Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika take Ishaani on stage, she tells her to come nearer. Then she says to Ishaani that this night brings two lovers together, and she loves RV and so does RV that is why they are marrying each other tonight. She asks Ishaani to stay here and watch them marry.
Parul comes across Manas and his baby, she asks why the baby is crying and takes him from Manas. Manas looks at Parul admiringly, Parul tells Manas to go as she will take care of the baby.
Ranveer and Ishaani’s marriage takes place. Ishaani sits there, Ranveer looks at Ishaani repeatedly as he takes Ritika’s hand into his. Ritika enjoys the wedding to her full. Both stand up for the vermala ritual, Ritika happily puts the vermala into Ranveer’s neck. Ranveer puts the vermala into Ritika’s neck. Ishaani is hurt

badly. The pandit calls someone from groom’s family for gadh-bandhan. Amba says that his sister Parul will do this. Parul comes there but Ritika stops her and asks if she doesn’t mind can Ritika’s friend do this gadh bandhan. This is because of her that this wedding is taking place, Ritika says how could she marry RV had Ishaani not signed the divorce papers. She asks Ishaani to do the gadh bandhan. She says if Ishaani does this gadh bandhan it will never break. Ishaani was reluctant, then smiles at Ritika. Ranveer observes Ishaani intently. She comes behind the couple and does the gadh bandhan, wipes her tears as she looks at Ranveer and leaves the knot. Pandit asks them to stand to take the wedding vows with rounds.
Ranveer and Ishaani look at each other with each round. Ishaani cries, Ranveer is also hurt. When the rounds complete, Amba hands Ranveer the mangal sooter, Ishaani remembers her manga sooter ritual. Ranveer puts in sindoor and Ishaani remembers her own sindoor ritual reversing. Lakshmi congratulates Amba for the wedding. Ritika and Ranveer stands up, takes blessing from Kailash. Baa asks Ishaani to leave, they no longer need to stay here.
Ritika goes to Amba, takes her blessings from her. Amba calls Ritika her daughter in law, not for the world but also for those who were always against their relations. She tells Ritika she waited for this day more than her. She asks them to takes blessings from Lakshmi as well.
Ishaani packs her bag, so does the family. Ishaani asks where they are going. Baa asks will they let her go alone, they will stay where she lives. She asks Chaitali to go as well, and takes Ishaani along. Baa asks Chaitali if she is missing the old days, does she remember Hansa Behn then. Chaitali leaves with Baa immediately. Out in the corridor, Ritika watches Ishaani leave with her bags. She thinks the whole family is leaving, how they can leave before her wedding. She calls at Baa to stop and asks why she is leaving without doing what she stopped for. She says that Baa is the eldest in the family, and her happiness will be left incomplete without her blessings. She says she had asked Amba too that she will not leave without the completion of her wedding. She says that her son was her father’s friend, they are her family. She says they are leaving the home, she isn’t sure when they will meet again. She asks them to stay for her wedding, she apologizes Ishaani. Baa asks if she will feel happy with this, alright then, they will stay. Ritika touches Baa’s feet, Baa blesses her to keep the happiness of the house.

PRECAP: Ritika arrives into the house with Ranveer leaving red feet stamps. In the room, Ritika awaited Ranveer but is shocked to see Chiraag there instead.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    What a paining episode… can’t able to see Ishaani.. bechari hurting inside.. waiting for Ishveer Uniting
    Today is Rithika..’s last good day… soon her chapter is going to get over.. waiting for that moment.. especially Amba reaction after the truth exposed… precap is super shocking.. waiting for a best episode..

    • suga

      Latest hot spoiler: MATSH
      Ritika’s REAL FACE to be exposed in ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’!

      As we all know that Ritika and Ranveer are getting married in Colors’ ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’ but that moment is not far when Ritika’s true face will come in front of Ranveer.


      The episode of September 4 will show that Ranveer will expose Ritika and her real character will come in front of him.


      According to reports, Ritika and Ranveer after the wedding rituals await their first night. While Ritika is waiting for Ranveer to show his romantic side and suddenly between all this there will be a sound with which Ritika’s ex-lover Chirag comes in front.


      This will make Ritika feel extremely uncomfortable and scared due to which she shouts and finally reveals that she only had killed him. And guess what it was Ranveer who was dressed up as Chirag to bring out the truth. 
      finally, Ritika breaks down and will apologize and start seeking sympathy from Ranveer. But RV says it’s all over.

    • justafan

      I too felt the same. Is marriage a game? It has precious values. Hate this way of revenge or proof gathering. Most of the hindi serials are degrading our culture and tradition. Few are exceptions

    • rudra

      Ritika’s child is dead on an accidental shoot out wic was aimed on Ishaani and the baby which Parul has is Disha’s..

      • Vish

        How do you know it’s Disha’s? She is nowhere to be seen. If she’s not there, why would her baby be there?

      • Vish

        Never mind, I missed the beginning of the episode and completely skipped over reading about Parul holding Manas’ baby. What happened to Disha?? I’m only now catching up with all the old episodes and storylines from last year, so not sure what happens after she marries Manas…will catch up with that sometime soon…

  2. Manisha

    Marriage is done now what’s the meaning to expose Ritika after marriage? Totally nonsense it’s not good Ishani must marry shikhar and hurt ranveer can he marry Ritika ?what he wants to prove ?he is the stupid one not brilliant.

    • Shamyla

      I don’t think the marriages real. He asked Ishani to sign the divorce papers that HE had prepared and I think they were fake so the wedding to Ritika doesn’t count. He’s still married to Ishani. That’s my opinion anyway!

  3. Manisha

    Marriage is not a game.he could have tried another plan it’s totally disgusting.if he already knows about Ritika then no need to marry her.without marriage he could have exposed Ishani must leave Ranveer.let him and heis mom suffer for sometime.

  4. saranya

    Omg………… ranveer ydid u do dis to ishani. Y u r giving dis much pain to her….. but d precap was awesome. Am waiting For tomorrow’s episode. …. bau ishanii felt bad & hurt :'(

  5. Kalai

    Just spoiling our culture. Anyone can marry anyone and then go with the other one. This show is not worthy to be translated into Tamil. With this shit happening the serial is not interesting but irritating. How far ekta will go to raise its trip. Worst show.

  6. Kalai

    Anyone can marry anyone and then go with the other one. This show is not worthy to be translated into Tamil. With this shit happening the serial is not interesting but irritating. How far ekta will go to raise its trip. Worst show. Stupid plot

  7. I want to know if the directors are married or divorced, why do Indian serials always target married couple as if it is a joke?they make the pair with so much difficulty with all these classic decorations and break these same marriages so easily,if they wanted to expose ritika they could have done it without ranveer marrying her after all ranveer used to share his bed with her,please directors have respect for marriage cos it was instituded by God himself so you can’t joke with it anyhow you it pleases you.

  8. Swarnim

    Khuch bhi ho…
    Now i can’t tolerate more that evil ritika…
    Bas ab ye drama khatm karo…much confusing…

  9. Stupid serial. It is disgusting. They are disgracing marriage rituals. Its shown as if its okay to do marriage and break it immediately. As if its nothing but just a fun game. This is seriously stupid. Ishani if you really do have little bit of common sense and self respect and common sense left in you. Please go and marry Shikhar. As it is always better to marry someone who loves you and keeps you happy. Instead of being with someone like RV who doesn’t even know how to trust his own love. Even if Ritika is being exposed. This serial is still dumb.

  10. Nivi

    Tiz is nt at al fair… how could they bring a twist lyk tiz… playin wid our tradition n culture to reveal te truth….. plz don’t drag anymore….expose rithika’s true color soon

  11. ishveer

    Boring epi…&…I never see the heartbroken ishani…. I don’t know what is the necessity rv did marry with rithika ??????????…I don’t like this way to unit ishveer….anyways writers spoiling the enjoy of ishveer reunion…..matsh chet ishveer fans….
    This is a idiotic and meaningless story…after all this l think change the title of this shows bcoz title not suit for this story….there is no ashiqui in this serial …..waste of time for everyone…
    I hate it from core..

  12. Gayatri

    What the hell yr….ab shadi b ho gyi ab kya fayda milne ka….iske baad ritika nkhre dikhaegi divorce dene me….god knows kb ishveer unite hoge

  13. tamizhfan

    Totally irritating. Is marriage a dice game or what ? Spoiling our culture and tradition to the core. If ranveer already knows about ritika he could have already said or just to increase trp they could have chosen some other interesting plots. Marriage is not a thing to be played. Hate this plot to the core. Values and morals of Indian tradition are great things seeing which foreigners jealous of us. Bt it is cheaply shown. It’s better to stop uyire urave in half way before this scene comes. At least we can save tamil culture. One for one. Not like hindi serials anyone can marry anyone

  14. chitra

    Not even a single serial in any channel show a happy married life. After seeing such episode youngsters will afraid of marriage. They do get more arrogant ideas regarding relationship. Story writers should file a case …..on him.


    eagerly waiting for what could happen after ishveer union.may be could be the end of love feelers story

  16. juli

    what rubbis yar,in donoki bech ishq hai ,aisa lagta to nehi.are ranver to ishani per vharosa nehi karta hai ,ur ritika ko marriage ke bad expose karneka matlab kya hai .tum to ishani ko dhoka dechuki ho already,ranvir charecter ek true lover ka nehi hai

  17. marry

    i just cant wait 4 reunion episode…………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurry up come tomorow fast…………. eagerly waiting 4 tomorow,s episode……………!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 today,s disgusting………….. episode…………… totally rediculous……………. dont like………..
    precape full of suspence…………!!!!!!!!!! matsh rockzzzzzzzzzz tomorow…………!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u ishani and rv……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀

  18. dreamer

    What a funny serial is this. If ranveer knew the true colour of ritika then there is no need for wedding. He can reveal that before wedding. Through this wedding he is punishing ishani instead of ritika. We are fans not fools. what a flop creativity. Even fans have better creative mind than this. This is our fault. We expected more from ranveer. Grown-up ranveer.

  19. kowsi

    we hav a very gud culture for marriage….pls for god sake dnt spoil this ..In ektha serial first married then divorced thn again remarriage and xtra affairs , b4 marriage pregnancy ..not only ektha serial so many serials doing lyk that..totally shit..this s not a way to xpose rithika truth..guys im accepting ur al comments..marriage is not a game …

  20. neha

    Rv is hurting ishani a lot… much paining episode …hope soon ritika exposed and ishveer reunite….
    Hate u ritika to the core….but u r a fantastic actress especially as a vamp…..
    After ishveer reunion, don’t know what happens next in the show….I am waiting!!!!!???

  21. Seriously!!! Why r u all blaming the serial directors??? Its a serial not a happy ending movie or sad ending!! Whatever.. Buut this all are common it happens in every serial thats why it is calld a serial… If u all want the show always happpy then it is impossible… Becoz it isnt happpy alll the time so there may b many heartbreaking scenes but that doesnt mean u hav to blame the directors… Can u imagine their efforts behind this serial?? hats oof to them nd just c u all even i m not less How can we judge just easily.. How badly it affects the person… So guyz plz just stop saying all the things about the directors nd all… We hav many topics itself inside the serial except directors…. SO WE SHUD STOP IT!!!! Thank u for reading this much xP xD

  22. Ishveer shishani rithveer

    Do we look like fools to the directors. I think u need to get a life. English serials are so informative. Hindi serials are making mockery of relationships and values. To advice the story writer, plz bring in a twist tat ishaani signed papers but werent divorce papers nd tat ranveer and ishaani plan this when ishani saves ranveer from the suicide or get sumthing nice. So the marriage is invalid when the first divorce has happened.
    i wish courts gave divorce to ppl as fast as serials get divorce in wchever court they applied. This serial has become cartoon for me these days. Anyway the intensity of love has to be shown to ppl. Not some stupid sacrificing and digging their own grave.

  23. If rv wants to bring the truth without marrying also he can bring DUMBO RV can’t u see ishani pain
    i taught marriage is not gonna take place but this fully CRAPS cvs didn’t expect this :(:(:(:,(:,(

    • Payal

      Ishani never saw rv’s pain. How many time she broke his heart.. May be 100 times for his so called happiness
      atleast she is getting a little dose of pain she always gave rv

  24. And their are better storylines in friends happily divorced and Jane the virgin than this bull shit without making an issue for someone. Divorce plastic surgery pregnancy and guess the father are the common thinks that these writers use to lure audience. And of course miscarriage and adoption being new in trend

  25. reh

    tis serial is bullshit nd day by day it make me irriteted… i start hating tis show…..
    pls end tis track as soon as possible…..

  26. Is this real ranvir i mean shakti’s comment
    bcox hw he is reacting to our comments it seems he ly
    if he is then love u soooooooo
    o muchhhhhh RV
    u rocks yr

    guys do u all know shakti ws given name as mr PERFECTIONIST that ie small screen AMIR KHAN
    iam so hpy amir is my fav

  27. priya

    Guys I totally agree wid u marriage is not a game if he know ritika’s truth thn wat is d need of marrying he will expose Ritika thn will divorce her and thn will remarry ishani..stupid show

  28. baishali

    oh come on ranvir.. . we watch serial for our enjoyment…. if it teach us values n moral then it must welcome. … all serials r full of drama so we used to see it.. n eagerly wait for it.. . but this is d first serial of my life which is irritating us… even i was not feel like this with prerona in kasauti….. I m not going to watch it anymore…..

  29. XYZ

    Leave your brains behind and watch this serial. Put your brains to better use!! Nonsense and Heights! Now, after all this drama, Ishani will go to Shikhar. so, no point..

  30. anjali vishwakarma

    Agar pasand nahi aa raha hai to dekhte kyo ho……….tiz is a serial not a real life………and sub kuch happy happy batayege to…….thodi der main sub bor ho jayege……phir twist k liye kon intzar karega…… don’t blame akta serial ….she is genius…….. Isliye to aap sabhi agle episode ka intzar karte hai……per isay 7 day aana chahiye…..because soch- such k dimaag kharab ho jata hai aage kya yoga.

  31. Shahlo

    We dont want always happy show, just wanna c reliable scenes. The plot is so awful, such things never happen in the real life!
    N I think, we can blame directors. Coz this serial is being watched not only in India, but some other asian countries! For example, in Uzbekistan! I’m uzbek n nowadays uzbek people r watching matsh too…N u know, what do we think about indians after watching matsh? We think that marriage is a game in India, indians can marry n divorce so many times.(as many as they want) Besides that, the indian girls will marry after pregnancy…You (indians) know that it’s wrong! But foreigners dont know about it! We imagine abt ur culture only watching ur cinemasn serial. Thats why indian directors should show the scenes which r taken from the real life of indians!
    Yeah, u have great marriage culture n nice traditions, but ur directors spoil them with their serials like matsh!

  32. Ohh wow what a serial!!! In my whole life I didnt watch FUNNY serial or epii!! What a serial!!! HATS OFF to our best comedian WRiTERS and DIRECTORS@@@##$ and ishveer too !!!! Cutting that crap in short!!! And come to our baby doll and sERIAL QUEEN and our HEROINE ritika( SmiRiti kHAnnA), best Actress and aMAzING aCTING SKILlZz!!

  33. Nandhini

    What is the real intention of Ranveer?? To expose Rithika?? To marry her for revenge?? Or to see Ishaani hurt and cry?? Or all the three?? What is really in his mind?? Why he still choose to marry Rithika after knowing the real side of hers???

    • Vish

      I think he started having doubts about his own mistrust of Ishaani only during the marriage. First, there was what Mala the maid told him, then Mitesh uncle, and then he saw how calmly Ishani acted in the ceremony,tying the knot for Ritika, and how nice Baa was to Ritika, blessing her. He must have started to put it all together and think maybe he was wrong to doubt Ishani’s intentions, so then this Chirag plan came to his mind..

  34. Nandhini

    Rithika though she is a vamp and the killer,,, why is Ranveer playing wit the life of 2 ladies?? Thr r so many other options to expose Rithika other than marriage….

  35. ABG

    I am from Africa, about to be engage to an Indian guy from Delhi but now afraid of the happening in the series. Pls can some one tell me if this is just acting or that happenes truely , I am scared. If not directors we need to see the good side too.

    • My dear is not true am also from Africa I love indian serial ever since I was a child is just acting but is so sad the writers are not projecting the good values of indian don’t be scared

    • Vish

      Please, it is TV, a silly , unrealistic serial (soap opera). There is very little true culture seen in the show. Just fancy clothes, ridiculous emotions, stupidly evil plots. Maybe,just MAYBE, it shows a little bit the dramas of very rich, young people in India with too much money and confused social relations, but mostly it is bullish*t. Unless your guy is very rich and acts suspiciously, I doubt you will come across any silly problems like this ridiculous (but addictive) fictional television show

  36. radz

    Hey guys!!!!! I’m new to this forum, but according to my sources its shikhar who’s dressed up as Chirag to expose Ritika. This will be solid proof against ritika and then RV will realize his mistake in divorcing Ishani……

  37. chand

    what a rubbish way to gain trp. They have made fun of Indian marraige rituals. How can a marraige be fake and with sindur and mangalsutra. Ekta Kapoor should be sued for this.
    I dont know how colors allow such things in the name of trp.

    You have totally killed a wonderful innocent love story made it vampish and now on top of that playing with Indian sentiments and emotions.

    No amount of justification can makeup for what they showed today. This is what we are teaching our young generation . Get married and tell later it was fake.

  38. Sri

    What’s this?marriage over. Then how.RV and ishani will unite. I hate RV .how can he do this. I feel soooo bad for ishani. (I am so sad)

  39. Ranveer isn’t divorced to ishanni yet.the papers wer prepared by him they aren’t the originals….so obviously if he isn’t divorced the marriage with ritika doesn’t make sense..and the pandit ji who done the marriage did not perform the actual mantras and all for he was hired by rv….moreover ranveer isn’t very sure about ritikas evil nature. ….he had doubt on her…..and so hes doing all these……to prove and make sure her evilness……….this is wat directors wanna show finally

    • Ann

      Keerti reddy I’m agree with U.Even I don’t hve more knowledge about Hinduism but I hve told to all of U that perhaps Pandit is conducted by RV.MATSH is also Balaji serial and all the characters r puppets in the hand of Ekta =D

    • Vish

      But this doesn’t make sense. If he made up false divorce papers why would he try to kill himself? He had the papers before he went into the river. He wouldn’t act so intensely bitter and hateful toward Ishani if the divorce papers weren’t real. For God’s sake, he didn’t even appreciate her saving his life. I think he only started to have some doubts of his mistrust of Ishani during the marriage ceremony when he saw how calmly she tied the knot between him and Ritika, and then he saw how nicely Baa had blessed him and Ritika. He must have started to consider all the warnings he received from Mala the servant and Mitesh uncle. I can’t wait to see how this whole situation unfolds.

  40. How ishaani can allow ranveer to marry ritika? Instead of that she can die itself seeing this. And this ranveer what he thinks if now bringing truth what he wants now? Thinking like we are fools whatever crap we will watch ah?

    Now ishaani can forget ranveer but they will show like their both reunion totally crap. I think so they both can die instead of this union.

  41. rrr

    i am happy for today episode..i hate completely ds ranveer…he s such a dumb…ritika is correct pair…ranveer does not deserve ishaani…he s live with devil ritika…ritika s devil..ranveer is dumb idiot…ds was correct pair…ishaani n shikhar s gud pair..make them pair..ishanni hate ranveer n marry shikar…he using marriage n take ridiculous he is…they show marriage as game n spoil the marriage n make fun…disgusting n irritating…show…end the show with shikar n ishaani marry..ishaani choose shikhar nly….ds s a time ishaani give punishment to rv…

  42. neha

    Oh god,this is tooooooooooooo much now…..rv plz realise that ritika is a devil,she’s not good in fact she’s a criminal(killer)………
    Can’t wait to see ritika’s exposure scene….. Desperately waiting for today’s episode… Wanna see amba n laxmi’s reaction.

  43. Hei, its shikar who drsup as chirag.also i so a video that rithika place knif on rv’s neck and say ishani to shoot hrself. Nd ishani focus the gun towardz her own head to save rv

  44. Binnu

    Dunno why but I have a soft corner for Ritika. She was not always like this. RV first proposed to her to make Ishani jealous, coz Ishani was marrying Chirag. And in the mandap left Ritika and married Ishani (of course Ritika sent him but what choice did she have). RV is the biggest fool of the show not hero. He just cant walk into and out of any woman’s life as he wishes.

    Of course we don’t know what happened between Ritika and Chirag. Chirag is another dog of the show. He F***ing all the women in the show first Disha, now Ritika, tried and failed in Ishani’s case.

  45. Its vry pain ful to se ystrdys episode. Oh god,so sad f ishani. Bt i nevr say rv s a fool. He suffered a lot wth ths ishani he can trust ishani? Bkz she says diffrnt wrdz n dfrnt timz. Also ishani nevr said that she lovz rv exept that nit whn she drunk chathaliz kala drink. Aftr tht rv realized tht ishani s actng infrnd f hm.also rithika s always wth hm in his evry decisionz.bkz fr rithika, rv married ishani for 1st. Al these are n rvs mind. Hw he can think tht rithika s in my sid, rv s gud.also ishani.rv doesnt knw why ishani said liez to rv. So its quit natural. Bt i never thought tht rv and rithikaz marrage goes smoothly.its so pain ful.

  46. Y shikar cant do ths befor the mrg of rv nd rithik? May b its bkz f hs selfishness insid hs mind. Bkz whn r v realize al truth bfr mrg, rv nd ishani get married. Bt aftr mrg itz nt easly posibl. May b shikar think so.

  47. varsha

    Let ishani get married to shikar nd end de show…. Tey r playing wit de customs of marriage…. Hate ranveer nd ritika…

  48. Manisha

    Ritika is not more beautiful than Ishani.ishani looks very innocent and beautiful .she is not very slim but she looks very pretty in sari.

  49. Manisha

    Yes Ishani should marry shikhar not ranveer.let ranveer marry Ritika devil.he deserves Ritika only not Ishani.

  50. rachael

    guys i heard tht it ws shikhar who wss married by ritika.i mean shikhar dressed and married ritika to prove ishani’s innocence…iam nt sure of it bt i read it….i feel sad 4 shikhar…y shld he waste his rest of life 4 ritika??

    • neha

      I also read this news…. Don’t know if it is true or not…
      Let’s see…what twist cvs stored for audiences….

  51. suga

    Shikhar to Marry Ritika, not Ranveer?

    Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’ Twist:

    A lot is being written about Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ritika’s (Smriti Khanna) wedding in “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” and clearly, the fans are disappointed with the new track. But, they are in for a twist as reports suggest Ritika married Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) instead.

    According to a Bollywood Life report, the entire time Ritika happily performed the rituals at the mandap (a covered structure with pillars, a crucial part of most Hindu weddings) thinking her dream of getting hitched to the love of her life was finally coming true, Ranveer was gone from the venue.

    Apparently, Shikhar filled in for him to help Ishani (Radhika) uncover Ritika’s big lie.

    Additionally, on the wedding night, Ritika will confess to her crime giving a detailed account of how she murdered Chirag, her ex-lover.

    Amid all this, a few pictures and videos of the much-awaited Ishani-Ranveer reunion have surfaced on social media. Only time will tell how the two lovers will come together, again.

    Also, the question remains if Shikhar will let go of Ishani?

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