Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar comes to police station asking for Ishaani as they have arrested Ishaani and this station covers that area. The inspector says there is no complain against Ishaani nor have they arrested anyone from the hotel. Shekhar says they went from back door to avoid taking attention but were they the people who wanted to kill Ishaani. He calls the waiter and asks if he can give some other informations. The waiter tells Shekhar he heard they are going to ghaat. Shekhar leaves.
RV was sitting on the stage, Baa comes to the God’s idol. Amba and Lakshmi were busy preparing the wedding thaal, RV watches Baa standing there. She prays to God that he has made Ishaani and Ranveer then why test two lovers to such an extent. Parul asks RV about her Shagun. RV gives a bundle of money to him but

is restless. Amba sends Mala with a glass of milk for Ritika. Baa notices RV restless and looking for someone at the door. Baba says he wants to talk to him and takes him inside.
On the road, Ritika thinks Sehrabandi must have passed, she will reach in ten minutes and just hope no one has gone to her room. She pulls up the car thinking all her makeup, clothes and hair are out of order and what will she reply if anyone asks her. She wipes her face off and dries her hair. She says her mother in law must not know that her daughter in law killed her ex-daughter in law.
In the room, Kailash looks at RV. RV asks what is is about. Kailash says he is smiling but isn’t happy, a child is close to his mother who knows a little pain of her child, but his mother says he is closer to his baba than her. Kailash says he brought her to Mumbai at the age of 9 and he has spent more childhood with him than his mother. He asks him to recall the time when at night they were tired and used to hear old songs. RV says they chose a lot of different singers, Baba says he always listened to Mukesh and made his life like his songs. He tells him not to lose Kishore whose songs gives them life. He asks him to live with a lively heart, he has taken a decision to marry Ritika and now stay with his decision. He might never be able to give Ritika her place if he keeps his past in him.
In the car, Ritika says there is less time left when she will be with RV and then no one will be there between them. She drives again.
Mala comes to the room with a glass of juice for Ritika. She removes the bed cover and gets worried as where has Ritika gone. She makes the bed again and leaves the room calling Amba.
Amba comes to room and tells Kailash to go and meet Shekhar and his parents and Krishaa. Outside, Amba sends Parul to wake Ritika up.
Ritika enters the house from back door. Mala comes calling Amba, Parul was going upstairs to look for Ritika. Ritika walked ahead of Parul in the corridor. Mala tells Lakshmi that Ritika isn’t in the room, her bed is empty. She takes Lakshmi along. Parul comes to the room wondering Ritika is still asleep. She removes the bed covers, Ritika lay there and sits up. Parul says she looks really fresh, Ritika smiles and says she had a sweet dream that is soon going to be fulfilled. Lakshmi and Mala come at the doorstep, Lakshmi scolds her watching Ritika getting ready. Mala wonders how is this possible, where she came here from. Parul gives final touches to Ritika’s bridal look. Ritika asks if they must go, Parul takes a moment from her.
Shekhar drives on the road worried how could he do this, why he didn’t look for her and kept thinking she has left him. He was determined he will get her rid of any problem. Mr. Mehra, Kanchal and Krisha arrive at the wedding. Kailash and Amba welcome them. Mr. Mehra invites Amba to the wedding of Shekhar and Krisha. Amba asks about Shekhar, Mr. Mehra says he must be coming and asks about RV and goes to greet him. They all ask about Ritika, Parul brings Ritika downstairs there and then. RV turns to watch her. Amba goes and hugs Ritika saying she looks so beautiful. Krisha spots Baa, Kanchal and Mr. Mehra go to meet her. Ritika asks RV how is she looking. He says she looks good and the colour suits her, he looks at a blood stain on her dress and asks how it came there on her dress. Ritika is speechless.

Update in ProgressPRECAP: RV comes running to Ishaani on the road.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. Rithika’s chapter is going to get over.. waiting for it and amba reaction.. hopefully shikhar help Ishaani.. Ranveer still not ready for shadi with ri.. we know clearly from his reaction.. waiting for Ishaani Ranveer remarriage episode..

      • Suga

        New SPOILER:


        Ritika bangs the door and Ranvir comes out in Chennai style. Ritika asks whats happening, why is he celebrating. She starts questioning him and he hides the fact that Ishani is inside the room. He wants to know that she lost her memory or acting. Ritika doubts that he is getting inclined towards Ishani again, and he promises her that he will never do anything out of his limits and asks her to relax. Ishani’s memory loss brings her close to Ranvir.

  2. Samiya

    hii everyone im new here.
    and i cant waIt the spoiler suga and i wish ranveer suspects rithika

    • Mahesh

      welcome both of you …please put ur mobile no here on forum so they can send you latest updates

    • Suga

      Daniela.. The above said was the precap.. 🙂 but I hope it is Shikhar.. and it is Ishaani imagination that she sees him as Ranveer.

  3. neha

    I am touched with shikhar gesture…….. He’s really good in his friendship as well as love relationship also… Ranveer look at shikhar how’s he helping ishaani why can’t you…don’t trust stupid psycho ritika….. I am eagerly waiting to see ishveer reunion…. They look good together… Sad for shikhar..

    • Rahul

      Its guys like u who cant identify the differnece between love and infatuation… shikhars so called concern will last max for 12 months, RVs since childhood… Pls select someone who loves u dearly, even though he maynot be best in expressing, rather than choosing a dramebaaz

      • shalini

        well said rahul.AND who said that ranveer cant express love?may be at first he didn’t express his luv fr ishani.But after that,have u all forgot the valentines episodes?He gave happiness to ishani and surprised her a lot.

  4. neha

    I am touched with shikhar gesture…….. He’s really good in his friendship as well as love relationship also… Ranveer look at shikhar how’s he helping ishaani why can’t you…don’t trust stupid psycho ritika….. I am eagerly waiting to see ishveer reunion…. They look good together… Sad for shikhar.


  6. Hansinee

    Hello everyone. I’m also new to this. Hope everything will b fine. Luv u ishveer. Eagerly waiting for your reunion.

  7. Anu

    how disgusting…they dint show any ishaani scene today..ab tk mujhe lagta tha dat only ranveer cud make me yestrday i was in tears seesing ishani in pain bleeding , struggiing to get up n walk.. Plz directors..ab to reunion kara do mere ishveer ka..

  8. shabbu

    Hope ranveer remember tat ritika had blood mark on her dress when ishaani tells him the truth!!!

    But this all is our imagination nothing will happen like this.. Ekta mam thinks us stupid.. So she is dragging the story by ranveer not believing ishaani!!

  9. annah(anu)

    Oh bosh!!! They r showing senseless things!! Yes, matsh is my fave show……but wat all they r showing is impractical!!

    How can it be that after rits stabbed ishani, she alive for soo long?? How can it happen that she fell on d ground unconscious n then again try to get up being conscious?!???? Anything yarrrr!! N by now it must have been half an hour after rits stabbed ishani n now after half n hour shikhar is reaching d spot n ishani is still alive??????????

    Anyways………waiting for ishveer…..whatever they show, I luv ishveer!!

  10. Anjali James

    Pllzzzz ishani or ranver ko dur mt krna . they luk gud 2gthr.. I love u shakti n radhika ..

  11. krystal


  12. Plz play the ashiqui love theme at the background instead of any other song coz’ it feels really amazing when ishveer sceans are going on and ashiqui love theme plays at the background ??

  13. sunaina

    boring serial… plz guys it seemz lyk kavyanjali serial model…. plz stop al bakwas n do som extra ordinary vch audience lyk d most

  14. shalini

    there is visual treat fr us with only ishveer fr sme days as smriti khan(ritika)is on a trip out

  15. hai guys, even I am new…..
    Shikar is so nice, caring person, & after few episodes, he will not have Ishani with him….poor guy…

  16. kowsi

    I think precap will be dream of anyone ….bcoz telly updates told shikar will come to save ishaani…he lift her to take hospital..

  17. sugan

    hope ishani n ranveer unite and put ritika in trouble fr all those cruelty she did to them n falguni

  18. Honey

    Wow 2days epi (july1) was very nice. I got tears on ishkar seen. Feeling very sorry for shikar

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