Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram, Aarti and Uttam discuss with each other that Nurbhay must not know about it. They all compel Aarti to talk to Naina. Aarti says she has never been close to Naina. Ishaani comes inside, she says Aarti must talk to Naina. Naina has bolted herself in the room. Aarti says Naina has always been like this, but she won’t take a wrong step. Ishaani asks who can talk to Naina in this matter. Aarti says Pooja used to talk to Naina. Ishaani asks to call Pooja, Aarti says she is no more. Aarti tells Ishaani that whenever Naina was worried Pooja would wear her favorite coloured sari and dance for her to make Naina happy. Ishaani says she will bring the joy for Naina back, but they must all help her and give her that green saari. They were shocked.
Naina was in her room besides the window.

The lights go off, Ishaani enters the room. Naina wonders this is Pooja’s saree. Ishaani dances for Naina who gets happy.
Ranveer thinks he must meet Naina as this is the right time. He heads towards Naina’s room.
Ishaani danced in the room for Naina who watched happily. Ranveer passes by the corridor and watches Ishaani dancing in the room curtly. He thinks not Naina but Ishaani is listening to the song, and dancing for Nurbhay. He hadn’t thought she would become so shameless. Nurbhay comes home and thinks this is Naina’s favorite song on which Pooja and Naina used to dance. Ranveer leaves outside the door thinking he didn’t come to see this all. Naina had struggled to stand up. Nurbhay comes to the room and slaps Ishaani enraged, asking how dare she wore this saree. He breaks the vase on the floor. Ranveer thinks in the corridor why he is feeling so angry, Ishaani is nothing to him; he came to meet naina and would meet him. Nurbhay holds Ishaani and says she has crossed all her limits of being a woman, today he will cross his limits. Ishaani pleads him that she hasn’t done anything. Ranveer had just passed the hall where Nurbhay drags Ishaani. Ranveer watches Naina standing at the door on her own feet. He exclaims that Naina is standing, she has got a good height and must be given a title of Miss Mountain Everest. Aarti watches this and goes to bring Uttam. Naina was about to fell off, Ranveer holds her in arms. Uttam cheers watching this. Ranveer tells Naina that life is really long, she must live it each moment. Ranveer tells Naina that she must get a gift, but she must now rest. Aarti cries that Naina has stood on her own feet for the first time.
Nurbhay bolts the door and says he loosened her a bit, and what he has done to him. Now she must see what he does to her. He drags Ishaani’s saree for that she resists. He tells her to open it up else he will do it. He throws bed sheet at her to wear this instead. Ishaani comes out of the partition and gives the saree for Nurbhay. He holds it, he asks how dare she wore this. Ishaani asks him to forgive her, she only wanted to… Nurbhay holds her hair from behind saying she has no right to wear this saree. If she dare touch anything without his permission… Aarti comes running, calling Nurbhay and shouting Naina’s name. Nurbhay hurries outside.
Naina sat with her eyes shut. Ranveer tells her that her gift is ready, she might open her eyes now. She smiles at the smiley he had made. He heads to leave and says he came to see if she is fine, because he saw her a little losted in the garden. Naina smiles, stands up and waves him a bye. Ranveer leaves.
Aarti takes Nurbhay to Naina’s room. He is shocked to see Naina standing on her own feet in the room, smiling. He smiles and comes to Naina who smiles back at him. He hugs her tight and kisses her forehead in love. Naina was happy by herself. They all help her sit down again. Aarti asks where that man went? Nurbhay asks which man? Aarti says he was there on exhibition as well, Naina smiled watching him. Vikram watches the smiley on Naina’s hand and says he must be the painter, he has made it too. Aarti says she is sure today Naina is standing because of him, he is the reason for the happiness of Naina. Vikram holds Naina in his arms and swirls her saying now Naina will stand on her own feet. Nurbhay thinks Naina is only standing today because of Ishaani.

PRECAP: Nurbhay comes to the room drunk, Ishaani who was sitting on the floor stands up. Nurbhay fell on her feet.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    I cried for ishani poor state. How can she bear it all torture. And green saree suit 4 her. Nibhray how dare he. If i will see then i will kill u man.

  2. K.praveena

    How dare nibhray. U scold my ishani hair. Oh my ishani. Every trouble u even ranvi too. And precape nibhray fell to ishani feet. But u don’t deserve to touch ishani feet. U r crossing ur limit nibhray. U have to pay 4 it. I really hurt 4 ishani state. Even i can’t control my self.

  3. Radhika madan

    I think he is fell on her leg bcuz he is thinking that bcuz of Ishaani naina stood.
    I guess by seeing her kindness nurbhay has started to fall in love with island.

  4. Keerthi

    One thing I don’t understand is how could Ranveer come inside nirbhay house and how come rithika didn’t notice him…..quite dramatic and hard to accept the logic….he watches Ishani dancing but couldn’t see Naina sitting in front of her and he thinks ishaani is dancing for nirbhay in Naina s room phew?? y is ranveer still not understanding ishaani s sacrifice….and nirbhay family members all are acting dramatically no feel or emotion outburst just plain dialogue delivery and for naina oh my god the girl is not at all showing any expression ?

  5. nithya

    don’t make ishani cry .cha I can’t see this .ishani u r so quote dr. rv wht r u doing? yennaku ideave illa etha story yeppadi move akapothunu.sama story but ishanii ye paka romba kastama iruku .rv nee unmaiya purijuka pa .nurbhay I hate u . today that devil ritika is not came better .

  6. Omg new pair and romance for ranveer,i hate and i am not tolerate those things,now a days i hate shakthi how romantic he is with other girl,he romance all the girl except radz always he kidding her he does’t respect her, he enjoyed the new pair i think so,i dnt want any other pair for ishveer both are made for each other,pls ektaji stop tis nonsence,oof radhika i love u dear ur acting was superb,i fl bad for ishani a lot

  7. K.praveena

    Just now i read it that will be nibhray decides to naina merriage with veer. But he is unaware veer is none other than ranveer. So he gets angry and he take gun to shoot ranvi. But nibhray comes to say naina was recure bcoz of him.

  8. swana

    Now a days rv character is full of waste can he become such a dump character ishaani is doing this all for him after know ing that rv has only one thing that too crying at least he can find out the truth behind ishaani ‘s betrayal ..feeling bad for ishaani and the nirbhay how cruel he is!!!!

  9. K.praveena

    Sry ishveer unite. No one can’t be deserve ishani. Ranvi torturing ishani bymentally and nibhray torturing ishani physically. Both of them don’t deserve her.

  10. Ritika

    Hey people
    In the upcoming episodes we will see aarti convincing nirbhay to get naina married to veer . Nirbhay who is unaware that veer is ranveer will be happy and ask ishani to talk on his behalf to veer for marraige . He will strike a deal with her that if she does so he will free her and let her and ranveer reunite . However later when ishani and nirbhay would come to know that veer is ranveer , nirbhay will get angry and decide to kill ranveer , however would be stopped by his mother .

  11. Gnanasekaran

    Shakti and ishani from start they were friends,and then couples and lovers so even many problems occur to separate them atlast they shown a new face like nurbhay he is role to separate not to come between them two always ranveer (shakti )is best role for playing in love saga atlast they ill reunite ishani and ranveer together till tis kind of problems comes again so watch it

  12. swana

    Plssss..make rv to understand her ..I can’t see rv doing nothing for ishaani and he is also not doing anything for anybody..

  13. IshuRV

    Ishveer unite u must not say this . ranveer is ranveer . he is the hero . how can u hate him . today’s epi was paining . still I have not seen today’s epi but by reading update I felt cry . reunite ishveer . no one can take ranveer’s place with ishani . please reunite ishveer forever .

  14. Ishu rv i am also great fan of ishveer so iam not tolerate new pair for ranveer ,now a days ranvi charecter is totally dump,he dressed up verry well but he does’t have any scope for acting,just 2 to 3 Min only he came and romance with naina,i know there is lot of fans for shakthi i am also a great fan of him but now a days i hate him i dnt know y ,its my thought only so pls yaar dnt mistaken me

  15. teenu

    i hate ranveer… always ur doing rong only..but ishani is abdalutly boo mathe.. she is sacrfs for all rnvr…

  16. Arham iam tamil,i think u too tamil,watch today episode in polimer (feb 16 2016 Episode of matsh)what a romance and acting from both radz and shakthi they both are looking Soo cute,how romantic they are in previous episodes but now he jelled with naina,that is why i get angry yaar

  17. I am always true fan of sakthi.Lot of fans hate ranveer reason current episode if you hate ranveer it not true fans.I am tell one thing for ranveer charactor blind love for ishani.Ranveer hate ishani in brain but heart is always concern and feeling for ishani so plz understand his situation.Don’t wrong comment my hero.

  18. All are tells about ishani sacrifice for ranveer and ranveer is not doing anything for ishani?.ranveer love for ishani changed ishani heart love and good human being.Ishani good thoughts learn from ranveer love.All credit goes to ranveer. FOR EXAMPLE .Ranveer is college and ishani is a student.Ranveer sees ishani in tears he hearts break it this is ranveer love.

  19. swana

    Watch in Tamil urava uyira is awesome they both r sooo…cute…..I think this full January month will be awesome.. Fabulous

  20. Dhruva

    I’m going to hate Ranveer if he’s going to hurt Naina for taking revenge with lshani…..pls ekta mam no more misunderstanding….. unite them soon.

  21. K.praveena

    Tamil urave uyire is going to rokz romance. Yesterday epi ishani wore the red and dark blue combination saree looks very nice.

  22. in an upgoing episodes it was credited by h.hasan at that time he could post the updaye with pictures and now sona is updated the episodes but she dont get pictures very sad na plzzz sona post the updare with pictures this request is for ishveerians

  23. K.praveena

    Hai mathan. I have to share u few things. I also big fan of shakti and radhika. What u saying if u real fan of ranveer then u not hate him. I answered u if ranvi really loves ishani but many times he hate her. I accept the situatiom made that. But same time ranvi cares 4 ishani. This is love the same as feeling 4 ishveer fans. We r loves ranvi and ishani. Don’t take mistake me i say this as a frd.

  24. ammu


  25. K.praveena

    ranvi taking revenge on ishani 4 her bertrayed so ranvi choose this way (fake love drama with naina) but i thought ranvi betrayed himself bcoz he can’t give him heart place to any othe girl except ishani. But naina role shows good one so ranvi fooled naina. Oh no my ranvi not like that.

  26. K.praveena

    Plz ekta mam make some miracke in the show and unite ishveer suddenly atleast shows ranvi understood ishani charector. Ishveer always rokz.

  27. varsha

    ranvir is sooo busy with his new aashiqui. he doesnt even heard his ex wife screams when bhaiyaji was pulled her sari. such a annoying pair ranveer nd naina didi she looks like his elder sister

    • marrry

      what can i say ishani and ranveer both r in trouble……… i just want another couple story in show and dont want new partners with ishani and ranveer we just cant bear thisssssssssssssssssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz ishveer ko sakoon se rehne doo……………plzzzzzzzzzzzz ekta mam show some little mercy on ishveer dont tease them………..and us………. 🙁 ………….we cant see them like this and specially ranveer evrytime he will be punished and ishani become innocent ………….y u dont understand they both r true lovers……… one is better they both r equally innocent cute couple …………unite ishveer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Mathan one thing i wanna tell u offscreen itself shakthi enjoyed new pair that is why i little bot hurt,yes episode u saw or not hw romantic he is with naina,i even hate shakthi and neha pair then hw could i tolerate yaar,i am only love shadhika pair and ishveer pair in onscreen and offscreen too

    • marrry

      dear…….ishveer frendship is everlasting……and when cv,s unite ishveer then this naina and nirbay will kick out from the show……..

  29. marrry

    ahhhhhhh that moment when ritika was in jail……….and trp was 4.0………i want that moment again i was sooo happy and we all now again want that………

  30. marrry

    just want ishveer again frends no divorce no villian only love frendship happinesss plzzzzzzzzz atleast cv,s for us plssssssssss

  31. K.praveena

    Ekta mam plz change the nibhray role into positive. And naina is not do well. And her dialogue delivery is not well even all member of nibhray family except nibhray. I just feel that.

  32. marrry

    new spoiler nirbay said to ishani that she will go back to ranveer if and only she convinces veer to marry naina ishani didnt know veer is ranveer and what happen after ishani see veer face to face ??????


    Guys I hv a beautiful plan for matsh… Just think abt milan returning wid a positive role n then say to ranveer that I couldnt resist widout helping u….by seeing Ishaanis love 4 u.. ten he should reveal d entire story abt ishaanis sacrifice for him n making him realize his aashiqui for ishaani …… n then milan n ranveer together will make a wonderful rescue plan of ishaani….
    It goes like this
    Milan will pose as veer while ranveer wil br himself. Milan aka veer then going wid a marriage proposal for naina but ishaani recognizing him as milan n understands the whole plot. n then a weak ishaani due to the torture of nurbhay sees ranveer through d window, wid ranveer smiling at her gesturing that evrythng will be fine. she understanding that gesture faints smiling .. n then milan rushes to her n suggests of taking her toa doctor, picks up his phone to call but instead calls ranveer calling him a doctor.
    Next scene: in hospital
    Ranveer in doctors attire wida whote beard n fake hair goes to see ishaa

  34. sowmya

    friends I have some breaking news that ranveer will be dressed as joker and playing with some children mean while ishani will come towards him as thinking him as veer and asks him to marry naina after listening to the voice of ranveer ishani came to know that veer is none other than ranveer
    to take revenge our ranveer will accept the marriage proposal

  35. Ranveer pls think for ishani …
    ishani is doing all these for U..
    why cant U understand … about ishani she done so many safrices for U ..

    But U always misunderstanding her ..

    I am still crying for ishani ..

    Nirbhay i want to kill U..

  36. Zarif

    Missing ranveer and ishani family a lot specially amba nd her intense avatar i thk writter forgot their family if ranvir wil marry naina really its intolerance to us nd if any thng happen seriously will stop watchng dis show i watch jst becz of shakti nd radhika unless they nt i didnt watch

  37. K.praveena

    In case of ranvi will be married naina in the show defintely i will leave the show. I hope nothing happen in show like that. Ishveer always best.

  38. K.praveena

    Thanks sowmya for sharing matsh upcoming twist. And i feel this time ranvi will be definitely married naina. I don’t know y i’m feeling like this. But some hope nothing bad happen in my ishani. Omg! what will happen i’m waiting.

  39. Ranvi hw dare u accept naina’s marriage proposal,ur love is not true ,iam totally disappointed,even ishaani betrayed means how could u take revenge like tis,i hate naina charecter,now a days his acting was not up to the mark,previously ranvi decide to marry rithika on that time also ishaani does’t take any revenge against ranvi,her happyness is only ranvi,but ranvi is not liie that,now a days i am not see love in his eyes,ekataji if tis track continue means u lost so many fans,even i excuse nirbhay charecter but ranvi i hate u,u too torture ishani mentally

  40. renu

    hi friends!!
    hey tumlog serious hokr serial dekho n socho….jb nirbhay ko pta chlega ki veer ne hi uski sister puja ka accident kiya h…to wo khud naina ki sadi rv se nhi hone dega or sochega….meri ek sis k murder k bad ye rv ki koi nayi chal h…..mere khyal se ritika pitegi jis din nirbhay ko pta chlega ki rv ishani beksur h…..nice epi….n thnx for written update!!!

  41. Pls frnds anybody do one favour for me,today ishveer facebook posted some images in that shakthi look like joker,one of that image shakthi selfee with one girl,iam little bit confused is that radhika or naina i couldnt recognize her,pls anybody tell me

  42. Guys anyone here guys plzzzzzzzz tell me 4 jan k epi mein kon sa song hua tha maine 1 jan k epi mein pucha tha bt kisi ne nahi bataya guy plz tell me aj kal mai tv per nhi dekh pa rahi you tube per voice mute ho jati h pls tell me ishani kis song per dance ki thi

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