Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar thinks he was never moved by any girl’s tears in the past, worried, he sits besides her and asks her not to cry. Her life is in her hand, she must now do what she never did. She helped his mom, and she did her help; she thinks she is doing it for her. The bell rings, he goes to see who has come home, peeks through the door to see RV. Before opening the door, he thinks he would ask ten questions about who she is and why is she crying. He takes her hand and takes her to a room, he says his friend is here and would think she is his girlfriend and he has broken her heart. He tells her to stop crying and goes out. RV comes into the house and asks who was the girl. Shekhar was worried if he heard her. RV asks the girl who was talking to him on Ritika’s function. Shekhar gets Sanaya’s

call and goes inside. Shekhar says he called her because he wants the details of Dewarsh Parekh who is boyfriend of his sister. Sanaya says they can talk about this in a meeting, what if they meet today. Shekhar says he can’t meet today and will call her when he is free. He hears Ishaani’s cries, and is frustrated why it effects him so much. RV comes looking for Shekhar and hears Ishaani’s cries, he opens the door of the room. Ishaani sat with her back towards the door, and cried. He comes forward, her hair hid her face. He looks around and takes a tissue box to her, she takes a tissue while RV turns his face away. He was about to keep a hand on Ishaani’s shoulder but then withdraws it. Ishaani was still crying. RV turns back restlessly and moves out of the room. At the door, he turns to see her again. Ishaani turns behind and stands in shock to see RV but he moves on, she looks at the tissue then runs behind him. Upon reaching the door, she stops suddenly. Outside, Shekhar comes to Ranveer, RV asks who the girl was. Shekhar says he was talking to her, she lives in a nearby colony. RV says he has to return her ring personally, he must text him the address and he will go there straight. Ishaani thinks her ring was lost in the hotel and he came to return it.
In the car, RV was thinking the reaction of Sanaya, she was excited to see her ring back and says thank you to him. RV thinks his heart wanted it to be Ishaani’s and he thought she might be here. He thinks how should he believe Ishaani is dead. Ishaani asks Sanaya on call if she took the ring, Sanaya says she will return her. Ishaani asks her not to tell Shekhar about it, Sanaya says she will always help her as Shekhar did. Ishaani is happy that Ranveer was so near to her and could see her, she thinks she has to remain away from him, she can’t snatch his happiness as he is contended in his life. She thinks today Dewarsh and RV came to her in a single day, what if the whole family comes there. She must do something about it.
Disha comes out frustrated by the cries of her babay. Some children come there playing with the ball and calls Disha aunty. Disha scolds them for calling her aunty, the children say she has a baby and is an aunty. Baa comes out and asks Disha what is she doing outside. Disha says that baby cries 24/7. Baa scolds her for calling him that baby and says it is hers. Disha tells her to leave her alone.
RV comes to the room, Ritika was cleaning the curtains. It was about to fell on her, RV saves her and both are stuck under it. They share a moment together, RItika moves her hand down his face. He looks at her hand, then her face and breaks the moment, removing the curtain he turns away from her. RItika says I am sorry, he leaves the room.
Shekhar is shocked to hear Ishaani wants to change her name, Ishaani says she doesn’t want a name which can be problematic for her family. He asks why him, she says she showed her a new life, she is requesting not ordering. With the name, Ishaani, there is a curt story. She wants to start a new life, new job with new name. He was frustrated, and suggests about Nirupa Roy, he tries to convince that she was a talented actress. He mocks that she can even cry in tv shows if she isn’t comfortable with her NGO work. He tells her to try and practice the signatures of her new name, he will get her legal documents made. She thinks her name change might make her life away from RV.
In the morning, everyone was at the breakfast table. RV asks Mala for his porridge and tells her to make Ritika’s favorite sandwich. He helps Ritika as she comes to the table, and takes her to the table. He asks if he must get cheese in her sandwiches. Ritika says she has to talk to him alone and goes to a corner. In the room RV comes to Ritika and says he knows she is worried about station cosmo’s plan, she was checking its paper but doctor has told her to rest at this time. He asks her to have breakfast. Ritika says she doesn’t want to talk about it, but yesternight.

PRECAP: RItika comes to RV, both hug. RV helps her sit, Ishaani was there too and watches them together.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good except rithika disha scenes irritating. .. cv’s please unite ranveer ishaani. . Expected lot from the precap.. but.. disappointed. . Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Wowww…episode was really superb…i hate disha…the childrens says aunty ha ha …super….stupid writter…romantic scene b/w ranveer and rithika hate this scene really…..ithuku munadi ipdi oru seq vaikala ishaani and ranveer..precap is nice …i think rithika see ishaani but she wil not tell rv bcoz she will fall in love with ranveer.

  3. arora

    today episode ok…… But i am very disappointed, wht the hell is going on this show, rithika and ranveer scene is iritating, and disha, what type of girl she is, she is not a mother, she is ghost, panam pei……

  4. Sathyasree venkat

    Intha story romba sothapala irruku , intha ritika oru idiot, ishaani sacrifice ye life illa, but innaiku konjam nalla irrunthuchi, aana nethi alavuku illa, nethu romba exited da irrunthuchi antha precap la nallaiki semma interest ta irrukunu thonichi, innaiku romba boring, but ishaani ranveer meeting paravala

  5. arora

    how dare u rithika, epa paathalum ranveer kanatha hold panrathe velaya, avan than una love panalaila aprm ena…… Ranveer rithika va nambatha ava than un love ku yeman, she is selfish gaint, she is dushman of ur love, unakum ishaanikum miga periya yethiri rithika than…..

  6. nandini

    Todays epis was gud … but we expected alot from precap …pls unite rv n ishani as soon as possible I am very irritated with ritika… atleast let rv know dat ishani is alive….

  7. Romba verupthranga pa idhuku Tamil serial evlo parvala ishaani and ranveer serthu vaikira madhiri therila best am going to stop watching this serial director pls stop this story lines mudila

  8. arora

    hey sathyasree venkat ningalum tamil ah…… Great….. Itha saranya parthangana romba santhosa paduvanga…… I am also happy… Ithu iritating ah ponalum ranveer kaga parpan….. Becoz ranveer ah enaku romba romba romba pidikum…….

    • Ur right Arora.. I’m also watching only for Ranveer,, for his exceptional character,, and best selfless love towards Ishani,,,evalo mokka pottalum Ritika be vaichi,, it’s only for rv

    • saranya

      Na eppo than ella parthen. Its k nethi yyethuku sorry yellam soninga its k. College super place enjoy ur college days. Nanum ennoda college superb ah enjoy panirikken. But eppo romba miss panren. Chennai la theatres , hotels, beaches nu nalla suthi irruken. Tamil la innaiku evlo per comment pani irrukanga am really happy .

      • arora

        ninga clg days lam mudichitingla, wow….. Aama saranya clg lam semaya povdu, i really enjoy it…..

  9. rig

    Hey idiot rithika how you dare to touch ishaani’s private property… Directors why r u guys bringing new twists, already there’s a bunch to solve.rithika’s dresses were ridiculous and y r the spoiling a wonderful music for her.

  10. anita

    Amba is really a different mother
    Celebrates the goad barai for a child who is not at all related to her family
    How peculiar OMG

  11. kavi

    wow……. Inaki neraya per tamila comment kuduthirkinga……. Very nice……. All are tamil……. Very happy to see it…..

  12. kavi

    always ititating, disha and rithika…… Disha ammangurathuke thaguthi ilama irka, knjm kuda yerakame ila, iva ponna iva, i hate her atitude, and rithika ranveer ta valinjikite irkurathu,,,,, ishaaniyaium ranveeraium pirichitila ni, intha unmai ranveer ku therinjona unaku sangu than rithika….

  13. i pity amba….but she will relaise one dayy wat ritika iss …..and whose baby she is carryinngg…..that day that moment i want to see her faceee ….always she said ishaanii is behind chiraaggg can do anythinnggg …now she is doing goadh bharai of chiraag baby wat a writersss really appreciatinngg …….jo jaise kartha hai wo wesa bartha hai .

  14. arora

    ya matsh……. same pinch ya, ningalum tamil ah……. Wow i am so exited today….. Mukavasi neraya per tamil pola….. Good

  15. Couldn’t wait the whole day till the show starts,, but
    Today’s epi was heart touching,,, Ishani and ranveer scenes were amazing,,, that love and feeling of RV with hope for Ishani was so touchy,, but he was so restless he didn’t wanna see her face,,,
    Hereafter Ishani will see RV always and misunderstand before knowing that he is not even married to Ritika and that’s not his child,,
    And may be RV will always able to see her back ,,,
    And how impractical is the writer can’t RV just see her back and find out or even the sound of her cry of the girl he knows from 9 years old,, lol this is so stupid attitude of writer lol.. Anyway brought out much emotions,,

    Only prob is that y Ritika trying to grab rights of a wife even without marrying ????
    Precap:in the precap looks like RV is trying to accept Ritika,,!!! Looks everything is normal between them,,,!! Has he accepted her..??Fingers crossed,,

  16. aysh

    Today’s episode is okay, it would b better if rv hv seen d face of ishani as well , bt I think ishani ll get d 2birds ring frm sanaya and after that no one can stop them to b together even that evil ritika and amba can’t do that…..
    srsly i just got irritated to see ritika’s romance with Ranveer……what the hell is trying to do ritika …..totally bullshit….i couldn’t control myself on that seen , after that saying sorry to rv ……OMG doing everything and after that say sorry WTF … that time i just wanted to slap hr , bt i couldn’t bcoz it was in LCD , nt in real……..LOL…
    and I think now c ll convince rv by doing hr melodrama as always and ll go on dinner or smthing like that in hotel or restaurant and there ll b ishani , ritika ll c ishani , bt c ll nt tell rv that ishani is alive and spoiler says ritika ll feel that c loves rv ………WTF this also i can’t tolerate, which type of that girl , who c a boy and fall in love with him , i mean every boy , whom c meet……
    after knowing the truth that ishani is alive definitely fr sure c ll try hr best to keep rv away from d truth, ll keep busy him in caring for herself, ll try to marry with him as soon as possible……just wait and watch guys i hv a strong feeling of it that c ll do this melodrama…….
    do whatever u want to do miss ritika , bt u ll nt b able to keep Ranveer away frm his one and only love ishani , they ll definitely meet in smdays , bcoz they both lv each other truly, nt like u …..koi bhi ldka dekha or usi se pyar ho gya……….and u ll get…….my foot….

  17. Shâžñā

    Mny tamilians watchin ths shw…gud to c tat…almost al comments in Tamil oly 🙂 Bt m a malayalee 🙂

    Ritika’s scene juz irritatin…can’t tolerate her anymore….writer juz change d storyline…@least let RV knw tat ishani s still alive….

    waiting fr a gud epi….Ishveer♥♥♥

  18. mooms

    Malayalikalum und….
    Malayalis r also watching this show…
    I love sakthi… n i ‘m also watching this show only 4him…

  19. saranya

    Oh my god evlo tamil ah. Am really happy. Appo ellarum serial ku illa ranveer ku than adimaiyaitom. Super wowww. Am so happy. Evlo peruku intha serial pidichirukka….,

  20. saranya

    Please reunite ishani ranveer. I hate dis ritika. Wen everyone get to know about dis idiot ritika especially ranveer. Ranveer gonna meet ishani with shekhar and her new name, den again dey r going to start fight. OMG please reunite them

  21. Rosh

    Njanum our Malayali aane, there are malyalis also watching . But I live in another country.
    I was very moved by Ishani’s breakdown the other day. I can’t exactly explain why but I always felt pity for Ishani , when she cries like that my heart pains.
    Radhika improved tremendously , now she acts like an experienced senior artist not like a 19 yrs old girl. Congratulations Radhika you are perfect for this role. Now Ishani stands alone and abandoned by every one whom she once she loved , there are two paths she can take . One she can still act like RVs wife and hide and live alone thinking of him. Second she can start a new life as free woman . I am happy she chose the the second one right decision .
    Sorry Ishweer fans RV dosent deserve Ishani ‘s selfless love , according to me Shikher is a better choice there is good mom for her . Shikhar mom is a good woman doing NGO works and she loves Ishaani.
    Think about Amba maid and RV I feel disgusted really I mean it,!!!!!!!!!!
    I am not that angry with Ritika she is behaving that way because RV is giving her that much right . Spineless Ranveer gone the strong , brave & gentle man whom I used admire .
    He never took Ishani for a candle light dinner , never recognized durin award function does all those things for Ritika . They are sleeping together without marriage called Ishani characterless also. Ishaani must slap him really.
    You are right Ishani start your new life without Amba & her son , Ishveer fans don’t get upset it is only my opinion , RV dosent deserve Ishani!!!!!!

  22. Rosh

    I am a Shakthi fan still I am but now I am more of Radhikas fan because I love Ishani’s character and really annoyed with RV now. Now Ritikas presence make RV a coward & spineless man who just left his love to rot . He never performed one prayer section or last rite for his wife busy spending his days for Ri.
    Now his feeling has no effect on me it lost its depth I don’t feel any thing I feel funny !
    Guys I don’t know what this fellow wants !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. arora

    haan saranya serial ku adimayagala…… Exactly ranveer ku than adimaiyaitom…… Ha ha ha ha,,,,,,

  24. ishveer

    Innaiku full tamil than saranya. I m also tamil…. ranveer oda character romba super… avanala ishani presence feel panna mudiyuthu… he is a true lover. Pls unite ishveer…

      • ishveer

        Because he thinks ishaani is dead…aanalum avanuku ishani uyiroda irupaanu ninaikiran…. his love shows her presence… but rv cant react to it

  25. Wowwww superbbb….so many tamil ppl ….nanum tan…which bgm played in background in ranveer and rithika romantic scene….hi arora saranya ishveer masy anitha reena kavi deepa …im realy very happy …

  26. what the hell is going on!!! Ranveer couldnt find ishani… when in court scene for ishani’s hearing day he feels the presence of ishani… now what happen to ranveer????????????? she is sitting infront of her but he doesnt found her. so sad- _-

  27. k.vasanthi

    hiiiiiii frnds my name is vasanthiii i am also tamil….. i like raveer so much ranveer kaagadha iam watching this serial bt nw i hate this serial. plsssss ranveer nd rithika rmba gets irritating. ranveer sekarama ishaniiiii ya pakkanu plsssssss…… waiting for good episode…..

  28. rahi

    aisahi hota hai…afterall its serial…..saamne baithe log bhi pahechan me Nahi ate…kuch bhi dikhate hai…ranbeer ko apanni bivi ki avaj bhi bhool gaya??? aur apan jise jante hai usko kaise bhi pahachante hai …;)..piche se hua to kya hua???…kucchh bhi dikhate hai;)..

  29. jajisirisha

    episode was good. But precap was not nice. I am waiting for the episode of rithika’s truth should come out. That day ranveer should slap her like anything and throw her out of the house.

  30. Wen court scene ranveer sense ishaani presence ..but yesterday episode ranveer stand near by ishaani …he s not sense ishaani presence..?…its so stupid…

  31. Rinshida

    To the writer
    dont u feel this is too much? I can’t bear this much of nonsence, r u thinking of uniting rithika 2 rv. This show is a big zero now

  32. Although RVs love is so much for ishani,,I feel that now he is spineless,, lol,,
    He gives so much space to Ritika bina shaadi ,, that’s what she is taking advantage,,,
    Have lots of love for Ishani but Ishani was toooooo smart for not knowing to taking it properly,, but now RV is mamas boy,, lol

  33. ats

    omg wt s hpng in ths serial?whthr they r going to unite rv nd ritika?bt better ishaani should marry shekhar becoz rv doesnt deserve ishaani.plzzzz reveal d truth tht who killed chirag.if rv nd ritika s nt married y r thy living in same room?????????????writers r fooling us.standing nearby to ishaani nd nt atall knwing tht she s ishaani wt a story yaar???????rv loves ishaani frm childhood bt still he cnt recognize her ths cnt hpn even in dream vry bad story.again ths disha s irritating i thnk baa now get to undrstnd abt her.wr s sharman??????????so many questions nd so many scenes tht cant b acceptable.plzzzzzzz writers concentrate a little bit more in rv character nowadays its getting worse.true luv of rv s d highlight of ths story bt its fading nowadays.jus stop d romantic scenes of rv nd ritika even if he s nt interested its irritating.jus change d track plzzzzzzzz atleast show us some interesting scenes.its moving very slowly.

  34. prasanna

    How long this nonsense will run.director sir is thinking that audience are not having minimum sense.why rv is not identify that the girl is as he wife.why he is showing interest on ritika.we are big fan of meri ashique tum si but now we are big heaters. every serial is having twist but without logic and without sentiments
    this show is running.always ishani is sacrificing not any one and rv also not doing for ishanni. We are waching this for only storyline and like good understandments with wife ansd hub and family Relations and we are all
    very much sik and tired with this epi.we are very much sorry to say that this serial is not having interest to watch and I have suggested to my friends not towatch it and it is not inteeresting.hope understand and give us gud entertainment.

  35. Reema

    hellow. Is thr swaragini written updates of 4th march? Its not onair last night or no written updates yet? Anyone hav any idea?

  36. N yes nw its tym fr ishani to be a business women n well knwn prsnlty of city with different name..n after that she should hav to cm in frnd of amba,rv n,ritika,n all others..this bldy ritika..murdrer,witch sleeping with another guy without marying..she can stay in other rm n if amba is cncrnd fr hr health then she herself hav to sleep with ritika..

  37. Honey

    I have missed some episode.. Ellarum ean Rithika va thituringa enaku purila. Can any one explain what is happening..

  38. anita

    When ranveer resisted himself from rithika I was about to say ‘ apdi panra en chella kutti ‘

  39. maya

    hey, what was that track when ishani was crying and ranveer came???…..Plz someone reply what was the song there???

    • VJ

      Ranveer found ishani’s ring at the hotel where ritika’s godh bjarai happened. He came to shekhar’s house to ask about the girl whom Ranveer has seen in the CCTV recording of the function.. Shekhar has asked ishani to stay in a room so that Ranveer doesn’t see her bec he will then think that Shekhar is having an affair & has broken her heart & so she is crying.. Ishani is crying bec she wanted to live a life and according to her none of her family members care for her now.. When Ranveer entered shekhar’s house he got his gf’s call& he asked Ranveer to sit in the drawing room till he attends the call.. Shekhar gets busy on the phone& Ranveer hears somebody crying iin the room.. He goes in the room and sees a girl(ishani) crying.. He gives her tissue paper to wipe off her tears and leaves the room without seeing that its ishani only.. Her face was covered by her hair.. Ishani however manages to see Ranveer but doesn’t react bec she feels he is married and is happy… The song is from the movie kal ho na ho…

  40. I hope ranveer meets ishani n finds out shez alive n I hope he leaves that stupid rithika n hope ishveer get back together

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