first spoiled Ishani character now Rv,… @anjali I don’t know hindi except few words but like hindi serials if it’s not dragging,
    I am regular watching diya aur baati hum..

  16. suchi

    hai frnds anjali n swathi i m also frm Tamil nadu i really lov most of hindi serials especially in starplus rv kuda en fav than

  17. Reema

    Hi … I know Tamil cos it’s my regional Lang. Don’t watch Tamil channels always been watching Hindi channels only since very fluent in Hindi.

    Swati how do u und the story if u don’t know Hindi?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.