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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
While ishaani is furious at chirag’s playboy attitude, amba comes in asking that she wanted to talk to her. ishaani complies. amba says that since ishaani is ranvir’s very good friend, she should help him get married as he too is approaching marrigeable age, and talks about a prospective suitor, a Xth pass girl. ishaani is tensed, while amba makes her promise that she would talk to him about it. amba leaves, while she is tensed.

Falguni excitedly tells harshad about chirag’s tuitions for ishaani and he is very happy and wants some credit for putting ranvir on this job. She asks him to have some food. As they both happily come out, baa comments snidely about ishaani’s tuitions, and that aftre one month,

ishaani would say no, and she wont have that, and hence ishaani would have to agree after all romancing. She also reminds him about searching for a suitable suitor for disha, and if her marriage becomes a problem due to ishaani, she would throw her out, unwed from the house. Harshad is angry, while falguni is about to vent out her anger. Baa leaves. harshad calms her down, saying that ishaani would definitely begin to like chirag, in this one month.

On the roof, ranvir and ishaani continue to talk about chirag, while he gloats that all girls are after chirag. ishaani says that he should think about himself too. Ranvir is shocked when ishaani tells him that amba told her everything, about what he hides in his heart. she starts reprimanding that she should have known this herself, and asks why isnt he marrying the girl that amba likes. Ranvir is relieved that she doesnt know his true feelings for her. She asks whats his plan for life. He says that he isnt getting any good girl, and cant plan anything. He says that he doesnt understand anyone other than her, and that once she gets married, he would think then. she asks about what. he says that he would die after that. she is tensed and asks what does he mean. he turns it into a joke, and says that he would die as marriage is like death. ishaani asks how does he like chirag. ranvir says that if she doesnt like him, he would marry chirag then. They both start laughing, while he gets emotional and starts crying. she says that she has observed that he starts crying when he is smiling these days. But he converts it into a laughter too, terming it tears of happiness, getting rid of her finally, after her marriage. he is barely able to hide his true feelings .

Later, falguni calls ranvir to her room, and he is surprised, when she hands him some cash, as a gift for his help in getting ishaani fall for chirag, and to save his life too. saying that she knows he was behind this. she insists to take it as a token, but he says that being her friend, its his duty to take care for her. He leaves without taking the money. falguni is surprised. As ranvir walks out, disha observes him. Disha is tensed remembering chirag and ranvir’s conversation. She understands that ranvir cares for ishaani and is doing this for her, but doesnt understand what he is doing and why, and what does he actually want. she is determined to find it out. she walks out and goes straight towards the servant’s quarters. In the rain, she is about to slip, when ranvir catches her midway. As disha and ranvir drop down on the floor, and he falls on top of her, pinning her underneath, she is aware of this sudden proximity with ranvir, and eyes him longingly, and overwhelming with emotions. ranvir is boggled with disha’s changed behaviour. He asks if she isnt hurt. she denies, still dazed by his proximity. she turns around and begins to go, while ranvir is confused. He takes off his shirt, finding it wet, and as disha glances back at his bare torso, she is awakened by new found feelings for him.

The next morning, Ishaani gets irritated when she isnt able to solve a particular sum. Chirag comes in apologising for being late, and gets to solving where she got stuck. ranvir comes in to give her coffee and points out to her, that she doesnt bother about him, even after he comes to teach her despite being so tired. ishaani feels sorry. ishaani tells chirag that he looks very tired, and asks him to have some of her coffee, as it would relax him. ranvir hears and sees this, and is tensed and sad too. days pass by, but chirag relentlessly continues to come to coach her, despite his hectic work schedules, and finally they start coming closer, muich to harshad and falguni’s pleasure. ranvir is sad but is happy for ishaani. finally, the date of examination comes, and while ishaani prays to the lord, to pass her, ranvir prays to give her whatever she needs him, and keep him happy. chirag comes and asks her not to be nervous. they both extend their hands to wish ishaani the best of luck, while she smiles, and shakes their hands together. as chirag and falguni afre about to leave for their exams, harshad and falguni too come to wish her luck. baa is tensed that falguni’s plan is succedding and wonders whether she would succeed in getting chirag married to ishaani. chirag leaves with ishaani. falguni smiles, while ranvir and harshad too leave. Baa comes after falguni and starts sarcastically commenting on her happiness, and assuring that ishaani would definitely pass, and if she does, she would go to USA, and that she knew this before only. Baa taunts falguni, that either ways, falguni would be at a loss. baa tells that by giving tuitions, she wasnt getting her daughter to be interested and closer to chirag, but she increased their distances even more. falguni is surprised and tensed. She says that if ishaani leaves for 4 years, chirag wouldnt wait for 4 years, and since he doesnt, who would marry ishaani. falguni eyes her with rage. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: ishaani coems home and finding them all gathered together, she asks whats the matter and if all is okay. baa says that they were waiting for her only, with bated breaths, sarcasm dripping from her tone. she asks ishaani about her gmat results. ishaani happily says that she passed with distinction. Baa expresses her happiness and asks her to find out falguni’s reaction too if she is happy. ishaani turns to falguni, and is surprised to find that she is visibly tensed. it boggles her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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