Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar comes behind Ishaani and asks her not to be angry. Shekhar says if he is RV, I am also SM and is a big drama king from ever. He asks Ishaani to see now what he does. He comes insde, Paro again comes to him angrily. Shekhar flirts at Paro saying he has come to meet him, only Shekhar Mehra can recognize such a talent and personality. Paro is flattered and tells Shekhar he is married. Shekhar says he isn’t yet, and he wants him to choreograph his wedding functions. RV goes out to take a call. Ritika was free, Shekhar takes Paro aside while Ishaani comes to Ritika. Rtika says sorry, she couldn’t take her call. Ishaani asks Ritika about RV’s video of Shekhar’s staircase. Ritika says she shouldn’t talk to RV, he might not help but she will as she also left her papa. She asks if

Ishaani will really get the person in the video. Ishaani says she might get an idea. Ishaani asks Ritika why she is sweating, Ritika says she is tired because of dancing. Ishaani gives her a handkey, Ritika refuses to take it as keeping someone else Handkey promotes fights. RV watches this all and takes the handkey to Ishaani, asking her to keep it to herself, some of her driver might wash it. They leave.
Ishaani wakes Krisha up and tells her that she has to complete her shopping till evening as it is their Sangeet tonight. Krisha felt morning sickness, and runs to washroom.
RV serves Ritika with the breakfast, she denies eating anything. Amba comes there, RV asks her to tell Ritika eat something and offers to prepare something for her. Amba tells her to get something made for her.
Krisha comes out of washroom, Ishaani was worried. Krisha says she went shopping with Dewarsh and had pani puri but is fine now. Ishaani asks Krisha not to take it lightly, it might be food poisoning and leaves.
Ritika was thinking how to take RV’s phone, he never leaves it. He was busy in eating, she picks his phone. Ishaani was calling Ritika but she cuts her call. Ishaani thinks she must be busy taking video from Ranveer’s video. Ritika tells RV that Ishaani personally invited her for her Sangeet, and she and Shekhar are both her friends so if he doesn’t mind she was thinking about going there. Parul calls them for decoration samples. RV keeps hand on Ritika’s and says he has no problem if she wants to go. Ritika thinks he can now check his mobile but RV takes it from her hand then, and says he can now check it.
Mr. Mehra asks about wedding preparations. Kanchal says Ishaani and Shekhar are doing them. Shekhar says to Ishaani that she won’t work today, and rest so that she can enjoy the Sangeet. Ishaani says it is ok, she can do work and enjoy as well. Mr. Mehra says Shekhar is saying it with much love, she must agree. Kanchal and Mr. Mehra goes to give cards. Shekhar tells Ishaani Ritika will give her the videos. He tells her he has made a booking for her in a hotel, she must go there and relax as this is what her mother would have wanted. Ishaani nods smiling. Shekhar leaves. Ishaani says she knows he is concerned about her but she can’t rest until she finds the murderer.
RV shows Ritika a design on his mobile, she thinks about going upstairs with the phone but it starts ringing. RV asks for it. Ritika wonders how to do Ishaani’s work.
Krisha comes to table and feels nauseatic again watching the food that Kanchal serves. Ishaani asks why she isn’t eating anything. Krisha says she doesn’t like anything today, she doesn’t want to eat. Kanchal says what has happened to her, she always eat papaya. Ishaani tells Kanchal not to worry, she will keep the papaya in fridge and will feed her later. In the kitchen she calls Ritika. Ritika watches the phone ringing, RV points at her to take her phone as it is ringing. He picks the phone to Ritika, she takes it and goes aside. Ishaani asks if she got the phone, Ritika says she has been trying. Ishaani says she knows it is difficult but it is very important for her. She promises Ishaani to bring it in the evening. RV notices Ritika. Ishaani says she has to wait till evening, she will get some clue then. Ritika comes to sit besides RV.
Krisha calls Dewarsh and asks to meet her now, it is urgent. She suggests to meet outside, else Ishaani would suspect her. Ishaani comes behind and watches Krisha worried. Krisha runs outside. Ishaani thinks there is something wrong, Krisha is so worried since morning.

PRECAP: RV watches Ishaani and passes her by when a rash driver brings the car nearer. RV shouts her name and runs to her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode started choreographer and Shikhar scenes.. Both Ishaani Ranveer feeling jealously.. OMG Krisha pregnant.. ishaani ko shak hogi..
    Rithika was shocked when RV call her name during breakfast.. ha ha.. Poor rithika RV took phone.. waiting to see Rithika evil negative shades..precap is superb.. waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode.. Ishaani was looking awesome.. Hero Ranveer Saves his beloved.. wow..

    • Suga

      Whatever comes on way in life Ranvver never Ishaani in any trouble from heart.. true love never fades.

  2. Veena

    Who is chirag’s killer ?
    Who is ritika’s baby father ?
    Who is falguni’s killer ?
    What the hell goin on !!!!!

    • Suga

      I think Chirag is Rithika’s baby father.So he killed him.. I think instead of killing Ishaani by mistake she killed Falguni ma.. or Since Falguni maa came to know about Rithika she killed her..

  3. MATSH

    how disgusting,,?? all women pregnant before marriage,, I dont understand why Ekta is pilling this show like so unethical its a disresoect for whole women race when she inputs these degrading issues..
    Precap seems so interesting, what ever it is Rv will never stop loving Ishani.. without him Ishani is incomplete.. only its his mouth which just wanna move onn with ritika but not his heart,, it is always for ishani,, he is also so stupid if he accepts ishani again after she did so much to himm… but true never dies,
    What ever it is he will just forget all what ishani hurt him in seconds if ishani tells that she loves him…atleast he should get that satisfaction in life,,,even tomorrow he will burn with jealousy when ishani romances with shiker,,

  4. MATSH

    RV will be aware taht someone is trying to kill Ishani and decide not to leave her alone.. he will only think of saving her but ishani and shiker will misunderstand that RV is here to create troubles,,
    during the masquerade party both RV and ishani will chance to dance together with their masks on.they will realize its them and dance with much love from their heart…
    there will also be rain dance sequence where RVs and Ishanis dream their love dance together…

  5. Rini

    Veena falguni’s killer is ritika and ritika baby’s father is ishaani’s brother sharman to verify check jan updates

      • Lins

        Sherman s her baby’s father.. He was too drunk at some night, becoz he got jealous of rv and ended up having s*x with her. But he doesn’t remember since he was drunk.

      • Kat

        Hey can u guyz remember?? Rithika started puking the day Sharman got drunk. Sooo,i don’t think Sharman is Rithika’s baby’s father.

  6. aman

    Seems like parekh family has only one work MAKING GIRLS PREGNANT 🙂 🙂 =D
    can’t stop my laughing….

  7. Please those watching matsh on Rishtey free sat channel, is it working or is off air?is there a problem or there has been a change of frequency? Please someone help me out cos I can’t afford to miss the current track of matsh, thanks.

  8. Aysha

    ranveers gonna save ishani
    Ishani an shikhar are gna be dancing together ?
    Ranveers gonna be watchin them and hez gna get jelous?
    Then the lights gna fall down an ranveers gonna move shikhar and grab ishaani really tight out the way
    AN they both gonna fall onto each other ?
    An gna get a bit hurt
    And in the precap the person driving the car wants to kill ishaani and hes gonna come to the sangeet ceromony to try to kill her but ranveer will save her!!
    Who would want to kill her?

  9. Lucky

    when ishani ask the video, ritika was so tensed and i think she want to kill ishani by this accident bcz she is scared that ishani will find the true behind falguni maa’s death. (not sure)

  10. annie

    the driver was hired by riti to kill ishu,as she was tensed that ishu might get to know the truth.

    sherman is the father of riti’s baby remember valentine’s night and during engagement after sherman disowned that, she tries to commit sucide but there she sees chiraag tries to kill ishaani who is not in her senses, and during the fight she killed chiraag and ran away from there due to nervousness.

    i think ekta got 1000 times pregnant even without getting married, so she want to show her real side through her stories such a utter crap

  11. Rosh

    Guys I stopped getting feeling for this serial altogether

    The unmarried girls become pregnant is the only thing so far the only thing predictable I this serial
    Don’t worry RV Mahan sab ok bajayega. So sad he already took another pregnancy on his head . Hope he will find … Oh … This one original Parekh boy Devarsh is there

    Ishan is really a dumb every one understood Krisha pregnant but ish ki kuch bhi nahi patha nahi hai. This small thing can’t understand how can she find the murdere who right now look like the only intelligent person in the story …. I think this serial must get adult only cert
    Ha…ha…,ha… Looking at it I can’t stop making fun sorry guys can’t help it

  12. Rosh

    Next in line to get pregnant is Parul … May be Manas , Pratik or … New villain
    I heard some one entering the show
    Such cheap way they have to pull story ahead , friends we can give better tips

  13. Rosh

    One more request
    Friends you can fight for any thing but please don’t fight for any character in this foolish story…. Go out ………open your mind there are many other things esp in India to fight for .
    Please guys don’t fight for such silly things
    All characters have lost their charm in the story already
    By yesterday I lost any respect I had too lost
    I feel it is some kind of vulgar show to insult females altogether
    Sorry if I offended any fans of the show
    It is my opinion

  14. rv fan

    disha got pregnant so sharman and dewarsh want to make it so common so that they dont have to be ashamed of her sisters pregnancy.

    • Rosh

      Ha… Ha…ha
      Sharman is not responsible for Ritika that is an alien pregnancy
      See we are discussing pregnancy now instead of story

  15. ishvi

    Youngsters pathi ena nenachutu Irukanga..vera velaye pandradhu..pregnant agradhu dhan nadakudha…so stupid n senseless. ..nanum pakram almost ela dramalayum ipdi dhan katranga…onu heroine over sacrifice pandradhu familykaga…n hero romba nalavanatam katradhu…karumam kadha eludha theriyuma theriyadha unglukulam….cha so disgusting. .evlo fans Irukanga. ..yen elarthayum disappoint panringa. ..pls be on track..matsh n kkb kum perusa diff ill. ..kadupethranga my lord?

    • Rosh

      Yaa I understood most of the things you told , I can understand Tamil
      Luckily I am watching only one serial out of all not even in Malayalam serials i watch
      This one it self unbearable torture now

      • ishvi

        Ha ha..truly said..even I ve left watching kkb..I ly see once in a week coz tat s more than enuf to understand Wat happened tat week…

  16. Eesha

    Uffffffff!!! Wat a dumb story line Better shut this stupid serial very cheap how can they keep on showing tat a girl becoming pregnant before wedding.. Is this the way to show cultural values in Television.. Very bad

  17. Nikku

    U knw wat guys , RV wil cum to knw dat ritz is carying not sharman’s child & Sharman wil cum to knw dat itz not RV’s child ,when dat child becume big n whn it luks lyk CHIRAAG,then ISHU cum & say to RV dat she LOVED him & still DO & then ONLY RV &ISHU gona UNITE .
    Upto dat TIME ,we’v to bear this dumb ishu n jealus rv .
    WARNING : If I COntiNueÐ watChINg tHIs ÐrÅma , then pakka I go to COMA !!!!

  18. Nik

    Yaar srl sab ko prgncy a raha hai siva ishani is srl me leads me nahi dusro par conctrn de raha hai,guys deka ap log vaha rv brkfst kar rahi hai pehale vaha sab chairs fil hota ta ab sirf rv d ritika.

  19. Nik

    Muje lagta hai sach jaane ke baad bi rv riti ko nahi chodega kyo ki vo prms kiyana me ek intrvw deka

  20. annah

    I can’t take it more….at least reveal something writers!! Soo many twists!! One day u will only forget how many twists u have to reveal!! Plz first reveal one thing then bring more twists!!!!!

  21. Sch pta lgne k bad ritika rv k sahmne crocodile tears shed kregi.n bolegi ” rv main bht dr gyi thi isliye nhi btaya sch” n thn rv ll hug her n frgv accor to me ritika shld snd to jail fr ishani without any crime 6 mnth tk jail me thi n was about to hang agr shikhar na hota..but ritika comitd 3 murdrs n nw trying to murdr ishani so she shld hav to send to jail fr lyftym n thn in the end she shld hv to get hangd..that ll be her only punishment

  22. Shani

    i too tink dat rithika killed falguni maa….. dat will b the reson y she is so tensd…

  23. Sunitha

    Ishani is in threat by rithika nd rithika caught by ranver red handed thn only reveals rithikas neg charctr..,,it might be so i think so……,.

  24. Nikku

    Ritz ko goli maro . us shikar ko side pe rakho . ek red carpet ko bichao aur hamare ISVEER ko ekk hone dooo .,.,.. Yar abb bas bhi karo story writer .
    U knw,v r vincing in pain, RV & Ishu ko ekk kardo …. we “DONT WANT ANY TWIST” . Got it???
    Bahut hogaya ,I’m telng u.,.,

  25. Shani

    i wnt ishveer to be a pair ………… dats good……….. shekar is funny but dos not mach wit ish….
    bt i am confusd about ish n veer ……????
    r thy really in love each other…………….
    they behave in a difrent way……………wen they see each other…

  26. naima

    Ranvir and Ishani’s love-hate
    story will have high voltage drama
    in Shikhar and Ishani’s sangeet
    Ishani wants to show Ranvir that
    she has moved in her life so that
    he should also accept Ritika whole
    However, it is not possible for
    Ranvir to give Ishani’s place to
    Ranvir enters in Shikhar’s mask
    party and saves Ishani from
    mystery man who attempts to
    stab Ishani.
    Furthermore, Shikhar proposes
    Ishani and dances with her
    Ranvir gets heartbroken and
    jealous to see Ishani and
    Shikhar’s intimacy during the
    Meanwhile, killer is fed up to see
    Ishani is still alive and asks his
    man to end Ishani’s life now.
    Ranvir saves both Ishani and
    Shikhar in nick of time by pushing
    away Shikhar.
    Ranvir falls on Ishani and gets
    injured by chandelier.
    Shikhar is confused about who
    wants to kill Ishani.
    Ishani is touched to see Ranvir
    put his life in trouble only to save
    her life.
    Ishani will now be seen taking
    care of Ranvir’s wounds
    Stay tuned for more updates.

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