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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
The servant informs chirag too about it, and he rushes towards the store. Ranvir breaks into ishaani’s room, braving the fire and the glass shards, and is shocked to find ishaani lying unconscious on the floor. he takes her in his arms and saves her from the fire. He tries to wake her up but in vain. He comes out with Ishaani and seeing her unconscious, he again tries to wake her up. chirag too comes and finds her unconscious and gets tensed. ranvir finds him like this, and gets tensed himself. he reluctantly hands her over to Chirag, while unable to see them both like that. he gets with the servant, to get some water, and sprinkle some on ishaani which stirs her. Ishaani wakes up and finds chirag in front of her, and gets the assumption

that he saved her, and starts blabbering about the storehouse. Before chirag can answer, she again doses into unconsciousness with a dizzy head. on ranvir’s insistence, chirag says yes to ishaani. ranvir too adds in saying that chirag saved her heroic style, and goes on a rant about it, while she eyes chirag disbelievingly. ranvir is tensed. they both go, and chirag places ishaani on the bed. she thanks him, while he places a finger on her mouth, and asks her to stop talking and rest. he gets tensed seeing their proximity, and steps out saying that he would get falguni and harshad. outside, he breaks inconsolably into tears, at the prospect of his love losing away. Amba comes and finds his hands burnt. ranvir lies that chirag saved ishaani, and his hands got burnt in dousing the fire. But amba sees through his lie, saying that she would heal the physicfal wound, but not the wound that his heart suffers everyday. ranvir is tensed.

Downstairs, chetali is happy to find that sheramn likes jigna, and chetali assumes that this is the perfect match. they go to Jigna’s parents to talk about marriage, but sherman takes jigna aside that he wants to talk to her. But just then, a girl turns him around and slaps sherman, and starts pretending to be his girlfriend in america, who he lured into marriage in india. she leaves in a huff. All are tensed. the guests start reprimanding chetali for having insulted them by inviting them here. ranvir is tensed to find all leaving. All are tensed and worried, about baa’s reaction to this. ranvir rushes somewhere. In ishaani’s room, harshad is tensed about the fire, while falguni thanks the lord and commends chirag too for having saved ishaani. harshad thinks that he would go and thank chirag. ranvir comes and tells them to go down, as there’s some problem. ishaani asks them to go. They comply. ranvir is left alone with ishaani, who is tensed and angry too. She says that she doesnt want to talk to him, asking where was he when she needed him the most, to save him, and says that chirag did a favour over her by saving her life. She reprimands him for sitting silently. she notices the wound on his hand, and goes to find it bandaged. He says that it got burnt. She asks how. Ranvir turns it into a joke, and distracts her away from the topic of how he got burnt. she leaves in disgust, while he emotionally eyes the wound. downstairs, all refuse to believe to sherman, while he pleads innocence and says that he doesnt know anything about it. they are all scared as they find baa coming down. He says the same thing to baa too. Baa says that it was her mistake to send him to US. harshad says that now they should believe sherman rather than some strangers. baa says that the children of the house are acting beyond their limits, and blames it indirectly on wrong company, hinting at falguni and ishaani. Harshad asks them all to calm down, and sit down tomorrow, after everyone has had some rest. chetali goes onto find a new list of brides. Her husband has a swoony spell. devarsh and prateik get to attend to him.

The next morning, chanchal wakes ishaani up, saying that he has come here for her tuitions for gmat. she wakes up with a start asking who. When ishaani comes out, she finds chirag in the corridor, and then as his eyes graze down, she is suddenly aware that she came out in her knee length flannel nightgown, exposing her legs to his sight. she is embarassed and mortified, and she hides behind the pillar, asking him whats he doing here, while he is amused at her discomfort. She asks him to go down the hall, while he apologises for coming in unannounced. she asks him to wait while she changes and comes. He leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Jigna’s residence
The lady who pretended to be sherman’s girlfriend, turns out to be jigna’s friend, who uses this trick, to get jigna out of arranged proposals, as she is in love with a guy called jignesh. she professes her loyalty always to jigna, while also asking her to tell about her love story to her parents too. she leaves finally.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
As ishaani comes down, she finds chirag talking to someone. when she gets to know that it was riya, ishaani asks how he got the number. ranvir says that he gave it, as she doesnt have interest, hence he gave the number to chirag, so that atleast she can benefit. she is irritated. ranvir gets them to have some beverages. Chirag starts with logical reasoning, while ishaani snidely comments that this is what she needs right now. As his phone continues to ring, he gives it to ranvir. They get to studying. ranvir continuously gets phone calls on chirag’s number, and chirag continuously rejects them saying that he would call them back. ranvir keeps giving the message, while chirag asks him to put the phone on siltn. she is shocked as to how many girls call chirag. She asks that he didnt like riya, and today he started chatting. He says that everyone deserves a second chance, and tries to flirt with ishaani. She gets tensed. disha overhears this and is tensed. ranvir asks chirag to get the calls, as they are incessant. chirag goes out with ranvir. As ranvir starts getting emotional about ishaani wanting the very best in life. Chirag asks what happened to him as he seems really affected by all this. he says that there’s definitely an effect, and that he is very happy for her, and that he is sure that she would fall in love with chirag very soon. Chirag says that something like this would happen, if he believes it, as he knows ishaani best. they move off. Disha overhears this and wonders whats happening between ranvir and chirag. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As disha and ranvir collide into each other, and he falls on top of her, pinniong her underneath, she is aware of this sudden proximity with ranvir, and eyes him longingly, and overwhelming with emotions. ranvir is boggled with disha’s changed behaviour.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Lol does she lyk ranveer or is she usin him to find out wiv wats goin on wiv chichani

    1. I think she is using him to find out whats happening with ishani and chirag!

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