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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba says to RV that now this girl will drag them to court. She will not let it happen, they must give whatever she asks for. She tells RV that he can earn as much as wants to be, but he can never be happy with her. Ishaani says that she is just asking for what she is rightful of, she is the half owner of this whole empire, not RV’s wife only. Falguni leaves the gathering, Nitin stops her. She says she never thought she will have to see this day, may be there was something lacking in her brought up such that Ishaani is thinking like this. Nitin says she is her mother, and knows RV well as well. Why is she unable to see what he is. Ishaani has changed at once, what happened in her life that changed her overnight, whatever he knows Ishaani it isn’t her mind. He says there is something

Ishaani asks RV what he is thinking about, he speaks big but why isn’t he able to take a decision. Has he changed his intentions when it came to giving money. She says he is a human after all and every man has greed and selfishness in him. The lawyer says she can ask for anything, but will only get it when she gets divorced. She says that she doesn’t think anyone is giving her anything. RV stands up and says he isn’t greedy or afraid of doing anything. Ishaani asks him to transfer his diamond company to her name, everyone is shocked but RV asks for the file. The lawyer asks him to read properly, RV signs the papers and says this is the proof that he wants to give her a divorce. She takes the file, then asks him to give her way. Manas hears this all.
Lakshmi says to Amba that she had never thought that girl will ever speak to RV like this. She says she was afraid of her. Amba says what Ranveer thought about her, and what she came out to be; she kept on changing colours and hurt her son. She says her mother has also done the same, she married a rich for money and Ishaani also married her son. She says she is worried for her son, it is good that she leaves taking the money. She will look for a nice girl and marry him again.
Chiraag calls the merchant, and tells them to check the consignment coming from RV group of industries as there are some fake diamonds with it as well. He breaks the sim with which he was calling. Girish says it was a good plan, the client will tell police. Chiraag says it won’t be a case but a scandal, and he will sell these real diamonds.
Baa says to Chaitali that she talked to Javeri and kept Ritika and Sharman’s engagement tomorrow. Chaitali says it was good. Baa says Amba is waiting for a moment when Ritika can marry RV. Javeri can even think about marrying Ritika to RV if he get divorced. Sharman comes and seriously ask them how they think about it, here Ishaani is getting divorced and there can he get married. Baa says she understands the delicacy of time, she says to Sharman that his marriage to Ritika is their need. Ishaani will also be their responsibility after her divorce. Falguni hears this. Baa says Ishaani is also doing for all of them, Harshid used to do it for all of them and now it is his turn. He loves Ritika, and it will also be better for the whole family. Sharman comes across Falguni in the way, she says to Baa that she has heard what she said. She is making fool of him, she can never hide her hatred for Ishaani. Baa asks does she really thinks she hate Ishaani. Falguni says she wouldn’t be celebrating Sharman’s wedding had she had a love for her. Baa says she only thinks about Ishaani, but I think about the whole family. She says that she must have been saddened, had RV asked for the divorce but here Ishaani is asking for it.
RV was in his room, when Ishaani comes in. He says she doesn’t want to live with him, then why she came here. She says it will take time in divorce, they will have to. RV says he doesn’t want to, but Ishaani says she is telling him only. She is his wife, and can stay anywhere here. He says he can’t live with her in this room. She says she came to take her bag. He says she will get it, but right now she shall leave as he can’t bear her in the room for a second even. He turns his face, she looks at him then turns to leave the room. RV watches her go out,
Suddenly, the door bangs hard with wind. RV is worried.
Ishaani comes to another room, closes the door behind. RV thinks about Ishaani, her demands and behaviours. The maid brings Ishaani’s bag to the room, she cries hard sitting on the couch. Manas enters the room then and asks why she is doing so. He asks her not to hide her tears, he knows she can remain away from Ranveer. Ishaani says this was the only way to save Disha and Ranveer. Manas had told Ishaani about what Disha had done, DIsha said she had to take revenge from Ranveer for what he did to her family, what he is doing to her and what he did on their wedding day; they can’t just sit back and see whatever he does. Manas said he shouldn’t have left the keys and ID card with him. Ishaani asks Disha to return her diamonds, Disha said she doesn’t have them as they threw them all in gutter. Ishaani further blamed Disha, she asked her if she doesn’t see what he has done for them. She reminds her that he has given the space to their family to live, saved her wedding as well.
She tells Disha that he brought Rishi to her wedding so that he can make her realize how cheap a person Rishi is. He wanted to show her how much Manas can love her. She tells Disha that Ranveer always want their good, Disha says how could she know this all. She asks why he speaks bad about them, if he doesn’t want their bad. Ishaani was extremely worried, that there will be a big problem if they don’t find the diamonds. Manas says the consignment had to go to international dealer, he knew it after it had already gone. If the dealer makes a case, RV will have jail. Ishaani was worried that this will snatch his name, and respect and everything. She again blames Disha, but Disha says she will take all the blame on herself and go to jail. She will not let any bad times come to their family. Ishaani says no one will go to jail, firmly.
Manas now says, that she asked RV a divoce deliberately so that she can get the company transferred on her name, and the fraud case is on her name and not RV’s. He says she can’t put her marriage on stake for this. Ishaani says she expect help from him at this time. Manas says this decision will ruin her life. She says what will she do with a life when RV isn’t in it. One of us has to go jail, and if it is so I will go to Jail. RV has fulfilled his love for lifetime, now it is her turn where she will fulfil her love.

PRECAP: Ishaani says that RV won’t let her brother’e engagement take place in this home, she must change her decision of divoce and stay here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.Feeling sad for both Ishaani and Ranveer. Just now they cross some hurdles before it is fully sorted out another problem arised. OMG Disha is again irritating hope Nithin or Manas help in the process.want some proof against Chiraag and want him to go to jail.Hope the problems solved soon.. please dont procced this Divorse track.. show some interesting scenes in a happy mood.waiting for a good episode.

  2. I too want ishani and ranveer together but with some twist in the story soooo plzzz make it little more adventurous

  3. nice episode. disha i cant believe this character. feeling sad about ishaani. let them b happy plzzzzzzz.

  4. whatever may ritika deserves rv, as she is more sensible than this mahan like stupid ishani.. i have one more doubt why chiraag always winning , has the scriptmaker have no more creativity than making chiraag successful and this disha.. both are very irritating. i have never seen such a selfish family members like baa and sherman’s mom.
    and one final thing ritika should marry rv not sherman as she loved him from the begining and only gave up for this dumb ishani. pls make rv marry ritika and make it as a triangle.

    1. Does u have sense rv only loves ishani not to make triangle and ritika should married shaman then only story is good

      1. yeah, dont u know the meaning of triangle, both the girls/boys fall for the same person but the person loves one of them and end up marrying other if it is as complicated as it was shown in this stupidity.. and the person will be able to live with pain becoz the other one(ritika) can taught him to live and she is more cared about him

  5. hey guyz wht do u thnk about ranveer? rv gives divorce to ishaani or not?

    But i think ranveer will know about dis matter nd save ishaani in dis fraud case

  6. Why ishani is saving disha. God both of the sisters never change. Ranveer is stuck between them . please show ranveer happily.

    1. true said RIG,,
      RV always suffer becoz of Issani’s family Like BAA & Disha….& Fool Issani is Saving that wicked Disha…

  7. Hey hi guys, r there anyone one who watch Peterson hill, if so Pls anyone u guys help me out to find the song vch is played on bck ground for Raju guide n Shatabdi, while sight seeing of Shimla…. Pls if anyone there help me out I’m unable to find tht song Pls pls… Tht song is kept mute in all onlin videos,

  8. Ha…Ishani rethinking about divorce in the precap. Such a confused stupid girl. And why did Disha lie at diamonds in the gutter. She could have taken Chirag name.Baa is the worst character so Ishani and Disha are like her. Parekh family shameless family. From Ishani mother,baa,Sharman mother,Disha,Ishani want only money. For that ruin many men lives. Why do they show such cheap characters.

    1. Yes the serial is Bade Ache… Same story repeating. They will show a leap and Ishani will have RVs child some stupid flash back. Boring boring boring. If this stupid story doesn’t change am gonna quit following this serial.

    2. No u don’t think like dat disha ,baa only cheap character not her mother ishani is so good girl

  9. Why Ishani took such a big step. As if she couldn’t tell RV instead of taking the company on her name. Such a dumb decision. Ishani is truly a duffer….

  10. I don’t understand where were the security cameras when disha came to steal the diamonds???????????????
    Stupid producers.

    1. Thats why it is called serial not real

  11. And if Ishani becomes the same as disha and let her go to the jail in her pregnancy, what’s the difference between her and her selfish and stupid sister.

  12. Why always disha ,chirag win they always seperates ishani n rv these two people have worst charecter

  13. Exactly Shobha.

  14. hiii really ishani should tell abt this to rv definetly he vl slow this prob with ishani……….as he has gud image n many ppl too help as he has power………bt this is not gud suddenly divorse wo bhi ishani ne manga…..ek taraf se sahi bhi h atlst rv ki maa ko ishani achi lgne lge…let c

  15. n no logic diamonds gutter me…koi bhi aisa nai krta real diamond gutter me…n specially disha never… how they blv ki sch me usme feka hoga gutter me…

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