Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says to RV she knows he still loves her, he married her in front of everyone why can’t she take her back then. She says she knows he wants her to live with him in this house. He asks her to tell everyone how much he loves her. RV asks why is she making a drama of herself, he says she left him by herself, why. She left him and when he is trying to move on, she has returned. Now the conditions are such that they have to live apart. He says that since the day he loved her he knew she can never be his because he was her driver, it wasn’t about money but status. Conditions made them marry each other, he was happy and the happiest man in the world. Then she began hating him, he asks does she realize what pain he suffered, how many sleepless night he spent. But she might not realize because

she only knows how to create drama. He says today he wants to take the step he decided to, to marry Ritika. Ritika is worried Ishaani might begin speaking the truth when RV stops talking. RV says to Ishaani that they both signed the divorce papers, they have no relation now. Shekhar calls who said they both have no relation among each other. Everyone is shocked to see him, Lakshmi says Ishaani’s groom is also here. Shekhar tells RV he isn’t divorced from Ishaani, Ishaani is his wife and he can’t marry Ritika. RV asks what rubbish is this. Shekhar says he knows this isn’t courtroom and he isn’t a judge but he is a lawyer and has brought the proof with him. Ishaani’s signatures are nowhere here. RV looks at the papers, Shekhar tells him to see it patiently, his divorce has been rejected because Ishaani’s signatures were not there. So legally Ishaani is still his wife, he is staying with Ritika but technically Ishaani is his wife. He says to RV that being a lawyer and a friend he is advicing him not to remarry in presence of Ishaani, else he might be jailed. RV calls his lawyer and asks him to check the file, he remembers Ishaani signed the papers; some of them must be replaced. His lawyer says Shekhar is right, the court rejected the case because Ishaani’s signature isn’t here. Shekhar says this is what he is saying. Ritika says she knows Ishaani is doing all this drama to spit her truth, she must leave. Ritika asks Lakshmi to go there and do something, only she can save her marriage as it is breaking. Lakshmi says she must do something, she will get her married. Lakshmi leaves Ritika and asks her to stay here. Ritika’s driver informs her that car is there at the back door. Ishaani stops Ritika asking where she is going, she goes towards Ritika who stood with eyes opened. Ishaani says to Ritika it isn’t a good omen that she leaves her wedding stage. She says that Ritika has been quiet while they all were speaking, she says to Ritika she will tell everyone about her truth. Ritika says there is no need to make a drama of what happned, they will talk alone. Ishaani says they will talk in loneliness but first she needs to talk to her family. Amba asks Ritika to let Ishaani speak. Ishaani says she wants to tell Ritika’s secret which only she and Ritika knows. Ritika is worried. Ishaani says she wants to tell Ritika that she is very lucky, she has always been there for her family when she wasn’t there. She took care of her husband in her husband, today it is because of her that Ishaani has been able to stand with her husband today. She got the courage to come back to her husband only because of her. She says thank you to Ritika, notices her and asks why is she feeling so awkward. Why her face lost its colour though she has only been appreciating her. She says she had to break her marriage because else Ranveer had to go to jail and it was a marriage of compromise; he never will love her though he would remain loyal to her. If there is no love in a marriage, there is no need for it. She says to Ritika though RV never married her but he will take care of her child. She says that Ritika is a good person and will get some suitable life partner, but not at this turn of life because right now she and Ranveer have to meet. She tells Mala to take care of Ritika till her delivery as she is her friend. She tells Mala to shift all the luggage of Ritika into another room, and asks Ritika to relax as it is now her turn to fulfil the rights of friendships. Amba comes to Ishaani and asks what drama is this. Ishaani asks RV if he really think she is creating a drama. She asks them all to question Ritika, she will herself tell them whatever she is saying is right. She asks everyone why they are all staring at her, she says if they are all thinking she will behave with her badly because she was marrying Ranveer. She says that Ritika even didn’t know that she was alive so she must have thought to marry RV but now she would herself say that Ishaani must stay with RV. She apologizes everyone for creating the drama but it was good they all knew the truth. Amba tries to argue but Ishaani asks Amba not to make any more drama and ruin the reputation of her husband. She asks all the guests to leave, and Pandit ji to bless her and Ranveer that they stay happy. The guests all head to leave, Amba and Lakshmi were worried.

PRECAP: Shekhar says to RV that he couldn’t marry Ishaani when he knew she isn’t divorced. He tells RV that he can’t even get those papers signed now, because court would never accept this case now.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. arora

    Big Twist: Ishani To Lose Memory
    In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
    To lighten up your day readers, here
    we have some interesting news for
    all Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Balaji
    Telefilms) fans.
    As we all know, no Balaji show can
    go without lots of drama, same
    seems to happen with Colors’ one
    year old show.
    Loyal viewers of the daily is aware
    that Ishani (Radhika Madan) will
    soon get to know about Ritika’s
    (Smriti Khanna) truth and will reach
    Ritika and Ranveer’s (Shakti Arora)
    wedding venue to stop the ritual.
    But, in shocking turn of events
    Ishani will be seen to be all sweet
    with Ritika and will behave like
    Ranveer’s legal wife. Then only it
    will be revealed that due to murder
    attempt on Ishani by Ritika, the
    former has lost her memory.
    So, what will happen next? Will
    Ishani remember nothing?
    Well readers, another twist for you.
    Read on to know the details.
    A source shared, “Though Shikhar
    (Arjun Bijalani) will claim that Ishani
    has been suffering from partial
    amnesia, later it will be shown that
    she is all in fine fettle. As, Ishani
    will not have any proof about
    Ritika’s truth she will pretend to
    suffer from partial memory loss to
    keep Ranveer away from Ritika and
    gather evidence against her
    mother’s killer. While on the other
    hand, Ritika will also be aware of
    Ishani’s health, but won’t be able to
    reveal it as she will also run out of
    substantial proof against Ishani.”
    Wait readers this is not the end.
    There will be someone else, who will
    also know about the entire game.
    Yes, it will be Shikhar. Ishani will
    convince the young lawyer that
    Ranveer is in danger and she needs
    to save him by enacting the entire
    drama. And guess what readers? The
    young man will actually allow his
    fiancée to go back to her ex-
    Quite fascinating we say!!!
    When we contacted Smriti Khanna,
    she said, “There will be lots of
    interesting twists and turns in the
    show for audience, but I can’t reveal
    that. I would love the audience to
    see and enjoy”.
    Keep reading this space for more

  2. Suga

    Today’s episode was awesome.. varevah… Shikhar what an entry… This is what I expected.. OMG Rithikaa was speechless.. Ishaani what an acting WOW… Superb.. interesting.. Baa is happy..
    Bechara Shikhar.. feeling sorry for him.. 🙁 he also loved Ishaani truly..
    Anyway Precap is going well.. waiting for a good episode.

    • Suga


      RV’s marriage with Ritika gets stopped with Shikhar’s intervention with divorce papers. Ishani’s words on love, husband, heart are rejected by RV and he speaks about his pain for so much time. Since Ishani didn’t reveal Ritika’s truth to RV, this makes Ritika wonder. Ishani puts efforts to keep Ritika from RV, and gets support from Shikhar. Ishani’s efforts make RV curious to know whether she has lost her memory or acting. Ritika gets concerned to see RV possibly getting inclined to Ishani again. He promises Ritika to be within limits. In track ahead, Ritika’s insecurities and Ishani’s silence about her truth worries her much. RV is made to put a necklace on Ishani which irks Ritika. Ishani is taking revenge against Ritika slowly and slaps her after seeing an opportunity. What made Ishani to continue in persisting to come close to RV after his blunt rejection?

      • armaan

        wow, it was superb today…..ritika was speechless and ishani’s unexpected sweet behaviour towards her surprised a lot….cant understand what rv is upto…irritating amba!!!! .anyways, dhamakedaar entry by shikhar—loved it a lot… was nice to see ishani in her full form….yay!! this signals ishveer soon will be back… ritika needs a severe punishment ….excited for the upcoming episodes…

  3. Cinderella

    Bechara shikhar. Usko kya hoga.. He is really good hearted..lov u shikhar.. Love u a lot..

  4. armaan

    is there going to be any episode tomorrow?? i mean asok will come tomorrow so y not MATSH??

  5. Aaliyah

    When will Ishveer get reunited?Can’t see them like this!!HATE u Ritika!!Thanks Shikhar for supporting Ishveer and keeping ur personal pain of losing Ishani aside.

  6. arora

    actual’a ishaani divorce paper la sign potuta, aana ipa ishaani sign ithula ila, apdina shekhar etho criminal vela pathurkan, very gud shekhar, really you r doing good job, but he is so pity, he also loves ishaani truely, athanala than ishaani santhosathukaga elathaium seiran, but he is a highlight of this story….,

  7. maya

    so our “lady rajnikanth” ishani proved that in no way she is going to spare ritika and will get true justice..superb,,,awesome,,,mindblowing………much appreciable entry by shikhar to save ishani—–wow, he is such a lovely person…..he truly loves ishani that he is acting happy to see ishani getting her love back—bade dill wala!!! 🙂 nice expressions by ritika—achanak bheegi billi bann gayi…
    i dont understand one thing plz any of u can reply if they know answer—–y did none ask how ishani got injured??? not even baa, ranvir or shikhar’s parents noticed…..they were only interested in making ishani out from the venue….they were only listening to ishani about her being rv’s wife….is it normal to have bandage??

    • sona

      lady rajnikanth…lol!! ishani’s slap on ritika must be tight as she has sunny deol ha dhai kilo ka haaath…haha….now matsh is getting exciting….hope the truth is revealed soon…

  8. Cinderella

    Enaku tamil actually romba pudikum. Malayalam n tamil konjam similar thaane. Neenga ellam sollrad reply panrad thaa kashtam.yosich yosich thaa am posting each word. Dnt laugh hearing ma tamil.

  9. jasmine

    Where’s the signature gone from paper…rv’s signature is there…but ishani’s removed.. how?

    • sona

      this is the plan of shikhar as he can manage all the law related works nicely….and dont forget it is ekta’s show… lol…

  10. Anu Rajpoot

    i almost cried wen RV delivered his dialouge , how he lovd ishaani since childhood n got married then she left him wid hatred…I was truly moved.. I cud literaly feel the pain in his eyes.. Ow shakti i adore u…

  11. jasmine

    If someone change the paper.. then there shouldnt be signs of any of them..but rv’s signs are there in paper

    • sona

      i guess they managed duplicate signatures of rv….or maybe they did something wrong on ishani’s sign…i will just say ekta mam can make anything possible for her trp…

      • jasmine

        yupp..anything possible….there work should make some sence…yaar..its a bigdeal to change a paper…from court room… from judges…its not a joke…we r not fool…get some life writers

  12. ABG

    Ishani u at too much. Now ur talking. Ritika ur in deep shirt. Shikhar ur love is sin …..cer. Rv grap ur love bk

  13. I lov ishni intelignce 2 brg d trud infrnt of ebd actin lyk u’v lost ur memory so like d epi.
    waitin 4 d nxt epi very much
    n also waitin 4 ishveer romnce

  14. neha

    I am glad finally ishveer reunion happened… I know that ritika has not punished yet but it’ll happen soon… I specially like when shikhar entered and said that ishani and rv is not divorced and court has rejected this case… Whatever ishani told to ritika and finally convinced to everyone that she’s still RV’s wife and always staying with him in his house and ritika will leave RV’s room…. Anyways enjoyed today’s episode very much…. Awesome…. Excited n eagerly waiting for next episode………. Can’t wait.

  15. marry

    todays episode was beyond words its super duper……!!!! finally rv,s love come back to him after lots of pain…..!!!!!! rv was in much pain vdout his ishani….. !!!!!! finally to see rv smily funny and teasing face again sooon…..!!!!!!!! i love ishaveer…!!! amba is toooo much over……!!!!!! but i m hapy 4 rv…. !!!!!! and sad 4 shekhar…… !!!!!! and ishani finally u r in ur senses and stop hurting cute rv…….!!!!!!! ekta mam make the serial unrealistic but thangod in a good way……. !!!!!!!! ishaveer is cming soon in there frendly loving teasing caring avatar again…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  16. Raene

    Finally everything is beginning to come back on track!!!!! Much to our delight!!!! Loved the episode!! RV’s expressive emotions <3 He's super awesome!!!! Feel really really sorry for Shikar!!!

  17. marry

    i have heard the news that amba (hated) soon make a big drama in matsh!!!!!! vd Baa (as usual) …..!!!!!!! and it will b the high power drama…..!!!!!

  18. Raene

    Wonder what’ll happen to Ritika after her true nature is revealed??!!!!! And Amba better find a place to hide 😀 after she hears the truth!!!!!

  19. tamanna

    Shekhar is such an awesome guy !! So caring, understanding + no demands…only unconditional one-sided love…does god still manufacture such guys ?? No offences but I must admit I like shekhar more than rv ! 🙂 <3 I mean jst luk at him , he has blind faith on ishani ! Hats off to writers for creating such a beautiful character…<3 <3 xoxo

  20. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    Shikhar is so sweet … Feel so sorry for him ????
    Hahahahaha to rithika she was shittin her pants lol haha ?????

    • anjaan

      actually shikar says to rv that he can’t force ishani to marry him in her present condition(ishani is faking partial amnesia)neither shikar can marry her as rv’s and ishani’s divorce is not done yet ..he also tells rv can’t produce new divorce papers signed before the court as ishani is not stable and it will be rejected

  21. ritika

    WOW ? ….nyc episode suga ur awsome ….

    …it was funny to see ritika’s face
    Uske to tote ud Gaye the…?❤

  22. Aditi

    Serial Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi has had loads of twists and turns lately, the characters of the serial are always entangled in a tough situation. But now the tables have turned, Ishani who has now become the barrier to Ranveer’s and Ritika’s union will be seen playing a mind game.

    Ritika as we all know is the one who tried to kill Ishani, but to her shock Ishani is alive and very well knows Ritika’s bad instincts. The always in trouble Ishani has now decided to take revenge from Ritika. Yes, she will now be seen faking a memory loss in order to keep the balls in her court. Ishani smartly suggested while stopping the union of Ranveer and Ritika that she is still legally married to Ranveer and he can’t marry anyone else.

    Well, after Ishani’s dramatic entry on the D-Day, Ritika will be seen all shocked and surprised with Ishani’s act. The obvious reason as to why Ritika will be all tensed is that Ishani can anytime uncover Ritika’s deep dark secrets which are still in wraps. In order to take her revenge from Ritika, Ishani will fake her memory loss and will cite that she is still with Ranveer.

    On this latest turn, Ranveer will talk to Ishani separately to know whether it’s an act or she is genuinely affected. Now what will Ranveer discover is another story altogether, further what will Ritika now do to save her plan?

  23. annah(anu)

    Ohh my gosh!!! Wat an episode!!!! After a long tym, ishani had showed her courage! Well done ishani!!! Hope ranveer gets to know d truth soon

  24. marry

    tell me lolxxx!!!!!! that when ritika,s evil being end and she goes to jail and the truth will b revealed that ritikas baby is of chirag,s….!!!!!! than who will take the responsibility of devils child…..!!!!!! ???????

  25. Ranveer

    Frnds on google colors schedule is given wrong because when igt came on colors on google it was showing matsh ………it is wrong

    • marry

      hhahahahhah dear ur drama was being !!!!!!!!!!!! amzing!!!!!! y u didnt reveal ritika,s truth?????????

  26. hey..Rithika…ur facial exprsn may reveals ur Ishni….congratz…but u shikhar..i knw how heart broken actly u r..bcz me too exprincd thiz kind of lonlins….the worst feelinggg…ohh….

  27. ISHA

    Oh shekar I m feeling very bad for u.tumne hmesha bure time pe ishani ka swath dia or ranveer ne ishani ko hmesha bure vakt me jhod dui..and ranveer ne ishani ko luteri dulhan bola and tumne us time pe bi uska saath dia and jab Sab soch rhe the ki ishani ne chori ki hai us Time pe bi tumne use support kia and tum apne parents k against bi chale gay the but ranveer ko pta bi hai ki uski mummy ishani ko pasand ni krti fir bi ranveer ne kabi bi koi argument nhi kia….I believe that….ranveer sirf acha beta hona janta hai acha husband nhi and shekar is a perfect husband perfect brother perfect son……

    • marry

      well said isha mgar jo b hai !!!!! bechara ranvir ishani k begair itna pain may tha jo b hai ishani ne khudi kbi rv ko importnce nai de!!!! ishani ne rv ki itni mrtba shekhar k samney insult ki but he controll!!!!! ab ishani jab rv ko importanc de rai hai to fir us ko b insult brdasht krni paray gi !!!!!! becoz pyar ma sirf ek he nai hurt hota dono sides pe eqality ho gi to pyar hoga….!!!!!!!

  28. malvika

    shikhar is indeed the best guy any girl can think of…though he cant live without ishani but he let her go as he knows her happiness is only with rv……he has proved to be the best friend, loyal &selfless lover and indeed the most supporting hand..he will be further helping her in getting revenge of her mother’s death and also the love of rv…….yes, the character of ranvir has also the unconditional love for ishani but we cant forget his muteness in front of his mom, amba… i have noticed most of the times, he takes everything for granted and shifts the blame on others when he has no backup with him…no offences,but as per the current track shikhar is better than rv…..i also agree that ishani has behaved cruelly to rv many times but rv has also not spared her any time….
    before the leap, it was more of ishani but post leap, i thought rv was the root cause of making the whole story rubbish….this ritika part is out of my understanding—–she is truly the strongest (both physically and mentally) vamp i have ever seen…..must say smriti gives nice expressions as a psycho killer…..
    i wont forget that whatever they show now but the story is meant for ishveer only so we should concentrate on their patch up only ……but i also hope that shikhar to remain as he is now forever—i mean he sud not be the next villain…anyways, luv u MATSH team…keep rocking!!!

  29. aditya

    when will be the delivery of ritika??? fully grown chirag is to come out or what??? i sometimes think smriti will feel that the baby will never come back and she will give shots with that big stomach only… the tym of truth revelation, ritika will get labour pain and then again story will drag…….at last, the responsibility of her baby will go in hands of rv -ishani and it will grow with a sense of revenge….well, that what ekta always plans…
    anyways. i just want shikhar to be positive always…

  30. marry

    u may not guysss forget this after all rv is love guru of ishani and shekher!!!!! he taught them both how to love ….!!!!!! how to express love …..!!!!!! how to feel love so i think nobody,s love more deep as compare to rv …!!! nor sheker nither ishani…..!!!!! becoz rv ,s love is most oldest love he firmly stayed on his love since childhood…!!!!!!! .
    shekar love is new like ishani so they both…!!!!!! do things like that to prove there love…!!!!! but rv prove his love….!!!!! many many times with much more pain than shaker and ishani…!!!!!! shekar,s love never opproches rv,s love….!!!!!!!! but now on ishani ,s love is gonna b more passionated …..!!!!!!! toword,s rv i just love itttt!!!!!!!!! she forget everything infront of ranveer….!!!!!! 🙂

  31. maya

    none can ever replace ranvir’s love—-so deep rooted it is that even though he tries he can never leave caring and loving ishani….he is love avataar!!!! ….the writers are now focusing on ishani’s love and she also forgets every limits of hers for rv…ritika is soon to be kicked out……it will be exciting to watch how ishani protects rv from ritika and reveals her truth in front of all…..such a scene when rv comes to know of ishani’s love towards him… 🙂 …..waiting eagerly for ishveer romance…..

    • maya

      it is 9am, 12 noon, 2pm, 6pm,….. there is also repeat time in midnight about 12 or 12.30 but i m not sure…

  32. marry

    hi………!!!!!!!!!!!! guyzzzzzzzzzz …!!!!!!!!! any new matsh update promo or news….!!!!!!

  33. shabbu

    Wat an entry shekar!?!!!! Waiting for ishveer episodes… And wanna see tat devil ritika suffering!!!!

    • sonali

      hi shabbu….yes, exciting to see how ritika is punished….waiting for ishveer moments….

  34. marry

    in the upcoming episodes of matsh ……!!!!!!!!!
    Ritika will wonder why didn,t ishani tell the truth of her. shiker will tell ranvir that ishani has lost her memory and he should support her to get her back. amba will say ishani is doing drama and creating mess baa will take the stand for ishani. shikhar will tell ranvir he is leaving her (ishani) amnat………!!!!!!!!!!! to him…….!!!!!!! 🙂

    • sonali

      ranvir trying to seduce ishani to make her speak truth and reveal the drama of amnesia………with baa taking ishani’s side and amba grumbling, there is lot of drama ahead……nice part by shikhar….

      • marry

        Ritika become jeolous to see ranvir comes too close to ishani !!!!! she become angry on ranveer later on ranveer tell the truth to ritika that he is doing drama only !!!!! with ishani to seduc her if ishani doing drama of amnisea than he will get her out of the house!!!!!!!! 🙁

      • sonali

        yes, i saw that in a video about what u told…..they are just dragging the show unnecessarily…..shikar will help ishani in getting clues……instead of revealing truth, they are wasting tym…..i hope ritika’s real face comes out soon….just eager to see how rv will react when he comes to know of ishani’s love for him…

    • marry

      i love ranveer,s charactor but somtimes he become so foolish…..!!!!!!!! he is one of the biggest stok breker of the contry!!!!! he is the yongest businessman his mota bapu g was taken evry dicision after asking him ….!!!!!!! he is so inteligent tht he know what to do in which time than how he didnt get ritika,s real face even he still can,t get ishani,s real face….!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 this is sooooooo much being foolishness….!!!!!!!!

      • sona

        thanks to the writers of the show for his stupidities…..seems like the whole control of the story is in hands of ladies— ishani, ritika, baa, amba and a bit with shikhar also….hope the story comes to sense soon…. and ishveer b back….

    • marry

      yes sona …..!!!!!! only this drama is cnsisting on amba ritika and ishani…..!!!! i think now ranver dont have to say ishani that meri aashiqui tumse hi but amba have to say this to ritika that meri aashiqui tumse he bcoz i think so now this is not ishaveer story it is ambaritika story lolxxxxx

      • maya

        how will amba react when she comes to know how her sweet ritika is actually a khooni dulhan……and also that baby is not of rv but chirag….waiting for her expressions…..rv will also know that ishani always loved him only……plz reveal the truth soon…

    • marry

      i think so after ritika,s revelation….!!!!!! hope so ishaveer lovestory will start….!!!!! but now on there is amba and ritika on main lead..!! and when amba know that the child is of chirag thn she becme realize that her son,s wife better than ritika…..!!!!!!! 🙂

  35. Hey isha i don’t like ur comments u say rv is only gd son not husband i think u did not see matsh frst epi then u know how rv is gud person he always help ishani as friend as lover and he always go againts his parents when amba blame her she said ishani is pregnent when ranveer took ishani side bcz he is ishani childhood friend and he loves ishani when he is only 9 yrs i am biggest fan ishveer

  36. shalini

    ranveer said that he knows that ishani could never be his bcoz he was her driver.It was soooo touching.ranveer always thinks that he is not a best pair fr ishani and she is unattainable to him.I think that ranveer is right today on his part bcoz since childhood he has suffered a lot by loving ish.hope hereafters ishani wil not hurt him by words even fr his sake bcoz it gives unberable pain which I have seen many times in ranveer’s face.OK ishveer is gonna united. First of all I am glad to watch ishveer in same house.Next want to see ranveer smiling.But when wil tis happen??????

    • sona

      ishani also admitted that all the problems in rv’s life is due to her only…she thought herself to be unworthy of rv……the pain is on both sides……ishani part is sad bcoz she never had a family which cared for her and she further lost her rv because of others emotional blackmail……she is bit stupid but this time its ishani’s turn to show how much she loves ranvir…….i just want my ishveer to be back……missing their romance….luv u MaTSH- my fav show..

      • shalini

        agree wid u sona.ishani has done a job which no girl in real life will do.That’s leaving her beloved love to someone fr his sake and going to jail.Both have gone to an extremity in luv.But still watching only pain in ishveer’s luv.

    • marry

      this will hapen sooon dear b patient!!!!!!!!!!! i know there is still 5 6 months sepration of ishaveer but i thnk cv,s wants us to still b patient ohhh this patience make us patient…!!!! plzz show ishaveer good scenes sooon !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

      • shalini

        ya right.plz someone knock the CVs heads fr testing our patience.And I’m sure if ishveer good scenes comes,we wil pat u.

  37. marry

    chek this link lolxxxx hurry up what a scene ……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just love it……!!!!!!! <3 😀

    • maya

      yes indeed….it was lovely to see them back together,,,,,,,,innocent and cute ishani playing with ranvir for keys…….ranvir also like sweet akduu…after a long time, i saw such moment in MATSH….just waiting for ritika to be out so that these lovebirds can enjoy many more such moments ahead….

    • marry

      i just cant wait 4 tomorrow,s epi !!!!!!!!!! ishaveer looks damm cute @ maya…..!!!! 😀

  38. sonali

    ishVeer fans rejoice! In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Ranveer will act like a drunk to know whether Ishani has really lost her memory or is she faking?

    Holding a glass of wine in his bedroom Ranveer will try to get really close to Ishani. He will say that since he is Ishani’s husband, they should spend some romantic moments together.

    Actually Ranveer wanted to make Ishani uncomfortable by trying to make love so that he can bring out her lies. Ishani, on the other hand will be uncomfortable with RV getting extremely close to her.

    Though Ishani too loves Ranveer from the core of her heart and wants to spend cozy moments with him, she was not ready for intimacy. A confused Ishani won’t be able to stop RV. So will they finally consummate their marriage? What will Ritika do now?
    waiting eagerly for ishveer romance….

    • sonali

      i guess after this ritika will bang the door and rv has to come out explaining her the situation…ishveer will soon patch up but we will have to wait…..hope they r back soon…already its too much dragging……

      • sona

        did u notice in the video radhika madan clearly mentions that ishani will go back to shikhar as she has promised him ….but we also heard earlier that at the tym of marriage, ishani will choose rv over shikhar…….aakhir aashiqui to ishveer ki h!!!!

    • marry

      i saw a video in which ishaveer get romantic in their bedroom it was amazing……..!!!!!!!!!!! <3 😀 😀 😀

  39. Rv u wer so good B)B)
    u said right ishani left u alone bt u both would hv solve ur prblm if ishani hd told u e truth
    ishani well acted
    ritika nw hw ur thrown out of ishveer room vy soon u vil be out of e house also :D:D:D:D
    shikar bechara 🙁

  40. Hey guys how r u and i am very excited tn matsh u saw ishveer intimate pics how cute and u knw wht i am biggest fan ishveer

  41. Angelina?(anu)

    Ishveer ??????

    U know radhika….I was juz searching ishveer pics!!! They r sooooo shweeet na!

  42. Hiii angilina i am really biggest fan ishveer i am waiting ishveer wedding u also and i am excited to see ishani in jhalak dikh la jana

  43. Hiii angelina i am really biggest fan ishveer i am waiting ishveer wedding u also and i am excited to see ishani in jhalak dikh la jana

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.