Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ishveer hugging passionately after her confession ,
Ishaani emotionally tells RV that she wished her entire life was spent in the bliss of his arms , Just their love. Their togetherness , She says with out him She will be alive but will not live .
RV then releases her and asks why was she crying ? He asures her he believed she loved him , She asks him she knew he too loved her very much , Why was he not saying it Pleads him to say it once, RV the says ILU ishaani. ILU soo much , RV smiles at her , they hug passionately

Outside the room, ri is peering thru the window , watching their passionate hugs , feeling jealous and furious she asks herself that is this why she was living here ?? To watch Ishveer romancing ?? , She is frustrated

that all her plans to separate ishaani from RV always failed , Even her plan to make ishaani speak up truth with kadha was about to fail and hit back at her !!!
She wonders how many somvaar vrats had ishaani kept that she could never be separated from RV ??

Ritika gets a message from Falguni that next time the DVD will not be fake, and she will kill her after showing her reality to the world. And she is dead so no court in the world will be able to seperate them. Ritika says she will get crazy if she doesn’t stop this all, she says she must leave this place as soon as possible. She comes out to the parking and finds the saree sticking out of the car’s back. She says this is the same saree which was worn by Falguni’s ghost, she wonders who is doing this all, may be someone has turned to ghost just to make her fearful. She wonders may be Ishaani is lying about her mother and she herself is doing this all. Ritika says now Ishaani will not be able to keep this truth for a long time. To know this truth she will have to live inside this house.
Ranveer and Ishaani hug each other intently, Ranveer comes to a realization and seperates Ishaani from himself, he says this isnt possible. Ishani asks what isnt possible. Ranveer says he can’t even tell her anything. Ishaani asks what? Ranveer says in her condition she wouldnt remember anything. He asks why? Why she married him but loved Chiraag, she killed Chiraag and went to jail because she didnt want to live with him, now she has returned and wants to live with him. He asks why she does this again and again to him. Ishaani hugs him from back and says she did this only for him, she loves him. Ranveer seperates her and asks if she thinks they are both spouses. Ishaani qualifies isnt it enough they love each other? Ranveer tells her not to make it difficult for him. He heads to leave murmuring he can’t do this, then comes back and holds her face saying he shouldn’t do this, this is wrong. He tells her to go. Ishaani gets into washroom, shuts the door behind her. She splashes her face with water. Ranveer sits on the bed recalling his own words. The tap gets displaced in the washroom, he hears the shower sound in washroom as Ishaani fights with it and fells on the floor. Ranveer goes inside and turns the tap off. Ishaani had fallen on the floor, he picks her up but she slips in his arms. Both share eye lock, Ranveer helps her stand up. SHe had pain in her feet, he picks her to her bed. Ishaani tells Ranveer she didnt slip intentionally. Ranveer tells her to take rest, it doesnt matter. He heads to leave but Ishaani holds his hand. He sits besides her, she tries to hug her and they share intimate moments together. Ranveer switch the lights off and goes to sleep on the couch.
Next morning, Ishaani wakes up, and finds herself clothless. She thinks she had a Qara last night and has a headache because of it. She finds her clothes lying nearby, and gets worried that yesternight she and Ranveer… then jerks the idea herself and feels guilty what she will reply to Shekhar.
Shekhar talks to a client that trust is the most important thing in life. His client says that he never suspected his wife but she kept on meeting her friend and betrayed him, now he wants a justice and doesn’t want his wife back. Shekhar promises to get him justice, Krisha was standing at the door. She says the same is happening to him as his client, he says he has kept Ranveen and Ishaani together knowing how much Ranveer loves Ishaani. Shekhar says Ishaani is ill. Krisha says that she is ill but she remembers all her happy memories. She says that RV can come closer to Ishaani and then he won’t let her away. She tells Shekhar to forget her, Ishaani may go much far away in her relation to Ranveer. Kaka calls Krisha upstairs, Shekhar tells Krisha not to worry about him and Ishaani.
Ishaani gets ready in the morning, worried how she can do this, she had promised Shekhar then how could she… She thinks about talking to Shekhar.
Shekhar still thought about Krisha’s words and was restless. He picks his phone to call Ishaan, then cuts the call himself. He says I trust you Ishaani, nothing can go wrong in the relation.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Shekhar about the night. She says it was her fault as well…

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona ! I’m thankful to yu fr fastest written update. And today episode was such a romantic episode.

  2. This is not solving present mess instead creating problems for upcoming episodes .. No wonder if shikar supports ritika or shikar himself turning negative.. N again the same dragging n boring story repeats .. Seriously wt heck is going on

  3. Today’s episode was good.. very emotional… Ishaani feeling guilty… OMG… I think now Shikhar will change as negative becoz of possessiveness.. doesnt know when Rithika track is going to end.. precap is… bechari Ishaani feeling guilty. .. waiting for a good episode.

  4. ishveer scene is very romantic. All the ishveer fans are really enjoyed. After a long time we saw the ishveer romance. And today episode is nice…., ranveer believe ishaani, bcoz her every word was true, she loves u. Ishaani ku memory loss ilanu therinjathuku aprm ishaaniya nambama irkatha, bcoz ava unta pesunathu full’a unmai, plz trust her.

  5. so sad of shekhar, shekhar’a paakave paavama irku, romba kastamavum irku, aana plz directors do something positively for shekhar, dont turn him as a negative character, becoz all are love shekhar character, ipa avanuku negative role kuduthingana suit aagathu athum ilama ealrum ava veruka aaramichirvanga, shekhar ku positive character than suit aagum, plz its our request…….,

  6. Ishveer scenes amazing….

  7. Too tired…!!
    Feel acrimony after look that, soo bleak serial, you all time scorn the truth… May be ib your real life you deprived from love much…today episode insinuate it ruined soon…!!
    Lot of infringe stop it… Bakwass hota ja rha day by day

  8. When this Ritika deliver baby…I guess almost a year pregnant now she is

  9. I don’t like today’s episode…… This is ridiculous….. Now this show is like chewgum day by day…so boring and irritating storyline………. The writer’s are ruining the concept of this show….. All I can is that they should end this show on a good note……fed up of this dragging story unnecessary…… All the main leads are looking dumb and foolish, on the other hand, ritika’s character looks very strong… she is the main lead of this show……not ishveer…….let me remember you writer’s this show is about ishani and ranveer love story…….not hate story or taking revenge to each other all the time…… This story is not about ritika and shikhar but ishani and ranveer……..writer’s are moving to the basic concept of the story,,,,,,,that’s why the name is meri aashiqui tumse hi not hate or revenge tumse hi…….
    Before writing anything just focus on the title and think about the main leads and then write down some interesting story that holds audience attention….?

  10. R dey consumed?

    1. No, they had not consummate their marriage.

  11. today episode was very very very bad….though i like to see ishveer romance, but definitely this is not the way……ishani was feeling guilty in the morning wondering she broke her promise to shikhar…..even though ranveer knows ishani was in effect of that “sachai wala kadha” and whatever she spoke was all true, he will again move away from her and becum angry for breaking his trust……nowadays i dont care for shikhar since he is losing his qualities which he had earlier and he is making it worse these days….ritika is gaining strength day by day— itni to kisi k paas akal nhi hoti……i simply have one request to the directors to plz disclose ritika’s truth asap…… waiting eagerly for the misunderstandings to be cleared…

  12. Ekta…. U too tired now stop irritating the peoples

  13. so romantic episode….ishani dont feel much….ellathiyum thapave puringiko….chiraga ranveertan kill pannitanu neeye think pannikita…eppiyum same…first try to understand ranveer properly….unaku shikar pattitan kavalai…ishani unaku manasula onnu vellila vera acting….unakaga ellanalum atleast ranveerkagavadhu dont leave him again…And aashiqui 2 love theme was awesome today…it fits ishveer aptly…

  14. hi guys..I think they will change ritika to elephant and then the whole cast will turn into negative and the will ruin its trip as always happens to aktaa kapoors show….disappointed as always

  15. Bahut bakwass serial….. Ekta umar ke sath akal b budhi ho gye kya atleast 1% toh sahi hona chaeye kuch acha hona chaeye main lead ka ek he role h bass rona rona or rona

  16. Stop this serial now ishani please commit suicide n ranveer tum b mar jao sikhar tum pagal ho jao ritika actually u r the real star of this serial tum delivery ke time mar jana baki sab aish kro serial rock….. Atleast bechare viewers daily irritate or dukhi nhe honge serial manoranjan ke liye hote h yha mostly viewes tensed nzar aate h

    1. Agree…..stop dragging the show, end this show on good note… that audience will be relieved….. And not waste their precious time to this kind of stupidity…………. Whatever !!!!!!!!!??

  17. Story bnao utar chdaw lao jyada se jyada 2 hafte ka yha toh 6 -6 month yhi chalta h

  18. ishani, u back to shikar bcoz u dont deserve ranveer…..I just cant understand u… u dont luv shikar but u r always feeling fr him….but wat is ur feeling fr ranveer???hate u completely ishani….u r doing everything fr ur sake and stamping ranveer’s name in tat…..go back to ur helping god shikar mahaan…..AND coming to shikar ,he is such an idiot who is loving other’s wife and who cant digest if a husband and wife r close….cv’s , plz think smething which is good and the current track is annoying only bcoz of ishani and shikar and not bcoz of ranveer and ritika….

  19. That wasn’t good for ishveer.Bcoz Shiker is getting doubt about Ishani.Ishani has no self choice,she is playing with Ranveer and Shiker’s emotions!!!

    1. u r right…she is playing with both of them….she is a big dumb ever….

  20. Kya bechara serial hai….. What Indian generation will learn from this. showing the leading lady like a vamp, she is linked with three persons. is it the way to showcasing the Indian woman& Indian marital relation.

    1. I agree,,,,,they change the concept of this show……. I think ritika will play main lead role instead of ishani…doesn’t matter she’s playing negative role but her character and personality is very strong than ishani…… Whereas ishani as a main lead looks like abla naari, tyag ki devi, balidaan ki Murat…dumb… doubt she’s wonderful actress but her character is very weak in front of ritika………….
      Writer’s me dimag ki toh daad deni padegi……..?

  21. I liked episode, ishveer scenes were amazing, at last we could c some romantic moments!!! Ishani didnt lie rv, she loves him very much, n rv also loves her….Love should be stronger than promise or responsibility…why they dont understant it? Rv, plz choose ishani not ritika, u never will be happy with her, bcoz ur aashiqui is isha!!! Ishani, plz, forget abt shikar,dont force yourself love him, u cannot love shikar…yeah, he helped u, but it doesnt mean u must give urself to him!!! Ishveer, try to save ur pure love , matsh is abt u, not abt ritika n shikar…I wanna ishveer! I love them! I hate both ritika n shikar, they were added to matsh only to separate ishveer…Hope ritika will die soon n shekar will go far away from ishveers life!

    1. True.. exactly same thought here too! Wtevr drama happened, its oly love for ISHVEER finally, evn aft blame game, hatred drama. Love is in their eyes why dont any1 see it, shikar ritika look at them no

  22. Chaitali drinks are the best love them ishaani u really think that u and ranveer had mmm u know what
    Poor shekhar hope u don’t turn negative

    1. Anyway when will ritika’s baby get born it’s been so long now and some of u think this serial should end know I don’t agree it only started about a year ago or will be the shortest drama ever

  23. ‘Humari Adhuri Kahani’ suits Ishveer perfectly!

  24. I hate dis serial nw its boring ya so much of draginggggggggggggg

  25. jalinaslimol

    The ep was really nice. After a long time we get a chance for see an ishveer romance.i think shikhar will turn negative…..yaa let’s see what happens to ishveer life.koi bhi kabhi bhi ishveer ko alag kar ne ki koshish karo they will together at last….waiting for that day.bcoz true love never fails…..

  26. I like Shikher to marry Ishani , they will make a cute couple , Shikher has nice family & khantani people too. I hope Ishker will happen .
    Ritika is good for RV , she will take good care of him ..
    On this note they can end the serial or start with next generation story …

    1. agreed….ritika wil take good care of ranveer…ishani knows only to hurt him…

  27. Shekhar is a good person. But Ishani and Ranveer is a cute couple. And I want Ishani n Ranveer’s remarriage….?????

  28. Ishani hv no rit to gt lv frm rv.bkz she s a fool who cares fr shikar.nt fr rv. She dnt ever thnk abt rv, their lv, their romance etc. The writer s d biggest fool, is ths a love? Bldy drama. Plz includ sm romantic thoughts abt rv n ishanis mind. Thn we fl that ishani s caring fr rv also. Othr wis ths serial wl be lif long flop…..,,

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