Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks the man if he made the painting, he says yes he did. Ishaani reconfirms and asks how he can? The man asks can’t he make it? Ishaani says that is actually a story. The man says he sometimes listen to the story of his patient and painted it. Ishaani asks about that patient, how he is, how his family is? She asks something from him. The man says he lost his love in a young age, she seems to be something to him. Ishaani says she has no relation to him, she doesn’t know about him but was asking him for humanity. The man leaves. Ranveer heard the conversation and watches Ishaani. Nurbhay comes behind her and clutches her shoulder saying she wanted to send a message to Ranveer, he will tell her at home about it. He drags Ishaani.
At home, Nurbhay calls his man and throws

Ishaani on the floor. He says he has seen the results of being free. Ritika comes there, Nurbhay says she had been asking about Ranveer from a stranger being his wife. He tells his man to lock Ishaani in the room. Ishaani pleads him not to lock her. Nurbhay says alright she wants to stay outside, without any house. She will live in forest now, must talk to birds and animals. Ritika says she can even run from there, Nurbhay says those in his area can hide from him not run away. Nurbhay tells his men to leave her in the forest without a shawl and blanket. Ritika takes Ishaani along with the men. Nurbhay sits in the sofa upset that it was a good day and his maa said Naina even smiled. Aarti and maa come with Naina, Aarti asks why he and Ishaani came from exhibition early. Nurbhay tells her to leave him, he takes Naina inside saying he will feed her dinner by himself. Aarti wonders why he didn’t reply her.
Ritika takes Ishaani to the forest and tells her that they have reached. She asks Ishaani to come down the jeep, she says Nurbhay has sent some jewelry for her and she wants to see her in that. Ishaani doesn’t move. Ritika says it seems Ishaani has got used to torture. They drag Ishaani into the forest.
Nurbhay brings dinner for Naina. He says it is the dinner of her liking. Naina was lost, Nurbhay says he forgot that she won’t eat until TV isn’t on. There is a news about the art exhibition in Carnal. Nurbhay says the art exhibition came in news even. He says whenever there is something good in news, she leaves food. There is another news that a lion ran away from circus in Carnal and ran into the forest. Nurbhay stops at once, he thinks he only wants to punish Ishaani. What if she is injured by the lion? He tries the call but it was unreachable. He hurries calling someone to feed Naina.
Ritika drags Ishaani who slips over a stone. Ritika asks if she has been unable to walk. She must not stop her drama because RV isn’t here. She will drag Ishaani if she doesn’t cooperate with them. They come to a clearing where they leave Ishaani. Ritika says Nurbhay asked her to leave her here, she won’t be able to do anything here but a lot can happen to her here. She takes a chain and ties Ishaani’s feet with a tree. Ritika says she is feeling cold, it is good for Ishaani as they don’t get such cold in Mumbai. Ishaani stops them but was tied to the tree and couldn’t go any further.
Nurbhay calls his men to take the jeep out, lion has run into the jungle. Ranveer’s assistant comes saying his employer has gone to painting in the forest. He doesn’t know about lion. Nurbhay tells him to hurry into the jeep.
In the forest, Ranveer arrives with his equipment thinking about Ishaani and her queries about the painting. Ishaani tries to move in the forest, looking around and feeling cold. All at once, she hear a lion roar. She wonders this is lion’s roar and he is near somewhere. Ranveer also look around to find the lion. Ishaani is worried as she watches the lion approach her. She calls for help. Ranveer wonders this is some woman shouting, and recognizes this is Ishaani’s voice. He runs towards the voice. Ishaani fell down trying to remove the chain as the lion approach her.

PRECAP: Ranveer turns to see the lion who attacks, Ranveer tries to escape but instead fell down. The lion heads towards him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    Guys i wish happy new year2016 for all matsh fans.on epi !Nubhray how dare he. AU throws my ishani on floor. I must says u paid for ur sin. Oh no my ishani was locked in forest. Plz ishani don’t gets afraid bcoz ur hero ranvi arrives there. And ishani shout her help and ranvi recognice it’s ishani. What a love. My ishveer always best . Once again happy new year guys.

  2. K.praveena

    Ritika u r such devil and physico nibhray. Both wants ishveer seperation. But they were so innocent bcoz no one can’t be seperated ishveer. I accepted now they gots seperation but heart ways not be seperated forever. Bcoz True soul never be seperated.

  3. Happy new year to all ishveer fans
    Hope this new year 2016 unites ishveer forever and brings happiness in there lives
    I jus hate you nirbhhay how dare he left ishani alone in the jungle but thank god ranveer is there to save ishani
    Precape scarry hope ranveer is not injured

  4. rosy

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL FANS OF MATSH…WISH U ALL HAVE A NICE YEAR AHEAD…AND EKTA KAPOOR I Hope God gives u sum brain this year as u need it very much that u unite Ranveer n Ishani soon…

  5. K.praveena

    nibhray revenge drama behinds the reason revealed. In matsh show some days ago ranvi tried to chase milan that time ranvi unknowingily bumps on nibhray’s wife car. But ranvi not an aware about this.i hope ranvi solves all problem and saves ishani from nibhray torture at any cost.

    • Dhruva

      Thanks K.praveena for this info….. I knew that Milan was being involved in this track and was sure Ranveer would not do evil thing knowingly…..

  6. swana

    I really really hate rithika and nirbhay..they r such a pshyco…I loved ishveer scenes …but it will be good if rv saves ishaani from nirbhay’s clutches..waiting for reunion…

  7. Dhruva

    Happy New Year to all the fans of matsh………
    May in this year our ishveer gets united forever….

    Excited to see what’s gonna happen……How’s Ranveer reaction would be seeing lshani…unconscious

  8. ishveer

    Happy new year for all matsh fans.i wish to this year to ishveer will be unite…plz directors….i thinks matsh trp will be increase past few days…. so happy for this.. once again happy new year …
    .this is a fantastic year ahead.

  9. Ritika

    Happy new year to all . Just hope that this year would bring some happiness and togetherness for Ranveer and Ishani . Just wish they reunite as soon as possible and their TRP increases . As there is this new serial coming up in colors called Krishnadasi ,I am afraid it replaces MATSH …….
    Pls pls ishveer just want to see u together and content .

  10. K.praveena

    Thanks to everyone 4 ur wishes about new year. Even we could not see face to face but we r connected by matsh. So first thanx 4 matsh. I hope ishveer unite portion happened in 2016. And this is last epi of this year. Thanx sona 4 ur update and happy new year frds.

  11. IshuRV

    I wish a Happy new year to all matsh fans . Hope in 2016 ishveer will reunite forever . and God this year meri koi wish puri ho na ho me class me first au ya na au voh Ekta mam ki matsh ki trp badaneki wish puri kar dena taki voh ishveer ko reunite kar de . but ek bat ki khushi hain ki at least is bar ishveer ek dusare ke aspas toh hain par is bar ishani ko ranveer ka ehsas hi nahi ho raha hain lekin pehle to ranveer ke door nock karne se pehle hi use ranveer ka ehesas hota tha . hope jaldi hi vo bhi ho jayega.

  12. IshuRV

    Shakti Arora
    Show: Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi
    The daily serial might have lost some of its charm and intensity due to plots and sub-plots generated to keep the lovers separate but Shakti Arora’s performance as Ranveer/Milan has been loved throughout. We don’t know if the current track will boost the TRPs but Shakti has been the show’s saving grace on so many days!
    Happy new year to all shadhika fans.

  13. K.praveena

    Hai ritika. It’s really true.i don’t want any other seriel replaced my matsh.whatever happened in matsh even good or not plz continue it. I thought these day matsh show coming to the old (energy)form and trp level gets increasing day by day.

  14. thanx k.parveena ongalku wish you a bst newyer and i thnk u r a muslim and i am muslim whats ur nativ plac and real name plz update fast

    • Hey hafeez i am also muslim yaar radhika is my fake name. May god bring us peace prosperity unity and dignity. Wish u a very very happy new year to all of ishveer fans.

  15. K.praveena

    Hai hafees. My religion is indhu not musliem. But one things is same that is we r indians. U r mistakenly write in my name i’m praveena not parveena. It’s ok. Happy new year.

  16. kya huva ekta mam nowadays ur concept is lyk a thriller films becoZ in yhm u got a crocodile track and in matsh lion track wwhat dhis nonsence plz dont creative like this this track was toooooooooooooo bore and plz reunite the ishveer soon hop this year ur mind is very bryt ishceer roczzzzz

  17. vinay kumar

    happy new year to all of u may god bless u all…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 today episode was nice.

  18. sana

    Wish u a happy newyear to all my matsh fans.and good episode especially Ranvi identifying ishani’s voice.

  19. Rannveer pls see Ishani and Ishani pls see ranveer as I can’t see u both alg from Ek dusre .i hope nirbhaya will not come .nirbhaya should first check if ishveer only has killed her first wife as it will surely be a misunderstanding ………….????

  20. A very happy new year to all matsh fans .may matsh never get over….????? as maybe krishnadasi can replace it bcz of less trp

    • suga

      Hi.. vyshnavi.. how r u??..
      Since, it is paining to see Ishveer like this.. cant able to only.. hope they will unite soon.. waiting for it.. and thanks for asking about us..

      And happy new year to all MATSH fans and friends… 🙂

  21. swana

    How many people will fall in love with ishaani…just stop creating so many love stories ..u all know we love ishveer only…then y?? Wat about that secret room…

  22. Ekta mam i hope this year ap ishveer ko reunite kar do its humble request 1 jan ko to wo sath nahi ha bt ekta mam 14 feb ko wo sath hone chaiye plzzzzzzz

  23. This is only for ishveer. Tum dil ki dhadkan mein rahte ho tum rahte ho ban k aansoo ankhon se bahte ho bahte ho meri in sanson se kahte ho kahte ho diwano sa haal hua dekho mujko ishveer se pyar hua ab na kisi se darna hai ishveer k le jina marna hai tum dil ki dhadkan mein rahte ho tum rahte ho. Ishveer i really luv u i can’t express my feeling. And wish u again very very happy new year always be happy & keep smile.

  24. ishaani




  26. Ranaji(narendran)

    Vaishali,k.praveena mam all of them i have sent email they will post epi on jan4th matsh season-2 stay stunned a new story line

  27. Aj kal practical ho rahe school mein to or period free chal raha to maine 7 grls ko matsh ki story 1 epi se batai mujhe frst epi se ek ek scene yaad h song tak

  28. Meri join family h sb ka fvrt show hai bt jab matsh ata h sab show nahi mujhe dekhte hai or jb main show dekh kar roti hun to mere cousins mera video bana kar mere frnd k pass send kar dete hain

  29. IshuRV

    Radhika and Ranaji really your crazy fans of matsh and I would also love to join you. Radhika, Ranaji, and IshuRV crazy fans of matsh .☺☺☺☺☺

  30. IshuRV

    telly chakkar mein dekhna . meine subha hi dekha tha par directly nahi milega . kisi news me niche tha voh

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