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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks Ranveer that he must not leave her like this, she won’t be able to live. Ranveer says he won’t do it, as he can also not live without her. He went out because there was no solution to their problem. Ishaani says he can pour his anger on her but not leave her, she hugs him.
The duplicate says to Raavan that he interfered. Raavan asks the duplicate if he wanted to kill him. The duplicate says he only wanted to make him afraid. Raavan says the duplicate wont also get free if something happened to Ranveer. He tells Raavan that he wanted to make Ranveer fearful, did he see Ranveer’s face, it was white with fear. Raavan says that he isn’t doing right. The duplicate says that this isn’t court where he will decide what is right and what is wrong, and Raavan will not

even get a judge but a lawyer’s role. Raavan tells him to get out of Ranveer’s life. The duplicate says he isn’t going to Ranveer but somewhere else, he will take him to heaven. He sits on the bike, asks Raavan to join him but Raavan doesn’t.
In the club, the duplicate dances with girls. Raavan reaches the place and watches him. The duplicate comes to bar and pours himself a drink. Raavan comes there, duplicate asks whose dance he liked, his or the fake Madhuri. He says that he is the villain – Milan. Raavan says he came to tell Ranveer not to do what he did, he must not go to Ranveer’s house and not worry him. Milan asks why he didn’t tell Ranveer what happened in Anjaar. Raavan says that Anjaar has been an old story, he is normal now. He has his own life now. The duplicate RV says he is a hero now, hasn’t he seen his dance. Raavan asks why he has come here. The duplicate says he has come here because he has wanted only two things in life, either he become a hero or he becomes Ranveer. Raavan says that Ranveer has got happiness in life after a long time, the duplicate says that he has got Ranveer after a long time, if his face is like Ranveer why not fate. Raavan says that Ranveer loves Ishaani a lot. The duplicate says that he loves Sanjay Dutt a lot, he has seen each of its film ten times. The duplicate says that in films there is a hero, and the villain is beaten by the hero. But in real life, the villain always defeats the hero. Ranveer is the hero in this film, so Ranveer will earn and he will spend, he will do mistakes and Ranveer will pay for them. And the end of this film isn’t written. Raavan says that he has said what he wanted to. The duplicate says that Raavan needs to understand that he is Milan-the villain. And whatever is Ranveer’s is his.
Ranveer sat on his bed lost. Ishaani brings him medicine, hands it to him and he takes it. He asks Ishaani why is she awake. She says so is he? He holds her hand and says that he has always given her stress, sometimes of business or sometimes of his headache. Ishaani says the more problems that will come in their life, the more their love will increase. They share an eyelock, remembering their best moments together. Both smile as they look away. Ranveer says that there was a time he was less of nothing, he never counted house, money and cars, but she wasn’t there, love wasn’t there. He says that now when he has her in his life, financial problems have started. He fears if money comes between him. Ishaani says they have been close enough that nothing can interfere between them. Ishaani says they wont have a grand wedding, they won’t go on honey moon. She just wants him, when he is there with her she has no fears. She asks him to promise that he will never leave her, nor will he let anyone come between them.
Milan was working out.
Ranveer says that even air doesn’t dare to pass between them.
Milan speaks to Ranveer and Ishaani’s photo saying that not fate or mirror can separate them. And whatever is Ranveer’s is his, be it his trust or… he hits the photo to fell on floor.
Kailash says that he knows that wedding planner will to the decorations of wedding. Manisha must also know what they are doing all the hardwork. Baa asks where Manisha is, there are two weddings at home, and she should come before time. There is a phone call. It was Manisha who says she won’t be able to come today. Ishaani is concerned, Manisha says that she isn’t feeling well. Ishaani says she will manage. Everyone gets to work.
Manisha thinks that Ishaani is such a nice girl but has a bad fate that she is marrying Ranveer.

PRECAP: Manisha tells Ishaani that Ranveer isn’t a good man, he is a goon, a wild animal. Ishaani slaps Manisha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Please end this track soon… doesn’t know what this duplicate is going to do in Ishveer life… OMG… new trouble is going to start…doesnt know whether this Nimisha is positive or negative character.. waiting for a best episode..

    1. Hey…..suga i think diz nimisha iz positive why will she care so much about ish….n

  2. Awesome acting by Milan d villan …even background music was so gud

    1. Mahi….he is sakti only……..yaa bt he acted nicely…..

  3. Pls change this track we want some romantic scenes between ishveer.i hope the millan is exposed soon.pls show some scenes of anjaar.guys one sad news the disha irritating girl is come back and says I need my child idont known wats going to happen next

  4. Sme one tell me dual role r multiple personalities… Plzzz

  5. Rv suffering fir multiple personalities

  6. Yend kada id yethra ayi isvr kalyanam neettunnad .duplicate rv story very borring .ishvr kalyanam kazinh adich polichadin shesham madi duplicate kada.ingane anankil ee serial nokkunnad njanum yellavarum nirttum.serial borr avunnu ….villian..villion…ho borring .stop the serial

  7. Sry from.Some one tell plzzz

  8. Is rv suffering for multi personalities???smeone tell me plzzzzz

    1. No Ramya…..its nothing lyk dt8…..diz ravan iz included in diz nonsense…….

  9. Stupid storyline is going on now… much as possible to end this nonsense track….soooooooooooo boringgggggggh…..

  10. Actually ranveer s a gud boy so he dnt knw how to act bad change this double role track

  11. Is that duplicate is RV’s dual role or multiple personality

    1. Selva its a dual role……don’t worry

    2. they r 2 ppl.. rv d good guy,, n milan d bad guy!!

  12. बक़वास maha bakwas

  13. Satyam maduthu oru villain poyappo adutha villain ektayude serial eppozhum ighaneya….it will never change

    1. u frm kerala?

  14. Leah am frm kerala….

  15. Ektaju kya hei ye sab….praand cernn..or o praans…mallaa…lways twist..i think ravan is gonna xpose the fake rv;-)luv u ishveer

  16. guys disha s back to the serial.she wil come to break parul and manas marriage..also revenge for ishveer..woww superb acting shakthi..pls end the track soon..this track same as well as madhubala ek ishq ek junoon..

  17. Rv double act so nice. Bgm was awesome. Milan role very nice and cute.super sakthi. Very handsome

  18. kashtama iruka eppadhaan indha prachana mudinju,oru nalla beginning varum?

  19. i wonder that such things….one after the other……can they really happen in ones real life…….

  20. why you are making so bad please complete it soon and give nice conclusion to story

  21. Sakthi is doing double role as n matsh…..

  22. Sorry.Sakthi is doing double role in matsh

  23. shakthi acting is excellent and cute but this track is very boring so plz stop this track.this track is not satifying our matash concept.pls unite ishveer .i love ishveer .l love shadhika.d n’t spoil ishveer marriage.

  24. just one thing shakti u look cute in milan also and feeling sad 4 milan also………poor milan just bcoz of shakti cuteness………??………….lovve u matsh keep rocking………….more than more……..???

  25. hi guys the producers of ishveer needs to try smethng new instead of double role bcs it has been in evry series as in shastri sisters double rajat and beintehaa double zain n nw double ranveer oooff it so tiring!!!

  26. nice episode…ishani’s saree was nice….And shakti no words to say about u man….cute and handsome guy…keep going MATSH…

  27. worst hai be

  28. We need romantic scenes betwn Isha nd ranv…we cant see shakti as a bad character….plz finish this character nd let them start with love….

  29. the acting of shakti in milan is sooo..good but don”t spoil the serial by seperating ishveer……………….

  30. I don’t accept this track. ranveer gets suffering or multiplul personality. What is hell is going on the seriel. Plz turn the some romantic track

  31. Dono show unnecessary argument btw ishveer….plz show some gf beautiful romantic moments….aur kripaya milan ji ks jaldi yamsm kar dena har bar gaali khana achha nahi

  32. Such a psychotic track…end this pls.????

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