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Milan stood curt in his room. Ishaani comes there. He asks if she loves him or not. She says that she loves him offcourse. He asks she doesn’t know what love is, if she does love him why she never came closer to him. Ishaani says it isn’t like that. Milan says tonight she must show how much she loves him. He tries to hold Ishaani on the cupboard. She pushes him away and his hand gets injured and it bleeds. He says she didn’t let him be close to her. Ishaani is worried watching the injury and brings the first aid box bandaging the injury. She says sorry and cries. Milan observes her panicking as she cries and wipes his blood. He is moved when she puts an antiseptic but keeps on staring Ishaani. He says he is hurt and she is crying? She says she doesn’t know what had happened to

her, she thought he isn’t the one so she pushed him. She says she is sorry, she doesn’t know what she was thinking about. She is crying because he is hurt because of her. She says whenever he is hurt, she actually feels the pain. Milan stares at her, and asks why she loves him so much. Ishaani looks at him and smiles saying not only she does, they both love each other. And this love isn’t of faces, it is of hearts. Ranveer’s words echo in his mind, they were the same as he had said. Ishaani says she doesn’t love his face but his heart, she doesn’t recognize him but the feel of him. She will recognize him in a crowd of thousands as well. These were exactly Ranveer’s words. She says she knows that she is his wife, but before their marriage is their love that can’t be seen, but only felt. She heads to hug him, he stands up at once and leaves the room.
Ishaani prays for the safety of Ranveer. She says if this is medication’s side effect, please don’t let him become what he had earlier.
Milan comes to study, he says that for the first time someone cared for him, cried for him and did bandage for him. She has such a truth in her eyes, but why couldn’t he look in her eyes. Because he doesn’t love her or because he is a liar.
The next morning, Amba comes to the room and calls Mala. She opens the wardrobe and finds a gift. She opens the box to find a doll in it. Milan comes in the room and asks Amba why is she so afraid. Amba says what she would do with this. Milan says there is any story behind every gift. Amba is worried. Milan says tomorrow is the wedding anniversary of Baba and her, may be someone had given it to them on purpose. May be that purpose will get uncovered tomorrow. Amba asks Milan to take Aarti, Ishaani watches him. She remembers he had once explained him the reason of keeping a hand while taking aarti. It was that they had to cover their heads while aarti. Ishaani questions Milan, he says he didn’t keep his hand on head without any reason, why she always questions on little things. He tells Ishaani that tomorrow in the Maa and Baba’s anniversary he will announce Parul and Manas’s wedding. He tells them that he has called the decorators for this.
Downstairs, Milan gives Chaitali the responsibility of function arrangements as she has the best fashion sense.
Manas talks to Parul that he doesn’t want to marry her, he loves Disha. Parul says she will deny tomorrow in front of everyone. There is only one solution that they talk to him in crowd about it.
Sharman is worried why is Ranveer being so stubborn and can’t see what is right.
Milan ate non veg in room, talking to someone on phone that he will be there with her in fifteen minutes, his life has already become boring. Sharman watches from the window and wonders they are all vegetarians, why Ranveer is eating chicken? Milan hurries with his drink and leaves. Sharman stops him in the corridor, Milan asks Sharman what he is doing. Sharman says he needs to speak to him. Milan says he is fasting, and is going to temple. Sharman points at the bag he held. Milan says this is Prasad that he will eat while breaking his fast. Milan leaves thinking he must have been finished had he come here ten minutes before. Sharman wonders what has happened to Ranveer, why he sounds so changed.
Sharman comes behind Milan wondering where Ranveer went.
A girl opens the door for Milan. She stares at him flirtatiously. Milan asks if she won’t call him inside. She asks if he needs an invitation. He goes inside and looks for a drink first, asking where his bottle is. She flirts with him cheaply. Sharman comes out of the car looking for Ranveer. The girl asks to see Milan’s muscles. Sharman thinks he can’t ask someone at home where Ranveer is. He is shocked at a sight in front of him.

PRECAP: Milan says to Ishaani that his jacket’s button came off, he has no time to take it off. Ishaani sews the button on the jacket. Milan is moved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG.. Doesn’t know when Ranveer will meet Ishaani.. waiting for that moment..
    Milan is disturbed some what as Ishveer love is this much.. will he fall for Ishaani ?? or will he turn into a good character??
    Anyway end this Milan track soon.. and unite Ishveer asap.. precap.. err..

  2. Chalo maana ishaani ko nh pta k ranveer ka duplicate h koi. Tab bhi ishaani ko ranveer (Milan ) pe shak hai.. Par amba or kailash ko to pta h k ranveer ka hmshakal h.. N raavan ne bhi btaya unhe k wo wapas aa gya h.. Tb bhi is Milan ki harkatoon pe shak nh hua inhe. Ye dno apne bete ko nh pehchan pa rhe.. Vese to ye amba ranveer ranveer krti h ab Milan nh dkh rha ise. Sch a rubbish track n bullish episode..
    Ye Milan office Jake krta kya h.. Itni badi co me managing director ki chair pe baith k aise baat krta hoga koi.. Ise to Ofs ka abcd bhi nh aata.. Tb bhi iske kaam krne se kisi ko pta nh chala.. Bakwass..

  3. My god……what’s happening here…..again a triangle live story????? No….

  4. Aah!what a good news soon ishveer will be reunited.

  5. Why they are always showing triangular love story tracks here?? Show something different with the two lovers together…

  6. Too boring

  7. when will come ranveer plzz unite ishveer forever

  8. End milan track immediately.

  9. aaaaaaaahh…..what I thought,is just happening .milan is in a little love with ishani,right?either milan should turn good & release ranveer (THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN) OR ranveer must come out from that godown by himself OR someone should find(MAYBE ISHANI)

  10. milan feels the love of ishani sure he wll release ranveer!!!!!

  11. Nw Milan is realising what is love, affection,slowly slowly he will change into a positive role n Milan will apologise fo his mistakes to RV nd his family, nd the entire family will be united,cute happy ending with families it will be very nice lets see what happens ???

  12. mian in love vd ishanijust know all of us ths before …………..

  13. Omg i am so sad always ekta mam separate ishveer


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