Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika says to RV that she has tried a lot not to feel anything, but it is about him. Though she apologized but he is still away from her, she knows she has crossed her limit but whether he accepts her as a wife or not, she does. And last night, she forgot that they aren’t married and this baby isn’t his, she felt something for him but he let her away. She isn’t saying he has done something wrong, she is just saying that it will not happen again. He can’t be her husband, but he must always remain her friend and it should never break no matter what as she has no one in life. It doesn’t matter he lives with her but he must always be there for her. RV says she doesn’t need to request this from him. He couldn’t marry her but has given her his name, he couldn’t fulfil his

responsibilities towards her. He tried to keep her happy, but couldn’t give it to her. He, himself has been left helpless, how may he help someone else. He has still kept Ishaani alive even after her death, he made up his mind that she is dead but this heart has been unable to forget her. Ritika says she understands it is his childhood love. RV says she must wait for a while, he will keep all his promises he did in front of public, he will give all those happiness, name and rights that a wife deserves but she must let him believe, for a while, that Ishaani isn’t here anymore. They will be one the day his mind and heart believe Ishaani is no more around. Ritika holds his hand and says she will wait for him. He nods, while Ritika smiles at him.
Manas enters the room talking on phone, the baby was crying. He questions Disha but she says she can’t hold him all the day. She was just applying nail paint, to reduce her depression. She says she tried everything but he isn’t being quiet, why doesn’t he himself takes care of him. Manas holds the baby and says his diaper is ruined. Disha says she changed it in morning, if she does this once more she will do vomiting.
Shekhar’s mom tells Ishaani that in their NGO they teach jail freed women to make gift wrappers, boxes and handmade items that are sold in market at good price. Aunty gets a letter and gets worried, Ishaani asks what happened. She tells Ishaani that the land on which their NGO is located has been leased at a very low rate but the owner wants it evacuated. She tells Ishaani she has talked to the manager. Ishaani says they must talk to the owner, Aunty shows the email address on the letter. Ishaani says she will mail him just now.
Ishaani writes an email, RV reads it just then. He gets Ritika’s call, he tells her he got her official emails diverted to him so she must not worry. He reads the email, it said if you can’t give anything to anyone you must give them hope, their company leased them a land for their NGO on lower rates, and they must extend their lease till a time until they get a new land. It was from Nirupa Roy. He remembers each and every word of that email being said by Ishaani in the past, she said to him once that her papa said if you can give hope to someone you can give them lifetime happiness. Whenever you gives hope, and when you are helping that person you are actually helping your own self. He responds to the email, while Ishaani thinks why she is waiting for the answer to come so soon. RV shuts his laptop at once, and comes to his office window, disturbed. He opens a drawer, and watches Ishaani’s photo in a drawer saying you aren’t here anymore, but why is there a feel of her in each and everything, Is he unable to forget her, or does she want him to remember her. Ishaani waits for a response of the email. She tells aunty that she has emailed the company owner, they might understand their problem well. She brings her a box, asking if she can get them made such. Ishaani says if they want them to be produced in bulk, they need finance and must meet some corporate people. Aunty gives her a card and says even have a meeting about it in the evening. Ishaani says that will really be great, aunty says she has got new motivation after she has come. She takes her to talk about some finance. Shekhar watches them together, and thinks this Nirupa Roy will go to that man and cry and will get the finance.

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Amba tells Ritika that the happiness of being a mother is greatest. Parul comes and asks Ritika to have some chaat outside. Ritika says she isn’t in a mood, RV comes announcing that all her tensions of cosmos are his now. He says he has a good news for them, he says he was looking into some land and investment papers, what if she opens a hospital in the name of Mr. Javeri. Ritika says it would need a lot of project, RV says he will do the finances. Parul says this is a good news, RV says she will have to work with him too. Amba happily says that she is going to make the meal tonight but RV says he and Ritika are invited on a hotel’s renovation tonight.
Ishaani and aunty were at a meeting. Mr. Thakur appreciates their work, Ishaani says she wants to give such people some hope. She believes if she can change herself, they can also go through the transition. He asks why is she talking about herself. Ishaani says she herself has been caught in a case. He asks Mrs. Mehra is she joking, she has brought a murderer in front of him. Everyone comes to attention, Mrs. Mehra says these criminals can never change, they can never get back to where normal people stand. Ishaani says he is right, they never change until they get a jerk and they never get a jerk. She says with her there were many people who didn’t even know which crime they committed. She says the jerk she is talking about is of time and fate. One decision if given by the court and the other by people like you, who think they can never get back. She asks Mrs. Mehra to let go, when she watches RV coming to the hotel. The manager brings him to a table and offers him a table.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches RV helping Ritika get on a seat in the hotel.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good. . But I think they’re dragging too much.. please unite ranveer ishaani soon. . Disha rithika are irritating day by day. . Reveal the mystery behind chiraag death.Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Thank god,, that nothing happened like RV accepted Ritika.. But drama queen is trying to twist him with her tears,,,!
    It was so touchy when RV felt the email was like Ishani’s,, was so sensitive when he can still remember each and everything that Ishani have spoke,, I felt really sad wen he cried at her photo,, he can never forget her coz she is so deep inside him,,
    Soon u should come to know Ranveer ,that ur love is alive and is two sided,,
    I hope that’s the satisfaction you need to get in your life,, that Ishani too loved you,,,!!!

  3. sumaiya khan

    erm not being funny or something but the guys who are saying this drags and they want ranveer and ishani together, if they would not tell us who is behind chiraags death this show would have ended ages ago so calm ya tits and balms and take a chill pill !!!

    • It shouldn’t continue for so long wats dah point rv’s gunna find out bwt ishanni n get bak wiv her her brova is gun marry rithika.n dah end buh no dey gunna make it dah dah lawyer likes her rithika is gunna hve dah bby n nme it afta ranveer disha is gunna tke tym to adjust to dah bby n ritika might commit suicide for she is truly in love with ranveer

  4. Wen will ishveer meet each other …. It’s heartbreaking … I want ishveer back together n I hate rithika the bl**dy drama queeen

  5. ats

    dragging tooooooo much. if cnt unite ishveer atleast let rv knw tht his aashiqui s alive.going vry slow nd its boring nowadays.nt even interested in watchng also d same scene frm badae achae omg plzzzzzz dnt do ths show us some new story.

  6. Dis shw is forevermore continuos all dah has to happen is dah ishanni n ranveer get back together n her brova n rhithika get united n den dey live on happily but no dey present demand and sorrow the lawyers gunna end up loving ishani (the writers foreshadow dis) n rithika who is immensely eternally in love wiv ranveer may try to commit suicide the bby is gunna be nmed after ranveer for in the eyes of the drama world dey hve taken vows but in the end its goin to be rashanie

  7. I dnt lyk today episode ….hate u alot rithika …hey drama queen stop it ur nonsense talk…she never love sharman…ranveer read ishaani mail ..this scene same in bade acha lagte hain priya send mail to rajat but ram red tat mail…this also same….

  8. I think they want to coop up ishani with shekhar… but i want ishani n rv come in face to face.. then this story will be the most interesting to be watch

  9. ipsita

    Rv ishani ko ekdusre se milao…otherwise sirel ko hi khtam karo
    Blady ritika ko out karo

  10. Rosh

    I agree with all of you , Ritika is turning out to be a shameless character !!! Which woman on earth in advanced stage of there pregnancy feel attracted to a man romantically .!!!
    If that is the babie’s real father it is fine OMG this is utter nonsense !!!
    This spineless & shameless Ranveer agrees for every demand that adulterous woman makes. I can’t even stand RV now a days, he just throw Ishani’s photo in the drawer!!!
    Guys you all really want them together I still feel he should not get her , his Mom is going to torture Ishani and he also may join because he has that inferiority complex in front of Ishaani.
    I have a feeling she will only suffer if she marries RV. I hope Ishani will become a very indipendent brave woman one day she will question RV .
    Hope Ritika will turn negative all of the servant family suffer under her cluch . Ritikas true colour & Ishani’s pure love must be revealed together in front of them.I sound like a sadist but I really want RV to shed blood tears for Isahani . Now it is like he just want to make sure Ishani is dead so that he can have s** with Ritika . I feel disgusted friends.

    • saranya

      Busy ah arora. Na nethiki night ungala yethir parthen. Enna exam ku busy ah padikringala

  11. Rosh

    Yaa but you see the way Ranveer is behaving now he is like a slave to Ritika , I want the old RV back not this spineless man . CV s destroyed his character

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