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Ishaani sits with divorce papers in hand, RV throw the file in air. Ishaani takes a pen, cries and opens the pen to sign. She doesn’t sign it, putting it aside and cries.
There Ranveer collects the papers of the file, He takes the pen to sign the papers but stops. He doesn’t do it and is disturbed. He goes out of his room.
Ishaani comes to the window as the wind-chime moves. Ranveer passes by the same window, listens the sound and looks back. Ishaani was crying, she hid herself. RV turns back in regret, Ishaani looks at him but he leaves. Ishaani thinks this wind chime will always make her feel his presence.
Chaitali and Baa eat sweet. Chaitali says she didn’t think Ishaani is bold as well, besides being beautiful. Baa says she is really lucky. Chaitali worries

what If Ishaani changes her decision. She is fed up of Amba and Ranveer, she is doing it all for them. She isn’t Harshid’s blood but is his shadow.
Ishaani asks Manas not to let Ranveer’s name in it. He says I am sorry, but she says it is alright. She says they must first stop the consignement as it will also ruin Ranveer’s name. Manas says they will do it in morning, and must reach office before Ranveer.
Baa and Chaitali make arrangement of engagement. Ranveer comes and asks what is happening in his house, Baa says she forgot to tell him it is Sharman and Ritika’s engagement. RV says this is my house, Baa says this is Ishaani’s house as well and they don’t need to ask anyone do anything here. RV says they are going to get divorced soon, Ishaani comes downstairs. Baa reminds him Ishaani said this house is her as well. Ishaani comes to Amba and says she praises this son of hers, his heart is too narrow. He won’t let her brother’s engagement in this house, she must change her decision of divorce which will atleast make her brother’s engagement arrangements. She says he doesn’t want her to go out of the house. Amba says to Ranveer he must let the engagement take place here. RV was silent, Ishaani says she nevr thought that such a successful RV would forget his friend Ritika. He used to lecture her on relations, and now couldn’t get along with marriage relation, atleast he should fulfil his responsibilities towards friendship. RV says that now this engagement will take place in the house, as Ritika’s happiness is more important for him. Ishaani asks Baa and Chaitali to prepare for engagement, she is leaving for shopping.

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She thinks I am sorry, I never wanted to hurt you but I can’t help it. She calls Manas and tells him she is coming.
Manas and Ishaani look for files. Manas gets the file, he says excise clearance for the consignment is done. They go there to stop it.
Nitin comes to Falguni who was crying. He says she doesn’t need to hide her tears from him. He says his heart says there is a motive behind her decision. Falguni says she didn’t believe her on karwa-chot but regrets now. It is now her own decision, she can’t even help her. She asks Nitin to help her find why she is doing so. He says he needs to get to the root of the matter, from there the relation will get strengthened.
Ishaani asks the manager to meet consignement manager, she says they have to stop a diamond consignment else it will leave. The manager is angry, and says they must wait for the manager in the queue, he will come till three hours. Manas says he will get something to eat for her, but she say she isn’t hungry.
Ritika and RV argue, Ranveer says he can’t attend her engagement. He can’t see her in front of him, the way she is showing her an attitude in unbearable for him. When he wanted the divorce she tried all the means, but when he finally felt there is some room in the relation she turned back to be older Ishaani. His mota bapu earned a lot in life, but never gave importance to money more than relations, today his trust broke because his daughter gave importance to money. He didn’t feel angry at what she asked for, but the way she did. She thinks he is a narrow minded man. He tells Ritika he knows Ishaani since he was nine years old, but he doesn’t know the Ishaani she is today.
Ritika says that he must tell her what he has done to her family. He says he doesn’t want to tell anyone what good he has done to anyone. He just want her not to ruin her engagement. She says her best day of life can’t be without his best friend, she asks him to forget everything for one day. He agrees, but for one day.
Manas comes to take Ishaani aside, they ask a lady to go them inside. She allows. Ishaani says she wants to stop the consignment of RV diamond company, the manager says the consignement has been dispatched as well. He asks her to take owner ship papers to beaureu office, Manas says he knows about the office. The manager says they must take owner papers there. They go to lawyer, but he says the papers are ready but will take time to come to him. Manas suggests they must collect them from office themselves. They are caught in traffic jam, Ishaani runs by hand.
Derwash consoles Pratik, Parul comes and says in the house these days happiness aren’t celebrated. They wonder what made Ishaani change her mind so soon.
The beaureu officer tells Manas their consignement has been delivered. Ishaani cries, worried.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells the police that Ranveer isn’t the owner of the company which did the fraud, it is her. The police tries to handcuff her, but RV says it would be better they take her without handcuffs. She turns to look at him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.Over all pecap seems to be interesting.Ishaani moves ahead in her plan.I think now Ranveer will know the truth behind Ishaani’s activities.Hope interesting scenes are waiting for us in the upcoming track. They will surely win the hurdles that come across their way.Todays scenes were very paining as both Ishaani Ranveer were struggling.Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Issani is thinking she is smart but Issani is a big fool…..
    I mean her intensions are fine to protect RV butttttttt
    Every time she do anything she never inform her mother Falguni…
    Last time on Karwatachut to clear her doubt Issani went to Chirag alone without informing any one
    at least she shuld take her mother Falguni in confidence to avoid confusion…
    and now she has decied to take blame without telling her mother falguni….
    & when people start thinking wrong about Issani beoz of confusion Issani make poor pity faces to gain sympathy…..
    Actually I feel pity on Isaani’s mother FALGUNI…
    just look at Falguni, unnecessarily how tense she is …
    If Falgni know every thing she will support Isaani..& there will be less chance of confusion……
    but fool Issani do thing without informing anyone & expect people think good about her

  3. WOW ISSANI Great,
    Save ur culprit sis DISHA by hiding her ugly secrets
    & keep RV neglected form love ….
    Issani already told CHirag that ther is nothing between Her & RV like Husband & wife…..& now go to jail & Keep poor RV suffering from Wife’s love …..
    from starting Dish is creating trouble but she hasent got any punishment yet on contrary she got loyal husbsnd MANAS even after have baby of some other fellow….

  4. nice episode. waiting for tmrws episode. let rv know for wt she made those dramas. nd i need rv nd ishaani to live their life dnt want her to b in jail for a longtime plzzzzzzzzz.

  5. I always hated Ishani and today again she proved to be an idiot duffer. She is way too dumb but thinks herself as very smart.what’s the point in taking the blame and doing drama. Instead she could have tried to stop the consignment or told Nitin/Falguni. Always protecting evil Disha. Disha make up post marriage she is looking devilish. Got stupid sisters.

  6. Issani is doing AL Drama TO Shave her Culprit Sister Disha ….
    why RV should GO jail when Isaani Know DIsha Has stole diamonds Then She should punish DIsha…
    RV will never feel good that his wife is going to jail becoz of Disha

  7. Ishani is stupid to the T. sonu is correct Ishani always takes wrong step. stupid boring bakwas story…and Ishani is ugly….

  8. Now the time has came that Manas came forward to reveal the truth behind the Ishaani drama or give some mind to Rv so that he can understand about the consignement timings and forced Manas to the the truth. Hopefully patch up episode came soon.
    Now Rv have to destroy Chiraag in every phase so that he can’t makes a plans

  9. Now the time has came that Manas came forward to reveal the truth behind the Ishaani drama or give some mind to Rv so that he can understand about the consignement timings and forced Manas to the the truth. Hopefully patch up episode came soon.
    Now Rv have to destroy Chiraag in every phase so that he can’t able to make further plans

  10. Why did Disha and Manas got married. Disha the idiot one deserved an idiot like Rishi and not such a loving person like manas and so kind sister like Ishani who is spoiling her own life to save her’s. Why do Idiots always get nice ones to care for????????????
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. I hope it’s a good one.

  11. now This serial is becoming boring

  12. May be todays episode will full with story. I think now she is proving her locality with her husband as per 31 january episode

  13. Please any body say to ekta kapoor script writer please write some intrusting things. In all serials always woman gose jail . Same is ram kapoor serial . on thing I noticed that ki there is cctv in corporate office . If I do in any my project then government will sheel the office. no cctv in office.

  14. Please unite ranveer and ishani. This episode was very touching. Why always good ones suffer a lot like ishveer. I am waiting for the episode that reveals the truth . And also chirag and disha have to be caught sooner.

  15. today episode was good. Ishaani I respect your love as soon as rv will realize a truth waiting for a intresting episode

  16. I don’t understand why are the producers dragging the story. RV asked for arresting Ishani without handcuffs, nice, but why????????????????
    Ishani is saving RV’s reputation, very good, but why is she saving her shameless sister and her unacceptable child??????
    Saanp ke sapole ko protect karna kaisa buddhimani hai????????????????????

    Sacrificing but still like a duffer.Agar Ishani reality hoti to usko bolte ki jab bhagwan ji dimaag de rahe the to so rahi thi kya???????????????????????????

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