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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaitali whispers to Pratik that they must see who Ranveer comes out with, Ishaani or Ranveer. Ranveer comes out of the room with both wives hand in hand. Everyone is shocked, Chaitali faints. Ishaani and Ritika greets them all, Ritika and Ishaani offer separate eatables to Ranveer, both ask together if he will go empty stomached. Ranveer says he will do breakfast at office, both run after him. Ishaani asks what will he eat in dinner, Ritika says she will just ask when will he come back home. Ishaani says she knows he will take her to dinner tonight. Ranveer thinks this much sweetness will get him diabetes. He leaves saying he will do the dinner at office. When Ranveer leaves, Ritika says to Ishaani that Ranveer will do the dinner with her for sure. Ishaani asks her not to be overconfident,

both again poses to be friends in front of family. Amba thinks that this friendship will cost RV high price.
Ranveer gets a call from his client, he says to Ranveer that he must have got his invitation and wants him to come to his 25th anniversary. He tells RV that he invited Ritika as well. Ranveer asks why. He says RV never takes her to any party except award function. Mr. Chadda watches his wife and goes to her, she says to him if he knows that Ranveer’s first wife has returned home and there is a confusion about their divorce. RV is living with both wives. She says he invited Ritika and she invited Ishaani to the party. Mr. Chadda is confused whom will RV come with. Both husband and wife argue who he will come with.
RV is worried in his office about what to do now. Mr. Chadda invited Ritika and now he will have to take her along him. He gets a call from Ishaani, she tells him that Mr. Chadda’s wife invited them both for their wedding anniversary. She asks which colour she should wear. Ranveer is worried what he will do now, as it is great trouble. He thinks about calling Mr. Chadda what he meant with wife, either Ishaani or Ritika. Mr. Chadda says to RV he doesn’t know which of his wife is he handling, he tells him that his wife says first wife is the true one. He says to Ranveer he is with him in any one he decides to come with. RV thinks he will have the problem in both cases.
Amba shows Ritika her jewellery. Lakshmi watches the set and appreciates it. Amba says that Mr. Chadda is an old client of RV and she wants him to give the best gift to him. They were selecting the jewellery when Ishaani passes by. Ranveer comes home and is irked watching the jeweler staring at Ishaani who stood backless and her hair tied up. He goes to her and removes her hair catcher. Ishaani asks what happened. Ranveer angrily goes to the man, takes him by collar. He says that before he holds his hand on him he must get lost. Amba asks what happened. RV says this man isn’t worth standing in anyone’s home. The man apologizes, RV asks if he will leave? Amba asks what he did. Ritika says that the man was staring at Ishaani. Amba tells Ritika to get ready as they have to go to party. Ritika says she won’t be able to go to party because Ishaani must also be invited and she went along with RV. Amba says she won’t let Ishaani to go to the party. Ritika thinks that this old lad is irritating but always help her.
In the room, Ishaani asks Ranveer what happened. He shows Ishaani her dress fault, and says in anger that he was staring his wife in his house… then stops and says he wasn’t worth going to anyone’s house. Ishaani tells Ranveer that he must not worsen his mood, when a wife is with husband she doesn’t have to worry about anything. She asks him to smile for her, he does. She pulls his cheek and says that’s like my sweet husband. She says it is now her turn, and brings a dress for him. He says but… but Ishaani sends him to change. Ishaani thinks he care for her so much, her duty also increases towards him. RV thinks Ishaani is almost ready, he must make Ritika not to go anyway.
Ishaani comes out of the room ready. She hears Amba and Ritika talking, Ritika was saying that she showed all the pieces to Ranveer but he says he won’t like anything. He is a modern man and will only like that gift. Ritika says this is 6 in the evening, who will go to bring the gift. Ritika says she will call the shop to ask if they can give the home delivery. Ishaani thinks if they deny about the delivery, she must go to get it. Amba watches Ishaani leave. She tells Ritika to stop the drama, Ishaani has left. Ishaani tells Mama that she must inform RV that she will meet him directly into the party. Ritika tells Mala that she will inform RV and she must go to listen to Lakshmi who is calling her. She watches Ishaani leave.

PRECAP: In the party, RV asks Ishaani why she is drinking when she knows she can’t handle wine. Ishaani asks so he cares for her now, he must only care for his wife, complaining.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. Ishaani Rithika scene with RV was funny.. Ishveer scene was super and remind me of Arnav Khushi from IPKKND.. Thank god Shikhar is still the same…irritating Amba.. waiting for Amba reaction after truth revealed… today’s episode escaped from boring… waiting for a nice episode. .. please reveal truth soon..
    Enough of dragging… precap is interesting. .

  2. ha ha the same seq in ipkknd….waiting for tmrw episode

    1. What does ipkknd stand for

      1. Is pyar ko kya naam do…..

      2. I think ur d first to ask wat is ipkknd, it’s iss pyaar ko kya naam doon serial which came in star plus

  3. I am first

  4. Great episode ranveer does have true feelings for ishaani can’t wait for tomorrows episode

  5. Ipkknd stands for iss pyaar ko kya naam dun??

  6. Reading only updates..not watching now a days… ishani and ritika playing childish games,,,,poor ranveer!!!!! I’ll watch this show only when ritika’s evil side reveals,,,, coz I am eagerly waiting to see rv and his entire families reaction……till than reading only written updates as now a days,,, whatever they’re showing is not interesting episode at all…?
    Waiting for good episodes….

  7. Fed up with writer’s… They’re dragging too much……can’t digest now…..

  8. ishaani nallavala kettavala….. Ishàani character enaku pidikala.
    Isahaanikku rv nammala than love panranu therium but rithika trutha reveal panna piragu , sheker kitta poiduvalam…ishaanikku ithu enna gamea…,.

    1. athuku rithika evlavo better atleast she is not hurting him..

      Im really angry with writers they spoiled rithikas charecter .

      I wish they should not do this with shikars charecter also..

  9. i want ishveer back ???…………. At the party wen ishaani drinks wine some guys are gonna Tease her ranveer will see this and beat the up

  10. This serial is just dragging with no sense,,,please bring rittika’s truth infront of everyone..

  11. bring the exposure

  12. Ishani don’t drink wine drink poison and end your stupid life… U too dump
    Women…. What are u doing
    And Ritika you are superb dramatic women but remember if you do all in real life really tumhara wo hall hota tum baby baby krna bhul jati.. …serial ki sabse bakwas kahani phle toh etni awara hoti h ke pta he nhe lgta enki limit kab cross ho gye fr bcha kisi ka shadi ke piche kisi or bechare ko fsane ki lgatar sazish great mind writer…. 😀

  13. Aur toh aur DNA report bhi enke ghr he ban jati h…. Woooow great afair gareeb se romance awara se shadi shareef se….. Animal pregnancy h ya human jo. Pregnancy ka last time khtam he nhe ho rha… Mujhe toh lgta h baby b abhimamyu ki trh sab sikh ker aayga. :D. Seriously etna funny lgta h ye sab ab 😀

  14. Interesting episode.

  15. what on earth is the writer of this series thinking? They ar not done with this nonsense twist and they are talking another twist.what the f*ck

  16. I not like to watch that. Please back rithika truth. Amba should know about truth of rithika. Ishani and ranveer together please

  17. Acha hai ritika ka bcha mar jayga…. great twist

    1. Yea, it’s good but thn,,, how can ishani proof to rv that she’s carrying Chirag’s child not sharman.????

  18. So much of draging d serial nw adays not watching d show its boring yar

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