Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV brings Ritika to the study room, he says if all the memories are locked by locking the drawer he doesn’t need to lock it, he has opened it today. He throws all the things in it in a dustbin and burn them. He says till today her memories burnt him, today he has burnt those memories; Ishaani has died for him and he did his last rituals today. He touches her belly and says someone is coming into their lives, someone’s departure was necessary. It was important to forget her go, when these memories burn Ishaani’s memories will be removed completely from his life. He holds her hand and says they will start a new life today and celebrate this day each year. He takes her hand and leave the room.
Pratik offers Ishaani sweet and says he doesn’t feed anyone but today is her day so she

offers it to her. Krishaa says she kept another plate for him. Shekhar comes to the room, Ishaani goes with the sweets to him. He was staring at her, she moves her hand to bring him back in world and says thank you for getting her family here. He asks just thank you, had he done this in court he would have got fee. What a time it is now. Ishaani says she can’t pay for what he has done, she will do what he wants her to. He says this is a big promise, he says today he makes herself his slave. He orders her to pick the sweet, then feed her. Baa smiles watching this. Shekhar says this sweet is good, now she must eat it too. Ishaani smiles and takes it in mouth. Kanchal comes to Baa, Baa says thanks to her for making their daughter as hers. Kanchal says Ishaani gave them happiness in their house. Baa asks them to keep the dates of Krisha and Dewarsh’s wedding. Kanchal says Falguni passed away so soon. Baa says Falguni was so happy with the wedding, she wanted it herself. Chaitali comes there and says she herself wants the wedding to take place soon. Chaitali announces to everyone they are finalizing Krisha and Dewarsh’s wedding date. Krisha says she wants to make an announcement too, she asks Shekhar for a party. Shekhar was reserved, Ishaani says she will make all the arrangements for it. She then notices Shekhar and asks if he is ok, he says yeah, he is ok and leaves for his room.
RV shows Ritika all the food on the table. He asks isn’t she happy, why doesn’t she speak. Ritika asks this much, RV says he told her they would celebrate their freedom from Ishaani today. He puts pizza in her mouth. Mala brings the DVDs, he asks Ritika which one would she like and says they will first have pizza, then they will watch movie with popcorns. The phone rings, Amba picks it up. It was Kanchal. Ishaani and Krisha were indulged in talks together. Kanchal asks Amba to come to her and Mr. Mehra’s wedding party. Amba says they already have plans for somewhere else. Kanchal asks her to send RV and Ritika then. Amba says they can’t come because it is her last month. Amba hangs up and tells RV it was Kanchal’s phone, she denied. Ritika says it was good, she didn’t want to go. RV says they must go, it is her friend’s parent’s anniversary and Krishaa’s wedding date will be announced there. And Shekhar is also his friend so he will also go there. Ritika asks him to stop it, why he wants to go there when he knows Ishaani would be there. RV says he don’t care, forgetting means when she is around you feel that she isn’t there. He says he will prove in front of her tomorrow that he is no more effected by her presence. He assures her that Ishaani is just a name for him, no more.
Ishaani makes the party arrangements, he asks the service man to change the bulb. He was unable to do it, she asks him to come down and she will do it herself. She climbs the wooden stairs. Shekhar comes there and sends the service man out. Ishaani calls Kaka for the second bulb. Shekhar hands it to her, her hand touches him and he smiles. Shekhar asks if she needs something else. Ishaani asks how he came here so soon, and asks him to help her come down. Shekhar watches her move down the stairs, and watches her intently as she comes down keeping hand on his shoulder. She indulges again in the decoration. Mr. Mehra comes and asks Shekhar he came so late, Parekh family is about to come. Shekhar’s mood goes off, Ishaani notices. Mr. Mehra calls Kanchal, Kanchal comes and tells him his brogue is missing here. Ishaani comes to Shekhar.
Ishaani comes to Shekhar and asks for his brogue. She asks him to give Mr. Mehra the brogue as it would suit him. Shekhar says she made him a good son already, now he isn’t going into these sentimental gestures. Ishaani says alright, then she will go to Krisha and tell her where they found it. Shekhar asks her not to blackmail him, Ishaani says she isn’t but just trying to win the case as she lives at the house of a famous lawyer. She asks if he is going or shall she go to Krisha. Shekhar holds her back and poses to hold her neck then stops at once. He takes the brogue and says he will make him wear it, alright but after changing. Ishaani leaves the room. Shekhar smiles.
Ishaani comes to her room, she thinks she is stubborn like her mother. She is determined that the man who did so much for her, she could put a little happiness in his life.

PRECAP: RV and Ritika come to party and wishes Kanchal and Mr. Mehra a happy anniversary. Baa, Ishaani and Shekhar aren’t happy at the arrival.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good except rithika ranveer scenes.. I hate this Ranveer to the core. Hate u hate u hate u ….. er… irritating very much.. Idiot no.1… The way Ranveer behaving is unbelievable… Totally His character is spoiled.. Now a days my mind says stop watching this serial.. This is not Meri aashiqui tum se hi.. This is Meri nafrat tumsehi..
    Where is Sharman..? Disha?..gauri?…???
    By the way.. Loving Ishaani Shikhar scenes very much. Please reveal the truth about Rithika soon.. dont drag much.. enough.. Shikhar smile is cute.. doesnt know what drama RV and Rithikaaa going to create.. OMG.. precap… Waiting for a good episode.

  2. malvika

    RV knows that Shikhar is in love with Ishani and this makes him both angry and concerned. On Shikhar’s parent’s anniversary, Ritika and RV visit Shikhar’s family. But he is not prepared to hear the news Shikhar makes. He announces Ishani and his wedding amidst all the family members and friends. Ishani is shocked and so is RV, of course he is more hurt but his ego won’t let him show it.

    RV tries to convince Shikhar that Ishani is a characterless woman and is not an ideal match for him. But Shikhar who by now figures out Ishani defends her and asks RV to mind his own business. the show will now show rv’s hatred…..

  3. arora

    today episode good……., ishkhar scene really amazing, i love it, just enjoy it, but rv rithika scene is very bad, bad romance, doesnt suit her,

  4. maya

    day-by-day the show is getting more boring & irritating…..if only ritka and amba bai were not enough ranveer has also started acting idiotically… the scenes of rv-ritika are far too much—feel like slapping both…….
    anyways, loved the shikhar-ishani pair 🙂 🙂 :)….there will soon have their wedding announcement…….rv will then try to persuade shikhar not to marry her as she is not good for shikhar………dont know whether they will finally show the wedding or it is a plan to more new spices……rv will now show hatred for ishani, trying to destroy her….

  5. really i was crying while reading this epi… soooooo stupid it was…. director sir plz change the track…. this track is making me to start hating this serial……

  6. kowsi

    Episode was gudddd……..ishikar scenes will be very gud…and devil rithika and rv scenes irritating …upcoming twist rv propose rithika infront of ishaani…

  7. Doraemon

    wat a true love RV, hw could u evr call it true love wen u have no trust on ishani
    i hate ya damn it

  8. now …..rv purpose ritika front of ishani then second shikar will dance with ishani front of rv and then rv know all the truth of ritika then he will come to ishani and try to win her back from shikar

    • komal

      no, first ishani will know ritika’s truth and then will claim her rights being rv’s wife……rv will neither know ritika’s truth nor that ishani also loves him…..he will try to prove ishani characterless in front of shikhar so as to block the marriage……the hatred will start…..the ashiqi is no more wid rv…

  9. Chinni

    Rv knows ishani from childhood…ela believe chesadu..ndkila matladutundo ardm cheskokunda chala foolish ga behave chestnadu..i hate u rv..i hate u

  10. Angelin

    Ishkar scene s really amazing..
    Rv &ritika scenes r irritating…
    i think rv s gone mad… its not meri aashiqui tumse hi… athu sari ishkar marriage nadakuma????? Anga yenna twist vachu irukangalo… pls reveal the truth soon… waiting for a good episode……

  11. kavi

    Shikhar & Ishani’s marriage preparations
    are underway. Ishani has listened to Baa
    and also her decision is because she wants
    to see RV move on with Ritika. Shikhar’s
    mom Kanchal is happy and wants to see
    Shikhar and Krisha’s marriage on the same
    day. Shikhar is glad but Ishani feels bit
    uncomfortable inside.

  12. kavi

    very gud rv……., i appriciate you, ithe ye maintain panu, rithika va pathi unmai therinjona ni romba feel pana pora, ishaani ya poi ipd nenachutame nu,

  13. RV u f_ _ _ing dog and ritika u b_ _ ch but ishaani and shekhar ooooooh ishaani and shekhar sitting in a tree K I S S I NG

  14. dolu

    Ritika wanted ishani out from tv life and she planned the terrace plot.. But ishani did not see the message …phalguni saw the message thought ishani must be on terrace but she was not there when she came close to the railing she fell down . If ishani would hv gone after seeing the message then naturally she would hv been killed.on the whole Ritika is the killer

  15. aman

    hey guys,
    I am not satisfied wirh all the person those who are hating RV now.
    how much a person can hear hated speech by a loved one.
    Ishani make hate comments on RV not just a single time infact each and every time. she never shows love to RV.

    and you guys are not saying anything to ishani who is romancing with a orher man.

    • Ur soo true ,, RV is not god to know Ishani’s truth,, !!!!!!!! Only he can believe what she says and he is not even a mind reader,,, but he didn’t believe at first all what she said and tried his best to get the truth from her but she made him to believe,, even after the leap he was in a hope that may be sometimes Ishani would have love him,he was stuck between Ishani’s eyes and words,,,
      But no human can hear hate words for all his life time,,
      I’m very happy that ranveer took the decision to move onn from Ishani but I didn’t like him choosing Ritika for that,,,
      Better atleast now run don’t run behind Ishani,, coz she never gave happiness,, coz she didn’t trust him many times and now she decided which is best for him?, not listening to him when he says that his sole happiness is Ishani?

  16. rig

    Somehow good episode .good to see smile on ishaani’ s face. Omg writers spoiled a wonderful character. Hate you all the writers. Miss you ranveer . I don’t like ritika’s Rv.

  17. This is little too much,, RV,,, u loved Ishani with all oppositions may be from ur mother/ Ishani’s family and even Ishani,, at that time u didn’t listen to any1 but only ur heart,,
    Btw u need not react this way coz u already know since childhood she doesn’t love you,, and this story is not. New to u,, she has told several times that she doesn’t want to marry u or love even from after the 2 yr leap,, so u need not react so much coz this is not NEW to u,,,,
    If u don’t want Ishani and if u want to let ho her memories juz forget it in another way,, but why are u choosing Ritika as the way for that,, if u want to get rid of Ishani it doesn’t mean u need to move on with Ritika.. Or accept that characterless woman, u can try some other way,,,
    Please don’t change ur heart or feelings for Ishani,, coz this is not new to u,,,
    The writer has already killed the beautiful Ranveer and now it’s only arrogant RV,,,,
    Ishani u can move onn with shiker if u wish coz u never didn’t want to love happily with ranveer,, and this is what u wanted only for this u tried so hard,, finally u gave ur ranveer in to the hands of a vampire,, y don’t u still try something to learn the truth of anything ? Atleast not even why sharman’s called off his wedding???

  18. Sathyasree venkat

    Omg, ennachi indha serial naluku naal romba bor adikuthu, ishaani and ranveer ralla, pavam ithu la sheikar dhan romba hurt aaga poran, aparam kanchal and sheikar ishaani mela romba paasam vachurukanga, kandipa ishaani yala sheikar ra marry pannika mudiyathu, enna ishaani ranveer ra romba love pandra, apadi illa naalu, ranveer ku unmai therijathu ishaani ye theedi varuvam, sheikar dhan romba hurt aaga poran, feeling sad for sheikar

  19. mk

    i hate the people who say we hate rv, cmon ,he is the protagonist, he did so much for ishaani right from beginning, he made her to fall in love with chiraag even againsat his own 3eelings, was ready to give back the property as this dumbest in town want to marry chiraag and even after tat this fool had gone to chiraag to find out truth of her papa, she believed chiraag rather than ranveer and realised at the last moment when chiraag himself told the truth, the only thing rv did wrong was to marry this dumb. ishaani never opened up freely with rv and always thought herself of solving problems but creating more problems like tat diamond case etc..
    there would be no need to go to jail if she had asked rv wther he killed chiraag or not after all rv is one of big businessmen in the country.

    love makes u dumb but being dumb to ur love itself, kills everything thats wat ishaani is doing.

    all the people who call ritika as evil think once she was the one who gave up on rv on all important day for ishaani as rv also confused at that time, she stopped her wedding and allowed rv to marry this idioitic dumpy and she tried to patch up bwn them whenever pros arises the blame has to be on cv ‘s who spoiled her character i can tolerate with tat, but i think this will be the 1st story where the protagonist itself made into a dumb boy that i cant tolerate an ich.
    and finally ishaani and shikhar are awesome, wow what a pathetic statement, same with ritika and rv also if someone loves so truly,how can they marry other even rv didn’t marry ritika and just to save her name as a friend, he did, what he did with ritika yesterday was just of frustration. for me, it’s better both ishanni and rv live separately without getting married, she with her ngo and he with his business.

    and for cv’s dont try to be true to wat u said at launch it’s a failed love story, it has to happen realistically not so dramatic and if u ppl can’t do that,pls close the shop, so many mad people fighting for ur trp hunger,and my humble req dont make any other character into evil already i m fed up with that either change the storyline or change the so called end of story

  20. When is ritika going to get exposed…. Drama getting boring they stretch things a lot I want everything to happen really quick. Rv and ishani reunite

  21. I was also hate nd irrited rv ritika ka “pyaar bhara” scene…….
    I am very sad
    Directer ji ab ap hi kuch kar sakteho
    Plz chage the trace
    Haye main marjawa
    I hate you rv
    Bye bye sweet true lover ranveer

  22. Roma

    This track doesn’t make sense at all. RV who declares himself as true lover couldn’t recognize Ishaani just after 8 months and Ishaani didn’t trust RV’s words for not killing chiraag and took all blame on her. Still she didn’t ask any family members the reason behind Sharman and Ritika’s breakup. And on top of everything RV showing so much love and care to Ritika even not being married, sharing same bed, how disgusting. RV’s role is totally ruined. Shikhar is way better than RV. I feel like slapping RV and Ishaani both for ruining there relationship.

  23. Tum hi ho

    today’s episode ws just awsome…shikar nd ishaani luk great together…shikar yaarrr..aapka cute bhara stare to ishaani..nd ws happy to c ishaani smiling whole heartedly after quite a long time…nd rv dont knw whats wrong with him..doesnt he realize dat all what he’s saying nd doing is jst coz of his sudden frustration nd anget…u cant hate or forget ishaani..wat is he doing yaar..!! writers ranveer jaise ek character ka poora dhajiya udha diya…so boring..nd ishaani tum kya kar rahi ho..?? i mean its understood ki tum yeh sab uski khushi ke liye kar rahi ho par why dont u realize dat his happiness lies with u…life me kam se kam ek baar dimaag se nai dil se socho..!! nd what..ur leaving him with dat stupid rithika…!! disgusting..!! yaar inn dono ke beech toh woh bichara shikar fasne waala hai..avan unmaile ishaani ye love panra,avalkaga avalo pasam vecharika.. aana ishaani rv ye dhan virumbaranu theriyathukku aprom paavam..eppadi avanaala thaangikka will he react..!!! God dis serial nd its characters r really making d viewers go crazy…!!!!

  24. Ruma

    Damn it!!! Now I wish ishaani n Shekhar meet..n rv…i don’t care about d fool…bcz ritika is going to b villain den wat rv vl do??? D emmo fool vl b alone..huhh!!

  25. Jolly

    Rv loves ishani……for ever and ever and ever…..because his aashiqui ishani she hi…..he can do anything but can’t hate ishani…..he is lying….just showing anger which is another form of love…..he can’t help it…..

  26. malvika

    there is no point in blaming anyone of them since it is on the orders of directors that they are behaving like this…….we have forgotten that it is just another tv drama and has got nothing do with real life……the ashiqui of rv was gud but his move on wid rits is worst……the over-sacrificing ishani hurts her love the most—y not some romance plz…….the cute smile of shikhar will be lost in the middle of their drama…..dont know whether it is justified for rits to become evil or not—–i mean she sacrificed rv on the day of marriage and even sorted out many problems of ishveer but now she wants all back…..whatever it is, the terrible thing is that they are dragging much and not revealing the past mysteries…….. but a news—-shenaila will come out of coma and girish will sort out with rv soon…. dont know what is to come next???

  27. ipsita

    I hate u ekta kapoor sirel ko asa krne k lye…tm director mt raho aur kch bn jao…..i hate u

  28. Rosh

    Friends Luckily I didn’t watch yesterday , I really didn’t want today read the summery.
    Ranveer moving on is fine but his choice of girl is totally wrong Ritika is waiting to destroy him he walked in to her like a fool . Very kind hearted fool RV want to marry his characterless Ritika master at least find out truth who is the father of the mystery baby.
    Be it Ishani or Ritika he must try to find out the truth. See last time when Ranveer told he is driver ka beta and Ishani is Falguni maa ki beti bahar vali was nothing of a big issue for them. Once they both lost their innocence because of the utter stupidity both of them.
    Remembering the last time hate track is making me sick RV called and punished Ishani sevearly until today I can’t forget it . Even though out of his anger and disappointment he called her illigimate , characterless so many words in front of public that is what irked me beyond limit . Ishani called him driver ki beta he was indeed her driver that too he forced her , he wanted to listen it and got it .Shekar trust Ishani even though they know each other shorter time , he can always catch hold of Ishani’s dumbness and stupidity . Amazinglynhe can read her heart .
    Whatever it is may be his heart was filled with Love for Ishani but out side world he only showed it for Ritika other than his engagement day.He always put Ritika infront of Ishani .
    It was Ranveer’s aashiqui now it look like it is Ranveers aashiqui for Ritika , and serves him right.
    I am dread of watching one more hate track where a female again will be insulted and humiliated in the name of love . It is on the way it seems, I am not sure.
    My heart is paining thinking gone those days , how cute Ishveer looked together after marriage saree scene, Mr. Thakar,hilarious first night many to count.
    One world Ekta killed angel like earlier Ranveer now we have is a puppet RV the great in the hands of Ritika the Vampaire . He walked in to her trap because of TRP rating , the creator make him to do.

  29. Rosh

    This show climbed it way to no 3 position in TRP rating so they are not going to unite our Ishveer soon . May be they may separate them even further .
    Even under Ranveer!s stupid idiotic behavior there is hidden love for Ishani and in her dumb madness my beloved Ishani thinking RV is moved on and happy.
    I hope now or later Shiker will wake Ishani up , because he can read her mind better than any one else.

  30. tingu

    Hahhha. What a nonsense serial. Total spoil of Indian tradition. Isaani is TV’s wife. Now ritika second wife. Now isaani may get married to shiker and we want isaani to get united to rv again. How many wives for a single person yaar! what dumb is this?? If ur dragging, make it interesting. Please don’t do non sense like this. Anyway shiker and isaani scenes are nice. Let them get married. Forget about ranveer and ritika. Let them live their own lives. We cannot wait till u untie the mysteries. Anyway even that is gonna be in an ugly way I’m sure.

  31. Rosh

    Ha.., ha..funny right !!! All our characters are united in marriage with each other , I,will die of laughing today . Suddenly I feel light hearted.

  32. kowsi

    Colors Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi is going to show a high voltage drama in the coming episodes.

    As we have seen that after a lot of hit and miss,finally RV and ishani came together.Ishani tells RV that she never loved him as she wanted to take revenge from him.RV starts hatting her and tries to accept ritika.But ritika feels that he is still in love with ishani.

    In the coming epsiode’s,we will see that Shikar RV and Ritika come to Mr and Mrs. Shekhar’s anniversary. Ishaani and Shikhar look at each other.They all celebrate their anniversary.

    Later Baa tells ishani to get married to shikar,so that she can start a new life with him.Ishani who wants to make RV move on in his life agrees to marry shikar.

    As she agrees shikar will be happy and shares this news with his family.They all decide to make ishani and Shikar’s marriage on the same day of krisha and Derwash’s marriage.All will be rejoicing when RV and ritika will also come there.Rv will be shocked on knowing that ishani is going to marry shikar.But he decides to prove shikar that she is a characterless girl.

    This will not end,As RV will go on his knees and propose ritika that he wants to marry ritika second time.This makes Amba and ritika happy.

    RV will also announce that he will also marry on the same day in which shikar and ishani are getting married.Shikar congratulates RV and asks him to stay away from his life.But Rv tell him that he will save him from ishaani as she will damage his life.

    Will RV able to stop ishani and Shikar’s marriage? Will ritika’s motive known to anyone?

  33. Manisha

    Yesterday episode was just time pass.they don’t have story just dragging these drama.they can show better way but…..we shouldn’t expect from cvs I think.they must show ritikas true colours to atleast audience.but she just behaves dumb.we can’t predict anything from her behaviour.just showing us new promos but story isn’t moving ahead.why this marriage track I dn unds.ishani is really stupid that she will ready to marry shikhar without taking divorce with rv.

  34. i am not geetting one point…….plz answer meee….when someone loves truly we can find they r lieing infront of us ….ranveer didnot recongnisee she was not looking into his eyess but escaping from his visionnn…..wen shekhar can truth behind her lies y cant ranveerrr …..shekhar said in previous episodee” tum khoon kya ek machar ko bhi nahi maar sakthe ho mujhe yaakein hain tumnee kucch nahi kiyaaa”. yahi yakkein toh ranveer ko hoona thaa ..lekin jo ishaani kahegi aur ranveer mangayyaa ….ranveerr baccha hai kya joo sab kucch bolegee aur manleggee …..meri asshiqui tum see lekinn mein yaakein nahi karrsakktha yeh koi bhaath huii

  35. rubyvelonica

    day by day very irratting . rithika is a evil . rv , rithika rometice scene coming vomiting . ishani did for rv but he didn t understand . when this serial look nice . i don t know . shekar and ishain good frds

  36. Manisha

    Lot of people are bashing Ishani for being happy and for enjoying the party at Shikar’s home. They bash her for insulting RV and for hurting him. I believe in the end rather than means , Ishani’s goal was and always will be the sustainable happiness of RV, her reason is selfless, she even faced death in the madness of love. What more can she do? She tried to convince him that she was in love with Chirag and for the sake of love she wanted to end her life, but RV didn’t believe Ishani, so with the reminder from RV’s mother that Ishani is bad omen for RV and Amba openly told Ishani that her son deserved a better life with Ritika and their unborn child , so Ishani literally decided to play a cheap game to make RV hate her .I may not have done the foolishness if I were in Ishani’s position, but I would definitely sacrifice my love. For Ishani living with Shikar and his family or with her baa, and other relatives are somewhat same, cause her family was apprehensive in the beginning to accept Ishani while Shikar and his family gave her a shelter when she was literally helpless. She participate s in the decorations actively cause she owe him a lot . If I were in Ishani’s place I would have think that RV and I lived under the same roofs for months as couple but we never had any physical intimacy other than few stolen kisses and hug, whereas with in months he consummated marriage with Ritika and impregnated her. I would have never want to be a Woh in their relationship as he rightfully said yesterday..Yes we are sure that the baby or pillow in Ritika’s belly is not RV’s but for the world it is RV’s baby.
    I still remember that RV was partying with Ritika while Ishani was in jail waiting for her death sentence, showering gift to his wife while her childhood friend cum ex wife was in jail, sharing the same bed with her even before a proper marriage, only difference is CV showed the pain in RV occasionally , hence the audience know that he is not happy . He was dancing with Ritika at the engagement function , which was witnessed by Ishani.So Ishani must have believed that RV is happy with his new life , the only hurdle is the love he have for her.

  37. Manisha

    Atleast shikhar should come to know that Ranveer is ishanis love not Chirag.and hope he will unite them .and still don’t understand that Ritika is pregnant or not ?is she faking her pregnancy?ranveer must know everything about Ritika .their romance scenes are irritating don’t like to watch rv with Ritika.ishani Shekhar friendship is good.

  38. Manisha

    Ishani should change her look and clothes.she should come in glamorous look why this old sarees?she can wear glamorous dresses and open hair why she looks so simple dukhi lady?

    • Rosh

      Love you dear it is Ishani I always supported at least some who thinks like me , thanks for support

  39. Rosh

    Some time we females are very critical & harsh with other females even for a serial, I do love Ishani’s character a lot if my lovers true happiness is with some one else I will always let him go. In real life I almost did it but my love wanted me , so I hope Ishweer will unite

  40. min~ho

    this serial has lots of twist and turn so myself and my friends we’ve decided never to watch this supernatural,nonsense serial again and this serial has gone beyond realities of life MATSH stupidity knows no bounds…..!! Bye MATSH

  41. rosy

    Rv reatng so fast..25 yrs of love doesnt go in a day nd that to unconditional love…actualy he is tryng to justify hmself nt ritika or amba…drastic change remains drastic never turns permanent….moreover wat rv is doing is a showoff he is doing evrythng keeping in mind da thoughts of ishani..nt he is all claiming to forget ishani nd all is jst temporary…DIRECTORS PLZ MAKE OVER IS NEEDED FOR ISHANI ATLEAST IM DA CEREMONIES ND CELEBRATIONS THAT IS GOING ON….PLZ STOP SHOWING ISHANI AS A SERVANT OF SHIKHAR…SHE IS AN EMPLOYEE she cn dress up nicely…

  42. sri

    OMG!!!?! Am happy for ishkar now..
    Now am really bored with this RV..
    U ppl changed his entire character..
    till day before yesterday’s episode I was starving for ishveer moments and their aashiqui but now I feel shiker is much better character in this whole cast..
    Also nowadays this RV became slave for tat ritika and her baby and he forgotten his true love and feelings for ishani so he can’t identify the fact behind her speech and hate.. Now RV has become boring one

    But congratz creators u have successfully changed theme of tis serial to stupid one.. keep it up!!!

    • maya

      ishani can have some nice makeover…y the same old saree style….she used to dress like princess before but nowadays she is just dressing like kismat ki mari, dukhiyari types……… comments for rv—he will himself suffer for what he has done…..himself insulting the love and the feelings……….. i am impressed with shikhar……he understands ishani better…..its better ishkhar unite, waise bhi the story has completely changed…..

  43. kani

    The thing is y rv u didn’t think u have all rights with ishanni…..y u r moving with rithika….u at least stay away with rithika….and not ishanni….u don’t understand still she loves u….I agree with that ritual let her on important day but now she is doing like this with his friend….this is not good….I hope the director ‘ll show good scences and make the drama in track…but wat about shikar….only he knows…hope to see scences again with rv and ishanni..

    • malvika

      ishveer never had that romance which rv is showing to ritika & which ishani never got……he is even not divorced……how without marriage they can do such things…..sharing same bed, calling her wife, accepting the baby….its not ishani fault, but rather rv who did such thing …..even when ishani wanted to meet him after coming out from jail, she saw him calling other lady as his wife……completely heart-broken ishani….so she tried to stay away from him….if it gives him joy, let me be away from him- ishani thought……….but he never understood her but continued with ritika…..bad!!!!

  44. sathya

    Vry nice episode but pls give some more romance between ishaani and shehkaar.pls join ishaani and shehkar dont leave him in pain. I like ishaani and shehkar pair than ishaani ranveee.

  45. Manisha

    Ranveer was touching ritikas belly and said someone special is coming so ishanis departure was necessary.he looks so stupid when he said this.why he is so happy with Ritika child ?it is not his child.ritika me Siva koi air Nani milo Jesse shadi kar sake Ranveer?why Ritika?who is pregnant with someone else child.why rv wants to become so mahan by giving her child his name?i hope Ritika is faking pregnancy then only Amba and Ranveer will realised their her delivery episode should come soon so that we get some hints.cvs are not giving us any hint abt ritikas pregnancy and real intentions and murder drama.

    • Rosh

      Luckily I didn’t watch the episode , is there any chance it is really Ranveers child ? The way that guy act make me even doubt him!!!!!!!!

  46. mala

    i stop ed watching the serial. no positivity in this .only negatives

    Its tooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooring

  47. Dono ko mila digeye ishani and ranveer ko unki ghalat faimi dur kar de jiye director hum serial mein new twists and turns dekhna chahate hai

  48. Sonya

    who is the father of Ritika’s child. I think Ishani too is over the top. There is a limit she is overdoing her role of a devoted wife.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.