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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police take Ishaani along. Manas runs inside.
Sharman says to RV that they care about their sister, he tells Falguni that they are going to police station. Baa says to Sharman that it is his engagement, Sharman says engagement will take place later but if they don’t go Ishaani will have to stay in the police custody for a long time.
RV says to Mr. Javeri that he feels bad about him. He says to Ritika that he is sorry he couldn’t stop all these things. He asks Nitin to get back to work as the party is over. He moves out, leaving everyone upset. Manas follows him.
Mr. Javeri comes to Ritika, she was upset and nods at him to go back. Baa takes the ring that Ritika dropped from the floor, worried.
In the office, RV asks Manas to get to his work and let him

do his too. Nitin and Manas stood there, he asks why are they staring at him. Nitin says he will say what he has to, he says he knows well that Ishaani can’t do it, even if she married him for money why would she sell fake diamond to a client. This can only be done by some enemy, he must think about it before getting to a conclusion. RV asks if it is done, they must get back to work. Both the men leave, RV thinks worried now.
Disha comes to Chiraag and asks about her share and her money. He asks what share. She says angrily that it is about the diamonds. He says he threw them mistakenly with some rubbish. DIsha says he thinks of himself as very smart, she knows his intentions are really bad. He says when times are bad, intentions have to be bad. He calls her an idiot to give them to him. He warns her that he has a proof of her stealing the diamonds, and black mails her instead. He gets a call and leaves for a meeting. She regrets what she has done.

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She was worried that Ishaani is in jail, and RV won’t do anything.
Manas asks how dare he came here, he was shouting at someone. RV says he must throw him out before his work has been done. Chiraag goes in to RV’s room, and asks why he called him here. He says he wants his diamonds back. Chiraag says his diamonds are 5 crores while his house is 10 crores. He may return his diamonds and take his home back.
The lady inspector recognizes Ishaani, she says her husband loves her a lot. Do they keep on fighting each other.
Chiraag asks why does he think he has the diamonds. RV says only his enemy may touch his pockets, and had he sold them he wouldn’t have come here. He says he knows he doesn’t trust anyone on money, he has the diamonds in his pockets and has 10 minutes to get his house back. Chiraag thinks for a while, RV counts the time. He says he ends the deal. Chiraag says he is ready to sign the deal, and wants his house back. RV asks for diamonds, Chiraag gives them to him. He says he doesn’t believe him but today his face tells him the truth. RV asks Manas to bring Chiraag’s papers, Manas objects but RV asks him to do what he is told to.
RV makes a drink for Chiraag, and cheers. Chiraag asks for papers before cheers. Manas gets the papers, RV gives them back to Chiraag. He drops them at floor, RV says oops that was a mistake. Chiraag bends down to take them but RV throw wine on them and burns them. Chiraag shouts for his papers, RV says how will he steal the next time if his hands are burnt, so be careful.
The lady inspector asks Ishaani if she is doing this all for her husband as she has seen love in her eyes for him. She says when there is love, there is sacrifice. She asks why she doesn’t tell her husband about it. Ishaani says one must not tell if one do something for their loved ones. The inspector says if her love is true, her husband will come to save her.
RV says this was the way to make the thieve accept his mistake. He tells Manas to throw him out of the office now.
Derwash and brothers request the inspector not to put Ishaani in jail, as their lawyer is coming. Sharman was firm, and had brought the lawyer. The lawyer says his colleague is getting the bail papers. The inspector doesn’t listen to them, and ask Ishaani to be locked up. Ishaani was going inside, when RV calls them to stop. He says Mrs. Ishaani Vaghela won’t go to jail, he has bought the company that file a case against her. He shows him the papers, and says being the owner he tells them he has found his lost diamonds and takes his case back. Now there is no case on her and she won’t go to jail. Ishaani looks at the lady inspector, she asks RV to sign the withdrawal of FIR. The lady inspector asks who is the one saving her, the filer of FIR or husband of Ishaani Vaghela. RV looks back at her and says her husband and now the owner of the filer company too.
Falguni who was hearing smiles, Derwash and Pratik also smile. RV turns to Ishaani, she smiles giving him looks.
Disha was coming home cursing Chiraag. Manas asks did she get her revenge or her lessons. He forbid her to do this, but she betrayed not only RV but him too. He says everyone loves her, and she went to Chiraag with the diamonds.
Sharman comes to the lawyer and asks him to drop. RV stops by his car and turns. Ishaani looks at him, Falguni waited in the car. Pratik says to Ishaani to come in his car, as there is no space in his. Ishaani looks at RV, RV also looks at her. Pratik comes to take her along, and makes her sit with RV. Falguni smiles at this. Pratik runs back victoriously.
RV didn’t look up while Ishaani looks at him. She thinks how he called himself as her husband. He looks at her, when she looks away and recalls how she took his blame on her.

PRECAP: Ishaani and Ranveer cry separately, it was heavily raining.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was amazing especially the best part is Ranveer’s move on Chiraag was too good.enjoyed that scene much.Atlast the most awaited patchup part aired today.Ranveer’s reply to that lady police is also fantastic.From the precap I hope both Ishaani & Ranveer were sad because of divorse. OMG thank god they didn’t drag this track much.Want some good scenes of Ishaani & Ranveer.Still Ranveer Rithika track is still a mystery.Reveal the truth soon.waiting for a good episode.

      1. Todays episode…tooooo gooodd…finally truth always wins……did any body see the new promo…..I think sharman is doubting by seeing rv and ritika close to each other and telling ishaani abt their relation……more than friendship……then the secret between rv and ritika will be revealed

  2. hi to everyone iam new
    hi suga

  3. Update fast

  4. today’s episode was good but it could be better with some more dialogues

  5. superb episode i luv todays episode. especially ranveers move nd dialogues. i didnt expect this wow…….waiting for tmrws episode to know still y they both crying. anyways going very nice. im soooooo happy abt todays twist in d story.

  6. Nice episode.good to see chirag being fooled atlast. Disha deserves this cheat. Ranveer is always wonderful..

  7. Todays episode was good.

  8. hey ranu I love your acting

  9. Its dragging and boring. Not really liking the story line much. Hope they change it soon.

  10. today’s epi was gud. Bt abt ritika’s engagmnt. Its 2nd. And sharman also doubts her,i think sharman will nt marry her. And its ll b may next twist

  11. Today episode was nice

  12. Vry right .. tooo dragging…expecting .. too much drama created abt divorce…

  13. hi..i m new round here
    fantastic episode…loved it..

  14. Please, please don’t let rtika steel ranveer, show makers, the show exists and is loved only because of RV and ishaani’so connection. Don’t become the same as every other show, let some happiness through

  15. Hi im new here but i love watching the show and the best part of today is ranveer the way he treated chirag and the way he talk to police

  16. Today episode was really good, I think the turn around toward Ishani has began, RV knowing in his heart, that she can never did this on her own, her bold face, and her sway attitude turn inside out, and remember that RV has known Ishani since childhood.. Should I remimd everyone that Ishani still has not receive the answer of who killed her step father

  17. Today’s episode was really a good one. Now its time to reveal the truth behind rhitika-ranveer friendship.
    Glad to see ranveer telling himself as the husband of Ishani. It clearly indicates the end of dragging track.
    Disha got the punishment she deserves.
    Chirag got cheated hahaha. Ab to bas usko dhakka mar ke nikal do, ranveer.
    Seeing IshVeer crying for each other was nice. Aaj ka episode dekh kar bharosa ho gaya ki ye serial dekh kar maine koi galti nahi kiya.

  18. Becharee rhitika, second time her engagement halted. So sad:-(

  19. Suprb episode after a long tym.

  20. It was awesome

  21. wat will be to,orow’s episode??? waiting for suspense

  22. atlast the tragedy part is over bring some romedy now..

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  24. ?////////////

    sab tv mn dekhto aur yahan commt karte ho?…………..only 26 commts…

  25. todays episode was awesome. i hope that they will not divorce each other.they r very nice coploules arent they.

  26. Hmmm ena solardhu nice

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