Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Milan gives sweets to Lakshmi and tells her that Parul won’t get a better man than Manas for her daughter. Lakshmi was curt. Disha leaves the hall crying. Milan gets into his own room keeping the sweet box on table. Ishaani was worried.
Milan comes to room, Ishaani comes to him and asks why he broke Maa’s fast and now he is behaving as if nothing has happened. Milan congrats Ishaani for Parul’s and Manas’s wedding. Ishaani thinks what Ranveer’s views were about this wedding before. She asks Milan what has happened to him? Milan says he is a changed Ranveer, a new avatar. She must be happy, because every wife is happy in her husband’s decision. He says that she knows no one can take care of Krish better than Parul, Disha isn’t either able to be with Manas or Krish.

Moreover, Parul will also not remain happy with Manas in mind. Ishaani says she doesn’t know if he is right or wrong, but she trusts him. Milan is moved. Ishaani says even if he wasn’t her husband she would have trusted him, because she loves him and where there is love there is always trust. She holds him by arms and says I love you. Milan is moved. He asks Ishaani if she trusts him this much. Ishaani says Meri aashqui sirf tumse hi hai. Milan says that he got the bruise removed by plastic surgery. Milan was worried, then thinks that Ishaani loves Ranveer why is he getting worried for her.
Disha was in room, Manas comes there. Disha asks if he is happy that she is going out from between him and Parul. She says she will not remain silent, RV said she can’t be a good mother and he didn’t take a side of his wife. Manas says RV was right, no one can be a better mother for Krish than Parul. Parul for him is a good decision, she can be the best mother for Krish and best wife for him because Parul supports him. But there is a bigger reality that he still loves Disha, but she never supports him. He says that Ranveer wouldn’t have listened to him then but Disha also doesn’t understand. He leaves the room.
Amba cries that Ranveer broke her fast. Kailash tries to console that he is also fasting. Ishaani comes there and says Baba is right. Amba says that why Ranveer did this, she daily feels that Ranveer is in trouble. Ishaani says he is in front of her, and the strange behavior is just because of medicines’s side effects. She says that Ranveer has always taken good decisions for the family, they must listen to his decision about Manas and Parul’s wedding.
Ranveer awaited someone for help. Milan comes there and throws his note at him. He tells Ranveer that he broke his mother’s fast. He also tells him that he has taken a decision and fixed Parul’s wedding with Manas, there were objections at home but he took advantage of Ranveer’s face and overruled all the objections. He says he is here to hurt his family as this will hurt Ranveer. Ranveer asks why he is doing this all? Milan says he will tell him why he is doing this all. But not very soon. He tells Ranveer that his wife Ishaani fed him with her own hands. Ranveer says she doesn’t love him but she loves Ranveer only. He tells Milan that she must have smiled looking at his eyes, Milan remembers such a scene. Ranveer asks if Milan felt such love. Ranveer says that she loves him, their love is eighteen years old and Milan can’t take that love back even in eighteen ages. His words echo in Milan’s mind. Ranveer says that she loves his presence not his face or body and she recognizes him with the same. Milan says he speaks good, but right now Milan has everything, his family, house, money and wife. Ranveer says he has nothing, he has no love and happiness in life. He has money, but no one family. He has his wife but no one loves him. Is there anyone who cries for him, he is born to be hated. He can never get Ishaani, she only loves him and will return to him one day. At that day, Milan will be defeated. Milan says he really trusts his love.
Disha awaited Manas. She hugs him and apologizes for speaking to him like this, she is worried what if Ranveer separates them. Manas says he will speak to Ranveer, no one can understand love better than Ranveer. Manas enters the house then and wonders what imange Ranveer had spread among people.
Milan calls from behind who said so? He comes to Manas and asks who said that when it is about love he understand people. He asks Manas if he is marrying Disha after leaving his sister though Disha left him. Ishaani also comes there. Manas asks Ishaani that she must atleast understand. Ranveer asks Ishaani why she is silent, she must say something. Ishaani says that she is always on Parul’s side, but they both love each other and they must not interfere in their personal matter. Milan says he has taken the decision and that is final. Manas says he won’t do this, he won’t leave Disha. He asks Milan that he also loves Ishaani what he had done in such a situation. Milan says what he has said is final, he wonders what kind of love is there between Ranveer and Ishaani. Ranveer’s words still echo in Milan’s mind. Disha leaves the hall. Ishaani is worried.

PRECAP: Milan holds Ishaani enraged, and tries to get intimate with her. She pushes him away shouting at him to stop it. He is hurt at his hand and it bleeds.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranveer was today commentable.. wow….
    End this Milan track soon.. waiting for a best episode..precap is irritating..err..

  2. Today epi is aswsome. Milan remember again nd again ran love talk & ishani so much trusted rv.Milan plz understand ishaani & rv love. Don’t spoil their love. U want to take revenge from rv life but don’t burnt ranveer’s love.

  3. Omg..Millan fall in love with ishani…he decide to get her at any cost

  4. Hi suga i agree with renveer words are super.plz speedly end this milan track and unite ishveer forever.

    1. Ya..jasa waiting for Ishveer uniting..

  5. Plz Reunite ISHVEER and i hope that milan is ranveer’s bro and also make him a positive character bcoz i can’t see my sakthi aka ranveer in a bad role PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……………………………………………………………………………..

  6. is Milan fallen love with ishaani?

  7. wow ranveer

  8. Wwow what an episode eagerly waiting for the reunion of ishveer I can’t see my shakthi in negative role end this milal track asap. And add some spice in meri ashiqui.

  9. interesting episode.

  10. Mihika Kulkarni

    Ohk..I know where dis is going..Milan will fall in love wid Ishaani n change..n RV will b back..

  11. Why? Why? Why? Writer drag Milan track

  12. Idiot Raavan where u went now
    Pls cum n help fo RV

  13. Very nice episode. Clearly portrays that everything is fair in love.
    I guess the makers are gonna show the love birds together very soon.

  14. Oh pls end milan track soon yar very boring

  15. Good news for ishveer fan ishveer reunite soon

  16. Radhika…. hw do u know??

  17. shakti Arora, the main lead of the show, in an exclusive interview to ANI revealed the show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns and said that the main lead will be together soon.

    The 29-year-old actor said he is well aware that many people are not very happy with his villain character, adding that it is ‘just a shade, just another character.’

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