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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaitali announces to every guest coming to the engagement that today is Sharman and Ritika’s engagement. Baa asks her not to announce it to everyone. Disha comes there, meets the ladies and asks about Falguni. Falguni stood worried thinking where has Ishaani gone. Ritika and Mr. Javeri also arrive, Baa and Chaitali greet them. Sharman comes there, Ritika says hi to him and asks about RV and Ishaani. Chaitali says that they will just come and takes them inside. Sharman takes Ritika to a side. She says she likes his intense looks but today is their engagement. Sharman asks is she sure about their relations, Ritika takes his hand and says she isn’t a let it go kind of girl, and always keeps her relations. She says she knows he is happy because of RV, Ishaani, today they must celebrate

their big day and afterwards they both will do something for their lives.
Manas comes behind Ishaani, Ishaani says I am sorry I couldn’t do anything for you RV. Manas says atleast she tried, Ishaani says when he used to do a lot of work and he has no idea till what limit he used to go and help her. She didn’t even want his name ruined. Manas regrets his wife’s action.
Sharman asks Derwash about Ishaani, Baa asks him to do the engagement but Sharman says they must wait for Ishaani. Baa says good moments never wait for anyone. Mr. Javeri abides by her. Ranveer comes and says he is here, they must start the ceremony. Ritika says she wants her best friend RV, to share his feelings about her and Sharman. RV says as for Ritika, if a friend like her is there no one needs anyone else. Sharman is lucky to have a wife, who will be his friend. He says today that behind the success of marriage, it is a lady’s hand. He says he was once a driver of a lady who he dreamed of, he got so much success just to get her into his life but he has got so soured now that she isn’t in his thinking as well. He says that today if he has lost an old friend, he has gained a new one like Ritika.

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Ishaani stops by the car to find Nitin there. Nitin says he has found her, he wants to ask what is so important that she has left his brother here. Her silence says she is here for Ranveer. Ishaani wipes her sweat. Nitin says he understood it before, that she was taking divorce for some other reason. She can’t lie to the one she loves so much. She cries and says she can’t tell him the full truth. She got his company on her name, because of the fraud case. Nitin says she loves him so much that she can let herself fell in his eyes. Ishaani says she can’t let his name down on others, she won’t let his name ruined in anyway. She asks Nitin to understand her feelings, and won’t tell anyone about it. Nitin nods.

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Baa appreciates Ranveer that he made her cry. She asks them to start the engagement, RV comes down the stage. Sharman puts the ring on Ritika’s hand, she smiles. Mr. Javeri gives the ring to Ritika and she puts is about to put it in Sharman’s hand when the police arrives to take Ranveer. RV comes to them, they say he is under arrest on the accusation of fraud. Disha gets worried, when the police says he has supplied the fake diamond from his company to a supplier. Ritika drops the ring, and goes saying what nonsense. She goes defending RV. The police says there is an FIR against him, they needs to take him. Ritika says she won’t let them take him but the inspector says she must say in polices station whatever he wants to say. Mr. Javeri says for successful people there are many enemies, how do they know about the fraud. Ishaani calls that there was a fraud. She says fake diamonds have been supplied from RV diamond company. Ritika asks Ishaani what she is saying, she knows RV can’t do fraud with anyone, they why is she saying so. Ishaani says there has been a fraud but they can’t arrest RV, because she is the owner of the diamond company. She says they can even see papers of ownership, she must be arrested.
The police look at the papers, Ishaani says they must talk to her about the case they want to talk about. Falguni comes to Nitin and says he was right. The police say to Ishaani that she has to go with them. Ishaani says she is ready, and doesn’t want any disturbance because it is her brother’s engagement. The inspector asks her to be handcuffed. Falguni comes and says her daughter is innocent, she just got the company named on her yesterday. She asks RV to say something, as she can’t do the fraud. She asks Ranveer to speak, the police will stop if he says something, she is taking his blame on herself. RV is silent, but Amba shouts and says that is enough. She must question her daughter, she wanted the company and now she has to bear it. Ishaani asks Falguni that she doesn’t need to spread hand in front of anyone, she wanted her right because it was hers. She will go to jail even, if needed. She asks inspector to go, RV thinks about something. Ritika asks him to say something, but he is silent. He watches her hands being handcuffed, and asks the inspector not to hand cuff her before taking her along. The inspector listens to him, Ishaani keeps on looking at him. They take her, Falguni asks Sharman to do something. Derwash stops Ishaani, Ranveer nods at her as she looks at him. She goes with the police.
Chaitali says to Baa that Ishaani broke all their dreams. Manas comes behind and asks to talk to Ishaani for two minutes. She agrees. Sharman asks Derwash to talk to lawyer, and calls for company’s ownership papers. RV says to Nitin that he has to go to an important meeting with him. Parul asks doesn’t he care about bhabi. RV leaves saying no. Manas asks Ishaani for forgiveness, he says he is breaking his promise and is going to tell Ranveer all the truth. Ishaani says he won’t, Disha’s baby must not suffer for her mistakes. Ishaani asks him not to make his marriage suffer. Manas says his guilt will not let him forgive himself. Ishaani asks Manas to go to Ranveer and stay with him.

PRECAP: Sharman says they need to help Ishaani right now, else she will have to live in police station for many days. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good but not as expected. From yesterday’s precap i thought there will a change in Ranveer but unfortunately nothing happen. Any way Ishaani plan went accordingly to go to jail.Feeling very sorry for Ishaani.Doesn’t know how many hurdles they have to cross in life.Hope Ranveer understand the reason of Ishaani and act accordingly.Atlest make Chiraag Disha to suffer for what they done.This dragging phase is enough in the story.please reveal any truth.waiting for a good patchup episode.

  2. episode was gud bt rv standing silently nd nt caring abt ishaani is soooo sad wt a man yaar. cant he guess atleast? i cant believe this. i feel bad for ishaani plzzzzzz let her nt suffer.

  3. i didnt expect this reaction from ranveer. ishaani u r sacrificing for him? hope he vl understand soon. disha wt a sister wow……wr s chiraag wid that diamonds? plz let ranveer know d truth.

    1. Issani is actaully not sacrifising for RV Rather Isani is Saving her Wicked Sister DISJHA… Just revel the truth put Disha in jail.. & give love & affection to RV.which he deserve… Ny way RV is safe …. but getting away from RV willl only hurt RV

  4. I think RV got an idea of d situation that’s y he tells to nitin to accompany him for an important meeting

  5. Disha shame on u…hw can u be so heartless

  6. why ranveer is behaving so weird

  7. Ishani is still behaving stupid. There is actually no point in taking the blame without anyone’s knowledge of the fraud done by Disha. Yes its going Bade Ache..way. Priya too gets arrested for the fraud done by Ram brother….This actually makes no sense. Just dragging coz they have no story.

  8. Ranveer itss unexpected wat hell ur dng

  9. Ishaani’s trust on RV is so low that she thinks he will punish her pregnant sister. If she tells all the truth cann’t they divert the blame. He could have called the supplier and give some reason and get back the fake and supply the original. The plot is unnecessarily dragging. It is not muder, drugs, hit and run or anything that RV cann’t escape from jail. They could have found some strong reason for Ishaani to ask divorce.

  10. RV is a very smart business man, in the vault room is there any camera that recorded who was in the vault room that night. Since when did Disha was concern about her family. Is she worry about her fashion style and her personal image. I never like this girl cause she in mature as far as gee attitude and she is not develop yet. Nit in know the truth, he will open the eyes of RV and a deal will be made.

  11. Ritika is not rv”s best friend.only ishani is best friend and wife.cvs are unnecessary giving importance to ritika.she is not Rv’s childhood friend .it seems that ritika still loves rv.sharman should not marry her.only ishani deserves ranveer.they both love eachother unconditionally. Ishani looks very nice and innocent.

  12. Cvs have spoiled ranveers character.if they want to show gauri then why this hiding drama and torturing ishani ?there is no logic in it.just dragging the story. If they don’t have story then stop the serial but don’t spoil the characters,

  13. after seeing today’s epi two things are very clear, 1. ritika has more than friendship for rv and what wrong she did nothing more than to see rv happy(in this context, tis love is >than this dumb ishaani)
    secondly,ishani is not doing this for rv but for that lying witch disha.
    ritika thoroughly deserves rv and ishani does want to see her family through than rv, in love, the person whom u loves is the most imp than anything and this dumb thought herself mahan and creating more problems for rv.
    and finally,this scriptmaker has no other thought than making chiraag and disha winning always and this dumb does stupid things.
    note:and for the people who goes to dislike this, u ppl all want ur fantasy become into reality, whther reel or real, u can’t accept it but in stories which want to be great should be as real as possible but not like this crap.

  14. Are yaar Ishani ka stupidity dekhte – dekhte hum stupid ho gahe hai, 5th Feb ka cmnt 4th me post kar diye. HaaaHaaaaHaaa.

  15. Waiting for a good episode. Hope it will be soon.

  16. Ishani is so stupid she loves Rv and saving her sister actualy chirag and disha has to suffer for this plz just end this stupid drema .and.turn to a new twist ….otherwise it would be boring we had accept lot from Rv nd ishani

  17. how long this gap will run in between RV & Ishani .

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