Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani tells Shekhar that last night something happened that shouldn’t have. She says that she had a flu, she had a qara and she doesn’t know what she told Ranveer last night. Shekhar says he doesn’t want to hear anything else. Ishaani says no, she didn’t lose her control over her. She tells Shekhar they aren’t going to live together in a room now. Shekhar asks if she is accepting defeat. Ishaani says this is Ranveer’s decision but she is only worried if Ranveer might come close to Ritika again. She wants to defeat Ritika as soon as possible. Shekhar says he also wants Ritika away from Ranveer’s life as soon as possible. Ishaani thanks him for his trust.
Ritika was in her room thinking that someone will come again and will make her even fearful. She comes out and watches

the ghost girl in the corridor. She runs behind her to catch her, the girl senses someone coming behind her and thinks she isn’t getting fearful. She runs downstairs, Ritika follows her and calls her from behind. The girl doesn’t listen to her and hides herself in the store room. Ritika comes into the store room and looks everywhere around. She thinks about making a video, the girl climbs out of the window. Ritika regrets that she has run away. The girl comes to Sharman and Pratik saying she was saved really badly today. Ritika hears this all. Sharman says he thinks Ritika knows about the plan, Pratik says now Ishaani will tell them what to do next. Ritika was angry at Ishaani.
Shekhar thinks about Ishaani’s promises to come back to him, then Ishaani’s words today. He pours a drink for himself and have it.
Ishaani comes to her room still lost into RV’s words about a separate room. Ishaani thinks she needs some more time to expose Ritika, till then she must live with Ranveer. She looks for Ranveer when she hears Ranveer’s voice saying he knows everything about her, her truths and her lies. She turns to find it was Ritika, Ritika brings an actor man inside the room who repeats the sentences exactly in Ranveer’s voice. Ritika tells him to go, shuts the door and says to Ishaani that she hired the mimicry actor just like she did for her mother. Ritika says she can do anything if she hires an actor of Ishaani’s name. She says she knows all the truth of Ishaani, her return at her wedding, then getting her brother apologize her, and now this ghost matter, they were all involved in making fool of her. She says that they were doing this all only because they wanted proof against her, they don’t have any and will never get them because their way is wrong.
RV was driving at night, he thinks he loves Ishaani but has some responsibilities taking Ritika. Shekhar comes in front of her car at once. Ranveer asks what happened. Shekhar was badly drunk and says Ishaani…
Ritika watches sweat on Ishaani’s forehead, she goes to bring her water. The glass was offered to Ishaani by the girl actress. Ritika says if she sent this girl to make her fearful, she bought her. Now Ishaani has no proof against her, but she has all proofs against Ishaani. Ritika lets the girl leave, she tells Ishaani that her family must be an actress but she is now enjoying this all with her.
Ritika asks Ishaani if she wants to fight with her. Ishaani says she wants to defeat her, she thinks she can get whatever she wants to. Ritika says this is her nature to get whatever she wants to. If Ishaani stands in front of her, she will not leave her too. Ishaani says she is standing with her Ranveer. Ritika says Ishaani has no proof against her, but she has those mimicry artists against her. Ishaani asks Ritika if she will throw her out of the house she was brought up in, from a person she was grown up with. She says that if she now tells Ranveer about Ritika’s truth, he will suspect her for once for sure.

PRECAP: Ranveer tries to drag Ishaani which makes her worried. She asks what happened.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. so much of dragging………., finally what will happen? Romba kadupavdu itha paakave, always iritating rithika, and the directors are also iritating sooooooo much…….,

  2. Today’s episode was good.. expecting Rithika Ishaani Challenge track.. pre cap nice.waiting for a good episodes.

  3. End this serial wen it’s trp is high!!!! Because from now on no1 s going to watch…. Not me and my friends n family at least!

  4. Rookey Rookers

    precap sounds good . if u drag matsh even for 10yrs , i will be its crazy. . . love u Ranveer . . .

  5. I want this to get over asap… I want Ishkar… I know i m against u all.. But as per me shekhar will b more loving to ishaani than ranveer.. Nd i know that this will not happen.. Again The so called #IshVeer will b united… Ughhh!!!

  6. Not bad epi. Plz stop dragging the story. Nd this rithika plz die.. go to hell.. hate u..

  7. the most boaring show. once it was supposed to be my fav show but aren’t bearable any more. ishani is most unusual and irritating character.

    1. Agree…..I also stopped watching this show…

  8. Really boring. Lost interest. Too much dragging.. Why should always negative character dominating. Without tat happy moments can also be framed.

  9. Ishaani (Radhika Madan) is doing
    everything in her power to unveil Ritika’s
    (Smritii Khanna) truth in Colors popular
    show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. While
    majority of her plans are being flopped
    viewers will now get to a battle for power
    between the two women within the
    confines if a 7 day challenge where each of
    them will have to win RV’s (Shakti Arora)
    Ritika and Ishaani will go through several
    such challenges but looks like at the end
    true love always finds a way.
    Nahi samjhe? Well keep reading to know
    what is in store for you in Meri Aashiqui… in
    the days to come. RV will be invited for a
    business party along with both Ritika and
    Ishaani. Confused as to whom he should
    accompany to the party, RV decides to go
    with Ritika while Ishaani follows them to
    the part in tow.
    RV will have a tough time managing his
    Gharwali and Baharwali and everything else
    going on around that it would make for an
    interesting watch. But things take a
    dramatic turn when a guest misbehaves
    with Ishaani. RV steps in and pushes the
    man asking him to keep away from Ishaani
    and soon after leaves the party with Ishaani
    leaving a fuming Ritika behind.

  10. Omg!!when u guys wants to stop this draggy serial?too boring..too unlogical..kya yaar..pls stop this serial..director n writer if u guys dont know how to direct, n how to write story then dont..dont mk us irritated…so stupid..

  11. Shikar is over reacting

  12. Instead of this bullshit…… I love to see serial reporters on Sony tv……love rajeev and kritika’s chemistry……. Such a nice show,,very nice storyline that will connected to the reality of journalists life…….speciality of this show that writer’s not dragging story unnecessarily…….?

  13. Wat crap! Shikar being so famous lawyer jumps into stupid ghost plan. He cud have proved hritika culprit easily.
    Ishaani goes on with stupidity.
    Ranveer goes on misunderstanding.
    Ye show ab kasam se mere koi frnz ni dekhte.
    Me being die hard fan of shakti , cudnt afford missing him.

  14. ishani ishani ishani…
    i cant understand what is she upto….””’ she is married to her childhood bestie and her husband whom she loves but promises someone else whom she met months before that she will live him the rest of her life,,,,,Ughhhh
    she never wannna give RV any deserved moment in his life atleast for the sake he loved her all these years… finally 2 days back she confessed her love and gave him a glimpse of a happy moment to RV but snatched that quickly early morning,,,
    she wanna live her life with the man who dated and slept with many girls and she dont wanna live with the man who never dated or slept with anyone coz he(RV) loved only her,,,

  15. Pata nhi kyu ab bhi log ye show dekhte hai……jab log ye show dekh na band krenge tabhi show ki trp down hogi or show k makers or writer’s ko akal ayegi…….pata nhi log itni negativity kaise bardaasht krte hai,,,or for dekh or irritate or frustrate note hai…
    Actors ko ye show krne me liye bht badi fees milti hai…..writer’s, makers or producers ko sabki kamayi isi tarah hoti hai…….but hum audience ko …!!!!! In kapil sharma’s word’s___babaji ka thullu……. Entertainment ke naam pe kuch nhi bakwas dikhate hai or hum log dekhte hai…. Ek tarah se.. in logon ne pyar, love, aashiqui ki achchi khasi watt lagai hai….mazak bana k rkh diya hai…….
    Hum 21st century me survive or rhe hai,,,,,agr ajkl kisi ki life me same ye situation ho to vo ladki ya ladka usi se shadi krenge jisse vo pyar krte hai……lekin yaha rv, ishani se pyar krta hai or ishani, rv se par samne nafrat dikhate hai or akele me aanso bahate hai…..aisa reality me nhi hota…….sab kuch fake hai…..kuch real nhi hai.
    In simple words in logon ko viewer’s ko bewakoof banane k pause milte hai….or hum audience bewakoof ban nhi hate hai…..

    So guys,,, just think about it at once…….if I am right or not!!!!

  16. Pichle 1saal se is show me love triangle ka twist chal rha hai Jo khatam hone ka naam hi nhi let rha hai…….1saal me 2 leap aa chuke
    hai iske baad bhi ishveer ek nhi ho pa rhe hai……… Balaji production
    House bht bada hai par wahi ghisi_piti kahani dikha rhe hai…….naam bade or darshan chote….!!!!! It’s shocking k log ab bhi ye bakwas dekh rhe hai or ise, direct or indirectly, support kr rhe hai..
    Is show ko dekhne se achcha to ye hoga ki hum Aashiqui 2 movie dekh le……

  17. I trying to stop watching this show from last 1 month and I did that but still reading the story for the sake of my love towards both of them .. May director ask you to both in touch. Love you to both of you ..

    Lakshya !!

  18. Well said Neha !

  19. Hahahahahaha….. Aur bhi foolishness baki reh gye kya… sikhar hahahaha….takraya bhi toh kha rv ki gadi se hahahah …….
    Good ekta khud akeli toh sab akele… Very foolishness n stupidity u r shown… Meri dushmani tumse he

  20. This serial is going worse day by day. I can’t watch this serial anymore. Rikita is pregnant eight months from last 6 months. Such a bull shit serial….. Ekta Kapoor do u have brain… I think u have drain it….. go to hell

  21. Ye serial toh timeless ke layak b nhe rha

    1. Timepass….

  22. Waste of time to watch

  23. BORING!!! used to be my favourite show…soo boring to watch so I just have to read updates! Where is the happy ending…? Please re unite Ishaani n RV!!

  24. Bunch of losers, I am mean how pathetic can you show a girl, is depicted in this serial. This is the reason why girls always will be regarded as stupid, coz our serials show that. And the coming generations will learn that on watching this.

  25. Plot was good but Ekta always spoils the serial by dragging the story in opposite direction.
    You can drag the serial by making the plot thicker and interesting. Same old indian serial nothing unique in any of them.

  26. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se He…….please have a very lovable ending….don’t drag them too long….Boring to watch…I hope this Serial is loved by all……………………………………………………….You can end it up with the below points :
    1.RV comes to know the truth of the Ishaani’s plan.
    2 Ritika’s truth to be revealed in.. She goes to jail.
    3. Who will marry Ishaani????…..Hope She Marries Shekar, bcoz she was his first love. Let them have kids. Ranveer will be occupied with his business…
    4. Come with Season 2 – Meri Aashiqui Tum Se He….Ranveer will marry Ishaani.
    5. Happy Married Life to : Shekar , Ishaani & Ranveer….Both pairs are really good.

  27. today episode was very booring ishveer reunit rithika go to jail shekhar go to business ishveer happy married life ishani somebody two children meri ashiqui tum se hi for happy ending

  28. ishani…….u r telling shikar tat, u and ranveer r going to liv in separate rooms…u r updating him everything…Are u his wife???why r u behaving like tis ishani???plz dont hurt shikar….u r hurting him also emotionally…so sad to see shikar in tat situation….And no need to say abt ranveer……u used to hurt him always…..ranveer plz scold her nicely and be away from her ……after exposing ritika ,she wil hurt u badly which u cant bear….Ranveer ,why did u love ishani???she is not fit for ur eternal aashiqui…

  29. Title ko episode runng..kuch bhi suit nahi hora…meri aashiqui tum se hi..put instead merit nafrat tum we hii…###…!!!!!

  30. I think so this colors soaps r just draging toooooo much
    And they never reads the comments posed by viewers……
    Great keep on draging toooooo much in the way viewers loose their temper and hates to read written updates toooo
    Now a days no one likes to watch it….

  31. Ab yeh drama dekhna fazull hai is sy acha log apna time wasy hi waste kr dy bcz drama ekta ka hai r itnj jaldi ritika ki sacahi ni khulni chirag b march ka mara hai r abj tk uski sachai ni khuli lanat ekta tum pr

  32. I dont know why the writer dragging this serial. To m this seriak can b ended in this week if they want

  33. Rittika u shl go to hell.And Ishveer pls be together!!!!!!

  34. Please…all of u…this show is just for entertainment. if u like it watch it…r else leave…y r u wasting your time in criticizing it

  35. It’s really irritating now..what a stupid dragging!!!

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