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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika throws the rice backwards that comes to Baa and Baa is irritated with this. Amba helps Ritika perform all the rituals of Grahan Parwesh (entering into the house). Ritika’s phone rings, she receives the call and thanks for the wish. She is shocked to hear that he couldn’t arrive because all the trains are late and this is the reason he couldn’t arrive. She tells Baa and Ishaani that all trains are late, they must wait at home for some time. Ritesh says they will wait on the station, Ritika says what, her family will wait on station on her wedding day. She would not let this happen and asks Ranveer to stop Mota Bapu’s family. RV asks Baa and Kaka to wait for some time if the trains are late. Amba calls Lakshmi to continue with some more rituals. Ritika invites them all inside.

asks for Ritika’s ring and puts it in the milk, she tells Ranveer and Ritika that the loser is always the one who remains suppressed in this game. Ritika watches the ring intently, throws it near to Ishaani and asks Ishaani to give her ring to her. Ishaani holds the ring and notices that it was the same dove ring. She hands it back to Ritika. Ritika plays with her will but Ranveer doesn’t play at all. Ritika happily finds the ring, while Ishaani notices Ranveer was lost. Ishaani cries watching this all. Ranveer watches Ishaani, Baa and Chaitali going from the hall. Amba asks Lakshmi to take Ritika to her room. Amba asks Ranveer to come to her room, she has to say something to him.
Ritika thinks that the astrologer’s talk was right, tonight something that Parekh family had never witnessed happen. Ranveer is hers now and Ishaani has gone out of the house forever. Ritika comes to her room as it was decorated, Lakshmi wishes her all the best. Ritika comes to the mirror, removes her vermala and happily says that her dream marrying RV has been fulfilled. This mangal sooter and sindoor looks so good at her. She wonders here her crown is, and where is her husband RV. She lays back on the bed.
In the room, Amba shuts the window and says that the winds are turning into a storm now. This night is really strange. RV asks why she called him here. Amba asks him to shut the windows now. Amba tells RV that he watched such storms in life, now he has started his life with someone who herself suffered so much in life. She thinks that Ritika will best understand him, he must also take care of her as a wife. She tells him to go into his room, Ritika is alone and might be afraid of the weather.
Ritika sits on the bed waiting for RV. She shuts her eyes as he enters the room, then looks at him. RV looks at Ritika, takes a seat on the bed. Ritika smiles, RV turns away. Ritika tries to touch his hand but there is a knock at the door before she could reach him. RV goes to see who there is. Ritika comes to RV and says she knows it is strange but she wants to say something. RV asks what. Ritika says she knows they are married, but he will never accept her as a wife. RV says it is nothing like that, though he was thinking the same before coming here. He says I think there is something in tonight, it was written that they have to meet. He will not stop himself from becoming her husband that is his responsibility. Ritika says that his responsibility is her need. She asks RV to be a mother as well, she wants to bear his child. She says that this child will become a reason of their love. She come closer to RV, there is a break of case. Ritika asks what kind of voice this is, RV goes to check it. Outside the room, a case was lying broken on the floor.
Suddenly the lights go off, Ritika holds a lit candle to light the other ones. As she was doing so, she feels RV hug her from behind. She asks him not to go away from her, she can’t live without him, and says I love you. Someone says I love you too to her, Ritika turns and is shocked to see Chiraag there. She remembers pushing him to die. Chiraag smiles at him.

PRECAP: Ritika says that she wanted to marry him, but he left her for that Ishaani who didn’t even love her. He left her for that Ishaani who even didn’t love him. RV hears this all and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. plzzzzz ishveer reunion plzzz


  2. plzzzzz ishveer reunion plzzz


  3. They both will reunite but how come it was fake marriage with Ritika?they perform all rituals of wedding and that means ranveer was not aware of the fact about Ritika and really wanted to move on with her ?if it was his plan then no need to perform all rituals of wedding.he could have expose her between marriage thing is fact that he had no trust on Ishani so wanted to marry Ritika? Monday we willcome to know his pan but it’s really confusing.if he was aware of Ritika then why he was continuously hurting Ishani ?and Ishani should not stand their during their wedding.they both were just giving pain to Ishani .one time atleast she should have realised ranveer that he has lost Ishani forever now.he deserves that.but she easily eat her on station.lets see what they will show.

  4. Now it seems like Ishani is the real hero (Sunny Deol 🙂 ) and her ASHIqUI is true.she loves ranveer more than ranveer loves her.

  5. Even though the start was a bit lag gy they made it up for the end!!!making the viewers more and more anxious about Monday episode….

  6. eagerly waiting for the Monday’s episode..reunion…

  7. ranveer bahut kamina insaan h jahan tak mujhe lgta h jab rv ko ritika ke baare me pataa chhale to phir bhi isani ko rv ke paas nhi jaana chahiye kyunki rv ne jo ishaani ke saath kiiya h wo ek dusman bhi dusman ke saath nhi kr skta

    1. hahhahahahaha 😀 😀 ???

    2. hahhahahahaha 😀 😀 ??? i agree vd u…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANA

      1. waisay kbi kbi to mai b yehi sochti hun…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U rite

  8. Mujhe to Rithika bahut aachi lagta ha but ek din sach ka samna jarur hoga par mene is dharabahik ko pehle kabhi nehi dekha tha par advertising me dekha ki Ishani RV ko pasand nhi karta ha par ek TV remote ache ha sabhi channel ka number daba ke dekh raha tha tab dekha ki RV aaj kal Ishani se nsfrat karta ha aur wo dono Shsdi ke ulte phere le rehe ha usi din se mene ye dharabahik dekhna shuru kiya abhi to itne din tak Ishani ne bshut roya. I like her Tears……. Therefore I like Rithika……. Me to chahta hu ki Ishani aur kuch din roye uske bad sabhi ko Rithika ki sach ka pata chale…..

  9. We know that ishveer r going to reunite. But then more painful days r coming for ishani. Bcoz they can’t get rid of ritika. Ritika now has the legal right to stay in ranvir ‘s life. She is d lawful wife of ranvir… Now its the point to drag the serial more long….

  10. I am so about rithika reveals her truth by herself. But i am waiting eagerly for monday episode whether ishanni& ranveer will unite .if they unite wat happens to heart broken shikar who always have faith on ishanni.but rv and ishanni aashiquii is true. They should put saturday special episode but they didn’t. Iam waiting for 7 sep 10:00p.m

  11. ♛Ranvir♛

    Hii!! I m not real ranvir i mean shakti!! This is a kind msg to all other asian countries peoples nd other countries ppl for example african ppl who watch this show… I just saw ur comments here… How can u ppl judge our indian culture by just watching this tv serial matsh?? How can u?? I mean lyk srslyyyy!! Did tv serial teach u everything??? I thought u all watch tv serial for ur entertainment but here u connect with ur life.. Why do u do so?? Does everything happen in ur real life as it happens in reel?? When something sad or happy moment cums in ur lyf does the music plays according to it?? Everytimethere r these sort of problems in ur home as it shows in this serial?? I think we all hav the same answers!! THAT IS NOOOO!! I just humbly request u all plz dont judge or culture on the basis of the serial that u watch!! Plzz… This is my humblest request to all the ppl from other countries that watch this serial!!

    1. I totally agree with you ranvir…..we should not connect our real life with this TV serials… They’re just actors who performed according to their roles,characters or whatever writers /cvs want…. Its their job,occupation…

  12. Oh no!!!ritika stabs ranveer infront of ishani……shocking news…plz writer’s don’t stretching the story unnecessarily,,,,don’t made such complications in ishveer’s life..,,as they both already have suffered so much in their lives…
    Plz reunite ishveer with lots of love and happiness…. They deserves that love n happiness…..

    Can somebody tell me, that,,, is shakti arora aka ranveer leaving the show??? Is this true or rumour? Plz let me know…

  13. Omg this rithika vamp taking the life.. and ekta better stop writing chewing gum serials…. and ishani no one is better dhan shikar for u.. plz marry shikar instead of rv.. he believed nly rithika and married hr happily… bettr rv suffer.. u marry shikar who cares u always as soulmate.. guard angel

  14. Hi, ranvir! I’m uzbek n I live in Uzbekistan n we-uzbek ppl also r watching matsh on tv nowadays. Ur msg is to foreigners including me. It’s true that u have great traditions n culture, we all respect them. But u never can persude all foreigners that it’s not like that (any1 can marry any1, then divorce, then remarriage, pregnancy b4 marriage) in India!!! There r so many ppl who never have been in India n imagine abt ur life only according to what r shown on TV! Thats why u should blame ur stupid directors not us! Because of them many asian ppl think wrong abt ur culture! Maybe u never understand me, coz u r indian! If u were foreigner n watch matsh or another serial like it, u would understand me!

  15. However, I like n respect Indians! U r gr8! Dont let film makers spoil ur culture! Coz ur cinema n serials r watched by the whole world!

  16. i like this serial very of my fav serial..waiting for reunion..

  17. I don’t know why always in every serials evil wins over goodness… Marriages are just becoming a joke… Getting married n divorce. I think evil is going to rule the world… Every one has doubt about their own relationship

  18. Abbo Supr episode

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