Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika watches RV who was talking on phone. She was about to go, RV asks if he doesn’t know she has been staring her for so long. He says either she is disturbed or wants to share something with him, please say it.
Dewarsh was shocked hearing this as Krisha tells him she is pregnant. She doubted it for two three days, her days have been missed and performed test today. She cries but Dewarsh consoles her and says it will be a big problem if anyone knows. Krisha is worried because what Shekhar and Dewarsh’s family would think. Krisha says she will have to tell mother, but Dewarsh says there is no need. They will tell everyone after wedding. Krisha reassures that no one will know, when Ishaani was passing by and hears this. She asks what will anybody not know? Dewarsh and Krisha are

Ritika tells Ranveer she is tensed because she wants him to go to the Sangeet as well. RV says he had promised her to go, Ritika says at that time he hadn’t accused Ishaani. She says even yesterday in dance class, there was tension between him, and Shekhar and Ishaani. RV says he will go there as her husband, He doesn’t care about Ishaani but Shekhar is his business partner and she his wife. RV says he had a misunderstanding, and that, Shekhar’s family knows. He asks what to wear in the Shekhar’s Sangeet. Ritika asks will he wear, she will buy a new dress for him.
Dewarsh says to Ishaani they were afraid because of her. Ishaani stares at Krisha, Dewarsh says he and Krisha were talking about a surprise they had kept for the wedding day. Ishaani asks if they are sure, Kanchal also comes there. Kanchal tells Ishaani that she got a call from Star’s hotel, she has to go there and then to the designer for outfit. Dewarsh says wow, Shekhar has been pampering him for so long. He tells Kanchal he came to pick Krisha to pick their outfit. Kanchal says Krisha’s mood is off since morning, it will get better. Kanchal and Ishaani leave, Krisha is relieved. Dewarsh tells her to cheer up, rest as they have to attend evening’s function.
Ritika brings RV’s dress and asks him to change. RV says the function is of night but Ritika says Shekhar has planned a lot for the evening. RV picks his phone, Ritika takes it from him and sends him into washroom. She picks the mobile as soon as he goes inside, and thinks about downloading the phone’s videos before RV comes out. She copies them into her usb. She thinks now she will fulfil her promise with Ishaani.
RV asks Ritika to go inside, he will park the car. Ritika says valet can do this, but is it a lame excuse or something. She tells him to take sometime if needed.
In the car, a person makes a call promising that in a while Ishaani Parekh would be finished. He asks RV to wait, and watches Ishaani arrive. He says he will call him after finishing the task.
RV watches Ishaani coming in western attire. The man regrets who has come here.
Ishaani and RV watch each other bad-moodedly. RV leaves inside curtly, Ishaani stood alone. The driver races the car towards Ishaani, RV gets a flashlight and turns to see Ishaani about to be hit by the car. He calls her name and runs towards her saving her as they both roll on the floor, Ishaani beneath RV. The driver says he will do it during Sangeet.
Ishaani and Ranveer hold each other’s face concerned about each other’s well being. They leave each other soon, coming to realize what they were doing. RV gets up, he doesn’t help Ishaani stand up but they look into each others eyes again. RV goes inside. Ishaani runs behind him, holds his arm and asks him not to leave her; she can’t leave without him. She says I am sorry I lied to you, but today I am asking you with heart not to go. She was at the verge of crying. She asks to apologize for every lie she told her, every pain he felt, every tear he had to shed, she says I am sorry, it was me who took herself away from him and blamed him. She says she now wants to live with him, be with him, she knows he loves him still. She says she took all the blame on herself so that he doesn’t get arrested, and when freed she wanted to come to him to tell him there was no murder, to tell him she wants to live with him ever as his love and wife. She says when she came there, she watched Ritika with him as his wife. She says even she bears his child, he has moved on in life and she didn’t want to call him from behind. She posed to hate him so that he remains happy. She cries that she can’t live this way anymore, she says she was the unhappiest and always cried in corner when she told him she hate him. She cries that everyone in her life went away from him, but she can’t live without him. She says she can’t get rid of his memories nor can live without him. She cries and kneels down, asking him not to leave her as he has taught her to love. Ranveer holds her up as she cries pleading, he hugs her. She cries hard, he hugs her more intently. They share a moment together, as Ranveer kisses her forehead.
A boy comes running to them, Ishaani and Ranveer lied there in the same position as they were while rolling on with each other. Ranveer helps Ishaani to get up, then withdraws his hand.

PRECAP: Ishaani confirms with the caterer who went on the staircase at the time when her mother died. He says he remembers the face well. Ritika was hearing this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Woe what a scene,,, i coudnt beleive my eyes when ishani confessed everything,,, i thought it was real and unexpected,,but it was a dream, OMG RVs expressions were awesome when she said meri aashiqui sirf tum se hi,,, please ishani give him atlease thst satisfaction that u too love him,,,
    waiting to see rv and ishani dancing in the masqeurade party,,, RV ur the stunner, wwhatever others are u still damn care for ur love”” RV will also save once again ishani and shekar both in the sangeet ceremony from mystery man killing both ishani and shiker,,,,and he will decide not to leave ishani alone,,,

  2. twaraga reveal cheyandi ishaani gurinchi rv ki rv ishaani ni hate chestunte chudalekapotunnam story twaraga change cheyandi

    1. Abbe gadhe kahike , english me / hindi me bol . Ye tamil naku radu . Got it? Stupid

  3. Love ishvir…..meri ashiqui times hi…

  4. lovely episode…i luv ishveer romantic and emotional feelings. really awesome ranveer….

  5. No words fr me to say

  6. I just wish k ishveer will reunite soon

  7. Wow !!!!!!!!!! Wat an awesome episode after a long time.. really each and every moment since IshVeer meet each other was fantastic no words to say.. really amazed watching them 🙂 when ishani begged him to stay with her it was superb one

    ÒNLY If
    shakti i love u :-*

  9. Sab log kaha gaye?

  10. Wat an acting by ishaani. .just loved it….though I Don understand hindi much…ishaishaani ‘s performance made me cry???…chancel essential acting…wow..superb

  11. Good dreams. Some people always live in dreams than reality n god keep testing them.
    hidden tears just like slow poison..

  12. Good episode.lovely dream of Ishani.hope Ranveer also comes to know the real side of Ritika .

  13. NYC epi!!! Hope the dream comes true!!

  14. Who killed Falguni?its Ritika or devarsh?dont understand when will Ritika show her true colours?i read somewhere that devarsh killed Falguni is it possible?i don’t believe.i wish its Ritika.

    1. Yes . I too read in twitter . OMG itne saare twist ..,then i thnk krish’s marige wil also break ….

  15. I can only say DAT dis was d best episode aftr all drama…hope d dream comes true soon

    I’m now doubting dewarsh Fr falgunis murder

  16. it would have been awesome if yesterday’s episode wasnot a dream
    waiting for ishani’s real confession to ranveer

  17. rubyvelonica

    which movie background music ?

    1. Har kisi ko

    2. Boss film
      Must watch

  18. in the upcoming episode of meri aashiqui tum se hi ishani will come to know about ritikas true intentions and will come back to ranveer . shikar will be heart broken when ishani calls off her weeding ,i am hvng one question to ask somebody please reply . will shikar will leave ishani to ranveer

    1. Hatee ishani!! Is she mad?!? How can she leave shikhar n go?? I mean yes even I m waiting for ishveer to unite! But it does not make any sense……if ishani was to leave shikhar then y did she agree to marry him? Shikhar had helped her so much and this is wat she is giving in return!! Huhh!! How can she do this! If she was not sure to marry shikhar she wud have told him a no …at least he wud not be that hurt as he wud be wen ishani will leave him……plz show something practical…….plzzzzz!!!!!!

    2. I think shikhar will leave her to rv…coz he is not soooo selfish as ishani..huh…..poor shikhar!

  19. AWESOME……………………i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hii Arjuni tebdulkar!

    1. Tendulkar* sorry

  21. Ritika and chirag r the only criminals of matsh

  22. I cant take off my eyes frm shakti pics .I DNT KNW WAT TO DO becoz mere exams start ho rahe hai aur me shakti ki pics dekh ke time spend kar rahi hu.i dnt knw wat to do.please help me…. I just cant take off my eyes frm himm .,.., His smile ,omg ,…. N his angry face ,omg ….. His cute expresn ,omg ….. Aise hi chalta raha toh mujhe PH.D mil jayegi….. 😉 ,…. Seriously,guys kuch toh bolo,me kya karu …..
    I think mujhe SHAKTI se pyaar hogaya 🙂 🙂
    koi mujhe bachaavo

  23. Help me guys

  24. shakti ke pics delete kardo kaam khatam lol

  25. warna neha tumhe choregi nahi ?

  26. Already half mentle ho gayi hun ,agar pics Delete karungi toh pakka poora ka poora mentle ho jaungi ….
    Neha ko chodo , agar ye matr mera bf ko pata chalega , toh voh nahi chodega mujhe ;-( ….. OMG …..
    par mere bf ekk angle se Shakti ki tarah hi dikta hai LOL …..
    I’l do it 1 thing,picsart me indononki pics ko milake ekk pic bana deti hun , aur jab dekungi donoko hi dekungi …. Wah wah ….
    Kaisa hai sara IDEA???

  27. gud idea ab apne bf se hi kaam chala lo lol

  28. Hmm 😉 😛

  29. Hahaha!!! Nikki….soon sweet!! Even this happened aid my frnd….

    1. Nikku*

  30. Hmm @annah 😉
    i cal myself shakti ki deewani hahaha lol
    i’m just crazy about him lyk anythng …..

  31. Ishani was not aware of the fact.she thinks that ritika is carrying rvs child and so she doesn’t want to come between them and shikhar only proposed her for marriage she didn’t. She just wants to see ranveer happy. She isn’t happy inside. Her marriage with shikhar is just compromise for her. She must go to ranveer after knowing truth of ritika. It’s her right.

  32. Ranveer left ritika for Ishani and now Ishani will leave shikhar for ranveer.ishveer deserves each other.

  33. Todays episode was nice ! Get ritika out of this show .it wil be much better

  34. disgusting ritika

  35. thank u nikku and kowsi

  36. oh , sorry i mean thanks annah

  37. Nyc episode

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