Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik sends the lady dressed in Falguni’s clothes out before Ritika comes downstairs.
Ritika comes home and finds a letter from Falguni. Sharman stood there, Pratik brings the CD and asks which one to play. Sharman says he must play Dewarsh’s engagement video, he had missed alot. He comes to Ritika and asks why is she so worried, Ritika asks him to see who this envelop is from. Sharman reads it to be Sukriti Videos, she is shocked. Sharman asks them all to come to watch the engagement video of Dewarsh and invites everyone to join. Lakshmi tells Amba to see how much they had robbed Shekhar’s family. Ishaani notices Ritika, Ritika thinks that she can’t let them watch the video else they will watch her footage and suspect her. SHe snatches Pratik’s CD saying

she will help him. The CD gets scratches, Pratik says that the CD has been ruined. Ishaani opens the envelop and tells Pratik that engagement CD is this one, and the ruined CD was RV’s official CD that he had forgotten. She tells Ritika not to worry, RV will not scold her much. RV comes home saying he came earlier to take care after Ishaani as she must not be resting. Ishaani says they are all watching Dewarsh’s engagement’s video, he must also join. RV agrees. Ritika shuts her eyes but RV asks what is he watching? It was some dance video. Ritika gets relaxed, RV and Ishaani leave for their room. Pratik gets a call, he pays the actor who hands her saree to him. Pratik is worried what to do about the saree when Ritika comes out calling watch man. She was there to ask the watchman who sent the DVDs. Pratik thinks about keeping the saree in the car and leaves. Ritika thinks what if Ishaani is doing this all, she must get all the truth from her. She comes inside and asks Mala what is the smell about? Mala says Chaitali is preparing some Qara in the kitchen. She comes to kitchen, Chaitali says she is preparing the Qara to know about the truth from him. She says he will pour out whatever is inside the man’s heart as soon as one drinks it. She leaves while Ritika says she also wants to know Ishaani’s truth if she has really lost her memory, or if she really met her mother. Mala comes there, Ritika tells her to give this Qara to Ishaani as Chaitali says this will give her strength. She tells her to avoid it in front of Ranveer as he doesnt believe in this all, and tell Ishaani Baa sent it. Mala gives the Qara to Ishaani in the room.
Ritika was waiting downstairs and asks Mala if Ishaani drank the Qara? Was RV there? She says today she will let Ishaani tell her the truth and then she will have to leave the house.
RV comes to the room asking for a green file. Ishaani was lost and questions Ranveer if he is in love with green colour. Ranveer asks Ishaani if she is drunk? Ishaani says why Baa would sent Qara for her, she says it was for strength. Ranveer smells it and says this is abit known, if Chaitali gave her this. Ishaani says does it matter, what matters is that it gave her strength. She asks Ranveer if he remembers she was irritated whenever he made her Sunny Deole. RV smiles and turns to speak when he finds her meowing again. She says she has become a cat now, the biggest one. He tries to speak to her but she stops him and says he must also speak to her like a cat. Ranveer laughs at her, she asks if he is laughing and mocking her when she is trying to make cat’s voice. Ranveer thinks if that Qara is making Ishaani speak the truth, he might know at once if Ishaani has lost her memory. he comes towards Ishaani, she asks why is he staring and there is no need to make her fearful. She says if he says so, she will leave and sit as a good girl without making any noice. Ranveer comes to her, holds her by arms and asks if she will tell him something if he asks her. She asks him to ask more than one questions, but as a concession he might as 1oo questions. He asks if she will tell him the truth? She vows to speak the truth.
Ritika thinks Qara must have worked, she must now do her work. Ranveer must be in study, she must go and ask Ishaani the truth.
In the room, Ranveer asks Ishaani if she has some secret that she didnt tell anyone. Ritika comes upstairs, the door was locked, she peeks through the window and watches Ranveer asking Ishaani if there is a truth that she hasnt shared with anyone. Ishaani says there is one, that she never told anyone; that truth is that no matter how much far away she may go from him she won’t be able to live without him. She loves him so much, no matter everything changes, he changes but she did, and she will always love him. She was crying. Ranveer hugs her tight. Ritika is shocked to see them.

PRECAP: Ishaani was asleep sweating. RV takes his beddings to the couch.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. It seems that they are not ready to end this track soon… dragging…..
    Ishveer scenes was nice… doesnt know when Rithika will be trapped. Hope it happen asap.. where is Shikhar??? Precap is nice.. waiting for a good episode.

  2. today episode is very good……, hahahahahahahahahahaha rithika ava thalaile manna vaairi potukitaaa hahahaha nice…., great nose cut for rithika, and ishveer scene is very romantic.., waiting for tommorrow episode……,

  3. I m really melted …..ohhhhhh god wat a scene…rithika unaku ithu thevaiya…im really waiting for rithika truth..pls ektha mam rithika ku eppa delievery agum..inumma 10 month agala

  4. hahahahaha ya kowsi u r right……., epa delivery aagum rithika ku? Inuma 10 month aagala….., but ava apa apa baby u dont worry…, apdnu solrapalam avlo tention aagum enaku……,

    1. same enakum tan..

  5. Wow today’s epi ws awesome
    ritika was so funny hw she was jumping
    ishveer scene were mind blowing
    finally ishani spoke out that she love rv from core of her heart |O|O|O
    ishveer rocks
    love u rv soooooooo muchh

  6. all are waiting for rithika truth exposing scene……, but this serial is going so much of dragging……., romba ilukuringa, evlo naal than nangalum wait panuvom, wait pani wait pani romba tired aaitom……, plz revealed the truth soon……

  7. Dat last dialogue of ishaani took my heart. They look so good 2gthr,

  8. OMG!!!Romba emotional episode…ishani unmaiyilae pavam pa…ava azhudukitae ranveertan love panren sollumpodu romba sad…romba emotional agiten…ranveera pakumpodu so happy…entha oru ishanikitendu eppilendo ethirpartan…sema emotional hug…so nice episode…

  9. Ranveer entha oru varthaiyadan ishanikitendu ethirpatan…

  10. I like today’s episode and precap is also interesting….. Can’t wait for next episode☺

  11. upcoming episode: must read it:
    Ritika is suspicious and finds that Chaitali is
    making a herbal drink that will force its
    drinker to speak only the truth. She decides
    to use it on Ishaani. Lateron, Ranvir notices
    that Ishaani has had the drink.
    Ritika is now sure of family being with
    Ishani and trying to trap hershe hides in the
    bathroom and tricks Prateek into believing
    that Ishaani is taking a shower.
    Ishani’s guilt continues to prick her.Drunk
    Ishaani almost gives in to RV,butRanveer
    (Shakti Arora) who still thinks Ishaani has
    memory loss will make her to sleep.
    Next day Ishani (Radhika Madan) thinks
    she spent night with Ranveer and feels
    guilty towards Shikar.Knowing this from his
    sister,Shikar will be heartbroken and gets
    drunk where he will bump into RV’s car and
    will Reveal Ishaani pretending memory loss
    shocking RV.
    Heartbroken Ranveer tells Ishani that
    nothing happened between them other
    night and it was just Ishaani got drunk and
    tells her to leave him.But will Ishani tell the
    truth to Ranveer about Ritika ?

    1. Thank u for updates, arora! Eagerly waiting for this epi…If rv knows the truth then how ishani reveal ritika??? Omg! Another twist…Poor ishveer, it seems they never can be together….

  12. in all ekta serial the is a pregnant lady who passes the 10 month pregnancy tym
    in kumkum bhagya its rachana who is currently holding a record fr longest pregnancy tym next nw its ritika in marsh n I think the next contender would b tanu frm kkb

    1. Absolutely

  13. in all ekta serial the is a pregnant lady who passes the 10 month pregnancy tym
    in kumkum bhagya its rachana who is currently holding a record fr longest pregnancy tym next nw its ritika in matsh n I think the next contender would b tanu frm kkb

    1. Agree……in all ekta’s show’s,, all the ladies became elephant during pregnancy course…wether its rachna, ritika or next is tanu…..ha ha ha…

  14. Wow rithika you done good job and very nice episode superb

  15. I like today’s episode….. But hate devil ritika….. Don’t know when will this ritika’s truth revealed…..dragging too much….. Tomorrow’s episode will also look interesting…☺

  16. Omg ishveer scenes so melting..
    Waiting for tmrw episode..??

  17. Nice episode

  18. They r just dragging this serial. It’s already time to solve all problems n finish this story! I also think that ritika isnt a woman but an elephant…

  19. Please ishveer jaldi we ek ho jao.please please please……………

  20. Atlast today ishani confessed her love….
    So happy….
    Ritika ku semma Nosecut….

  21. What ever we all say and wanna watch…..ekta aunty wahi karengi woh karna chati gain..ishveer looks adorable together….in today’s episode ishani spoken het deepest and strongest emotion….lekin phir bhi rv us drunk Shikhar Ki baat sunkar uski baat hi manega…..and will again misunderstand his wife.
    ..kua Karen hukim toh manna hi hoga

    1. ye bilkul sahi bola aapne…..pata nhi kab ishveer ka milan hoga aur ritika ka sach bahar ayega…… ye ritika ka pregnancy kab khatm hoga??? naa shikhar naa ranveer pura bharosa karta h ishani pe….mujhe malum h ki ishani shikhar k saath jaana chahti h ritika ka pardafas karne k baad, but wo nhi jayegi kyuki usse shikhar k galat intentions ka pata chal jayega…… ishveer ka romance dekhne mei bada achha lagta h but na jaane kab ekta mam show mei romance dekhne ko milega??

  22. Wat a scene ya…Ishveer so romantic…I cried seeing ishaani crying saying those words.. so lovable…

  23. Eagerly w8ing for today’s episode……ohhhhh so romantic precap…!!!

  24. please ishani and ranveer ko alag math na karo Vo dhuno loves each other. Please Ishani you tell the truth about Rithika then RV helps you. Please ishani and Ranveer ko alag matho na karo this is our humble request

  25. Very nice epic i love ishveer soooooooo much

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