Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani comes out of the tent just when Ranveer comes there. He watches her in the green saree. She looks away, Ranveer asks what happened, why is she sad. Today is their marriage anniversary, and they aren’t together. Ishaani heads to leave, Ranveer stops her by holding her to him. He asks her not to hide, holds her face as she cries. He says it is the same Ranveer, she must tell him what the problem is. She has shared everything with him. he asks her to keep one hand on her heart, the other on his. She cries. Ranveer says he is with her, she must tell him the truth. Ishaani leaves towards the forests. Ishaani shouts at once, she was stuck on a tree with snake. The snake bites her on her neck. Ranveer hurries to her, he sucks the snake bite from her neck. The family hears Ranveer’s

cry, and run towards the sound. Nurbhay and Pratik reach first and are shocked, as they thought Ranveer was being intimate to Ishaani. Naina, Aarti and Maa also come there. Pratik spots the snake, he shouts that Ishaani was bitten by a snake. He thanks God for making Ranveer close to Ishaani. Ranveer says he has suck all the poison from her body. Nurbhay says he must take Ishaani home, while leaving Ishaani asks Ranveer to take the medicine.
Naina was throwing cushions in her room in rage. Ritika comes there and asks her to relax. She says to Naina that she must make Ranveer this medicine, she hands her the bottle. She says that Ranveer would fell dizzy, it would be the time to make him hers. Naina smiles holding the bottle and says she will make Ranveer hers today.
Naina comes to Ranveer, she asks if he is fine. Naina says he suck the poison, she was concerned and brought him a medicine like antidote. Ranveer says he must take care of himself, Ishaani said so. Naina says yes, Ishaani said so but she also has some rights. Ranveer was reluctant taking the medicine, he says this medicine won’t get down his mouth. Naina was determined, swears him on Ishaani and asks him to open his mouth. He sips a spoon, then says he will drink it together in bulk. Naina smiles. Ranveer gulps the medicine.
Ishaani was in the room thinking Ranveer saved her life, she hopes nothing happens to him. Nurbhay says she must be very happy, she was being unshameful with Ranveer. He hasn’t seen such a low charactered woman in his life. Ishaani says his mentality is low, she doesn’t believe he could also love someone in life. Nurbhay shouts that he understands everything, she is trying to break Naina’s relationsip. He drags her out of the room, she resists. Pratik came there and asks what is happening here? Nuabhay hugs Ishaani at once, he says he is hugging his wife. He asks why Pratik came here. Pratik says Ishaani was bitten by snake, he brought her medicine. Pratik says to Ishaani that she must not walk as such, take some medicine and have some rest. Nurbhay rudely says that she will have her medicine.
Naina spreads flowers in the room saying tonight is hers, today they are separate but from now on they will be together. She looks at time and thinks her medicine would have worked on Ranveer till now.
There Ranveer felt dizzy and wonders what happening to him. Pratik comes home upset, Ranveer asks if Ishaani was alright. Pratik says he saw something that Nurbhay misbehaved with Ishaani. Ranveer heads to go to him. Pratik says Ishaani was with him, she started making stories when he had spotted him dragging her ruthlessly. Ranveer thinks she is in big problem then. He must do something.

PRECAP: Ranveer brings food for Ishaani in a different avatar. Ishaani says he can leave, but he doesn’t. Ishaani stands up to push him out, but touching him she realizes him to be Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Wow wow what a episode,writers tis is too late,previously u people not make tis type of scenes that is why matsh gonna off air,evan i cant enjoy my ishveer scenes i’m totally fed up,superb precap,that idiot devil naina always did favour for our ishveer,she gave drug to ranvi but that help ranvi romance with oue ishveer.i’m eagerly Waiting for tmrw episode

  2. Saranya

    Seriously u bl****** hell naina I just want to kill u. Ishveer unite should happen in a awesome way. Surely am going to miss my ishveer ka love.

  3. hey guys i am thinking of posting a ff it will be posted once in every week
    here are the couples
    vidhaani viplav+dhaani from IKRS (ishq ka rang safed)
    ishveer ishaani+ranveer from matsh (meri aashiqui tum se hi)
    swasan or swalak from swaragini still i didnt decide that so pls give me ur opinion guys if u like swasan
    then post swasan if u like swalak then post swalak ragini also will be in my ff
    thahaan thapki+bihaan from tpk (thapki pyaar ki)
    abigya abhi+pragya from kkb (kumkum bhagya) hello pls reply my friends
    rubbul purab+bulbul from kkb (kumkum bhagya)
    are the leading characters of my ff and every negative and positive character i will take from each serial so pls say me about ur opinion guys

  4. Guyzz so sad of i am don’t saw matsh..bcoz i am in travelling…aftr 15th feb only i will see the matsh..bcoz i am going to my villag to attnd my sis my villag no dish tv..only sad guyzz.but i will watch this scenes in rishtey..

  5. And today’s epi could i express my feeling..this is all my matsh gonna be rocking romancing nowadays..but i hav no chanc to watch it..i feel very sad…..devil naina how could u do this..

  6. Keerthi

    Nice episode….thank you naina because of you ranveer will unite with ishaani….eagerly waiting for Tommo episode….the medicine will work in ishaani’s favor……☺️
    But one thing I am very sad is that kasam serial shadhika will not be the lead I pray God that they become the lead pair….please ekta already u put a full stop for our MATSH atleast give some happiness by casting shadhika In kasam please

    • Shażñä

      juz share ths idea wid ekta 🙂 btw lovd ua thot bcz m gonna miss shadika vry mch..bcz juz luv ths couple osm chemistry n nokh jokh♥♥

  7. swana

    Wowww..wat an episode rv’s love is really great he is just safeguarding ishaani like anything…precape is awesome now to I can’t feel happy because matsh is going to end omg ..plz ekta ji don’t end their chemistry is awesome y can’t u writers write a story by uniting them plz waiting for tomorrow epi eagerly

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      yes yaar i also think this……….lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………………aaaaaaaaah how long we waited for this……………

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      sai keh rai yaar,,,,,,,,,sirf milan or nrbhay and the most biggest devil sonali affer ne hmara matsh lowest ker diya……………matsh starts with 2.9 trp …………. 🙁

  8. Shażñä

    vry gud itz sad tat shw gonna end…i nvr thot ma fav. show ruling trp chart n viewers heart since last 1.5 yr ending in such a drastic way…bcz f milan track n nirbhay show lost itz charm trp totally gt still colors n ekta wd hav givn second chance to Matsh by uniting ishveer n facing prblms togthr n leading thr lyf ahead n 100% sure tat onc again ll b ruled in trp chart…ths shw deservs second chance 🙁 🙁 miss u shadika n luv u guyz forevr ♥♥

      • Shażñä

        ya bcz colors n ekta wants to end ths shw…till ystrdy i thot itz juz a rumour trending in media n matsh wont end…bt ystrdy i saw radhikaz intrvw in tat she tld she gonna miss d shooting wid shakti n al n confirmd abt shw ending 🙁

  9. Meera

    She will be replacing adaa , as the character of sheasha would come to an end and we will see radhika entering as some new naagin !!

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      yaar but naagin to khud march mai end hojaey ga,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is se behter radikha shakti k sath kasam mai lead bn jaey………….

  10. ishveer

    Very nice epi….ishani is goid for that green saree….i like that special scene,rv is get angry on nirbya in unconscious state tooo becoz he know that nirbya rudely behave with ishani…rv ur acting was awesome yaar…unbelivable…rv ish rockzzzzz….,??????????

  11. hi friends…to day episode was superb…hi arham i am fine…i watch always all episode of matsh…in some days i am not sending coment because of my exam…gd ni8

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      no yaar we request for seoson 2 in replacing kasm bcoz it gonnna b big flop………..

  12. Vyshu i wanna tell u,its better u subscribe polimer channel in that matsh telecast in tamil,shekar portion come in upcomming episodes,ot gives u small happiness,and hope very soom shadhika play lead role in any other show in good chennel(not in tis stupid colors)..i’m also totally fed up about tis,shadhika too comfirmed about matsh end what we hv to do?we r helpless

  13. K.praveena

    What an epi. Ishveer scence Full of romantic, lovable. This is real aashiqui. And few sceces r ghost scence and evil idea. Bt each and every scence of my ishveer awesome. Superb. Precape fantabulus.

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      vshu look dear kasam will b a flop we all know its sure and there r more 100000 fans of matsh in other countries also and matsh runs only july 24th 2014 till feb 26th 2016…………i now ekta will start matsh season 2 by replacing kasam but till then u we have to wait………..dont say like this…….

  14. Manisha

    I think now they won’t change their decision and they will end matsh.its really very sad that matsh is ending so soon and still some flop shows are still running on same channel since many years but they don’t care for matsh.everyday I check your comments and forum news and hope someone say it’s just a rumour matsh is not ending but now we are helpless.we couldn’t do anything to save matsh.even Radhika and Shakti also confirmed the news .i just watched that video .so now no hope.we have to accept it. Whether we like or not.cvs are just playing with viewers feelings they don’t care.they have only spoiled the show.they could have change track,story everything which was lacking but they didn’t try.and end the show.really we must not watch Balaji serials.bec Ekta is always doing like this.i don unds which type of mentality she has.i still pray that matsh won’t end.after reunion they can make another story.we wanted to see many things but they have finally decided to end the show. And now they are showing ishveer closeness when show is going to end so we can’t enjoy that situation Bec we just think that now we can’t get these scene again and serial will be Ekta is just giving us mental torture. She makes nice story when serial is new and after that spoil the show..we should not watch Balaji serials.

  15. Meri aashiqui tum se hi ….

    is a beautiful love storty ….. How they end these beautiful ishveer love storty….?

    chiiiii….. colors tv channel have dont shameful…..!!

    Go to helll…..

    ur all serials come big flop …..

    u get last position….
    i wish god gave to tough punishment ekta…. nd Rajnayak nd stupid colors channel….

  16. colors will pay…….

    for this ! definetly !!

    cruelly ! They will not

    live peacefully ! nd

    ISHVEER……… They are not going
    Forever they are in my heart forever….

    colors to pay for dis….
    Every show will get flop after
    26 th feb …….

    • sana

      That’s really sad…..before it was said 25…now why 19 🙁
      Cant they show atleast some ishveer romatic scenes…Really disappointed :'(

  17. Manisha

    Matsh is going off air on 19 February.its really sad ! They didn’t consider fans wish .no meaning of petition etc.

  18. asa

    don’t end this show…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    ekta ,
    if u end this show i and my friends will stop watching your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’requesting u.plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss don’t do this

  19. raji

    God i don’t know ekta mam ‘s mind me kya hai ??? Why she finished it.. on 19 feb ..she dont understand the feelings of others.. guys no one see hher new projects….

  20. sana

    Definitely kasam will be a flop Is doing a great sin to true ishveerians.I hate u ektha.definitely u will pay for our tears.

  21. sana

    I don’t know guys what to do.we r helpless.they are not considering our wishes.
    Our countdown started……….

  22. Before waving them the final goodbye, we reached out to the actors from the set. While Radhika Madan (Ishani) and Shakti Arora (Ranveer) remained busy for shooting of the final few scenes, Smriti Khanna (Ritika) did answer to our call.The pretty lady, who played the role of an antagonist in the show, surely sounded very emotional, as she shared toTellyChakar, “The entire cast and crew is surely getting emotional today as we are together for the one last time. But, as we say every good thing comes to an end. So, did this show. Having said that, I would like to add that it is surely not a happy ending for the cast and crew, as all of us are going to terribly miss each other”.On the other hand, Dolly Sohi, who is an integral part of the show revealed to us, “Though with a heavy heart all of us are parting ways, but we have decided to makethe day a special one. Hence, all of us haveplanned to prepare some special dishes from home and we are going to have lunchtogether, just to keep the happy memories intact with us”.

    • sana

      Oh sathya really sad about them.they entertained us a lot.they teach moral values love.really going to miss them.I miss ishveer a lot.
      I loved ranveer character more in this.l miss him sooooooooo know I am praying to god to get a man with Ranvi’s character.l really miss him.
      And miss u shadhika.

  23. swana

    I really don’t know what is the problem with these writers already we r helpless and now they are ending the show very early…y they can’t make ishveer romance till Feb 26 r their hands really paining to write a good script for some days…totally hate d crew but love ishveer

  24. raji

    Sure shadhika come back soon with other project….hope with it guys …large no of fans they have……we really miss u shadhika

  25. sana

    What a bad fate we have.what we done bad.l don’t know.l am crying.
    Hate colors channel….
    Hate ektha ……

    • Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

      Me too……I think because of this hate to love ekta can’t find her love cause she only know how to seperate lovers she might not get a life partner………..

  26. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Noo yaar first it said that its going off air on 26th now 19th no pls pls pls ekta you’re a deaf person who is playing in our emotions and you’re a big deaf person I hate you……..from now your every serial will be biggest flop…..and that is my one of curse from depth of my heart………. hate you ekta……and I curse you that you might not get and life partner…….HATE YOU MS. EKTA KAPOOR………

  27. Oh god kasam has lot of haters i feel really bad oh no hahahahahaha for this no one not gonna feel i don’t know why colors launching this flop one even not it was telecasted they got lots of haters only and storyline of this slightly matching up with ispkknd ek bar phir show and one kind request to ekta pls change the name of kasam as flop show pls becoz it was popular among the plp as flop show not kasam floooooooooooooooooooop show go to hell colors and u gona be flop to i feel really to hate when star plus get of air saraswatichandra i got angry with starplus channel but now i feel sp really loyal channel becoz they gave complete ending to the show and they not ignore the show in last month of sc also they gave two times repeat per day and also they were not reduce duration of episode but come back to colors they repeat matsh for 4 times per day when they got high trp and in low trp time they will not repeat for one they did not know when goona repeat when they gonna promote the show when trp high they promoting and trp low they stopped stupid flop channel

  28. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Miss you ishveer………… are love guru of mine you taught me what is love….how is love…….how to feel it…..and how to reveal it……now just let me know how to love someone and how to trust like you do on each other……????? Now just crying left in my life……….I miss you ishveer love and shadhika off screen nok jhok……still so many tears and things to say……….love you and miss you ishveer……pls pls…..come back soon and rock as my old ishveer………in MATSH season 2 ( if is go on air ) …….

  29. Manisha

    Please do something to save matsh.hope they start matsh 2 with ishveer.hope they don’t end serial.

  30. Rv is very handsome guy nd charming …. ishani is a beautiful girl , nd naughty girl …..

    I learn from Ranveer so much ……. i love him so much…..,

    I learn from ishani love, safrice…. …., i love u ishani so much

    what a love ishveer …..,

    we learn them so much …..

    waiting for ishveer nxt serial …..,

    pls we want zeetv or starplus …..

  31. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Pls pls pls shadhika now you pls pls pls don’t work with ekta and sonali if you get opportunity go for any other writer and producer and for channel I think you should go for star plus because many show of that are well going and zee TV also………..pls pls but ya if ekta and colors both give you opportunity to work together than accept it…….love you shadhika, ishveer and MATSH………

  32. I will miss MATSH ISHVEER…. LIKE HELLLL !!!!!!! U R My everything
    Actually gave he meaning of real Aashiqui nd shakti u have life to Ranveer ? ?

    This is the only show i watched in my life Ever !!!!
    ??????? ? ?

  33. sana

    If our show is going off air pls ishveerians don’t watch that flop kasam.they have to pay for our tears.I wish they will get very low they will understand their mistake.


    Ranveer keeps gun
    on his head nd
    ishani confess her love
    for him.
    Their Aashiqui have
    blossomed again
    ishani hugs him
    nd cries.

    Ranveer nd ishani clear the misunderstandings
    b/wn them.
    He is about to commit
    nd keeps gun on his head
    ish says she will tell him truth nd asks
    to keep the gun
    ishani admits that she
    has done sacrifice
    for him
    nd stayed with nirbhay
    for him.
    She confesses everything.

    Very soon MATSH will go off air nd it will be a happy ending .

    • sana

      I don’t know to happy for the news or not.l completely fed up with the off air news last hope was gone.

    • Ranaji

      ???????we want season-2 of matsh I love ishveer I agree with you sana we should not watch that show then colors will bring our fav matsh and if possible madhubala also becoz it stolen many people heart

  35. sana

    Yuvika choudhary and sharad Malhotra are the leads for kasam…..let d show become flop like anything…..Hate u ekta 🙁

  36. Kasam totally flop serial ,y they r giving promo for flop serial,pls if u r true ishveerians pls unsubscribe colors channel after matsh end,and also pls comment on social media agaist colors and matsh ending,guys then only they consider our commenta tis leads a chance for matsh season2 With our shadhika,so pls guys dnt forget

  37. MATSH sucess reason … is shadika not any one else ekta cant bear dis so
    she start same type story wait nd watch ekta Kasam will be 100 % flop story

    ekta go to hell how cute pair, why r u did this u never live a happy life …. god gave u big punishment….

    My heart beat is increasing how i move my days after 19 ? ??? ?? ?

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