Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika is shocked to hear and shouts is there an accident of Ranveer. Lakshmi controls Amba, Ritika promises to come to hospital. Ishaani was crying badly when Ritika comes there, she hugs Ritika and both cry. Ritika asks how did the accident take place, Ishaani looks at Amba and Lakshmi. The doctor comes out then, he says that Ishaani told it was accidental case, there wasn’t much physical injury but he is in trauma. They can’t say anything until he comes to consciousness. Ishaani and Ritika hug again crying. Ishaani tells Ritika nothing will happen to Ranveer. Amba asks did it take place when Ranveer was following him. Ritika asks Amba not to say anything to Ishaani as she brought Ranveer here. Lakshmi takes Amba along, Ritika holds the crying Ishaani and consoles her.
At home,

Chaitali says to Ritesh that they must bring Ishaani back. Baa says Ishaani won’t come back home. She says Chaitali is bringing Ishaani back because of Krisha’s family and not because she is our daughter. Chaitali asks what is wrong in this, when did Baa herself accepted Ishaani as her daughter. She hated Ishaani for whole of her life. Baa says yes, she hated Ishaani ever but today when she looks back at her she thinks Ishaani did the most for this family. Because she wasn’t Harshid’s daughter but his shadow. She learned from Harshid how to love the family. She says she knows why she went to jail, upon’s Dewarsh’s denial she didn’t come here, she didn’t meet Ranveer because he married Ritika and is happy with her. Baa says when Ishaani has lost each and everything, she must stay where she lives happily and she isn’t going to be happy in this house. She says today, she knows why Harshid loved Ishaani so much and if she can’t do atleast this for Ishaani, she won’t be able to face her son after death, so Ishaani won’t come to this house.
Ranveer opens his eyes to see doctor instructing nurse to check on his BP. He makes a noice, the doctor comes to attend her. Ranveer asks where is he. The doctor says he had an accident and is in hospital. RV asks about the girl and inspite of doctor asking him not to move, he struggles out of the room. Ishaani was waiting outside, RV walks through the corridor with much pain and difficulty, looking for Ishaani. He walks down the stairs and comes to see Ishaani. Ishaani looks at him, while he had tears in eyes which come out to his cheek. He moves towards Ishaani bare-footed, while Ishaani moves towards him. Ranveer loses control of himself, Ishaani holds him helping him stand. He looks at her hand on his arm as he holds her, then touches her face. He says Ishaani, is she alive? In front of him? He says yes, this is her as he holds her face. He says he knew she would come for sure, and here she has returned. He hugs Ishaani, Ishaani cries. He says for a moment, he thought he was dreaming what she always dreamt of that she might come home. But this isn’t dream, she is alive in front of him. She doesn’t know how he lived without her, he didn’t understand was he living as dead person? He now thinks as if he has got a new life again and hugs her again. He says he always waited for her, but that wait had no hope. It was his love, he made that wait the reason for his life. Now he won’t let her go away, he dreamed of her daily, now he will keep her in front of his eyes. He hugs her again and says he is so happy that she is alive, in front of him. Ishaani says she is also very happy that he is fine and in front of her. He asks why she didn’t come to meet him after being freed from jail. Ishaani says she has to go. RV asks where? Ishaani says she just had to see if he is fine, he is so she is going. He stops her and asks why she didn’t come to him? She says she didn’t just come to her front. She asks she can’t answer his questions, and why should he? She asks him not to waste time. He asks why she lived as Shekhar’s house and why she became Nirupa. Ishaani says Shekhar’s mom allowed her to stay at her house and she wanted to hide from him so she changed her name. She says he just had an operation, she can’t tell him the truth. Ishaani says she can’t hear the truth, RV says his heart bear a lot and can hear anything. Shekhar hears this, comes to RV and asks him to leave her. He tells RV she isn’t Nirupa, she is Ishaani Parekh, daughter of Falguni Parekh. RV says he knows about it. Ishaani heads to leave. Shekhar asks if he is her family friend. RV says not friend, he is her husband. RV asks didn’t she tell him they are married and she is his wife. Shekhar leaves RV’s hand. Ishaani looks away from Shekhar, then removes RV’s hand off hers and turns away. She says he is right, Shekhar. She married him, but she never loved him and never accepted him as husband. She was married forcibly to him because her mother thought he will keep her happy but how can one live happy with a person whom one doesn’t love. She says she never loved him and will never be able to do.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Shekhar outside that understand love is the most difficult thing. What you say in love can’t be undersood by people and you can’t tell anyone what you feel.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good. As expected Ishaani said the dialogue to Ranveer.Felt very sorry for shekhar.. bechara heart broken. I liked baa today.. atleast now she know about Ishaani.. Ishaani why are you going away from Ranveer.. please know about that evil Rithika soon and save your love.. waiting for a good episode.

  2. pyar

    Friends.. some one tell me which song was playing in the back ground during ranveer ishaani meet in hospital?

  3. arora

    omg, ishveer scene heart touching, what a feeling ranveer, kastama irnduchu, and ishaani yethuku thirumba thirumba ranveer ah kasta paduthura, avanum evlo than thaaguvaan, nium kasta patukitu avanaium kasta paduthikitu, inaki episode avlo kastama irnduchu, shekhar face pakanume apa avlo feeling ah irnduchu, ” vali endral kaadhalin vali than valiyinum perithu” ishveeer love….., “siru poludu pirindadarke pala poludu kathari vittaai” omg

  4. arora

    baa scene really amazing, she understood ishaani, ipavadu purinjikitale athuve pothum, waiting for good episode

  5. pyar

    Friends.. please… some one tell me which song was playing in the back ground during ranveer ishaani meet in hospital?

  6. plz ishaani understand RV …… dont hurt him ….. dont know when ishaani will come to know that rithika is not RV’s wife ,,,,,, when will they unite and together live happily without any troubles…..cant see RV and ishaani separating always and every time ….this time i think shikar will help in uniting RV and ishaani clearing all their misunderstanding…..

  7. arora

    Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is taking an
    interesting turn and the audience will love it
    as Ishani (Radhika Madan) will come back to
    RV’s (Shakti Arora) life. From what we hear,
    Ishani will figure out that Ritika (Smriti
    Khanna) is the one who messaged her
    which made her mother go to the terrace.
    The murder trap was for her and not her
    When Ishani goes through her phone she
    sees Ritika’s message asking her to come to
    the terrace. Ishani puts two and two
    together and figures out that Ritika is the
    one responsible for her mother’s death and
    hence must be punished.
    Ishani decides to reveal herself in front of
    Ranveer and declare to the world that she is
    still alive. She leavesShikhar’s (Arjun Bijlani)
    house and comes back to RV’s place to stay.
    This threatens Ritika’s life because
    technically RV and she are not married and
    hence she is not his wife. Even though RV’s
    mother throwsIshani out, it is little comfort
    to them when they see RV and Ishani
    hugging and making up for lost time.
    Will Ishani take her revenge from Ritika? Will
    RV support Ishani or believe in Ritika’s
    innocence? Did Ritika really kill Ishani’s
    mother or is she being framed? In all this
    we wonder what will happen to Shikhar’s
    love story.
    Initially the makers had brought Shikhar to
    replaceRV in Ishani’s love. Shikhar has
    already fallen in love with her, but with
    Ishani going back to RV, that love story will
    be terminated midway. Stay tuned to this
    space to find out what happens next.

  8. rosy

    I hate ds ishani she is jst incorigible….cnt she see rv is in pain widout her nd til nw also she is rejectng hs uncondional love,hurtng hm insultng hm

  9. arora

    Ishani to soon realise Ritika’s involvement
    in Falguni’s killing in the Colors’ show Meri
    Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
    The upcoming track of popular show Meri
    Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is set to bring in too
    many twists before their favourite lead pair
    Ishani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti
    Arora) come together again.
    It is seen that Ishani is staying as Nirupa in
    Shikhar’s (Arjun Bijlani) house and Ranveer
    is completely unaware of it.
    Ritika has turned an obsessive lover of
    Ranveer and is seen taking evil steps
    against Ishani, starting with killing Falguni.
    At many instances Ishani and Ranveer come
    across each other yet Ishani manages to
    sneak away.
    Ishani to finally face Ranveer
    Post Falguni’s cremation and asthi visarjan
    Ranveer will get curious about Nirupa and
    later will suspect her for Falguni’s murder.
    But soon Ishani will join the clues and will
    come to know Ritika’s involvement in the
    killing of Falguni.
    Knowing this Ishani will come in front of
    the world as Ishani and will fight back Ritika
    to get her position back in Ranveer’s life.
    It will be interesting to see how Shikar and
    Ranveer react to Ishani’s actions then.

  10. Can’t wait to see where this goes. I really do want to see how Ritika’s truth comes out. And what that will do to Amba. I am glad right now that Ishaani and Ranveer have seen each other at last. It will be nice to have a few nice dhamaka episodes to bring out the truth of everyone…

  11. priya kumar

    ishani what’s is your problem please accept your love and pls give peace in ranveer heart plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. MATSH

    i have no comments for today’s episode,,shit fed up of Ishani’s attitude .

    But just saw the difference between Ishani’s aashiqui and Ranveer’s aashiqui..!

  13. Rosh

    I am very happy today because Baa told my heart out .I don’t have to defend Ishani today. As expected Ishani told she never loved him, but her eyes told another story. But I think this RV won’t broken like earlier because he also went through a lot of pain . May be he will let her go to Shiker thinking at least she will be happy with him.
    RV is back to his normal self , he got his Ishani back in front of his eyes even that much that she is alive will help him to move ahead . But if the story is like above stated it will be interesting to watch . There will be jealousy , love , revenge and war …

  14. 2days episode was very heart touching
    Koi kise se itna pyaar b Kar sakta hai really yaar kashh ran veer jaise pyaar Karne wala duniya mai b ho
    Ne ways s m waiting for inshani n ranveer wen dey vil meet n forget der past dat wat had happen to der lyfs n wat ishani had done to him
    Abhi ishani thoda footage legii as oll thanxx to director ranveer Ki lyf mai aane k liye

  15. Rosh

    MATSH are you sure Ritika is the villain but she look very genuine to Ishani today like she really care for them.. Is there any other villain in the story?
    But this Ritika look like a sweet heart, until today how she will turn bad suddenly?

  16. Yeah coz the sources claim that Ritika is the villain and behind all evil,, in RV ishani love life,,
    But may be she pretends as the most genuine woman on earth ,,,
    Coz it’s after all Ekta Kapoor’s show, so that anything could happen,,
    Don’t worry guys soon RV and Ishani will be united coz Ishani will reveal all truth to RV after she come to know Ritika is bad,,
    Finally let RV get peace in his heart

  17. sree

    yr….promos are ok….bt plz yr….already fr me watching tv s restricted…still im watching dis serial vit full difficulty….dis writter still dnt have anyting….making dis rona dona drama….bcz of dis tragedy stry …im getting scoldings fr watching dis cring serial…..plz….make some good episode….

  18. Episode was gud..ishaani pls tell the truth rv…rv pavam pa…evlo tan avanum thanguvan ..i think ishaani shikar ta ella unmaiyum soluvanu ninaikuren shikar tan chirag death la iruka unmaiya vellila kondu vandhu ishveer reunite panuvanu ninaikuren…i watched in utube ishaani decides to snatch ranveer from rithika..kkb la abhi hurt agitan ithula rv vera also shikar…the female leading characters y hiding the truth abt ur husband..ipa vera saturday no matsh..waiting for happy episode…

  19. rubyvelonica

    wow heart touching scene . is gain I want to known all twist . rithika is a doing all .rithika is did t rv wife and not rv child . amba why r doing this ishani good daughter law . when problems solve i m waiting for all . love can do anything in this world . aashiqui

  20. ipsita

    Dekha frnds kya kiya ishani ne….firse hurt kya rv ko
    Kyn kr rhi hai yr wo asa br br….kch blti hi nae to kya ho jata

    Aur wo msg v asb blne se pehle dkhti tb hi acha hota….avi dkh k v ky fyda….alrdy to ktna kch bol chuki hai rv ko…MAHAN bn rhi hai Wo v us ldki k lye jisne uski lyf spoil kr dya hai….duffer ishani stupid ishani
    Nd love u shakti….i love you so mch…..

  21. Manisha

    Good episode but I have read some where about ritikas twin sister.we are waiting for Ritika to show her true colours.but if they show her twin sister then it’s totally disgusting.then there is no need of ritikas character in this serial.hope cvs won’t show us that type of crap.they are showing Ritika as a negative role in promo since many days so now if they will show twin sister then they are just making us fool.ranveer and Ishani are really doing their role nicely.hats off to them.shikhar is also very good.

  22. rosy

    Many of us r doubtng ritika nd ritika seems to be good sumwhere..i thnk she suffers frm psychological prblm….dat multiple character wala prblm where a persons leads 2 lyfs…i hav thought of dis many a tyms…she remains good infrnt of rv nd others bt she also develops widin herself a charactr of a crazy lover nd a revenge seeker…no doubt she suffrd wen her marriage broke twice.

  23. Manisha

    Ishani still pretends that she hates Ranveer but Ranveer should use his mind that she is still wearing that dove ring and she was worried for Ranveer when he met with an accident.she was just crying in operation theatre.ranveer can’t understand this?her eyes were full of love and emotions she has for Ranveer.though she speaks she hates Ranveer but her heart says different.and how can Ranveer believe that she loved Chirag but not him.she was the person who informed Ranveer that Chirag was planning to kill can he believe in ishanis false stories?he knows her from childhood.he should investigate in this matter that why Ishani is behaving like this.i think shikhar will also help them both to reunite.he is really nice guy.but I hate Ritika too much.i don’t unds her personality.

  24. please ishani aur ranveer ko alag math na karo. Amba is selfish. Rotika is also selfish. But poor ishani and Ranveer loves each other.

  25. sri

    what the hell.. Y should ranveer and ishani always bear all pain.. Always they r in some serious problem.. Wanna see them living happy

    today’s episode was great with more emotions with ishveer and good to see baa like this.. but am confused with this ritika.. Pls man unite them ASAP!!!! Waiting for lovely ishveer moments.

  26. rudra

    Dear Sona, the update has some confusions with pronouns,”he” n “she”. though v no its due to hurry n excitement.Pls see to it, its a request.

  27. Kalai

    I really Love this serial…yenna oru feelings…wow its was amazing…2days episode really heart touching…waiting for coming episode..when Ishveer will reunion…juz love them…

  28. sunetra

    Ishani why are u behaving like this its so irritating she is not accepting RVs love… trying to make him hate herself but Rv loves Ishani so much he cant do so in anyways… We want RV Ishani back together agains its really so exciting to see both together..

  29. zeba

    Ishani ur character is getting insane day by day….first to save disha and RV both u took his diamond company and lied that u dont love RV…second to save RV from going to jail u took the murder blame on u and u lied once again that u dont love RV…third time just to see RV happy with rithika ..u are lying yer again that u dont love RV…Plz tell me do u belong to this planet earth ..public ko bewakoof samjha hai…door door tak there is no aashiqui aur naam rakha hai meri aashiqui tumse hi…hahahaha
    Name should be hamari TRP bewakoof public se hi

  30. Manisha

    Ranveer can’t you see love in her eyes for you?cant you see she was crying for you?though she doesn’t express in words but we can see love in her eyes for Ranveer.she behaves rudely with Ranveer but she believes that he is married to Ritika and she is pregnant also so she doesn’t want to spoil ranveers life.her love is true for Ranveer.

  31. sadiya samreen

    ishaani dont make rv cry . . . . . dis s jst toooo much.
    pachpan se chahta tha , lekin ab tak nahi samaj paae.
    yaaaar ua episode makes r eyes into tears 🙁

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