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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Ishaani was preparing the dress when Nimisha and Sharman come there. Sharman says she wants to say something important, she asked him to come along her. Ishaani asks what it is about. Nimisha says she came to speak to him about Ranveer, he has a mental problem. Ishaani gets angry and says what problem she has with Ranveer, first she blamed him to have seen her changing and now. Sharman says to Nimisha that he had already told her not to do this. Nimisha says she isn’t lying. Ishaani says she is crossing her limits. Nimisha says she has brought a proof with her, she must go and speak to the psychiatrist whom RV is getting treatment from. Sharman says to Ishaani they must go once to the doctor, to get the reality disclosed.
The doctor recognizes RV’s photo. He says

that he knows him from the last two years. Nimisha asks the doctor to tell Ishaani about the reality of Ranveer Vaghela because she is going to marry him. The doctor says how he would know, he knows RV just as a big name in stock exchange. Ishaani and Sharman turns to leave, Nimisha stops them and asks the doctor to call the receptionist as she had seen RV on television and said this is case 256. The receptionist comes inside and denies having said any such thing. Nimisha tells Ishaani that she also had that CD. Ishaani asks her to show her the CD. Nimisha says she can’t show her the CD because RV came and broke that. Ishaani stops Nimisha and says that today she doubts her character. Nimisha follows Ishaani outside, she says that Ishaani is going to marry a wild animal… Ishaani slaps Nimisha and leaves saying Nimisha must never show her face again.
The doctor heard this all, he comes back to his office. Milan was there inside. He says that the doctor is an actor, who made him a doctor. He tells the doctor that he wants to become a hero, he likes when he looks like Sanju bhai, but he likes it more when people say he looks like Ranveer. He looks at the doctor’s glasses and asks what its number is. Milan wears it, he says his mind is working after wearing it. He knows what to do now. He asks the doctor who is his favorite hero, the doctor says Shahrukh Khan. Milan laughs and asks who his (Milan’s) favorite actor is? It is Sanjay Datt. He is Sanju Baba and I am Mallu baba. Milan leaves, he comes back and tells the doctor to take care of himself.
In the parking, Nimisha tells Sharman to believe in her atleast. She says why she would blame RV for no reason. She says that her name is being ruined in this all, whatever happened in their house can be doubtful but what happened in her own house isn’t doubtful. She cries and says that she is in a dire need of work, but still she would want that Ishaani doesn’t marry RV. Sharman says that she has seen by herself that there is no proof against RV. He says now she can’t even come to their home. Nimisha says only two days are left for wedding he must do something. Sharman says if she apologizes she can come back home, as she needs work. Nimisha thinks that if she has to show RV’s real face to Ishaani she must stay around. Sharman brings Nimisha home. Ishaani and RV stood together, Nimisha gets fearful looking at Ranveer and hides behind Sharman. Ishaani gets angry and asks what is she doing here, she questions Sharman. Sharman tells Ishaani to listen to her, she has come to apologize. Ishaani says she doesn’t want to listen to anything, she has blamed Ranveer in front of him. Nimisha says she is really sorry, she needs work. RV asks Ishaani to let her work, they don’t need to get afraid of her as he doesn’t care what she blames him of. He knows his truth and she also trusts him. Sharman asks Ishaani to give her one more chance. Ishaani agrees saying she will leave as soon as the wedding gets over and will not create any misunderstandings between them. Sharman says thanks and goes to drop Nimisha home.
Ranveer comes to Ishaani, Ishaani apologizes him saying for once she doubted him and went to the doctor. Ranveer says that they have promised to trust each other. Ishaani says she is really afraid, she wants their wedding to take place soon. Ranveer hugs her saying no one can separate them now.
Sharman reaches Nimisha’s home, she sat lost. She says thanks. He says it’s ok. She says she has said this thanks to him to support her. She says she couldn’t prove herself. Sharman says she doesn’t want to speak about it, he, Ishaani and Ranveer are family and Ranveer has done so much for them, they can never think wrong about Ranveer. She must remove any misunderstandings that exist between them. Nimisha comes out of the car and gets RV’s message. She wonders why he is messaging her, and is shocked to find her nude photos in the message. Milan comes behind her in a car and smiles. Milan says people always take advantage of other’s be it technology. He got to use RV’s mobile now.

PRECAP: Sharman asks Nimisha if she is alright, he had been knocking the door for a long time. Milan held a knife on Nimisha’s hidden hand inside. She was afraid. Sharman tells her that he came to return her card that she had forgotten in the car.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Doesn’t know when this track is gong to get over.. please reveal soon what happen in anjaar.. and end this bakwas track soon… bring some interesting twist.. waiting for a good episode.. precap is scary..

  2. K.praveena

    Anything will happen is right or wrong. ishaani trast ranveer forever. Ranveer never betrayed ishaani. That is the fact.

  3. shakthi your acting is excellent as rv same time milan .god bless you.but ekthaji twist is boring these type story is not intrestable own ishveer love story.all times continuesly villain play important role first chirage,rithika now milan.our lovely couples always apart they always felt unhappy or un compleate love story.plz unite ishveer d n’t drag more times.I love you ishveer shadhika lovely couple made for each other

  4. hi ishveer (shadhika) lot of warm congradulation from my heart for TIIFA AWARD 2015 won for POPULAR STAR OF YEAR AWARD FOR MALE AND FEMALE.hi guys we are proud of your talents and popularity .keep it up .god bless you.wish you happy and good feature.

  5. teenu

    Whil entry of villan iam feeling comedy and un seriousness:):):):)…. End dis track.. Othr wis it wil lis d shw

  6. sona

    We luv to watch shakti as Ranveer…..lekin aaj kal only milan kyon hamesha Ranveer ko gadhe ke jaisa dikhate ho itna bada business man hai and abv all itna unusual baaten hone par every one will try to find out…..par …..itna boring track hai ki kya bole….ishq ka rang safed is rocking and lead pair are so cute and lovable….aise hi chalta raha toh marsh ki team hi bas dekhegi sone is show ko….ishveer are adorable NT milan maar do usko accident karwa NT ignore ishveer and milan ko dekhne ke liye yeh serial nahi dekhte….show ishveer beautiful moments

  7. Ekta ji ka serial mein sabheeeeee twist i think its rv s twin broh…but shakti ur roles as milan n as rv is jus superb….hats of uh.. Lub yiu ishveer

  8. Do all drama with milan……but do the marrage happen only with ranveer to ishani coz…..i swear ithni mushkil se indonoki shadi phirse sabki sehmathi se horahihai…? ek baar phir ishveer ka shadi delay math karvaiye….uske baath ma kasam hum ye dhekhna chod denge? plzzzzz?

  9. alya

    Shakti uh role is awazzing as rv but when people used to see uhh in new avatar as milan ..they are not satisfied with plz plz end this nd I also don’t like romance krte hue hi achche lgte ho bt ishani ke sath not nimisha aur plz saadi jldi kar lo ishani se

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