Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Milan is ready for photoshoot. Manas comes and smiles at Ishaani. Manas wonders why Parul forgot this file here. He thinks about calling her as she must be with Mitesh. He calls Parul. Mitesh had gone to the reception, Parul says she will call him later but the call was still on when Mitesh comes and says that the order has been done they must now go to his home. Manas hears this all.
At the reception, Ranveer’s kidnappers come to change Tawa pulao, they had kept their bag with Ranveer’s note on reception. There, Parul and Mitesh come to take their order and takes with them the bag with Ranveer’s note.
Milan comes to Ishaani saying something about Sallu baba. She asks if he really does so or only repeats his dialogues. He says he always does what he says. Ishaani says

that isn’t true, if he was speaking the truth he wouldn’t have said to her that he kept Karwachot for her. She has seen him eating at the stall. Milan regrets this. Ishaani gives him medicines, he asks if she keeps his husband’s medicines with her in purse all the time? She says like her papa said one’s love is enough for both. Milan doesn’t remember. She tries to recall him about Mota bapu ji. She tries to remind him about the event that burnt his back, he was clueless about it. Ranveer gets a call from Disha that Parul and Mitesh haven’t arrived home. Ranveer goes out to look for them in restaurant, Manas tells them Mitesh has taken Parul to his home. Milan is enraged saying what if he misbehaves with Parul. He says he is going to Mitesh’s home, Manas and Ishaani go with him.
Dewarsh asks Disha that why she did it all, he had heard her speaking to Mitesh. Doesn’t she want this marriage? Disha says that she knows Ranveer well, if he catches Parul and Mitesh he will force their marriage.
Milan arrive at Mitesh’s house. Manas slaps Mitesh, Ishaani stops them but Manas says Parul hadn’t said anything even when that other boy was talking rubbish to her. Manas says he knows what a boy think when finding a girl alone. Milan looks at the order slip, he roams around the room and tells Ishaani he is so hungry he is having cramps in his stomach. He tells Ishaani to serve food, everyone is shocked at this. Ishaaani finally opens up the packing. The note was there on the table, Ishaani goes to get spoons. Milan comes to hold the bowl or pulao in hand and reads the note. He tells Ishaani that the bill shows the pulao is spicy, he will have stomach pain if he takes it. He leaves the house.
Milan, Parul, Manas and Ishaani arrive home. Disha thinks that it seems her plan worked. Parul insists on Milan to listen to her. Milan tells Ishaani to take Parul to the room. Ishaani tells him to listen to her, but Milan says she is his wife, she must do what he says. Ishaani and Parul leave. Amba and Baa ask why is Ranveer so angry, Milan asks Baa if he needs a permission to be angry on anyone at his own house. Baa says this isn’t true. Milan says that she will dislike it but in this house all the decisions are with Baa or Ishaani’s will. Amba asks him to be straight in his decision. Milan says he has taken a decision, he doesn’t want anyone to negate it. The decision is that they must marry Manas and Parul. Disha is shocked, she insists if he is out of his mind, Manas is her husband. Milan tells Disha if he opens the law book she won’t be able to suffer, what she did to her child, she will get the divorce right away. Lakshmi says that Parul is her daughter. Milan says he has seen enough what decisions she took as a mother, did Mitesh told her that he is taking Parul his home. Baa insists that wedding decisions are taken this way. Milan says that no one will tell him in this house how right decisions are taken in life. He says he has seen Manas worrying for Parul and slapping Mitesh, can there be someone better than Manas. Manas says he would have done this for any girl. Milan says that girl be his sister, could anyone brought his son up better than her?
Milan smiles that now only what he wants will happen in this house. So today, Ranveer’s mother has fast for him as he looks at the temple. He thinks how she will complete it, goes to the temple and gets sweets there. He stuffs sweet in Amba’s mouth, she asks what he has done as she is fasting today. Milan says he won’t have anything.

PRECAP: Ranveer asks Milan why he is doing this all. His enemity is with Ranveer, why torture his family. Milan asks if he will be able to suffer the reason.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bakwass episode ever

    1. Yes roji 3 nov episode is very boring.

  2. OMG.. Milan got the bill… shit.. I didn’t expect.. Ishaani the only hope.. hope she find soon that it is Milan and not RV.. waiting for that particular moment.. the only good thing Milan did in today’s episode was talking about parul manas ki shadi..
    End Milan track soon.. waiting for a best episode..

  3. Thank u sona…fr fast update


  5. what’s problem is going on ranveer and Milan… plz say..y Milan take revenge to ranveer… plz end this Milan track..its very boring..dragging this serial… Milan is missing all the time when ranveer try to expose him… its irritating to see that.. writer plz write some happy moment between our ishveerrrr…

  6. ishani find ur husband

  7. What happen in this serial?? When the truth will revealed???

  8. Some past reason behinds Milan tortured to rv and their family. I thought amba and kailash are the reason of milan evil charector. Anyway do make it fast ishani rv reunite scence.

  9. Waiting for a best episode in which ishani would know the truth of Milan the villain

  10. End milan track immediately.

  11. I guess Milan and Rv are Twins. ..
    There parents left Milan somewhere bcz of astrology.
    So Milan want to take revenge to his own brother and family 🙂
    Like Tamil movie Attagasam
    R.Priya ♡

    1. Yes i think also rv and milan are twins

  12. end milan track quickly …..plz re unite ishveer forever….

  13. sathyama onnum puriyala

  14. yaa its too dragging.hope ishani will xpose milan dis week.i think she already foundout d one wit her is not rv.may b she s trying to do cross check.but wat a ridiculous scene?! eatng someone’s orderd food @someone’s house n left tat witout even saying a word…..

  15. plz update the series with pictures

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