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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manas watches Ishaani come back home, crying. They all turn to look at her. Manas asks where she was and where the patient is. She looks at Chaitali trying the jewelry. Baa asks Ishaani why she is silent and doesn’t speak anything. Ishaani says that Sharman…. They all turn and asks what happened to Sharman. She says he is no more. Chaitali doesn’t belive this, Mitesh gets silent in shock. Chaitali says to Ishaani that this isn’t possible, how dare she even say this to her about her son. She asks Mitesh to call him who didn’t speak. Ishaani hugs Chaitali and tells her that Milan, the twin of Ranveer killed Sharman, and his body is in hospital. She must control herself to see his body. Chaitali pushes Ishaani away and says she doesn’t believe this.
Amba comes in the room

crying, she says to Kailash that they didn’t recognize that was Milan. He hated them so much. Why he never said once that he wanted to rest his head on his mother’s lap. Kailash says he had their blood, but not the brought up of theirs. He was only here for his revenge, in anger a person never know what to do and what not. Amba says he is right, he did this all to separate Ranveer from them. But she will never shed a tear for him and will never forgive him.
Sharman’s body is brought home. Chaitali sits beside the covered body, Mitesh gets besides her. Baa is shocked. Chaitali removes the cover off his face. She cries shouting his name. Mitesh also cries for him while Baa realizes the death only after seeing his face. Amba also comes there, she cries and says that there is no pain more than losing a son. Chaitali tells Amba to stop this drama, her son killed her son. Amba says she wish he wasn’t her son, she gave birth to him but he was separated from them in childhood. Chaitali tells her to stop it, she knows that Ranveer has killed Sharman. Kailash says it wasn’t Ranveer but Milan. Mitesh says that he has always agreed to Kailash, but today Kailash is wrong. Chaitali says that Ranveer never liked Sharman because he always spoke against Ranveer’s decisions. Ishaani also tells Chaitali that it was Milan, not Ranveer. Chaitali asks why she is saving her husband, its ok with her. She will remarry but where she will bring her son back. Chaitali says no one will ever believe her about Milan, Ishaani is so blind in her love she can’t see her husband’s pain. Ishaani says she isn’t lying, Manas says he doesn’t know what is right or wrong but right now they must prepare for Sharman’s coronation. Ishaani says he was her brother as well, she will prove Milan as a twin of Ranveer and will get him freed.
The police searches all the place. They say there is no body. There are divers in the lake, if they find any body in lake they will report them.
Manas is shocked to listen to Disha’s suggestion. She says that she doesn’t want him to get into Ranveer and Sharman’s matter. They will live happily away from them. She tells him to take some money and go to US. Manas says Ishaani needs him. Disha says that she has come here for him only, can’t he do this for her? Manas nods. Disha hugs him.
Ishaani comes to her room, sits on the floor and cries. She says why this happened that Ranveer counldnt attend Ranveer’s coronation. She wipes her tears and says she doesn’t have to cry, she has to find out which injection Milan gave to Ranveer and what were the rashes of. She thinks Milan always kept his things here, she must find out something. She checks wardrobe. She wonders what if Milan had given Ranveer some poison that is fatal. She thinks he must have searched about it on internet. She looks into his laptop but there was nothing in it. She thinks about going to a doctor or a pharmacy.

PRECAP: Ishaani comes to the venue and finds a white shirt. She thinks that this is similar to the one Ranveer wore. This mean Milan changed into a dress like Ranveer’s and put on colours on face before making the video.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was very sad.. will miss Sharman character very much .. don’t know why ekta Mam end this supportive character.. felt sorry for chaitali..
    Precap ok.. hope Ishaani find out soon.. waiting for Ishveer happy moments… doesn’t know when this is going to happen..

    1. Mera dawa h. ..puri umar beet jaygi even tumhare bacho ke bache ho jayge or same yhi likh rhe hoge hope isveer meet soon.. …ram seeta se pare h ye vanwas….. Just kick ekta hardly so her mind open soon

  2. to day episode was ok.waiting for ishveer reunion.

  3. Ya ishani. This is ur turn to save ranvi from milan. Milan u definitely going to jail or hell. Precape so interesting. But today epi so sad bcoz sharman. till i really like milan not now. I hate this charector. Milan not a villan that milan the killer. Plz creater don’t make any sympathy about milan past life.

  4. Thank u sona

  5. I hope ishani find out the milan also injection and she saves ranvi from every wrong situation. Milan i will gets u then i will mesh u. U r creating so many trouble to ishveer. I don’t forgive u bcoz u r killed sharman. I really getting irked. I have no sympathy for u.

  6. hai suga how are you? .actually all matsh viewers waiting for ishveer union…..suga actually where is your locality.which state.what did you.?student?

  7. Today ‘s episode is very..ishaani plsss..use ur brain a little bit and try to find out the plan of milannn…ok this time u should save rv and act like a smart girl don’t be too..much u didn’t find the difference between rv and milannn..ekta u r making so many twist and make ishaani also as much as clever as ur twist..

  8. This serial is getting bad.

  9. so funny….:-O ekta killing them one by one .nice.:-) 🙂 . serial name is too good “” meri dhusmani tum se hi””” :V :v :V

  10. There should be an end to the evil acts of Milan soon. No child can be so treacherous to the mom how much ever the sufferings be. In no way Ranveer be punished.

  11. episod ok………..precape attractive

    1. i think ekta u end the serial on killing ishveer last………i think its not meri aashiqui tumse hi its meri aashiqui adhuri hi sahi………….

      1. nice…’s a good name of this serial

  12. Ekta…… I am waiting when yoy faced an accident an your memory repair during treatment…….kitne janam bad…… Title ke according serial chlega…….

    You really a blo*dy foolish lady

  13. Soon dey wil kill everyone from the serial..huh sharmans character was so gud and u all killed him..end the f**king shitty serial nw nothing is left in dis

  14. block buster episode 3/ 4 th video is mutted why they are doing like that all important conservation so many dialogues are cut

  15. in you tube they always mutted where i can download videos anybody say plzz….

    1. daily motion or deshi tahsan or flash player.

  16. what the hell yar ? ab matsh sham 5:30 nahi dikhatyenge. isi time per toh mujhe matsh dekhane milata that.

  17. I think its better to stop watching this irritating by day so much of dragging..ekta dont fool us i ll kill u

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