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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurbhay comes to room drunk, he gets to Ishaani’s feet who was sitting on the floor. He says he owes her making Naina alright, but he can never forgive her for wearing this saree. He takes the saree over himself, and asks if she wants to know why? He takes her to room that remained locked. Ishaani wonders who that lady was who was locked up in the room. Nurbhay cries that it is Pooja, his wife. He had gifted her the saree and she promised to keep it with her always. Ishaani wonders where is the lady she tried to save. Nurbhay says she must be thinking whom he talks to in the room, it is her feeling here. He says she is alive, in the bouquet, sindoor, bindi. He always keeps her belongings as if she is coming to him even today. He shows her Pooja’s clothes, jewelry and everything. He

says his family tells him to put her things in Ganga, but her memories won’t go from this room and his luggage won’t go from this room. He says she is alive till his breathes go on. She wore the saree to prove that Pooja is dead, for this he can never forgive her. He takes the saree off himself, he says he only see the green color of his Pooja that suited her a lot. He says whatever he is, it is because of her. Luck gave him everything, but took away Pooja. This all happened because of her Ranveer… he fell off at once. Ishaani holds him around her neck and helps him to bed. She covers him with quilt, and when she turns to leave he holds her hand. He says please not leave him Pooja. He says with half opened eyes that he always remembers her, why she is leaving him, he loved once in life then why she is doing this all to him. it is his mistake that he didn’t fight for his love, didn’t save her. Ishaani takes her hand off his. Nurbhay was asleep, tear felling off his eye. Ishaani goes to window thinking she got to see a new face of him, he loves Naina, his sister. His dead wife and has been waiting for her. He knows the meaning of love, still he apart her from Ranveer, but why? She has seen his human side today, she will talk to him tomorrow and maybe he sees the pain in her tomorrow. She prays that God has shown her that way, now HE must help her get onto it and let her meet Ranveer.
Vikram calls everyone at home that maa is here. Uttam comes to greet maa. Nurbhay comes downstairs and takes maa’s blessings. She hands him the Prasad. Nurbhay asks how her journey has been. Maa apologizes for not telling him, Nurbhay asks if any mother ever apologizes her son. Aarti brings Naina, Nurbhay says now Naina can walk on her own feet. Maa is excited. Nurbhay helps Naina stands up and walk, at which Naina feels happy. Nurbhay tells maa to stay there, naina will come on her feet to meet her. Naina walks towards maa with trembling legs. Everyone is happy watching her. Maa goes towards Naina and hugs her tightly. Vikram says Nurbhay had forbidden else he would have told her in car.
Aarti asks maa if she remembers when there was the first smile over Naina’s face. There was a man who brought this smile, it must be Veer. Maa says for Veer, he must be no less than angel. Uttam says Veer is only a hero for Naina. Nurbhay tells them not to tease his sister at all. Ishaani heard this all, she thinks Nurbhay is in good mood today. May be he allows her to go away from here, by understanding her. Nurbhay watches Ishaani upstairs.

PRECAP: Ishaani checks on some files in the locker then puts them back. Nurbhay asks what she is doing here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Shakti Arora dons a ‘clown’ look for Colors’ Meri Aashiqui…
    By TellychakkarTeam
    05 Jan 2016 05:24 PM
    Loyal fans of IshVeer and of the show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi on Colors will soon have a ball, as their dear couple will yet again come face to face!!
    So how will this happen? Will Ranveer burn with anger, or will Ishaani be able to tell him about her truth?
    Well, news coming to us is that Ranveer will be seen donning the look of a clown when he will see Ishaani.
    Interesting, isn’t it?
    As per the track ahead, Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) will challenge Ishaani to get an acceptance from Veer (RV) for marrying his sister, Naina (Aakanksha Juneja). He would in turn promise Ishaani to help her get back to Ranveer.
    And this will prompt Ishaani to go and meet Ranveer. However, the man burning with anger will make her wait for a long time… And when they would meet, she will witness the cute scene of Veer in a clown’s getup bringing smiles on kids’ faces by giving them pleasantries.
    Well, the next moment, Ishaani will receive a shock when Veer will remove his getup and show his face to the woman he loved.
    How do you like this sequence between IshVeer? Drop in your comments here…
    Also have a look at your favourite hero, Shakti getting dressed up as the clown…
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    Bigg Bos

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