Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says to Ritika that she will throw her out of the house and Ranveer’s life. Ritika asks if she is challenging her. Ishaani says she is standing as a challenge in front of her. Ritika says this is interesting, she will expose her truth to Ranveer and she must reveal to him that Ritika did the murder. Ritika says that the one who brings the truth to Ranveer before will win, Ishaani accepts the challenge.
Ranveer comes home and rushes to the room. He comes to Ishaani, drags her out of the room. She asks what has happened. He clutches her shoulder, then brings out her suitcase and packs his bag. Ishaani looks at him, then thinks that how much he let her understand that when there are three people in a relation, two of them are always in pain. Shekhar is in pain for her. He remembers

Shekhar come to consciousness, he tells Ranveer that it was all lie and he wanted to check his trust on her. He says that Ishaani lost her memory, she remembers him ever. Ranveer tells him to stop it, Ishaani never loved him she loved Chirag and then Shekhar. Ranveer was never there. He says Ishaani came to him only because he was associated to her childhood. When her memory will be back, she will go back to Shekhar. He says that when she will go back to Shekhar, only her memories will be left to him. Ishaani brings RV back to consciousness, RV says he is going to study room. Ishaani asks why? Ranveer says he knows they are spouses, because he doesn’t want the last night event to happen again. He says they can’t live like husband and wife. He says today he is in pain, and there someone else is in pain for her, he was drunk. Ishaani was clueless, she asks what happened to Ranveer. Ranveer realizes, he says Shekhar was drunk. He says that he is leaving the room, because he doesn’t know the future of their relationship. RV thinks she doesn’t know she is going to marry Shekhar and he will marry Ritika. Ishaani thinks that their separation show his love for her and the respect he has in his eyes doesn’t let him meet his eyes to her. Both ask if they say something.
Ritika is happy to see RV leave the room, she says RV left Ishaani for her and this made her way easy for her. Ishaani’s days are very few in the house.
RV comes to study room, Ishaani comes with beddings. RV asks what happened now. Ishaani says she can sleep away from her husband but she can’t see him sleep in pain and at least can set his bed here. RV watches her set beddings for him. Ishaani leaves the room, she calls Shekhar and asks if he is fine. He says yes he is. She says Ranveer told her he was drunk, she was concerned about him. Shekhar says he is sorry. Ishaani asks for what, what happened. Shekhar says it was possible. He says that because of his single mistake her plan could be ruined, he didn’t remember anything but only remembered she is there for a mission. Ishaani says she trusts him for being there for her. She says she has given herself a time of seven days. Shekhar tells Ishaani not to say something now, he knows she will do it. He hangs up, then says she must stay with him for the next seven lives. Ishaani thinks she wants to rid Shekhar and Ranveer.
Ishaani comes to the room where Ritika was sitting. She says what happened that Ranveer left to sleep in study room. She says she already knew he will never sleep with her in study room. Ishaani says how will he face her when the mistake was his. She asks if she doesn’t know what happened last night, he had a cramp in his back because of getting excitement. She says he still has pain in his back, so he is sleeping in study room. He didn’t want to make her worried because of his pain. She also says she has a good news for her, she will sleep with her today. Ritika asks what? No way. Ishaani says she just told her Ranveer will sleep in the study, and she will not sleep alone. She talks to Ritika’s baby that tonight she will sleep with her only to keep an eye so that she doesn’t go to Ranveer. Ritika says no way. Ishaani says challenging her will cause more trouble, because then she will have to involve the family and Ishaani will have to tell the last night details to family as well. Ritika leaves irked, Ishaani calls that she is coming after changing her dress.
Next morning Chaitali comes murmuring downstairs and says to Pratik that there is a gossip that Ranveer is living with both his wives in the house and when she says he is living with Ishaani only to bring her memory back no one believes on her. Lakshmi had eaten chilli, Chaitali and Pratik come to table saying that she wonders that Ranveer once stay with Ishaani, then Ritika. She wants to know who is sleeping with whom. Amba calls Ranveer and Ritika, Ishaani and Ritika answers from the same room. Chaitali goes to take notice. Pratik follows her.
In the room, Ishaani tells Ritika to get ready soon else she will have the complain that she didn’t get time with Ranveer. Chaitali listens to this and says both the wives are sharing rooms and husband both. Ranveer comes to room to look for office shirt, both Ishaani and Ritika stood with two shirts. Both tell Ranveer to wear her shirt, Ranveer is confused.

PRECAP: Ranveer goes to Ishaani and removes the catcher from her hair. She is shocked at this and turns to see Ranveer staring someone towards the hall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was fine.. hope Shikhar will not turn negative.. Enough of draggingggggg… end this track asap… reveal truth soon… can’t wait further… Sometimes vany able to understand Ishaani.. what she is thinking in her mind….
    Ranveer bechara stuck between these two women… funny.. waiting for party episode..
    Precap is super… waiting for a good episode..

  2. Precap some one plz tell me agn na..

  3. today episode is nice……., ishaani and rithika challenging scene is very gud, chaitali scene is very funny, both of share the pathi……, hahahahaha.ranveer really confused. Precap is interesting. Waiting for gud episode

  4. Hey Sona.. Is d precap impending or is it all.. Can see a she..sentence incomplete

  5. Ranveer u r vry cute

  6. plz anyone tell precap of today episode

  7. Nice episode………:D

  8. Thank god….I thought shikar would turn into a villain…..its Gud…ranveer reveal ur feelings 2 ishaani soon pls

  9. Ritika plans to burn up Ishani, and lights diya
    close to Ishani. She scares Ishani and pushes the
    swing. Ishani gets tensed seeing Ritika’s
    weirdness. Ishani’s saree catches fire and she
    tries to blow off the fire.
    She screams and calls for help. Ritika looks on and does not help Ishani. Ranvir enters home as its Teej festival. Ishani kept the fast for Ranvir. Ranvir gets stunned seeing Ishani in trouble and rushes to her. He goes to her and saves her from fire. They fall down and Ritika looks on jealousy. Ranvir and Ishani have an eyelock. Ritika will be shooting at Ishani in upcoming track, where Ritika will get shot and lose her baby. This will bring a big twist in the show.

    1. oh kowsi thank u for the news….., finally rithika will delivered her baby..,

      1. Luv ishveer nd the precap is awesome I can’t wait ranveer loves ishaani so much he cannot tolerate another man lookin at her …………………….. No matter how much is drags ishani will definitely win her love back and ishveer will be together

  10. rv goes to ishaani and he remove the catches from her hair. This is the precap……..,

    1. I luv ishveer ….. And the precap is awesome I can’t wait ranveer loves ishaani so much that he cannot tolerate another man lookin at her ……………,.. No matter how much it drags ishani will win her love back and ishveer will be together …….. Because they are made for each other

  11. Hey somebody pls tell me.. Did ranveer get to kno ishanis lie.. Does he now kno dat ishani hasn’t forgotten her past. ????plsss guys somebody repky

  12. Hey sona complete the precap

  13. Today episode was good. RV’s state seems really bad. Thank God shiker don’t change in to negative.

  14. thank u Arora…..

  15. arora thanks for the precap ….

  16. nice episode today….

  17. Innaiku episode super…….enough of dragging , mudiyala , ippadiye intha serial pochi pochi pochi…….poidum

  18. Fed up now…plz stop dragging…

  19. wait 4 rithika’s truth reveal

  20. wait 4 ishveer moments

  21. This is stupid. Honestly, how can RV not know Ritika’s truth when everyone else knows it. This show is stupid. It’s becoming more stupid day by day

  22. Precap awesome

  23. I hate this serial

  24. Ishveer are made for each other they will definitely be together

  25. I now wish Shikar
    to marry Ishaani!

  26. Nice episode.

  27. today episode was good this serial was very boring ishni was a mentely stupid rv evaluka saitha eilathayum maranthu shikher than vanum sollura rv ishniyada childhood friend so childhood agela erunthya avan ishaniya love panuran ple rv unoda kadhal aliyakudathu ishani rvyada saranum wait for a gud episode

  28. please keep ritikas bad face in front of everyone as soon as possible

  29. Most f**king serial

    1. then yy do u watch it wen it is f**king boring :/

  30. Todays episode was fine…. but dont want dragging…. ritika should be exposed as soon as possible……LUV U SHAKTI….LUV U RADHIKA!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I am getting irritated of this show,,,,,specially the love triangle twists…… Don’t know when will this twists come to an end!!!!!!!!
    Plz writer’s bring new twists, new faces with new characters,,,but before doing that plz revealed ritika’s evil side in front of rv and his entire family….and end this shikhar’s character also…… Make happen ishveer reunite soon………stop dragging…now we can’t tolerate this stupid, nonsense story anymore…..?

  32. Most irritating…..yet most touching…..i just used to HATE this show when
    Ranveer used to be a servant…..
    when ishani fell in love with Chirag…..
    when ishani misunderstood ranveer and he was thrown out of the house…..
    when ishani even after her marriage did not love ranveer…..
    when ranveer turned out to be a casanova……
    when everything went well but amba still was intersted in RITIKA….
    when instead of investigating..ishani blindly became TYAG KI DEVI
    when she did not come in front of ranveer and became NIRUPA ROY..
    when she again hurted ranveer……
    and now when she is playing with the feelings of RANVEER AND SHIKHAR..
    BUTi really dont know why i can not stop watching this SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Nice one…waiting for the party episode

  34. Got 2 knw from somewhere that paridhi sharma aka jodha is soon going to join this serial as another lead..
    Hope 2 see her pairing wid shikhar…..

    1. what!! no!!!! paridhi pair shikhar… no it shud not be possible… by the way jodha-akbar going to end??

  35. Can anyone plz tell me in short what has happened in the past 2 weeks??
    Actually due to my xams I cud not watch so…….please….its a request….?

  36. Luv u Ishveer.Rittika u are being kabab me Haddi in between them Precap is awosome,waiting for today’s episode:-D

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