Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani walked towards Shekhar’s home upset about breaking his trust. Ranveer was restless in his office, thinking about Ishaani’s words and their sincerity, and the confession last night.
Ritika comes to Ishaani’s room looking for her. Pratik comes from behind, Ritika hides herself in washroom. There was noise on washroom, Pratik says Ishaani is in washroom and tells her that Baa has taken Amba and Lakshmi out of the house, till then they must begin their plan. Ritika thinks about getting to know which plan they are talking about. Pratik comes to Sharman out, Ritika spies on him. Sharman was waiting for Ishaani, Pratik suggests about using Chaitali instead of ishaani and tells Sharman that Chaitali made her fearful. Ritika thinks that this means everyone was making her fearful,

now she will do the drama to know about their truth. She is ready to play Ghost game.
Ishaani comes to Shekhar’s home, Shekhar asks what happened. Ishaani was stammering, she says she has to tell him something important. Ishaani was at the verge of crying. She says it was her mistake as well. Shekhar tells her to be clear, it was him who sent her there. Ishaani begins to cry. Shekhar helps her stand, was worried and asks if everything is alright. Ishaani says she has to tell him something, that she and Ranveer… yester night… Ishaani’s phone rings. She goes to attend as it was Ranveer’s call. He asks where she is, he has to meet her right now as he will pick her wherever she is. Ishaani asks him to tell where to meet, she will come there herself. Shekhar asks what happened, but Ishaani says she must leave right now as Ranveer is calling her. She leaves Shekhar worried. Krisha comes from behind and asks Shekhar why was crying, she says Ishaani was crying either because she lost whom she loved.
Ritika was restless at room, she cries Ghost, ghost outside the room. Pratik stood outside and poses to be afraid too. They see Falguni walking in the corridor, Pratik was afraid with Ritika and offers to go to Chaitali as she can talk to a ghost. Chaitali comes there, Ritika and Pratik run to her. Chaitali gets fearful as well and asks if Falguni appears at the day time as well. Ritika says she saw her too. Chaitali asks Ritika how Falguni was looking. Which saree was she wearing? Chaitali turns upstairs to see Falguni walking in the corridor. Ritika says that her baby is getting fearful because of this stress. Pratik asks Chaitali to read the mater about getting rid of the ghost. Chaitali looks upstairs and says that ghost has vanished, she again see the lady and says there it is. Chaitali faints. Sharman runs from behind and slaps Pratik that there is no ghost ever. He tells Ritika not to believe in the ghosts as she is educated. Ritika smiles that they think they are making a fool of her but actually she is making them a fool and will continue until she gets to know what they are up to.
Ishaani and Ranveer come to each other while it rained heavily. Ishaani says she know what happened last night, it was what happened between husband and wife. Ranveer says nothing such happened. He says for a long time he thought she didn’t lose her memory, but he was only suspecting her and didn’t trust her. He says he is sorry to mistrust her, because he is now sure she didn’t lose her memory because last night when he came closer to her she didn’t panic. He recalls the scenes, then tells her how he had helped her get a sleep. He says they had taken control of themselves. He says she has lost her memory, and what she remember is that they are spouses. He doesn’t know that where in there relation her memory works, he doesn’t want last night to happen again.

PRECAP: Shekhar was drunk, he tells Ranveer that Ishaani has no memory loss, she is betraying them both. Ranveer says this means Ishaani betrayed him again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good. But dragging much.. OMG… Now Rithika also came to know, Doesnt know when Rithika’s truth will be revealed.. waiting for it for a very long time.. its time to end this track asap.. Doesnt know when Shikhar is going to turn negative.. precap good.. waiting for it…

  2. c’mon ishani let this rv suffer..u go to shikhar and live ur life..

  3. Wow I think viewers words will never be considered then y this segment finally the negative has got it’s power again n now innocent ishaani has to cry n fight all alone n c d same painful episodes again.. Y do Indian soaps make a gal cry soooo much instead of giving good message to society!! Shekhar ritika krisha dewarsh all against her

  4. Why dont they let Ishveer n fans be happy for few episodes even?? Why not some lighter moments between them? Tired of some1 being an eclipse in their bonding, It was Chirag once, Ritika and now Shikar bhi? Baar baar ppl keep disrupting their relation n create more rifts.. wit so mny ppl alongside Ishani to corner Ritika stil she effortlessly outsmarted them? load som sense into the show pls..

  5. omg… adapavi shikar ipudiyada blabber pannuva… cha.. day by day serial la rubber band madhuri elukadhinga.. plz cut shrt evrythng….

  6. and this rithika epadhan nee odi pova.. una pakkavey eruchala iruku.. un child oda papa sharman nu prove pannita, ipa edhuku Rv unkudhan nu scene ottutu iruka??

  7. Viewers also see a new negative charecter in this show…its shekher

  8. new spoiler :

    Ritika tells Ishani that her husband is hers and she will not let any other woman snatch him. Ishani reminds her that Ranvir is hers. The fight begins between them to get Ranvir. Shikhar finds Ishani crying and gets worried. He asks her the reason and she tells about Ritika. Shikhar pacifies Ishani and Ranvir spots them

    1. WTF…another twist? This episode will just keep on dragging… Hate it! Was hopping for a good ending!!!

  9. today episode was nice what are the next current track shekhar was very poolish ishani was very bad he was damenat of rv

  10. This is bullshit..This is becoming worse day by day..unnecessary dragging with no storyline…Today’s bhoot wala part was the worst…how can the entire family be so dumb.? worst acting…Meri aashiqui tumse hi has lost its true essence of love…even the writers have become confused now with so many twist…

  11. turns to get boreingg

  12. omg ishveer than onnu saranum shekhar pavam anna avanuku vara naila girl ketaikum isheni ne rv yada love alacheya padutha ple rv yada than erukanum ple dierector ishveer than onnu saranum ple…….. !ple………….. ………..!ple…………!

  13. Nahi yaar,. Aesa thodi hota hai. Faltu script likh rhe ye log. Kuch practical dikhao yaar jise viewers relate kr paye. Jo aap dikha rhe hai ye to aashiqui nahi.

  14. Ommg, Shekar like really? Meri aashique tumse hi was beginning to be okay but NO. Ekta Kapoor decides “Hey I love it when nothing turn out right and this show is complete crap, and all the audience will probs leave BUT OH WELL. Lmao.” Jesus Christ Meri aashique tumse hi…?

  15. Oh……wat is this? Ishani shud get some rest pls, ritika now foolin all not Them fooln her now, given ur fans some smiles pl……

  16. Stupid serial
    Don’t waste time of viewers…..
    Nothing is left to be good enough n enough….. I hate this serial etni negativity omg….hadd ho gye ab toh…. Ekta stop this fake serial u need rest now….. Stop this old negative drama ishani pagal ho jaygi asli me ye role kr kr ke :p

  17. I just hope all the misunderstandings between ishveer get cleared i just want ishveer to be together

  18. Highlights of Ms kapoor’s serials are saree clad always bechari. Dukhiyari. Apne hi ghar most criticized and always daya ka patra….
    ekta tum kya aosi heee Ho…idiot ranveer never trust his wife maha idiot Shikhar….dab idiots serial idiot banane bale bhi idiots aur dekhme wale bhi idiots….sab dekhna band kar do is bakwas ko

  19. Oh come on… So much of dragging. Again ishani going to be suffer. Evil rithika came to know about everything. And shiker we can’t blame him. He trusted ishani more but his situation is like that. RV again going to act like dumb.

  20. Disgusting episode…
    Now the serial name goes to ‘meri dushmani tumse hi’
    ekta. . . plz rename ur serial..
    Darn it !

    1. “Meri judayi tum se hi”

  21. Wow Ariyan ur saying it correctly and sure I will accept u…
    Enough of watching this bullshit serial.
    Hate it hate it

  22. Guys, don’t watch this stupidity…this is really disgusting……… I am going to stop watching this show frm now onwards……. Full of negativity……… Doesn’t make sense to watch this bakwas,,,,,, so guys don’t waste ur Time……… All ekta’s show’s are full of nonsense storyline…….. Hve no logoic and reality behind the story……..
    I won’t blame any actors but I blamed writer’s…. I think writer’s gone mad…….they add so many twists at a time,, and result is they get so confused and got mad…………
    I advised to ekta mam,,,,plz end this show on a good note, unless wasting the time of audience and ur ownself……… Bcoz the has losing its charm… use of dragging….. No one likes this nonsense.?

  23. Please stop this nonsense!! Is anyone still watching it daily?? Disgusting to the core!

    1. hereafters wont

  24. I thought during that RV n Rithika marrage Rithika’s truth will cum out bt not yet nd its too dragging

  25. Omg its boring yar so sad for ishveer

  26. better ishu shld die, she deserves nothing, it was really irritating when she was crying to shikhar as if she had slept with a third person, she says rv is her aashiqui, but never given even slightest importance to him, she always put her family in first place, not rv and now she had put shikhar in first place. For someone who loves so much, when they consummate a relationship, they should feel happy and proud that they have reached self sustainity in their life but this dumbo was crying, i have never seen such a worst characterisation like ishaani in any other,perhaps this dumbo shld move on and go back to shikhar better than spoiling and toying with rv’s heart.

    i think ritika will be able to give some solace to rv’s aching heart, she is very clear in what she wants, and tries everything to reach it. she is the strongest character in matsh, even at starting she was also doing sacrifices but she broke down all the limits, yes, i agree no one can take ishu’s place in rv’s heart, but ritika won’t hurt rv anymore and she will make rv to accept the pain and live with it rather than this stupid who is always hurting him and considers herself so goody and thyagi devi

    For the ishveer fans, who might not like this, but look at this perspective also and ritika will be far better than ishu, in life sometimes, we should have ppl who is more deserving for us than who is in need for us, in this way, ritika isbest deserving rv as she can cross all the limits for him and not for this stupid dumbo who had never given love and peace and the place he wanted in her heart.

    1. I agree ur words about ishani….she doesn’t deserve ranveer….soo disgusting to see her crying like anything….she is cheating that she is in love with ranveer….times make me think that ritika is better…hate tis ishani and shikar to the core…

  27. oh my god.thkz.thath IshNi didnt revealed any matters to Shikhr..interesting episodes.but ..if ishani permanently goes to the side of ranveer..then what will do shikhar..
    Hey friendzz…is anyone think that condition of Shikhar..horrible..m

  28. Now what ranveer do…???will he believe ishnai.,

  29. stupid cv’s…

  30. Can you please stop dragging the show you dog balaji telefilm.let the truth reveal..about Ritika.its too late..let her evil face to be shown

  31. ranveer plz dont trust ishani… wil be better if ranveer slaps ishani once….actually rari is a good pair indeed…but it wil not be good if ranveer loves a second person in his life…so better end tis show with both lovers dying…and it wont hurt the viewers as we all started hating tis show…

  32. dragging……..some thing must happen positively.full of negative scence….

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